The North Central Iowa Genealogical Society is doing extensive reseawrch into old cemeteries in the area, and they need the help of local people to identify the grave sites in some older section of area cemeteries.

For instance, in Evegreen Cemetery in Rudd, the local survey coordinator, Leona Montag, said there are numerous grave sites that are unmarked, except for an occasional flower arrangement resting on the ground.

Apparently Evergreen Cemetery's burial records prior to 1915 have been lost at the sites and unless the sites are marked, there is no way to determine who, if anyone, is buried in those sites. Local speculation claimes the records may have been lost in a school fire in Rudd in 1914.

The cemetery committee in Rudd has suspended all burials in the two older sections of the cemetery because it does not know if potential burial plots are aleady occupied.

In one spot is "Babyland", Montag pointed out. Babyland is a section reserved for infant burials. There are only two markers in Babyland, "but," Montag said, "We feel there may be about 12 other babies buried here, we don't know for sure."

She added that throughout two of Evergreen Cemetery's older sections, large gaps exist between grave markers, and she thinks there are probably occupied graves in those unmarked areas. On Memorial Day, she said, flowers were sitting on several of those unmarked sites.

The cemetery survey is currently being done in Rudd, Rockford and Nora Springs. recording other North Central Iowa cemeteries is being planned. The genealogical society is planning to start surveying Mitchell County cemetery sites soon.

The society is recording the old grave site locations to compile by computer and make booklets of old burial sites and locations available to regional and local libraries, to assist those tracing their genealogy. They will also sell booklets for personal libraries, Montag said.

They hope to have Rock Grove Township and Rudd Township cemeteries done by October.

By far, the most questions currently exist at Evergreen Cemetery at Rudd, but she also expects to have "a lot of questions at the David Cemetery in Mitchell County," Montag said.

Those with information that will assist the society are asked to provide as much accurate information as possible and mail it to the North Central Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 237, Mason City, IA 50401.

Source:Mitchell County Press - 27 AUG 1986

Transcribed by K. Kittleson, 1/21/2014