Spirit Lake is the largest glacier-made lake in the state.

West Okoboji is the deepest natural lake in the state. Its depth is136'

East Okoboji is the longest natural lake in the state. Its length is 16 miles.

Maynard Reece, born in Arnolds Park, is the only artist to win the Federal Duck Stamp competition five times.

Iowa Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1884-1885
R. L. Polk and Co.
Dickinson County Towns and Villages

AUSTIN. A discontinued postoffice, Dickinson county, 15 miles west of Spirit Lake, the county seat, and nearest banking point, and 4 west of Lake Park on the B. C. R. & N. Ry., the nearest railroad station. Send mail to Lake Park.

HUNTER'S. A country postoffice in the northern central part of Dickinson county, 8 miles north of Spirit Lake, on the B. C. R. & N. Ry., the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point. It is on the daily mail stage route from Spencer, Clay Co., to Jackson Minn.

LAKE PARK. A thriving village on Silver Lake and on the P. div. of the B. C. R. & N. Ry., in Silver Lake township, Dickinson county, 170 miles northwest of Des Moines, 12 west of Spirit Lake, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1882, it contains a Methodist Episcopal church and ships grain and produce. Population, 40. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily.
W. Thompson, postmaster
Armie, W. H. lumber
Boews, W. H., blacksmith
Cheeney, Rev.
Horey and Truesdell, hardware
Monell, G. R., exp and tel agt.
Thompson W., grocer

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MILFORD. A thriving town at the southwest of Okoboji lake, which supplies a good water power, and on the O br. C., M. & St. P. Ry., in the southern part of Dickinson county, 165 miles northwest of Des Moines, and 10 south of Spirit Lake, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1869, it contains Methodist Episcopal and Baptist churches, a good public school, flour mills, etc., and ships grain, hay and live stock. A newspaper, the Mail, is published weekly. Stages daily to Spencer, 14 miles south, and to Spirit Lake. Population, 200. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily.
Ira S. Foster, postmaster
Bemler Bros., grain, live stock and farm impts.
Braisted, Rev. B. (Baptist)
Darrow, C. A., justice of peace
Ellis & Blackert, general store
Foster, I. S. & Co., general store
Green, J. E. & Co., druggists
Guthrie & Co., flour mill
Hall, Gardner, wagonmaker
Hall, I. F., grocer
Helmey, J. constable
Hildridge, J., live stock
Hinman, A. D., hotel
Keiston, Rev. M. B. (Methodist)
Kessy, C., blacksmith
Kreig, J., saloon
Leitch, J. C., coal
McCutchen, R. C., coal
Meeker, L. G., wagonmaker
Milford Water Power Improvement Co., Flour Mill, Grain and Live Stock
Nicol, B. R., edr and publr Milford Mail
Potter, M. C., hotel
Rasmussen Bros., lumber and coal
Snyder & Co., lumber dealers (C. A. Darron, agent)
Turner, A. K., justice of peace
White, George, farm implements

MINNIE. Also known as Minnie Waucon Beach, is a village in Spirit Lake township, Dickinson county, 190 miles northwest of Des Moines and 2 1/2 north of Spirit Lake of the B. C. R. & N. Ry., the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point. Settled in 1860, it contains a Methodist church, a public school, and ships live stock and grain. Stage daily to Spirit Lake with mail. Population, 75.
Thomas White, postmaster.
Bailey, W. D. physician
Clark, J. R., boatman
Curn, J. E., painter
Greenslip, G. E. carpenter
Mosher, A. A., fish
Sandres, Elland, blacksmith
Uptografft, Elias, carpenter
Weed, S., carpenter and justice
White, Thomas, constable
White, Thomas and Co., General Store

OKOBOJI. A village of Okoboji lake, and on the O br. C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Centre Grove township, Dickinson county, 170 miles, by rail, northwest of Des Moines, and 5 south of pirit Lake, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1880, ships grain and live stock. Stages daily to Spirit Lake, fare, 50 cents; and to Spencer, 22 miles south; fair, $1. Population, 100. Tel. W. U. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily.
Austin Case, postmaster.
Arnold and Stevens, boarding.
Case Austin, Insurance
Case, E. A., general store
Hackett, J. S., billiards
Hall, Mrs. A., hotel
Henderson Bros., boatmen
Henderson, Zina, gunsmith
Inman, S. E., hotel
Mills Bros., boatmen
Smith, M. J., hotel

SPIRIT LAKE. An incorporated town on the B. C. R. & N. Ry., at the junction of the O br. C., M. & St. P. Ry., and on the lake from which it takes its name, in Dickinson county, 180 miles northwest of Des Moines. From its pleasant location it is fast becoming a favorite resort. It contains Methodist, Baptist, Catholic and German Lutheran churches, a good school, a public hall, capable of seating 600, 2 private banks, and 2 weekly newspapers, the Spirit Lake Beacon and the Dickinson County Journal. Grain, produce and live stock are shipped. Te., W. U. Exp., Am. and U.S. Population, 1,000. Mail, daily.
A. B. Funk, postmaster.
Abbott, Miss Mary, teacher
Anderson, Gabriel, carpenter
Atwood, J. P., milk pedler
Ayers, Keiser & Heath (Charles H. Ayers, Samuel Keiser, A. F. Heath), farm implts.
Bailey, Wm. H., lawyer
Ballou, Miss Eva, W. U. Tel opr.
Ballou, L. A., station agent
Barmore & Bell (David R. Barmore, Joseph C. Bell), grocers
Barron, Mrs. F. W., music teacher
Barron & Dodge (F. Woods Barron, Chalres E. Dodge), Lumber, Coal, Wood and Grain
Baxter, George W., drugs and groceries
Beacon Hall, George W. Rice, propr.
Bennett, S. J., boat builder
Blakey, Darius S., mason and ice
Blanchard, George W., carpenter
Brandon, Henry, grocer
Briggs, Mrs. M. A., dressmaker
Brownell, Dr. Elias L., druggist
Brownell & Son (Chalres H. and Harry J.). proprs. Commercial house
Calvin, John P., books and music
Carlton, Edwin D., express agent
Carlton, Wm. F., county auditor
Central House, J. R. Robertson propr.
Chadbourne, Samuel W., carpenter
Chisholm, Duncan R., blacksmith
Commercial House, Brownell & Son propr.
Cory, John W., lawyer and real estate
Cousins, Mrs. T. H., music teacher
Crandall House, J. G. Wait, propr.
Cutler, Miss Mary, teacher
Davis, Leroy, carpenter and brick mnfr.
Davis, Wm. E., meat market
Diamond, John, general store
Dickinson County Bank
Dickisnon County Journal, C. S. Eastwood, propr.
Dooley, Thomas J., lawyer
Dooley, Satchwell & Goodrich (Thomas J. Dooley, Manly E. Satchwell, H. L. Goodrich), Real Estate, Loans and Insurance
Duff, Pearsall & Co. (Michael E. Duff, Wm. E. Odell, George E. Pearsall), bankers
Eastwood, Carl S., propr. Dickinson County Journal
Edborg, Olof, shoemaker
Evans, James, plasterer
Everett, Charles E., teacher
Everett, Charles S., teacher
Everett, George M., teacher
Fleming, Peter, merchant tailor Folsom & Sargeant (Frank A. Folsom, Albert S. Sargeant), ice
Ford, Jacob W., wagonmaker
Francis, Thomas J., carpenter
Francis, Mrs. T. J., milliner
Franklin, E. F., harness
Funk, Abraham B. publr Spirit Lake Beacon
Funk, Miss Annie, teacher
Funk, Zalmer E., physician
Gilbert, Miss Lillie, teacher
Gleason, Henry J., real estate
Gramm, Carl T., Surgeon-Dentist; Saving the Natural Teeth by Fine Fillings a Specialty
Gruhlke, R. F. carpenter
Hageman, Charles, restaurant
Hall, F. J., music teacher
Hall, Mrs. O. M. B., music teacher and artist
Hamler, Samuel, grocer
Hayward & Peters (Wm. Hayward, George D. Peters), lawyers
Hemenway, V. C., railroad agent
Hildredge & Arthur, live stock
Hill, Emmet F., cashier B. B. Van Steenburg & Co.
Hoag, Charles, carpenter
Hoskins, S. A., carpenter
Hotel Orleans
Hyslop, James, carpenter
Jemerson, Miss Carrie, teacher
Johnson, A. M. & Co. (Andrew M. Johnson, A. F. Bergman), general store
Johnson, Mrs. L. M., dressmaker
Johnston, James S., grocer
Lake Park House, R. P. & D. E. Lombard, proprs.
Little, Mrs. E. S., artist
Little, Thomas, physician
Lombard, Royal P. & D. Edward, proprs Lake Park House
McKay, Jacob, painter
Manzke, Louis, shoemaker
Merrill, L. N., mason
Middleton, S. P., painter and carpenter
Miller, Samuel B., auctioneer
Miller & Brown (G. A. Miller, L. W. Brown). carpenters
Mitchell, Rev. Bennett (Methodist).
Moak, John A., saloon
Moffitt & Speed (John Moffitt, Amasa D. Speed), livery
Mott, Miss Amy, teacher
Mott, Pixley S., sheriff
Mott & Abbott (Pixley S. Mott, Charles E. Abbott), livery
Mowatt, Mrs. Etta F., dressmaker, milliner and fancy goods
Narey Bros. (Peter E. and Bernard A.), house movers
Nefzger, B. E. & Co. (Bion E. and Martha Netzger), general store
Newell & Kirk (Edward F. Newell, John H. Kirk), hardware
Norton, Rev. M. K. (Catholic).
Osborne, Albert W., county treas.
Palmer Eben, farm impts.
Pearsall, George E., express agt.
Peck, Benjamin, mason
Peick, Adolph, carpenter
Perrin, Chauncey C. county recorder
Phippin, Frederick F., harness
Phippin, Mrs. F. F., music teacher
Pillsbury, Samuel L., cashier b. B. Van Steenburg & Co.
Pillsbury, Wm. F., clerk circuit court
Putnam, D. R. grain
Reason & Riley (M. Willis Reason, Henry Riley), barbers
Renken, E. C., druggist
Reynolds, W. W., carpenter
Rice, George W., propr. Beacon Hall
Rice & Rice (Orson and Frederick L.), lawyers
Riley, Daniel L., lumber
Robertson, John K., propr. Central House
Roblin, Frank F., photographer
Satchwell, Manly E. (Dooley, Satchwell and Goodrich), lawyers
Schmeidawind, Joseph, blacksmith
Schrimpf, John W., jeweler
Siddall, Wm. A,, jeweler
Sampson, W. D., propr Sampson's Lodge
Smith, J. A. & Co. (John A. Smith), real estate
Smith, Wm. M., insurance
Spirit Lake Beacon, A. B. Funk, publr.
Spirit Lake Cornet Band, W. F. Pillsbury, leader
Stoerlein, George, insurance
Stow, Wm. W., hardware
Thompson, Henry, meat market
Tucker, Dr. Isaac, baths
Van Buren, L. M., physician
Van Buren, Mrs. L. M., boarding
Van Steenburg, B. B. & Co. (Benjamin B. Van Steenburg), bankers
Vreeland Bros. (Loren J. and L. Wm.) masons
Wait, Jay G., Propr Crandall House
Wasson, Homer I., prin school
Welch, Miss Emily, teacher
Wheeler, John, baker
Wood, Harvey, mason
Wright, W. Frank, painter

SUPERIOR. A recently established postoffice in Dickinson county.

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