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West Union Gazette

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04 November 1898 - Pg. 1

"A little daughter arrived at the home of H. T. Grannis Saturday."

Page 3

"Mr. and Mrs. W. Simpson are the proud parents of a young daughter, born Oct. 31st, 1898."

Page 4

"About thirty of her young friends celebrated the 16th birthday of Jennie Colby Wednesday evening in a most successful surprise party."

"Married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Saltsgiver, in Windsor, by Rev. T. P. Griffith, Wednesday evening, Nov. 2, 1898, Mr. Delbert J. Knox and Miss Ollie B. Saltsgiver. The house was filled with guests, mostly relatives of the bride and groom, and after the ceremony an elegant repast was served."


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11 November 1898 - Pg. 1

Fayette - "A boy arrived Sunday at the home of J. H. Dickenson to stay, and Prof's usual smile has grown to a broad grin."

"Maynard - Mr. and Mrs. Fred Phippen are the proud parents of a little daughter, born Nov. 2nd.
"Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Simpson, October 31, a daughter."

"Randalia - A little daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Holmes Thursday."

"Westgate - A little daughter was added to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Prouse last week."
"Samuel McLain and Winnie Platz of Sumner were married in Waverly last week."
"Richard Gaertner and Miss Winnie Bartel were married last Wednesday evening at the home of the bride, Rev. Warnke performing the ceremony."
"Dr. and Mrs. Cooney rejoice over the birth of a young M.D."

Page 4

"The little lady who arrived at the home of our genial hardware merchant, Mr. Hale, is very welcome."

"Married - at the home of the bride's mother in this city, Wednesday, Nov. 9th, by Rev. Gammons, Mr. Dwight B. Jordon of Springville, and Miss Frances E. Nandell of this city."

"Grace Gardner was the happy victim of a surprise party on the 12th anniversary of her birthday last Monday."


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18 November 1898 - Pg. 1

"Fayette - We thought Geo. Whitely was smoking an unusually large cigar the other day, and on inquiring found that he was a grandfather, a boy arriving at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Darnall."

"Randalia - A little daughter? arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Darnell Sunday night."

Page 3

"Married - In this city Wednesday evening, Nov. 16, by Rev. Harnish, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hidinger, Mr. Walter W. Beauman of Lake City, and Miss Lulu C. Hidinger were joined the holy bonds of wedlock."

Page 4

"A son was born to Th. and Mrs. von Rolf last evening."

"Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Diehl are the happy parents of a son."


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24 November 1898 - Pg. 1

"A new girl at the home of Will Tiffany. Boys are not fashionable on South Hill."

"We count it an item of interest to state the facts we learn from the practice of Dr. F. B. Dodd for the last five days: Thursday night a bright baby boy at the home of Wm. Mumby; Friday another at "Das haus des gutes Deutches freund: Casper Wichman; on Sabbath a baby boy was born to Mrs. Dr. Robinson at Alpha, and Monday a bright baby girl at the home of Ed. Sheridan."

Page 4

"Philip Rolf is very much at home on South Hill. He weighs 11 lbs."

"Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Cox are rejoicing over the arrival of a little lady at their house."

"Charlie Freehoff is the happy father of a boy, born last week. Boys are fashionable on South Vine street, and they are of regulation weight too."

"Married at the Methodist parsonage in West Union by Rev. J. S. Davis, Monday eve., Nov. 21, 1898, Mark Masters (should this be McMasters?) of West Union and Louise Olson of Postville."

"Mr. Harvey Dunbar and Miss Louise Winkleman were married on Saturday afternoon at the German Lutheran ch. in Windsor."


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