Hampton City Directory

Pages 46 - 54

~contributed by Don Turner.


The first two pages of this directory are missing, but Don has dated it ca1902 on the basis of its content.

Some of the advertising pages that list names have pictures. Contact Don if you'd like a copy of one. 

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Page 46

Miller & Wolf, Candies, Fruits and Cold Drinks

Hampton Electric Light and Power Co.

Tailor Made Dresses - A Specialty - Esalee E. Wallace

Page 47
Directory (cont)

Physicians - Boutin & Boutin, Brown, M. P., Corning, G. A., Haecker, L. E., Harriman, O. B., Hobson, A. J., Hoxie, W. E., Powers, J. C., Rich, R. G.
Painters - House and Sign - Boals, H. C., Haring, H. J. & Co., Hopkins, F., Noggles & Page, Stonebraker, E. J.
Pianos and Organs - Coble, T. H.
Printers - Job and Book - Bilderback, M., Purcell, T. W.
Restaurants - Clemmer, C. C., Denton, M. L., Miller & Wolf, Robinson, C. S., Raper, F. S., Warner, G. W.
Stenographers - Austin, Mrs. D. B.
Sewing Machines - Birdsall, R. W., Glotfelty, J. M., Tobey, T. P.
Transfer Lines - Holmes Bros., Shearer & Loss
Veterinary Surgeons - Hand, A., Phelps, H. K.
Wall Paper - Baldwin, E. V., Dohrman, L. H., Funk, E. M., Harriman, O. B. & Son
Watches and Clocks - Haney, C. H., Thomas, H. O.
Watchmakers - Haney, C. H., Thomas, H. O.
Wagonmakers - Hanson, O., Hobbie, C. S., Skow, H., Smith Bros.

Page 48

Hobson & Powers, Physicians & Surgeons

Dr. Will E. Hoxie, Physician & Surgeon

Dr. Lewis E. Haecker

Dr. R. G. Rich, Physician & Surgeon

Page 49
Residence of E. S. Patterson

Page 50


Doctors Boutin

Frank Katochvil, Cigars and Tobacco

G. A. Corning, M.D., Homeopathic Physician

L. E. Shane, Lumber, Coal, Lime, Cement and Fencing

Page 51
Residences of Adam Messelheiser and M. Bilderback

Page 52

The Hampton Chronicle, T. C. Purcell, Editor

Page 53
Residences of E. P. Andrews and N. W. Beebe

Page 54
H. A. Harriman's City Residence



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