Rudolph Hoelzen, Burlington, died June 30, 1917

Iowa Boys Who Have Sacrificed Their Lives That Democracy Might Live
from The Iowa Magazine, page 11, Vol. 2, No. 6, December, 1918
Published every two months by The Greater Iowa Association, Davenport, Iowa
Contributed by Steve Hanken & Constance Diamond

Lest We Forget
These sons of Iowa shall be our heroes until the end of time. We cannot bring them back to life, nor can we heal the broken hearts of those mothers and fathers who gave their boys to the cause of liberty.
But in every county in Iowa there should be built a permanent memorial, that, with the coming of each new dawn, will remind us not only of the final sacrifice these boys have made, but also of the ideals for which they fought.

Capt. W. W. Baldwin, Burlington, Killed in action in France
Carl S. Radin, Burlington, Died of wounds, Oct. 22, 1918
Floyd B. Hooten, Burlington, Killed in Action, Aug. 4, 1918
Walter F. Meyer, Burlington, Died of wounds

Arthur F. Ware, Burlington, Killed in action in France, June 6, 1918
Sgt. Arthur H. Bergens, Burlington, Died in France, Aug. 13, 1918
Rudolph Hoelzen, Burlington, Died June 30, 1917

V. J. Dahlin, Burlington, Died Sept 24, 1918
[Jane Dahlin Stallsworth writes: "My uncle, Verner Joseph Dahlin, was killed September 24, 1918 in France. He was the first married man from Burlington to die in WW I. He served as an Iowa private #357 Inf. 90 Division. He is buried in Aspen Grove close to the Corse Street entrance where the Civil War cannon is located. His name is also listed on the sign located on the first floor of the DM courthouse. He was born July 28, 1892 in Burlington."]
John F. Hillgartner, Burlington, Died Oct. 5, 1918
Henry Daily, Burlington, Died in action in France, July 17, 1918
Hugo D. Schultz, Burlington, Died in France, Aug. 4, 1918


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