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Exciting Trip Across Atlantic

    Ackley, Aug. 13 - Word has been received from Miss Hagenstein, who has spent the summer in Germany, that she arrived in New York last Saturday morning, making the trip across in the steamship Cincinnati, of the Hamburg-American line. She writes that the trip was an exciting one as the ship went far out of her course in order to avoid warships. They encountered considerable rough weather. The ship was run at full speed night and day and ran without lights at night.

    Mr. Charles Zimmerman, who also spent several weeks in Germany arrived in Ackley yesterday. He left the vaterland when the war clouds first began to lower and hence had a less exciting passage than Miss Hagenstein. Nothing has been heard from Mr. Melle Abbas and Mr. William Butts, who from the last reports were still in Germany.

        Source ~ Evening-times Republican, August 13, 1914