Floyd County Towns/Communities
Past and Present


An Offsite list of Ghosttowns


Present Day Towns

  • Charles City - St. Charles Township

  • Colwell - Niles Township

  • Floyd - Floyd Township

  • Marble Rock - Union Township

  • Nora Springs - Rock Grove Township

  • Rockford - Rockford Township

  • Rudd - Rudd Township


Towns of the Past

  • Aureola    Union Township, Section 8,    across the road and just northwest of Marble Rock

  • Beelar's Grove    Union Twp., now the town of Marble Rock

  • Carney   

  • Carrville   Riverton Twp., Section 35, Post office, store, and station. 1 mile south and 1 mile west of northeast corner of Riverton township.

  • Charlestown   Present town of Charles City

  • Danville   

  • Devonia   Floyd Twp.

  • Doubleday   Station located on railroad, Section 3, St. Charles Twp.

  • Ernie   Post Office, Section 33, Floyd Twp.

  • Flood Creek    According to a map dated 1895, the town of Rudd (Rudd township) was formerly known as Flood Creek.  
    There was also an area still called Flood Creek where a German M.E. Church and Flood Creek cemetery were located, in Section 16, Ulster Twp.

  • Floyd Center   

  • Floyd Crossing   Section 15?, Floyd Twp., at railroad crossing.

  • Freeman   location of first post office in Floyd Co., now part of Charles City.

  • Gilmantown    Floyd Twp.

  • Hackberry   

  • Howardville    Cedar Twp. West

  • Lithograph City  Same as Devonia -- Located about 4 miles south of Osage, Iowa. Nothing remains.

  • Niles    Post Office and store. Located about 1-1/2 miles south and 2 miles west of the present town of Colwell.

  • Niles Corner    Same as Niles

  • Nilesville   Same as Niles

  • Nora Junction   Rock Grove Twp., N.W. corner section 18, at crossing of Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern railroads. (West side of Nora Springs. Once boasted a stock yard, hotel, and dining facilities. A brick yard was located nearby.

  • Oakwood

  • Powersville   Sections 24, 25, Pleasant Grove township

  • Ripley  

  • Riverton   

  • Rock Grove City    Rock Grove Twp., Intersection of sections 16, 17, 20, 2l. Once an up and coming town, it failed when the railroad chose to go through Nora Springs.

  • Roseville  

  • Saint Charles   Present town of Charles City.

  • Sargent  

  • Scott    Post office established in 1877. Located in the center of Scott township.

  • Siding A  

  • Ulster    Post Office and store, Section 25, Ulster Twp. 3/4 miles west and 1/2 mile south of northeast corner of township.

  • Watertown   This town was located in northern Floyd Twp. In 1857 a 3 mile section of Floyd was given to Mitchell Co. putting Watertown 1/8 mile north of the county line.

  • West Charles City  

  • Woodbridge   

    Any assistance in locating some of these towns would be appreciated.  Please send your information to the County Coordinator.

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