From the November 14, 1918
Lake Park News:


Lake Park Celebrates

Well, we had our final noise making demonstration and hurrah over the ending of the war Monday afternoon and evening. After two false claims the third time proved the charm, and their (sic) was sure some racket for a small town. Church bells, fire bells, guns, revolvers, squakers,(sic) horns, drums, and all manner of noise making devices were used, while the paraders were of all sizes and ages, from the baby in the cab to women over seventy years of age, who marched through the streets waving flags and cheering. There was a large bonfire and the burning of the three Kaisers in effigy.

Lake Park Boys Who Helped Make These Terms Possible

Clyde Boden, U.S.S. Nevada
Roy Boden
Charley Boden
George Boden
Julius Jacobsen Jr.
V.V. Benson 40 Casual 162 Dep. Brig.
Paul Benson, coast artillery
Emerson Dale Bettinger
Elroy Leonard Bettinger
Harold Shriner
Elmer Shriner
Lawrence Henry Tuttle
Henry Earl Tuttle Co A 55 engineers
Grant Raymer Buffum
Claus John Kruger
Chris Kruger Co. B. 4th Am. Train
Glenn Oren Goodell
Clifford Goodell
Clyde Eugene McNaught
Goodloe W. Hansen Co. 49 Casual D.B.
Albert Ballhorn
Ray Clifford Goodell, 50 cas Dt. 162 d.b.
Stanley F. Gregory
C J Gregory, Co. F 318 engineers
V L Schwarzenbach
Carl Eugene Boyer
R H Gollinghorst
Warren Niece Co H 350 inft
F S Verslius, Co G 350 inft
John Verslius, army
A F Carlson 350 inft headquarters Co
F J Arens 40 Casual 162 Depot Brigade
Bert E Arens Co E 64th regiment
Claude Arens, auto mechanics
C A Berger Co H G 35th inft
Arthur Kroeger Co K 3d bat. 101 inft
H A Christensen 1105 aero Re. Sq
Wm. Tyson F. bat. 83 F. B.
Leon E Benson Co. L 4th Tr. Rgt
Albion Wass 40 Casual Co 162 D B
W H Jacobsen, Co. D 325 inft 82 dix
Kenneth May, navy
Emil Karteus, field artillery
Lawrence Dieterich
Ernest Sampson U. S. Tjisondari
Glen Banks M G Co. 225 inft
Porter Hegre, Co. F 6th inft
W H Hunt, Co. A 13 Ry Eng
Wallace Hatch, auto school
Lawrence Miller, 76 aero Conster Sq
O D Ray, bat B 11 battalion
Charles Shaver, U.S.S. Nevada
Fred O Shaver, Co H 350 infantry
Lewis Wilhelm, Co F 350 infantry
Russell B Blair, Co D 114 M. G.
Earl Guertin, army
Corp. George Henderson, 46 Co. 12 Tr.
Claude Voss, army
Detlef Voss, army
Hiram F. Sloan, Co. F 33rd engineers
Ned. Charles Johnson, Co. 14 U.T.D.
Oscar Marshall, Co. M 139 infantry
Carl Sievers, army
Arthur Reed, army
Cook H. W. Stockfieth, Co. 350th 88div
Walter Stoltenberg, army
John H Miller, army
Earl Porter, army
Earl Horton, navy
A W Brown, field artillery
Edwin Hudson, army
Ulmont Marco, 14th Co. Engineer Bat.
Ed Albert Jr., army
Robert B. Reed, Co G 350 infantry
Arthur F Clasen, 350 inft
Harry Greeley, army
A W Storm, army
Robt. Hintz, army
Willie Weichman, navy
Charley Robey, Marines
John Pursey, field artillery
Carl Ericksen, 40 Cas 162 depot brigade
Guy Ray, army
Joseph Lawrence Long
Howard Roalf Johnson
Anton Arp
Carl Christopherson
Edward Planting
Grover Korth
Clayton Chrsyler
Charles F. Gregory
Edward Kuhlman
Jacob Walter
Jesse Graham
Arnold Birkhard
Edward Brandt
John Bashman
Ge ake p Hunt


Karl Nicholas
Paul Lawrence
Irvine Arnold
Dewitt May
Irving Moe
Leslie Horr
Claire Christian
Clarence Lawrence
John Klesath


LaVerne Christian, discharged
Willie Voss, discharged
Fred Tuttle, discharged
Earnest Tuttle, discharged
Miss Mabel Hudson, Red Cross Nurse
Miss Tillie Hudson, Red Cross Nurse

Used with permission from The Lake Park Historical Society

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