Hampton City Directory

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~contributed by Don Turner.


The first two pages of this directory are missing, but Don has dated it ca1902 on the basis of its content.

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Page 38

F. A. Harriman, Attorney at Law

E. P. Andrews, Attorney at Law

Taylor & Evans, Attorneys

J. M. Hemingway, Attorney at Law

Page 39
Secret Societies (cont) and Schedule of District Court, 11th Judicial District of Iowa, for 1901

Anchor Chapter, No. 69. Meets 1st Wednesday each month.
T. E. B. Hudson, Sec.
A. W. Bead, Treas.

A. F. & A. M. Anchor Lodge, No. 191. Meets 1st Friday in each month.
J. M. Snyder, J. M.
E. B. Brandon, Sec.
A. W. Bead, Treas.
E. S. Patterson, S. D.
T. W. Purcell, J. D.

Page 39 (cont)
Secret Societies (cont)

Eastern Star, No. 191. Meets 1st Monday in each month.
Mr. J. W. Luke, J. M.
Mr. T. H. Coble, A. M.
Mrs. L. P. Holden, Sec.
J. W. Bailey, W. P.

Good Templar, I. O. G. T., Hampton Lodge, No. 123. Meets every Tuesday evening.
W. F. Bugby, C. T.
Minnie Seer, V. T.

Mystic Workers, Clover Leaf Lodge, No. 219. Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.
G. E. Sargent, W. M.
W. F. Bugby, Sec. & Banker
G. T. McCrillis, Att'y

Ancient Order of Red Cross. Meets Monday evening.
G. E. Sargent, Pres.
A. T. Fowler, Sec.

Judges J. R. Whitaker, W. S. Kenyon, and S. M. Weaver for counties Webster, Hamilton, Story, Boone, Hardin, Franklin and Wright.

Page 40
High School Building

B. H. Mallory, Lawyer

John Y. Luke, Attorney at Law

H. C. Liggett, Attorney at Law

D. W. Dow, Attorney at Law

Page 41
Directory Of the Enterprising Business and Professional Men of Hampton, Iowa


Abstracts of Title - Robinson Bros, Taylor & Evans
Agents - Insurance - Clark, A. L., Coldren, E. L., Mallen, J. M., Myer, W. H., Myers, O. F., Myers, I. A., Robinson, T. J. B., Parks, D. W.
Agents - R.R. and Express - Runyard, A. R., C.G.W., Coolidge, M., Iowa Central, Boehmler, H. E., Adams Ex., Parker, S. J., Wells Fargo Ex.
Agents - Real Estate - Coldren, E. L., Coble, T. H., Harriman, H. A., Mallon, J. N.
Agricultural Impements - Jeffers, W. P., Roemer Bros., Soper, A. M.
Attorneys - Andrews, E. P., Dow, D. W., Harriman, F. A., Hemingway, J. M., Liggett, H. C., Luke, J. Y., Mallory, B. H., Taylor & Evans
Banks - Bank of Hampton, Citizens Bank, Farmers & Merchants Bank, Franklin County Bank
Bakers - Raper, Chas.
Barbers - Bailey, F. A., Buckingham, J. M., Hunt & Hickethier, Palmer, G. D.
Books and Stationery - Adams, Miss May, Baldwin, E. V., Dohrman, L. H., Funk, E. M., Harriman, O. B. & Son

Page 42
Directory (cont)

Books and Stationery - Marschall Bros., Ross, J. A.
Boot and Shoe Dealers - Boehmler, H. E., Faatz, F. L., Patterson, E. S., Poole, C. H.
Boot and Shoe Makers - Roberts, Cyrus, Schoenleber, Christopher
Blacksmiths - Hansen, O., Hobbie, C. S., Skow, H., Smith, C. E.
Bottling Works - Fowler, F. P.
Bowling Alley - Smith & Ohlerking
Bicycling - Birdsall, R. W., Haney, C. H., Hobbie, L. W., Beed, Chas. & Son
Brickmakers - Hunt, John
Bus Lines - Holmes Bros, Shearer & Loss
Carriages and Wagons - Hobbie, C. S., Jeffers, W. P., Roemer Bros, Soper, A. M., Tobey, T. P.
Carpets and Matting - Gray, Henry, Patterson, E. S.
Commission Merchants - Wingert & Lamos
Clothing and Furnishings - Holub, M., J. Schlesinger Estate, Stephens, T. S.
Coal and Wood - Reeve & Beebe, Shane, L. E., Smith, G. F. & Co.
Contractors and Builders - Boutin, C. W., Curtis, Ed, Roberts, W. A., Sargent, G. E.
Cigar Manufacturers - Kratochvil, F.
Crockery, China and Glass - Haney, C. H., Poole, C. H., Ross, J. A.
Creamery - Juhl Bros.

Page 43
Directory (cont)

Dairy - Ray, Bert
Dentists - Musser & Ingham, Ryder, G. A., Warner, R. T.
Druggists - Baldwin, E. V., Billingsley, B. F., Funk, E. M., Harriman, O. B. & Son, Marschall Bros.
Dressmakers - Wallace, Miss Essallie, Wheeler, Miss Adelaide
Dry Goods- Clock, H. A., Gold, Wm., Marks, W. F., Meyer, A., Patterson, E. S., Poole, C. H.
Dye Works - Cunningham, W. T.
Electric Plant and Sundries - Hampton Electric Light and Power Co.
Flour and Feed - Franklin Mills, Wm. G. Beed, Prop.
Furniture - Gray, Henry
Grain Buyers - Pohl, J., Northwest Iowa Grain Co.
Groceries - Coonley, J. E., Howe, F. C., Holden Bros., Marks, W. F., Meyer, A., Poole, C. H., Spencer, L. A.
Hardware and Cutlery - Beed, Chas & Son., Graham, J. A. & Son., Smith, F. D.
Hides and Tallow - Keefe, Wm. & Son., Marken & Fisher
Harness and Saddlery - Bailey, J. W., Ott Bros., Shroyer, V. E.
Hotels - Hotel Hampton, Phoenix Hotel, Hotel Rule
Justices of the Peace - Coldren, E. L., Parks, D. W.
Jewelers - Haney, C. H., Thomas, H. O.

Page 44

Franklin Roller Mills, Wm. G. Beed, Proprietor

Page 45
Directory (cont)

Kodaks - Barrett, C. F., Birdsall, R. W., Funk, E. M.
Laundries - Hampton Steam Laundry, W. P. Hutchinson, Prop'r
Livery, Feed & Sale Stables - Clark, C. B., Grimes, S., Phelps, T. J., Prescott's 10c Feed Yard, Shearer & Loss
Lunch Counters - Clemmer, C. C., Denton, M. L., Miller & Wolf, Raper, F. S., Robinson, C. S., Warner, G. W.
Lumber Merchants - Reeve & Beebe, Shane, L. E., Smith, G. F. & Co.
Meat Markets - Keefe, Wm. & Sons, Marken & Fisher
Machinery - Jeffers, W. P., Roemer Bros., Soper, A. M.
Merchant Tailors - Luhring, Wm., Struck, A. L.
Marble and Granite Works - French, T. A.
Milliners - Bates, Mrs. O. B., Bentz, Mrs. J., Dow, Mrs. D. W., Whitcomb, Mrs. E. L., Root, Mrs.
Mills - Franklin Roller Mills, Wm. Beed, Prop'r
Newspapers - Globe, Recorder, Chronicle
Opticians - Haney, C. H., Haecker, L. E., Powers, J. C.
Photographers - Barrett, C. F., Birdsall, R. W.
Plumbers and Steam Fitters - Wescott & Raymond
Pantitorium Club - Bates, O. B.



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