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Consolidation Is Defeated ~ Proposition Defeated Principally Because There Is No Town In District

   Hampton, Nov. 12 - It is stated that one of the principal reasons for the defeat of the consolidated school proposition in West Fork township, which was voted on there a few weeks ago, was the fact that there is no town in the township, and had the question carried, the building would of necessity be located in the county about five miles distant from any town.

   Another reason assigned is that the proposition of a monster drainage project is being talked in the vicinity, and it was thought that the taxes would thereby be pretty high. If the drainage project becomes a reality, it will rank among the largest in the state, and will probably exxtend thru three counties and possibly four.

   For many years West Fork creek, the west fork of the Red Cedar river, has been one of the most troublesome of streams. It flows in a very meandering course in a southeasterly direction from its source in Cerro Gordo county, across West Fork township, touches Ingham and thence into Butler county, and joins the Red Cedar in the northeast corner of Black Hawk.

   Large amounts of valuable land in Franklin and Butler counties are overflowed almost annually and rendered useless for months, as well as being a menace to the public health. 

 (Evening times - Republican; November 12, 1915)