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History of Franklin County, Iowa by I. L. Stuart. 2 vols. Chicago: S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1914.
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Charles G. Laipple

Charles G. Laipple, one of the best known farmers and stock-raisers of Osceola township, has since 1902 made his home on an excellent property of one hundred and sixty acres on section 15, three miles north and one-half mile west of Ackley. In the management and conduct of his interests he displays excellent business ability and enterprise, and these qualities are the factors which have gained him the substantial place he is now filling as one of the leading agriculturists of this locality. He was born in Germany, November 17, 1876, and is a son of John G. and Sophia (Laipple) Laipple, also natives of Germany. The parents came to America in 1891 and after spending one summer in Indiana settled in Osceola township, this county, where the father engaged in farming until his death. His wife has also passed away. To their union were born fifteen children: Sophia, the wife of William Sailer, of Osceola township; Gottlob, occupying the old homestead; Charles G., of this review; William, a resident of Geneva; John, who has passed away; Ernest A., a resident of Montana; Rosa, the wife of Charles Burkley, of Osceola township; Anna, Fred, John and Louisa, all at home; Amelia, a teacher in the public school at Geneva; two children who died in infancy; and Johanna Katharine.

Charles G. Laipple came to America with his parents in 1881 and assisted his father in the operation of the farm in Osceola township until he was twenty-six years of age, after which he rented land for two years. He eventually bought one hundred and sixty acres on section 15, Osceola township, and here in connection with general farming, he specializes in the breeding and raising of registered shorthorn cattle, a branch of his business which he has made exceedingly profitable. He has remodeled and rebuilt the house upon his property and has erected a number of substantial farm buildings, including a ninety ton silo. That his labors have been practical is indicated by the results which he has achieved, as he now owns one of the best farms in his locality.

On the 29th of December, 1903, Mr. Laipple was united in marriage to Miss Clara De Boer, a daughter of Claas and Louisa (Eisentrager) De Boer, the former a native of Germany and the latter of Illinois. The parents now reside in Butler county, this state. Mr. and Mrs. Laipple have two children: Harvey Leroy, born May 14, 1907, and Earl Douglas, born May 24, 1909. Mr. Laipple is a member of the Lutheran church and gives his political allegiance to the republican party. He occupies a position among the prosperous farmers of Franklin county, and the most envious cannot grudge him his success, so worthily has it been won.


John Lehmann

Germany has given to America many industrious, energetic and enterprising citizens whose excellent characteristics have been important elements in the upbuilding and progress of the communities in which they have lived. Of this class is John Lehmann, a well known farmer and stock-raiser of Franklin county, owning a fine property of one hundred and sixty acres on section, 11, Grant township. He was born in Germany, December 27, 1878, and is a son of Andrew and Christina (Meyer) Lehmann, also natives of Germany, where the father still resides and where the mother passed away in 1884. To their union were born seven children, four of whom came to America, as follows: Barbara, the wife of Andrew Weigold of Minnesota; Andrew, also of Minnesota; John, of this review;. and Christ, deceased. After the death of his first wife the father married her sister, Mary Meyer, and they became the parents of six children, all of whom reside in Germany with the exception of Rose, who is the wife of J. Mittlestadt of Minnesota.

John Lehmann remained in his native country until he was fourteen years of age and then emigrated to America, coming direct to Franklin county, where he followed farming. Later he moved to Minnesota but at the end of four years returned to Franklin county and has since remained a resident of this part of Iowa. In 1910 he bought one hundred and sixty acres of excellent land on section 11, Grant township, and by his industry and careful management has made this one of the most productive and valuable properties in the locality. He has extensive farming and stock-raising interests and has met with most gratifying success in the conduct of his affairs.

On the 31st Of May, 1906, Mr. Lehmann was united in-marriage to Miss Louisa Henrietta Thies, and they have three children: John Christ Andrew, born March 19, 1907; Lena Rosa, born August 10, 1908; and Hilda Marie, whose birth occurred December 20, 1910. Mr. Lehmann is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran church and gives his political allegiance to the republican party. His life has been active, useful and upright and his many excellent qualities of mind and character have gained him a wide circle of friends.


Howard C. Liggett

Howard C. Liggett, who for seven years has filled the office of city attorney at Hampton and for four years was county attorney, is recognized as a strong, able and resourceful lawyer, capable of solving the intricate, involved and litigated problems which are continually growing more and more complex as the interests and activities of life increase. It is a well known fact that he carefully prepares his cases, preparing not only for the expected but also for the unexpected which happens quite as frequently in the courts as out of them. Mr. Liggett is a native of Pennsylvania, his birth having occurred in Cumberland county on the 16th of April, 1862, his parents being Thomas and Sarah (Lehman) Liggett, also natives of the Keystone state, in which they spent their entire lives. They had a family of four children, of whom two are now deceased, the surviving sister of our subject.being Lizzie, the wife of William Wood, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Howard C. Liggett acquired his early education in the schools of his native state and remained a resident of Pennsylvania until eighteen years of age, when, thinking to find better business opportunities elsewhere, he left for the middle west, going to Illinois. There he was employed at farm labor and also taught school for a time. With the proceeds he paid his tuition in the Northern Indiana Normal School at Valparaiso, in which he completed the teacher's course. It was his desire, however, to become a member of the bar and with this end in view he entered the State University of Iowa at Iowa City and was graduated with the law class of 1886. He next went to western Kansas with the intention of practicing, making his way to Johnson county. There was a contest on over the county seat. Mr. Liggett took sides with the people against Johnson City and inaugurated a joint debate in which he took active part. The result was that the cowboys were bought off to steal the ballot boxes and his town accordingly lost out. After a brief period spent in Kansas, Mr. Liggett returned to Iowa and since May, 1888, has been continuously engaged in active practice in Hampton, where he has now resided for more than a quarter of a century.

His ability is widely recognized, his mind is naturally analytical, and his clear reasoning and strength of argument make him one of the successful members of the bar. Mr. Liggett's ability naturally suggests him for public office in the line of. his profession, and for four years he filled the position of county attorney, while for seven years he has been city attorney.

Mr. Liggett was united in marriage to Miss Anna Harrison, a native of Illinois, and unto them have been born two children: Ruel Harrison Liggett and James Alexander Liggett. Mrs. Liggett's father was an own cousin of William Henry Harrison, the hero of the battle of Tippecanoe and later president of the United States. Mr. Liggett votes with the democratic party and fraternally is connected with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Modern Woodmen. During the period of his residence in this county he has gained a wide acquaintance and won many friends. He is an able speaker, is a pleasant, genial, social gentleman, and as the years go on he is more and more highly regarded by those with whom he is associated.


W. K. Long, M. D.

W. K. Long, M. D., successfully engaged in the practice of medicine at Hampton, having thoroughly qualified for the profession through comprehensive study and hospital work, was born in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, February I7, 1876, his parents being Uriah and Emeline (Klingeman) Long, both of whom were natives of the Keystone state. The father was also a practicing physician, but he and his wife are now deceased. In their family were seven children, three of whom are yet living.

Dr. Long pursued his early education in the public schools of Nebraska and afterward had the benefit of a course in the State University at Lincoln registering in the medical department of the university and graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Science. Having determined upon the practice of medicine as a life work he entered the Northwestern Medical College at Chicago and won his professional degree in 1906. He spent two years in St. Luke's Hospital of that city as an interne, gaining the broad knowledge and varied experience which only hospital practice can bring. He has also taken post-graduate work in Vienna, Austria studying the methods of many of the eminent physicians and surgeons of the old world.

Dr. Long located for practice at Latimer, Iowa, where he remained until 1910, when he came to Hampton, where he has since successfully followed his profession, winning a large practice which he well merits. He is now health officer of the city. His social nature finds expression in his membership with the Knights of Pythias and the Masons, and he is most loyal to the teachings of those organizations.


Philo L. Loss

For a period of over thirty years Philo L Loss has been closely connected with agricultural interests of Franklin county as the owner of a farm of one hundred and sixty acres on section 12, Lee township. During the years he has cultivated this property he has made many substantial contributions to development and progress and has taken his place in the front ranks of progressive and successful agriculturists. He was born in Dane county Wisconsin October 7, 1848, and is a son of Lucius and Mary Ann (Kent) Loss, natives of New York. They came to Iowa in 1867 and located near Hampton. Both have passed away, the father dying May 23, 1896, and the mother in 1908. To their union were born five children: Malvina, deceased; Philo L., of this review; Ida, the wife of O. A. Cummings, of Hampton; Charles, residing in Minnesota; and Frank, of Hampton.

Philo L. Loss came to Iowa with his parents in 1867, remaining at home until he was twenty-one years of age. He purchased a tract of one hundred and sixty acres on section 12, Lee township, in 1879, and upon this property has carried forward the work of cultivation and improvement for thirty-four years. As a result the farm is in excellent condition, equipped with substantial barns and outbuildings and with everything necessary for the proper conduct of the property along modern and progressive lines.

On the 15th of February, 1876, Mr. Loss was united in marriage to Miss Mary J. Fraser, a daughter of John W. and Jane M. (McIntyre) Fraser, natives of New York, of Scotch descent. The parents came to Franklin county in 1870 and located on a farm on section 1, Lee township. The father died October 5, 1888, and the mother September 9, 1903. To their union were born six children: James K., a resident of Big Bend, Wisconsin; John, a resident of Bradford; Mary J., wife of the subject of this review; Belle, at home; Joseph, deceased; and Eleanor, at home. Mr. and Mrs. Loss are members of the Christian church and Mr. Loss is connected fraternally with the Masonic order, being a member of Anchor Lodge, No. 191, A. F. & A. M. of Hampton, and the chapter, R. A. M., of Hampton. He is independent politically and has served as township trustee, proving an able and conscientious official. Having resided upon his farm in Franklin county for thirty-four years, he has become widely known here and is recognized as a man of genuine integrity and worth, a progressive farmer and a useful citizen.


Henry F. Lubkeman

Among the well-to-do farmers of Franklin county is Henry F. Lubkeman, who owns one hundred and sixty acres of land in Morgan township, deriving a gratifying income from his agricultural labors. Mr. Lubkeman was born in Germany, August 1, 1875, his parents being Henry and Sophia (Klusmeier) Lubkeman, who were born in the fatherland and still live there. The father follows agricultural pursuits. They became the parents of seven children, as follows: William, of Scott township; Sophia, who married Carl Borcherding, of Marion township; Mary, the wife of W. T. Millbrook, of Scott township; Henry F., our subject; Fred, of Marion township; and August and Carl who make their home in Germany.

Henry F. Lubkeman began at the age of seven to contribute towards the family exchequer. He then herded cattle in the fatherland and received for his pains the sum of one dollar per year. When sixteen years of age, he decided to emigrate to America, and coming to this, country, he located in Gibson county, Indiana, where he remained until 1893. He then made his way to Franklin county, Iowa, locating north of Hampton. In 1895 he began hauling milk for the Hamilton Creamery Company, with which concern he had a contract for two years. He then rented one hundred and sixty acres of land near Alexander, which he successfully cultivated, and in 1902 acquired title to eighty acres on section 1, Morgan township. Success attended him and five years later he bought an additional tract of eighty acres. He engages in general farming and also raises Jersey Red hogs. He has placed upon his farm a number of excellent improvements and has erected a silo of two hundred tons capacity.

On January 11, 1900, Mr. Lubkeman married Miss Ida Dohrman, who was born in Franklin county and is a daughter of Henry and Minnie (Volsing) Dofirman. Mr. and Mrs. Lubkeman have six children: Nora, Edmund, Clarence, Raymond, Laurence and Cecelia. Mr. Lubkeman follows the progressive standard in politics. For four years he served as township trustee. Besides his extensive agricultural interests, he is a director in the bank at Coulter and vice president of the Farmers Elevator Company at Latimer. He and his family belong to the Evangelical church. Mr. Lubkeman enjoys the confidence of all who know him and is a valued and public-spirited citizen of Franklin county. Such success as has come to him is well merited.


Harry E. Luke

Harry E. Luke, a well known stock buyer and shipper of Geneva township, was born in Reeve township, this county, August 16, 1870. He is a son of Garrett W. and Harriett (Turner) Luke, the former a native of New York and the latter of Maine. The parents came to Iowa in June, 1868, and located in Reeve township, Franklin county, where the father engaged in farming until his death, which occurred February 7, 1910. His wife has also passed away.

Harry E. Luke acquired his education in the district schools of Reeve township and afterward remained at home until he was twenty-one years of age. At that time he began farming on rented property and has since been connected with agricultural interests here. For four years he engaged in general farming but he now concentrates his attention upon buying and shipping stock. He has built up a large business along this line and his animals command a high price and a ready sale upon the market.

On the 16th of January, 1901, Mr. Luke married Miss Emma Hagenah, a native of Germany, who came to Iowa in 1886, locating in Geneva township. Her father died in Germany and her mother afterward married George Van Eschen. By her first marriage she had three children, as follows: Emma, wife of the subject of this review; John, who died in infancy; and Anna, deceased. She and her second husband had four children: George, a resident of Butler; Margaret and John, of Ackley; and Johanna, the wife of P. Welke, of Golden, Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. Luke have an adopted daughter, Anna, who was born June i6, 1908.

Mr. Luke is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and is connected fraternally with the Masonic order and the Modern Woodmen of America. He gives his political allegiance to the republican party and has been elected county supervisor, entering upon the duties of that office January 1, 1914. He is well known in his township and throughout the county and occupies an enviable position in business circles, having fully demonstrated his worth and his progressive spirit.


Will L. Luke

Will L. Luke, cashier of the Bradford Savings Bank, was born in Galena, Illinois, September 9, 1880. He is a son of Captain John W. and Sarah (Yerington) Luke, the former a native of New York and the latter of Michigan. They came to Iowa in 1882 and located near Hampton, where the father engaged in the practice of law until his death, December 21, 1895. His wife survives him and makes her home in Hampton. To their union were born nine children: Frank, a resident of Hampton; John Y., an attorney of Ames, Iowa; Walter B., of Hampton; Hattie, who married F. E. Webb of the same city; Minnie, the wife of S. E. Campbell, of Hampton; Charles L., a resident of Winterset, Iowa; W. L., of this review; Fred P., of Canyon, Texas; and Andrew H., of Hampton.

W. L. Luke acquired his education in the public schools of Hampton, graduating from the high school in 1899. He was afterward associated with Mr. Boehmler in the shoe business for nine years and following this served for four years as deputy county auditor. In 1911 he made an entire change in his active interests, accepting the position as cashier in the Bradford Savings Bank. This he has filled with credit and ability since that time. He has gained a high place in financial circles of this locality and holds the confidence and esteem of his superiors and associates.

On the 4th of February, 1906, Mr. Luke was united in marriage to Miss Ruth Richards and both are well known in social circles of Franklin county. Mr. Luke is a member of the Methodist church and is connected fraternally with the Knights of Pythias and the Modern Woodmen of America. He gives his political allegiance to the republican party and in matters of citizenship is helpful and progressive, cooperating in many projects for community advancement. Although still a young man, he occupies a responsible and important position, and he will undoubtedly be carried forward by the force of his ability and ambition into still more important relations with financial interests of the locality.


Peter L. Lund

Perhaps no one is better known throughout Franklin county as a breeder and shipper of high-grade stock than Peter L. Lund, who operates a farm of two hundred and eighty acres on section 23, Hamilton township. He was born in Denmark, June 4, 1875, and is a son of.Laurits and Kathrina (Haue) Lund, natives of that country, where the mother died and where the father still resides. To their union were born three children: Kresten L., who has passed away; Jens L., also deceased; and Peter L.

Peter L. Lund was seventeen years of age when he left Denmark and came to America, locating for a few months in Minnesota, whence he moved to Franklin county in 1893. Nine years later he bought one hundred and sixty acres on section 23, Hamilton township, and has added to this tract until his farm now comprises two hundred and eighty acres. Mr. Lund is a stock feeder and shipper and has gained an enviable reputation as a judge of stock values. He has built up a large and profitable business, his stock commanding a high price and a ready sale upon the market.

On the 1st of September, 1905, Mr. Lund married Miss Mette Miller a daughter of Peter Miller, of whom further mention is made elsewhere in this work. To this union has been born a daughter, Ingeborg Laura J., whose birth occurred March 20, 1911. Mr. Lund is a member of the Lutheran church and a republican in his political beliefs, serving for two years as school director. He merits the confidence and respect of all who know him and is numbered among the most substantial citizens of the county.



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