Charles City College

1914 Faculty


William F. Finke, A.M., Litt. D., Dean, Professor of English, A.B., German-English College, 1883; A.M., German-English College, 1885; Litt. D. Wallace College, 1911; Instructor, German-English College, 1883-1889; Instructor, St. Paul's College, 1889-1900; President of St. Paul's College 1900-1903; Acting President, Charles City College, 1912-1913; Professor of English, Charles City College, 1903--

Frederick Schaub, A.M., D.D. Professor of Physchology and Education, Graduate from German-English College, 1878; Instructor in German-English College, 1883; Professor, German-English College, 1887-1893; President, Charles City College, 1891-1894; Professor, Charles City College, 1898-1902; Superintendent of Schools, Floyd County, Iowa, 1902-1907; D. D., Central Wesleyan College. 1907; Acting President of Charles City College, 1911-1912; Professor of Psychology and Education, Charles City College, 1907--

Laura C. Fischer A.M., Professor of Latin and Greek. A.B. Carleton College, 1899; Instructor in Latin, Greek and German, St. Paul's College, 1899-1907; A.M., Carleton College, 1912; Professor of Latin and Greek, Charles City College, 1907--

Walter W. Gethmann, A.M., B.D. Professor of Philosphophy and Economics, A.B., Charles City College, 1906; A.M., Northwestern University, 1910-1911; Summer Session, Columbia University, 1913; Professor of Philosophy and Economics, Charles City College, 1912--