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1940 Biography Index
The Iowa Press Association's "Who's Who in Iowa"
A Biographical Record of Iowa's Leaders in Business, Professional and Public Life
Published by Iowa Press Association, Des Moines, Iowa; 1940

Unless otherwise noted, the biographies are from the Franklin County section pgs 458-465. The others are the biographies of persons who were born or lived in Franklin County (or towns partially in Franklin County), but in 1940 were living in other counties.

The biographies were transcribed for Franklin County IAGenWeb by Sharyl Ferrall.
Please do not re-post these biographies anywhere online without asking permission.

Surnames A - J * Surnames K - Z

A bios

Aagesen, C.A. (Wright County)
Adix, William Andrew (Delaware County)
Agena, A.F. (Tama County)
Aldstadt, Carl Frederick (Black Hawk County)
Anderson, Edward H.
Anderson, Verlynn O. (Wright County)
Arends, Jesse E. (Tama County)
Arthur, William Richard
Atkinson, D.J.

B bios

Bangs, Byron D. (Wright County)
Barber, Fred E. (Woodbury County)
Barney, Cullen H.
Beebe, Edwin McCauliff
Beebe, Nathaniel Whitman
Behn, Paul William George
Benz, Lester G.
Bergeman, George L. (Story County)
Bird, Raymond George (Wright County)
Blattspieler, Lewis C. (Worth County)
Blewett, H.B.
Boehmler, Herbert Edward
Boehmler, James Herbert
Bokmeyer, Carl Frank
Booth, Dwight Harold
Borcherding, Paul H.
Bramwell, Dan Dana
Branwell, Willis Kelner
Brown, Wayne Benjamin (Henry County)
Bryan, Earl H.
Bryson, Boyd Ray (Hardin County)
Bryson, Cassius Allen (Hardin County)
Burger, Joseph M.
Butler, Enos LeRoy

C bios

Carlson, Frank G. (Cerro Gordo County)
Carr, J.E.
Clock, Doris Laverne
Clock, Jean H.
Clock, Sherwood Alonzo
Collins, Harry L.
Coonley, James E.
Couchman, Gaylord M. (Boone County)
Craighton, Glenn D.

D bios

Davenport, Frank E.
Davison, Robert Lynn (Wright County)
Doepke, Charles John (Hardin County)
Dohrmann, Fred H.
Dunn, George
Dunnette, John William

E bios

Edgington, Clarence Lee
Elliott, H.E.
Eno, William P.
Evans, Donald (Polk County)

F bios

Faller, John Carl
Ferris, Earl
Ford, George C.
Foster, Carl D.

G bios

Galvin, Silas Jack
Gray, LeRoy Ernest
Green, Gilbert J. (Webster County)
Griffen, Fred Orin

H bios

Hackbarth, Earl A.
Haecker, Elija Dodd
Hamilton, Ward Ryckman (Cerro Gordo County)
Hannnah, James
Hansen, Thomas Christian (Black Hawk County)
Harrison, Charles Robert
Harrison, Dallas Morton
Hedgecock, Lewis E.
Heitland, Harry B. (Tama County)
Hemingway, John Dexer (Bremer County)
Hickethier, Max (Floyd County)
Hobson, Abraham Johns
Hoffman, Harold Douglas
Hofmeister, William Fred (Hardin County)
Horecka, Fred (Hardin County)
Hudson, Benoni F.
Hudson, Jessie B.
Hushka, Leo Franklin

I bios

Ingebretson, Silas Orien
Inglis, David Donaldson

J bios

Jacobsen, S.C. (Black Hawk County)
James John A.
Jennings, F.L.
Johnson, Raymond Ames
Johnson, Vivian Wells (Black Hawk County)
Johnston, Charles Frederic
Johnston, Howard Hubbard
Juhl, Lee K.

K bios

Kinseth, Leo O. (Humboldt County)
Knoll, Calvin Christian (Humboldt County)
Koch, George Alfred
Kugler, Edwin E. (Cerro Gordo County)

L bios

Ladwig, Otto O.
Lee, Charles R. (Hardin County)
Leming, G. Gerald
Lind, Harry
Llewellyn, James Raymond (Cerro Gordo County)

M bios

Madson, Peter
Manatt, Ernest S.
Marken, A.J. (Greene County)
Martin, John Franklin
McAdams, Julius Milford (Wright County)
McGreevy, Frank James (Hardin County)
McNie, Morris Malcolm
Messerschmidt, Everett H.
Miller, Ira M.
Morris, Roy Deana (Montgomery County)
Morrison, William Henry (Dallas County)
Moser, Hugh LeRoy (Butler County)
Myers, Irving W. (Polk County)

N bios

Nemmers, Leroy George
Nolte, Charles William

O bios

Olson, Herman Melvin (Kossuth County)

P bios

Paullus, Fred J.
Pedersen, Nels
Perrin, Millie C. Hovey
Peterson, Charles
Powers, Joseph Clinton
Preston, Warren Leslie (Fayette County)
Purcell, Tom W.

R bios

Randall, William Lloyd
Rankin, Arthur E.
Rath, John W. (Black Hawk County)
Rath, William Tecumseh Sherman (Hardin County)
Raymond, Lucius Lane (Cerro Gordo County)
Reynolds, Donald D. (Story County)
Rhutasel, Almer L.
Robinson, Thomas J.B.
Roche, William E.
Rodenmeyer, Frederick H.
Roemer, Claude F.
Roosevelt, Sylvain Gay (Hardin County)
Royer, J.K. (Bremer County)
Rule, John Sudduth, Jr.
Rule, John Sudduth, Sr.
Rule, Otis O. (Hardin County)
Rule, William Raymond
Ryken, Onno W. (Hardin County)

S bios

Saley, Robert Lawrence
Sandbach, Oswald
Saylor, Clyde Milton
Schoenhut, Chester A. (Marshall County)
Schulte, Christopher
Schultz, Ole Nissen
Schwengel, Fredric Delbert (Scott County)
Schwieger, Fred Carl
Shafer, Howard Clinton
Shaw, Ernest Wayne
Slee, Elizabeth (Hamilton County)
Smith, Raymond Frederick (Kossuth County)
Sorensen, Andrew M.
Soults, Maurice William
Stonebrook Arthur E. Jr.
Storck, Carl William (Palo Alto County)
Struck, Herman C. (Hancock County)
Stuart, Ralph Richard

T bios

Thomson, Howard Ballard
Thompson, Clarence Henry (Cherokee County)
Trainer, Fred Eggert (Hardin County)
Trowbridge, Willia Brisco

U bios

Uhlenhopp, Harvey
Uhlenhopp, Henry H.

V bios

VanDerveer, Guy O. (Bremer County)
Van Wert, G.E.

W bios

Walton, Seth G.
Weeks, Uzziel William
Williams, Bertrand L. (Pottawattamie County)
Wood, Clarence M.
Wright, Harold David
Wright, Walter Ernest

Y bios

Youngs, Harry M. (Pocahontas County)

Z bios

Zimmerman, Arthur A. (Black Hawk County)

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