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This information obtained from the IOWA INVENTORS DATABASE ▪ 1843-2009.
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Surname Given Name Town Patent Number Date Patent Description
Aeling Edward S. Ringsted 995937 20 Jun 1911unloading device
Akre Odd T. Wallingford891652 23 Jun 1908weather strip
Anderson Rex A. Estherville484881618 Jul 1989hamburger grill spatula
Bailey Reuben J. Estherville600763 15 Mar 1898hog trough
Baker Monty R. Estherville594101124 Aug 1999rod-shaped hinges and articles incorporating same
Baker Monty R. Estherville610175615 Aug 2000folding fish and animal capturing net apparatus
Beebe Robert L. Estherville2862282 2 Dec 1958fly casting line with tapered cellular waterproof plastic coating
Benson James H. Ringsted 154943511 Aug 1925shim
Benson James H. Ringsted 2671673 9 Mar 1954automatic tractor hitch
Bowman George W. Estherville113883911 May 1915drum and cymbal beater
Caswell Donald C. Ringsted 272151025 Oct 1955pop corn machine
Chipman Donald I. Estherville417409513 Nov 1979hydraulic jack
ChristiansenNels Ringsted 1784576 9 Dec 1930flexible hinged drawbar for harrows
ChristiansenNiels G. Ringsted 851798 30 Apr 1907marker for corn planters
Clark Frank Dolliver 173729826 Nov 1929reversible sifter
Clark Frank Dolliver 1807687 2 Jun 1931sifter
Clark Frank Dolliver 179583510 Mar 1931reversible sifter
Clark Lucie A. Estherville206473215 Dec 1936electric fluting machine
Clark Ralph O. Estherville173161115 Oct 1929telescoping ladder
Clark Ralph O. Estherville1775421 9 Sep 1930lawn mower
Clark Ralph O. Estherville206473215 Dec 1936electric fluting machine
Cross Gary Estherville5615745 1 Apr 1997atv lift handle rub block
Cross Gary Estherville571606110 Feb 1998dolly for moving a snowmobile
Cross Gary Estherville5746275 5 May 1998three-point hitch for an all terrain vehicle
Cross Gary Estherville596724119 Oct 1999atv lift handle
Cross Gary Estherville6209941 3 Apr 2001all-terrain vehicle rack utility box
Cross Gary Estherville628685411 Sep 2001folding trailer for an all-terrain vehicle
Cross Gary Estherville6254117 3 Jul 2001folding trailer for an all-terrain vehicle
Cuyler George W. Estherville1126715 2 Feb 1915boring bar
Denning Joseph M. Estherville542185 2 Jul 1895wire fence
Denning Joseph M. Estherville617084 3 Jan 1899wire fence
Devary Sturgle Estherville161378911 Jan 1927fuel supply means for internal combustion engines
Downs Frank R. Estherville367199927 Jun 1972apparatus for recovering meat from bones
Eidet James H. Armstrong 414141927 Feb 1979method and apparatus for controlling the approach angle of a plow unit in response to speed variations
Everds Francis R. Estherville2787846 9 Apr 1957multi-blade planer
Falb Charles Estherville130234129 Apr 1919strengthener for eyeglass cases
Fox Harold C. Estherville160838223 Nov 1926transmission gear shifting attachment
Frettem Palmer E. Estherville228343019 May 1942flashlight
Gates Olus Estherville535754 12 Mar 1895baling press
Gates Olus Estherville572792 8 Dec 1896hog catching and lifting machine
Gates Olus Estherville606922 5 Jul 1898cattle tie
Goggin Roy A. Estherville861107 23 Jul 1907ditch cleaning shovel
Graaf Margaret Estherville591272 5 Oct 1897spool rack
Graaf Margaret Estherville837620 4 Dec 1906sewing machine cabinet
Graaf Margaret Estherville110117623 Jun 1914clothes catcher and drainer
Grems Tom EsthervilleD387125 2 Dec 1997slanted reel seat
Griese Carl A. Dolliver 464505524 Feb 1987replaceable liner for a grain elevator discharge spout
Griese Donald A. Dolliver 464505524 Feb 1987replaceable liner for a grain elevator discharge spout
Griese Edward T. Dolliver 464505524 Feb 1987replaceable liner for a grain elevator discharge spout
Grout Ransom A. Estherville618662 31 Jan 1899combined way bill, consignee's receipt, and agent's record envelop
Grout Ransom A. Estherville638455 5 Dec 1899magazine camera
Guerdet Jana L. Armstrong D47454513 May 2003heating wrap
Halvorson Carl T. Ringsted 2744998 8 May 1956removable fog light
Handeland George A. Ringsted 3386808 4 Jun 1968water treating apparatus
Handeland George A. Ringsted 352167128 Jul 1970metering apparatus
Handeland George A. Ringsted 378552515 Jan 1974chemical tablet dispensing device for wells
Handeland George A. Ringsted 423584925 Nov 1980chemical tablet dispensing device for wells
Hanson Ole S. Halfa 1099297 9 Jun 1914boiler flue cleaner
Harvey Edward E. Gruver 302196520 Feb 1962boat lift
Helmick James L. Estherville4544176 1 Oct 1985tractor mounted hydraulic control mechanism for an earth working tool
Herum Douglas E. Estherville513179621 Jul 1992security fastener for threaded objects
Herum Roger A. Wallingford513179621 Jul 1992security fastener for threaded objects
Hoffmeyer Monte J. EsthervilleD38560828 Oct 1997golf club shaft
Hoffmeyer Monte J. EsthervilleD38560828 Oct 1997golf club shaft
Hoffmeyer Monte J. Estherville5735753 7 Apr 1998golf shaft with bulge section
Holcomb Samuel A. Estherville934529 21 Sep 1909furnace door operating mechanism
Howard William R. Estherville143650221 Nov 1922beet harvester
Jacobson Dale D. Estherville315695617 Nov 1964adjustable window blind
Janssen Raymond Estherville183255517 Nov 1931harrow cleaner
Jenison John R. Estherville710940419 Sep 2006inbred corn line M10138
Jensen Henry N. Estherville1396633 8 Nov 1921radiator for automobiles and the like
Jensen John L. Estherville315322613 Oct 1964combined smoke and fire alarm
Jensen John L. Estherville331470418 Apr 1967door latch assembly
Jensen John L. Estherville344715227 May 1969fire and smoke alarm device
Jensen John L. Estherville365927825 Aug 1972fire and smoke alarm device
John Margaret E.Estherville514079 6 Feb 1894apparatus for cooking, broiling, baking, & c.
Johnck John Estherville597702 18 Jan 1898hobby horse
Johnson Nels J. Wallingford870179 5 Nov 1907head rest
Johnson Nels J. Wallingford140719621 Feb 1922cement post mold
Johnson Nels J. Wallingford214704214 Feb 1939wire splicing tool
Johnson Nels J. Wallingford239651212 Mar 1946electric fence
Johnson Olaf Estherville831077 18 Sep 1906cement block machine
Johnson Olof Estherville803290 31 Oct 1905building block and wall construction
Jones Walter C. Armstrong 391903011 Nov 1975elastic storage tank and method for making the same
Jones Walter C. Armstrong 391902711 Nov 1975method of making inflatable life raft
Jones Walter C. Armstrong 3978901 7 Sep 1976elastic storage tank
Jones Walter C. Armstrong 398257328 Sep 1976elastic storage tank and method for making the same
Jones Walter C. Armstrong 393165713 Jan 1976life vest
Justus Paul D. Gruver 454176817 Sep 1985container trailer
Kelly Larry J. Estherville484805618 Jul 1989hole repairing device
Kern Vernon D. Estherville649370 8 May 1900guide for drive belts
Ketchum Amos Estherville121789 12 Dec 1871pitman connection
Koenecke Michael J. EsthervilleD230590 5 Mar 1974spinning reel
Koenecke Michael J. EsthervilleD231224 9 Apr 1974spinning reel
Kollasch William J. Armstrong D49346427 Jul 2004split keyboard
Larsen Henry M. Estherville308285626 Mar 1963multiple station machine tool
Larsen Magnus Armstrong 1333429 9 Mar 1920wagon dump
Leaver Lewis Armstrong 122654115 May 1917draft equalizer
Lieser Leo F. Estherville206803019 Jan 1937spark plug
Lindell Allan D. Armstrong 468088521 Jul 1987fish jigging device
Loeschen Fred Estherville150565119 Aug 1924insect trap
Lough Arlando Estherville835027 6 Nov 1906concrete building block
Lundgreen Michael W. Estherville3833855 3 Sep 1974coherent filter
Lundgreen Michael W. Estherville395973025 May 1976digital hysteresis circuit
Luscombe Art Armstrong 393331420 Jan 1976chopping implement
Luscombe Arthur Armstrong 313372719 May 1964feed mixer apparatus
Luscombe Arthur Dolliver 5480352 2 Jan 1996rod conveyor
Luscombe Arthur J. Dolliver 289692328 Jul 1959portable feed mixer
Luscombe Arthur J. Dolliver 298040718 Apr 1961bearing protective structure for the auger of a feed mixer
Luscombe Arthur J. Dolliver 337941723 Apr 1968mixing machine for heavy fragmented materials such as silage
Luscombe Arthur J. Armstrong 338960925 Jun 1968power transmission system for tractor powered implements
Luscombe Arthur J. Armstrong 406335920 Dec 1977vehicle mounted boom apparatus
Luscombe Arthur J. Dolliver D25054012 Dec 1978wood-burning stove
Luscombe Arthur J. Dolliver D25041928 Nov 1978fireplace stove
Luscombe Gene A. Dolliver 3545689 8 Dec 1970machine for comminuting sheet and multi-sheet scrap materials
Luscombe Gene A. Dolliver 365513811 Apr 1972machine for comminuting glassware and the like
Luscombe Gene A. Dolliver 3840134 8 Oct 1974haystack wagon
Luscombe Gene A. Dolliver 390713923 Sep 1975stack forming device
Luscombe Gene A. Dolliver 406002829 Nov 1977stack forming vehicle
Luscombe Terry Armstrong 455222412 Nov 1985hitch assembly for a tandem disc implement
Luscombe Terry Armstrong 5551527 3 Sep 1996lift device for a three point hitch
Luscombe Terry Lynn Armstrong 3931655 6 Jan 1976inflatable boat
Luscombe Terry Lynn Armstrong 444148210 Apr 1984fireplace insert
Luscombe Terry Lynn Armstrong 478427815 Nov 1988lock mechanism for crane device
Luscombe Terry Lynn Armstrong 526939314 Dec 1993brake mechanism for a boom supported occupant bucket
Luscombe Terry Lynn Armstrong 539071521 Feb 1995tree pruning apparatus
Luscombe Terry Lynn Armstrong 7055912 6 Jun 2006vehicle mounted utility apparatus with quick attachment means
Maine Herman M. Estherville113764927 Apr 1915combined sound box and bridge
Markley Arthur R. Estherville990576 25 Apr 1911disk scraper
Martinson Milton B. Estherville268961121 Sep 1954means for extracting the liguid from a cased well below the top end of the casing
McBride Joseph A. Estherville714320 25 Nov 1902pail or package lining
Mcconnell Kenneth L. Armstrong 499369519 Feb 1991flexible strut assembly
McCulla William J. Estherville192445 26 Jun 1877grain separator
Menssen Leroy K. Estherville409695127 Jun 1978camping utility stand
Miller Charles O. Estherville729952 2 Jun 1903electric burglar alarm for vaults, safes, or the likes
Miller Charles O. Estherville786912 11 Apr 1905burglar alarm
MItchell David Armstrong 1200126 3 Oct 1916cistern filter
Monson Bergie M. Estherville207691113 Apr 1937football goal
Moritz Ivan L. Estherville304144126 Jun 1962portable stock warmer
Mortensen Chris Ringsted 1784576 9 Dec 1930flexible hinged drawbar for harrows
Mustard Eldie W. Estherville307423922 Jan 1963portable dock
Natterstad Henry R. Estherville354730615 Dec 1970floating fluid barrier
Neitzke Raymond A. Estherville2591186 1 Apr 1952truck box cover
Nelson Fred O. Estherville101722913 Feb 1912target clamp
Nelson Lewis B. Wallingford135306214 Sep 1920dumping body for vehicles
Neuber Walter Estherville340188217 Sep 1968humidifier for hot water heating systems
Niemann Harry N. Armstrong 131264212 Aug 1919compressed air grease gun
Niemoth Theodore Estherville1277998 3 Sep 1918weeding device
Nokes Earl T. Armstrong 357503513 Apr 1971apparatus for forming wheel rims
Nokes Earl T. Armstrong 3761963 2 Oct 1973necktie with simulated four-in-hand knot and tie tac therefor
Obbink Scott M. Armstrong 426821319 May 1981vehicle hoist and towing device
Olsen Joseph N. Estherville141219411 Apr 1922folding chair
Osher Nels B. Estherville959877 31 May 1910churn
Packard Charles E. Estherville418347215 Jan 1980combination hay-grain feeder device
Pasley Decatur C. Dolliver 851557 23 Apr 1907end gate fastener
Pasley Decatur C. Dolliver 878996 11 Feb 1908harness buckle
Peter Ralph C. Estherville125127625 Dec 1917joist anchor
Post William C. Estherville1000193 8 Aug 1911reversible valve mechanism
Post William C. Estherville102896211 Jun 1912wire fastener
Quastad Omer M. Estherville290434815 Sep 1959tractor hitch
Reich William A. Estherville127900317 Sep 1918auto tail light
Ritten Louis N. Estherville810676 23 Jan 1906poison bottle stopper
Roehler Marcia A. EsthervilleD36630516 Jan 1996dome screened tent
Rolfson Emmet H. Estherville3764015 9 Oct 1973apparatus for confining floating pollutants
Sabin Luverne E. Dolliver 265701027 Oct 1953fence post driver and puller
Sabin Walter E. Dolliver 265701027 Oct 1953fence post driver and puller
Sanders Leo I. Estherville188873922 Nov 1932ice cream disher
Schaper Otto R. Estherville330502821 Feb 1967tractor mounting for agricultural implements
Schaper Otto R. Estherville350344931 Mar 1970anti-clogging attachment for moldboard plows
Schroeder Douglas K. Estherville444151110 Apr 1984pneumatic material handling system for combines
Shenefelt Francis L. Estherville847703 19 Mar 1907ditching machine
Sidles Dwayne R. Estherville362212423 Nov 1971hydraulic lift jack
Sidles Kenneth R. Estherville362212423 Nov 1971hydraulic lift jack
Sjoblom Michael Armstrong 515841527 Oct 1992brake caliper suspension system for golf cars and utility vehicles
Skowbo Arthur W. Armstrong 114345115 Jun 1915shaving brush
Sorensen Thorwald Ringsted 977482 6 Dec 1910neck yoke
Stinar Warren L. Estherville499369519 Feb 1991flexible strut assembly
Stock Arthur L. Armstrong 477332027 Sep 1988baking pan
Stock Wilma L. Armstrong 477332027 Sep 1988baking pan
Taylor Howard W. Armstrong 499369519 Feb 1991flexible strut assembly
Taylor Howard W. Armstrong 716562823 Jan 2007continuous longitudinal flow root crop harvesting
Torbick James Estherville515841527 Oct 1992brake caliper suspension system for golf cars and utility vehicles
Tostenrud Ralph L. Armstrong 252797431 Oct 1950stalk pulverizer
Trees Leonard E. Estherville171753218 Jun 1929veterinary surgical table
Trees Leonard E. Estherville171753118 Jun 1929veterinary surgical table
Vigdal Benjamin Armstrong 977491 6 Dec 1910locking can cover
Von Bank Albert J. Armstrong 253546826 Dec 1950combination coupling pin and lifting hook
Wahler Henry Estherville873394 10 Dec 1907pump
Ward Kelly Estherville515841527 Oct 1992brake caliper suspension system for golf cars and utility vehicles
Wells Carl E. Estherville182051725 Aug 1931comb sterilizer
Wiley George W. Estherville805250 21 Nov 1905draft equalizer
Wilson Samuel A. Estherville914000 2 Mar 1909animal trap
Woods Herbert W. Estherville613951 8 Nov 1898wire reel frame