from 1882 History of Floyd County

Keep in mind that many of these old history books had errors in dates and spelling. Your transcribers hope that they have not added to them. If you find discrepancies, please contact the county coordinator.

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Cedar Township
Charles City
Floyd Township
Niles Township
Pleasant Grove Township
Riverton Township
Rockford Township
Rock Grove Township
Rudd Township
Scott Township
St. Charles Township
Ulster Township
Union Township

County Officers in 1882
Present Judges of Floyd Co. 1882
Judges of the Past
Eminent Dead of Floyd County



Achenbach Ulster Twp. Ackley Union Twp. Adams Rock Grove Twp. Aldrich Charles City Alexander Scott Twp. Allen Pleasant Grove Twp. Allen Rock Grove Twp. Andrews Rockford Twp. Ankeny Rock Grove Twp. Anthony Union Twp. Apel Rock Grove Twp. Arkills Rudd Twp. Ash Union Twp. Asper Union Twp. Atherton Cedar Twp. Atherton Charles City Austin Charles City Babcock Rock Grove Twp. Bacon Rudd Twp. Bailey Union Twp. Baker Charles City Baker Rock Grove Twp. Balch Charles City Ball Ulster Twp. Ballard Cedar Twp. Baltimore Union Twp. Barney Charles City Barnum Scott Twp. Bartz Ulster Twp. Beal Pleasant Grove Twp. Beattie Floyd Twp. Beck Pleasant Grove Twp. Becker Charles City Bell Ulster Twp. Benedict Rock Grove Twp. Benjamin Charles City Bennett Cedar Twp. Berg Charles City Bicknese Pleasant Grove Twp. Billings Niles Twp. Billings St. Charles Twp. Birney Floyd Twp. Bissell Union Twp. Bleckly Cedar Twp. Blunt St. Charles Twp. Blythe Rock Grove Twp. Boon Union Twp. Bort Rockford Twp. Boulton Present Judges Bowdoin Rockford Twp. Bowers Union Twp. Bowles Rockford Twp. Bowman Union Twp. Boyer Cedar Twp. Bradley Present Judges Braunton Rockford Twp. Briggs Ulster Twp. Brill Floyd Twp. Brisco Pleasant Grove Twp. Britton Rockford Twp. Bronson Floyd Twp. Brown Floyd Twp. Brown Scott Twp. Brown Ulster Twp. Brown Union Twp. Brownell Pleasant Grove Twp. Brownell Ulster Twp. Brunner Union Twp. Bryan Rock Grove Twp. Bucklin Riverton Twp. Bumgardner Rockford Twp. Burgess Rock Grove Twp. Burr Present Judges Burton Charles City Butler Floyd Twp. Butler Riverton Twp. Butterfield Eminent Dead of Floyd County Campbell Rockford Twp. Carbiener Union Twp. Card Judges of the Past Carney Union Twp. Carr Riverton Twp. Carter Riverton Twp. Case Present Judges Childs Rockford Twp. Clark St. Charles Twp. Clark Ulster Twp. Clark Union Twp. Clark Union Twp. Clarke Floyd Twp. Clay Cedar Twp. Clemens Charles City Cogswell Rockford Twp. Cole Cedar Twp. Cole Charles City Coley Floyd Twp. Collins Charles City Collins County Officers in 1882 Collins Rockford Twp. Collison Union Twp. Conner Rockford Twp. Conner Rudd Twp. Conner Union Twp. Cook St. Charles Twp. Coon Niles Twp. Cott Rock Grove Twp. Cotton Riverton Twp. Courtright Scott Twp. Cramer St. Charles Twp. Crocker Union Twp. Crowell Ulster Twp. Crumb Union Twp. Cutter Rockford Twp. Danforth Riverton Twp. Danforth St. Charles Twp. Darland Union Twp. Darling Rock Grove Twp. Davies Rockford Twp. Davis Union Twp. Dawley Niles Twp. Dean Rock Grove Twp. Dean Scott Twp. Dennis Charles City Dinkel Ulster Twp. Dodge Riverton Twp. Dodge St. Charles Twp. Doolittle Present Judges Doore Pleasant Grove Twp. Drager Ulster Twp. Dumbolton Rockford Twp. Duncan Present Judges Duncklee Scott Twp. Durkee Rockford Twp. Dutcher Niles Twp. Dyas Riverton Twp. Eastland Charles City Eaton Rudd Twp. Edwards Floyd Twp. Eggert Rockford Twp. Egloff Charles City Egnew Pleasant Grove Twp. Eichmeier Ulster Twp. Elliott Charles City Elliott Rudd Twp. Ellis Present Judges Ellis Scott Twp. Engelhart Charles City Esser Scott Twp. Evans Rockford Twp. Farnham Charles City Faville Riverton Twp. Ferguson Cedar Twp. Ferguson Charles City Ferguson County Officers in 1882 Fiddick Pleasant Grove Twp. Fisher Charles City Fleenor Rock Grove Twp. Flint Riverton Twp. Forbes Rock Grove Twp. Forthun Pleasant Grove Twp. Foster Cedar Twp. Franklin Rockford Twp. French Riverton Twp. Gabel Ulster Twp. Gage Rock Grove Twp. Galbraith Scott Twp. Garber Scott Twp. Garber Union Twp. Gates Rock Grove Twp. Gates Union Twp. Gaylord Eminent Dead of Floyd County Gaylord Rock Grove Twp. Gelhaus Ulster Twp. Gerhard Union Twp. Gibson Riverton Twp. Giermann Charles City Gilbert Charles City Goddard Charles City Gonser Rock Grove Twp. Goodmiller Union Twp. Graham Rockford Twp. Green Niles Twp. Green Rockford Twp. Greenwood Union Twp. Grierish Pleasant Grove Twp. Griffin Rockford Twp. Griffith Floyd Twp. Guilbert Charles City Gutches Rudd Twp. Halstead Union Twp. Hanchett Ulster Twp. Hand Present Judges Hansberg Charles City Hanson Rockford Twp. Hardman Rock Grove Twp. Hardman Rockford Twp. Harrison Charles City Harrison Present Judges Harvey St. Charles Twp. Harwood Charles City Harwood Charles City Harwood Judges of the Past Haughey Cedar Twp. Haven Rockford Twp. Hayes Judges of the Past Haynes Union Twp. Heintzelman Rock Grove Twp. Heitz Ulster Twp. Hemphill Rudd Twp. Henry Cedar Twp. Hering Charles City Hewitt Charles City Hirsch Ulster Twp. Hoel Rock Grove Twp. Hoel Rudd Twp. Hoffman Union Twp. Hofmeister Union Twp. Holbrook Charles City Howard Cedar Twp. Howard Charles City Howard Riverton Twp. Howell Rockford Twp. Hubbard Rock Grove Twp. Hubbard Rockford Twp. Hudson Ulster Twp. Huie Riverton Twp. Hunt Judges of the Past Hutches Union Twp. Hutchinson Rock Grove Twp. Ingram Floyd Twp. Inman Union Twp. Ireland St. Charles Twp. Jeffrey Scott Twp. Johnson Rockford Twp. Johnson Ulster Twp. Johnson Union Twp. Jordon St. Charles Twp. Joslyn Pleasant Grove Twp. Judd Union Twp. Judson Floyd Twp. Jung St. Charles Twp. Keister Union Twp. Kellogg St. Charles Twp. Kelly Charles City Kelso Rockford Twp. Kendall Union Twp. Kennedy County Officers in 1882 Keyes Rock Grove Twp. Kidney Rock Grove Twp. Kilbourne Riverton Twp. Kimball Rockford Twp. Kimball Rockford Twp. King Rudd Twp. Kirley Rudd Twp. Klinetop Niles Twp. Knapp Rock Grove Twp. Knapp Rockford Twp. Knapp Rockford Twp. Koch Ulster Twp. Koehler Ulster Twp. Koehlstaedt Ulster Twp. Koerne Ulster Twp. Kuck Charles City Lamb Union Twp. Lambert Pleasant Grove Twp. Lane Judges of the Past Langstaff Charles City Lanphere Cedar Twp. Large St. Charles Twp. Lathrop Rock Grove Twp. Leeson Niles Twp. Lehmkuhl Eminent Dead of Floyd County Leland Present Judges Lentz Ulster Twp. Leonard Charles City Lessin Ulster Twp. Lindsay Rock Grove Twp. Lines Ulster Twp. Lockwood Pleasant Grove Twp. Lonergan St. Charles Twp. Losee Scott Twp. Makepeace St. Charles Twp. Manchester Union Twp. Mansfield Rudd Twp. Marshall Rock Grove Twp. Martin Charles City Martin Union Twp. Martzonl St. Charles Twp. Mathers Rock Grove Twp. Mathews Judges of the Past Maxson Union Twp. McConkey Present Judges McEwen Rockford Twp. McEwen Ulster Twp. McKenna Rockford Twp. McKinzie Floyd Twp. McNitt Rock Grove Twp. McRoberts Pleasant Grove Twp. Mead Rock Grove Twp. Merckel Charles City Merriam County Officers in 1882 Merriman Floyd Twp. Metz Ulster Twp. Meyer Charles City Meyers Rockford Twp. Miles Brothers Charles City Mills Union Twp. Miner Rudd Twp. Mitchell Rockford Twp. Moll Ulster Twp. Montrose Scott Twp. Mooney Charles City Moore Rockford Twp. Moore Union Twp. Morris Charles City Morris Rock Grove Twp. Morrison Floyd Twp. Morse Floyd Twp. Myers Ulster Twp. Naden Cedar Twp. Neel Union Twp. Nelson Rock Grove Twp. Nevins Riverton Twp. Nicholson Scott Twp. Nickerson Rock Grove Twp. Nienstedt Rudd Twp. Nixt Union Twp. Noble Riverton Twp. North Charles City Nye Floyd Twp. O'Hair Union Twp. O'Hara Niles Twp. Oaks Scott Twp. Owens Judges of the Past Paddleford Union Twp. Palmateer Union Twp. Palmer Charles City Palmer Eminent Dead of Floyd County Parsons Rockford Twp. Patterson Judges of the Past Payne Rudd Twp. Pease Charles City Perrin Floyd Twp. Perry Pleasant Grove Twp. Perry Riverton Twp. Phelps Charles City Pierce Rock Grove Twp. Pippin Ulster Twp. Pitcher Niles Twp. Pomeroy County Officers in 1882 Pooley Union Twp. Porter Ulster Twp. Powers Pleasant Grove Twp. Powers Rock Grove Twp. Prall Ulster Twp. Pribbenow Rock Grove Twp. Pringle Pleasant Grove Twp. Quinby Floyd Twp. Quinby Rock Grove Twp. Rankin Floyd Twp. Raymond Floyd Twp. Reams Pleasant Grove Twp. Reiniger Charles City Reiniger Judges of the Past Rex Union Twp. Rice Floyd Twp. Richards Floyd Twp. Riche Rockford Twp. Rider Eminent Dead of Floyd County Ripley Eminent Dead of Floyd County Ripley Riverton Twp. Robbins Rockford Twp. Roberts Rock Grove Twp. Roberts Rockford Twp. Roberts Ulster Twp. Robison Rock Grove Twp. Root County Officers in 1882 Roschen Ulster Twp. Rose Charles City Rosenkrans Union Twp. Roziene Charles City Ruggles Rockford Twp. Schermerhorn Scott Twp. Schrimager St. Charles Twp. Schroeder Rockford Twp. Schunemann Ulster Twp. Scofield Riverton Twp. Scott Rockford Twp. Seaton Floyd Twp. Shafer Union Twp. Sharkey Floyd Twp. Sharp Scott Twp. Shaw Charles City Shaw Rock Grove Twp. Shaw Rockford Twp. Shepardson Union Twp. Sherwin Rudd Twp. Shultz Scott Twp. Shultz Union Twp. Smith Charles City Smith Floyd Twp. Smith Pleasant Grove Twp. Smith Scott Twp. Smith St. Charles Twp. Snyder Charles City Sours Union Twp. Spencer Rock Grove Twp. Sprague Floyd Twp. Staebler Niles Twp. Starr Charles City Starr Present Judges Stevens Charles City Stevens Riverton Twp. Stewart Rock Grove Twp. Stone Rock Grove Twp. Stoner Scott Twp. Stout Ulster Twp. Strawn Charles City Strong Ulster Twp. Sullivan Rock Grove Twp. Summers Rudd Twp. Sutton Rockford Twp. Swartwood Rudd Twp. Sweet Rock Grove Twp. Sylvester Charles City Taylor Charles City Teeling Charles City Tift Union Twp. Timmons St. Charles Twp. Tostenrud Rudd Twp. Town Union Twp. Towner Cedar Twp. Townsend Cedar Twp. Towslee Union Twp. Tredway Rock Grove Twp. Trigg Charles City Tripp Charles City Turner Rudd Twp. VanMyers Union Twp. Vietmeier Ulster Twp. Voelker Union Twp. Vorhes Union Twp. Wadey Union Twp. Wagnor Union Twp. Wait Charles City Wallace Union Twp. Waller Pleasant Grove Twp. Waller Scott Twp. Waterbury Riverton Twp. Waterman Riverton Twp. Watkins Rockford Twp. Welton Union Twp. West Rudd Twp. Wheat Floyd Twp. Wheeler Rock Grove Twp. Whitbeck Floyd Twp. White Charles City Whitehead St. Charles Twp. Whitesell Rock Grove Twp. Wiggins Ulster Twp. Wilbur Floyd Twp. Wilke Union Twp. Williams Eminent Dead of Floyd County Wilson Charles City Wiltse Judges of the Past Witzel Ulster Twp. Woelfer Ulster Twp. Wood Pleasant Grove Twp. Wood Rockford Twp. Wood Rudd Twp. Wood Union Twp. Woodhouse Rockford Twp. Woolley Charles City Worden Riverton Twp. Workman Rock Grove Twp. Worsfield Union Twp. Wright Charles City Wright Rockford Twp. Wyatt Rock Grove Twp. Wyatt Rockford Twp. Yeomans Charles City Yerrick Union Twp. Yocum Charles City Young Rockford Twp. Young Ulster Twp. Zimmer Niles Twp.

Biographies transcribed by Kathy Gerkins and Bonnie Stickney.


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