Officers and Members of Timpe Post No. 23
Commander‐Lee Smith.
Vice Commander‐Floyd Chalstrom.
Adjutant‐H. M. Hanson.
Finance Officer‐O. F. Parsons
.Historian‐Dr. W. K. Scholten.
Chaplain‐B. A. LaDoux.
Sergeant at Arms‐Tracy Estes.
Executive Committee‐
C. H. Schlotterbeck,
Richard Pederson,
Lee LaFontaine.

W.B.Bedell, Louis K. Bennett, Louis Becker, John Webb, Lewis Jones, Irving Doudna, Fred Barlow, Earl F.Peterson, M.J. O'Donahue, M. J. McCarthy, Harry Dreezen, Ralph Lusher, Martin Read, Martin Rush, C. G. Nicholson, Oscar Tott, Harry Smithers. H. F. Haakenson, Jim Bradfield, Gilbert Schuster, E. E. Shelledy, Clarence Obrecht, Lonnie Fronk, L. S. Hildreth, Chas. Yarns, Earl Miguel, Victor Tritle, Ira Butcher, Leonard Bergman.

On April 4, 1919, a meeting was called at the Court House in Spirit Lake for the purpose of organizing a group of World War Veterans. Soldiers, sailors and marines from Dickinson county were Included in the organization, which at that time was an organization of service men of Dickinson county. Fred Miller was nominated as commander of the group and Oliver Reno as secretary. Charter members of the group that received its charter, June 2, 1919 were Oliver Reno, Glenn P. Orr, Pliny C. Davis, J. F. Bradfield, Francis Kuhn, Theo R. Carlton, Lonnie Fronk, Harold J. Madsen, Fred Lewis, Frank Terwilliger, Roy Christenson, John Webb, Harry Dreezen, Guy Carlton, Fred Miller.

The first group of service men elected officers at a meeting held in Spirit Lake August 12, 1919. At this meeting Walter Bedell was elected post commander and a Mr. Gibson of Terril, Post Adjutant.

August 20, 1920, another meeting was held at which time officers were again elected for the year of 1920 and 1921. J. E. Merril was elected as commander and John Webb post adjutant. At the meeting in September of that year a motion was make and carried to name the post, Omar Timpe Post No.23, American Legion, under which name it is now known. During the years 1920 and 1921, the action of the post was centered in raising money with which to put over the State American Legion convention which was held in Spirit Lake the fall of 1921.

At the meeting in May 1920, committees for Memorial day services were appointed. J.L. Farr was at the head of the committee on band music; Ralph Doudna vocal; Homer Ankeney, firing squad; Service Star Legion, Flowers and Decoration; Jr. Johnson and H. H. Green, G. A. R. arrangements; Bedell and Barger, Finance committee; Lewis Jones and G. Carlton, line of march and parade; Pliny Davis, Color Guard; Bedell, Guy Carlton, S S. Legion Cemetery arrangements and decorating of graves; and Roy Christensen and B.K. Bradfield, Automobiles.

In September, 1921, officers for the next year were elected, with the result that, I. M. Doudna was elected commander and W. B, Textor, adjutant. A new constitution and by-laws was drafted by the legion during this years• work.'On this year the Post sponsored a big Armistice day celebration, having a parade and band, consisting of floats of the Commercial Club. D.A.R., Service Star Legion and Boy Scouts.

In 1922 the peak of the membership of the post was reached when Earl Miguel and Leo LaFontaine directed a membarship drive and 106 men had membership in the post. In June the Post sponsored a county fish fry, when the Legion men in Dickinson county went to Big Stony for two days fishing trip, remaining in tents during the trip.

Clem Redden was nominated post commander at the September 1922 meeting of the Post and Leo LaFontaine was elected Adjutant. On Armistice Day of this year, the Legion sponsored a big program and box social at the Opera House. Each organization in the town took part in the program, followed by the selling of the boxes.

During 1922 and 1923, the gathering of paper by the American Legion was started, which they have continued to gather and ship each year since that time. On March 6th and 7th, 1923 the Legion presented the play "A Pair of Sixes" and also gave some spring dances for the purpose of raising money. Officers elected in September 1923 were Lewis Jones- commander and Oscar Tott, adjutant. The activities for this year included a hardtime party with the American Legion Auxiliary and a rabbit feed. Henry Klein appointed as adjutant at the resignation of Tott. During 1924 and 1925, it was decided to buy Flags for decorating the streets of Spirit Lake on different occasions. The first Carnival of the Legion on Armistice Day was held in November, 1924 at the Opera House. Harry Smithers was elected commander at the 1924 election and B.A. LaDoux, Adjutant.

On September 10, 1925, Gilbert Schuster was elected commander of Timpe Post and Earl Peterson, adjutant. A carnival and dance were included in the money making schemes of the Post during the following year. During the spring of 1925 the Endowment Fund was raised with B.S. LaDoux in charge. The interest off this fund was to be used to take care of the orphans of ex-service men. Gilbert Schuster was re-elected commander at the September 1026 meeting and I.M. Doudna was nominated adjutant. During September of this year the post purchased post caps to be worn at different occasions, and that fall rented rooms in the Deibner building to be used for the Legion meetings. In November 1926 a carnival and dance was held at the Opera House on Armistice Day. A boy scout organization was perfected in the fall and in the spring spring of 1927, Timpe voted to sponsor the boy scouts in Spirit Lake. The boy scouts spent a camping period at Camp Kellogg at Sioux City during the summer of 1928, the trips to and from the Camp being made in cars furnished by the American Legion.

In September 1927, officers for the year were elected. B.A. LaDoux being elected as commander and I.M. Doudna as adjutant. Lee Smith served as commander in 1928 amd 1929 with H.M. Hanson as adjutant. The Post sponsored the home talent play, "Trip to Paris" in November. In the spring of 1929, a county organization of the Legion posts was perfected at a county meeting held in Spirit Lake. Alex Lewis of Superior was elected county commander and H.P. Smithers, county adjutant.

The work of organizing a Junior League baseball team in Spirit Lake to take part in the county league tournament was also sponsored by the Timpe Post of American Legion with John Webb and E.E. Shelledy in charge of the work. The boys have already played one practice game and are scheduled for the eight games during June.

From Spirit Lake Beacon, published in Spirit Lake, Iowa on Thursday, May 30th, 1929

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