Hampton City Directory

Pages 12 - 20

~contributed by Don Turner.


The first two pages of this directory are missing, but Don has dated it ca1902 on the basis of its content.

Some of the advertising pages that list names have pictures. Contact Don if you'd like a copy of one. 

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Page 12

R. T. Warner, DDS - Dentist

R. W. Birdsall, Photographer

Page 13
Board of Education

E. P. Andrews
E. D. Haecker
J. Pohl
G. H. Lambert
Miss Leona Prater, Principal
G. A. Bateman, Superintendent
Mrs. D. B. Austin, Sec'y
A. Meyer, President

Page 14

J. H. and W. T. O. Rule, Owners

Page 15
High School Building

Page 16


Hampton Globe
M. Bilderback, Editor and Publisher

Page 17
Editors and Principal Employees

M. Bilderback, Editor Globe
I. L. Stuart, Editor Recorder
T. W. Purcell, Editor Chronicle
F. M. Bilderback, Foreman Globe
E. E. Wands, Reporter Globe
F. M. Coggeshall, Foreman Recorder
C. E. Clemence, Foreman Chronicle

Page 18

Roemer Brothers
E. A. Roemer & C. F. Roemer

Page 19
Pastors and Sunday School Superintendents

Rev. H. W. Troy, Methodist
Rev. J. E. Wilkins, Baptist
Rev. S. Hill, Christian
Rev. L. F. Smith, Evangelical
Rev. J. R. Ward, Congregational
T. J. B. Robinson, Meth.
A. L. Clark, Baptist
S. E. Hall, Christian
G. F. Kugler, Evangelical

Page 20

Iowa Central Railway Elevator
Jacob Pohl, Proprietor




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