The 1914 Cardinal and Gold takes this opportunity to express its thanks and appreciation to:

        The Callihan and Stottlemire Printing Co., of Cambridge, Ohio, for their efficiency and promptness in printing this book;

       The Northern Engraving Co., of Canton, Ohio, for the excellency of their cuts and their promptness in dellivery of the same;

        Mr. Ned Townsend, of Charles City, Iowa, for the studio photographic work which he produced in a prompt and careful manner;

        Mr. Chas. Torrence, of Charles City, Iowa, for the use of some of his very excellent scenery cuts;

        Mr. Parker Lowell, Mr. C. L. French, and Mr. H. L. Bryant, all of Northwestern, for the use of several very excellent frontispieces owned by them;

        Professor W. W. Gethmann and Miss Krueger for their work as a general advisory board, their assistance in working out the material for the different departments, and for their tireless work as proof readers.