from History of Des Moines County, Iowa, Chicago: Western Historical Co., 1879




AntrobusB.physician & surgeon Kossuth 
ArcherE. G.farmer32Mediapolis 
ArmourR. R.merchant Linton 
BaileyJ. R.farmer32Kossuth 
BairdJ. W.farmer10Linton 
BairdS. C.farmer16Mediapolis 
BlackJ. H.farmer1Northfield 
BlairE. R.farmer20Kossuth 
BlairM. W.farmer29Kossuth 
BlairThomas & David Evans   Western pioneers and early settlers of Iowa; their father, William Blair, a native of Eastern Pennsylvania, entered the army of the Revolution at the age of 16; about the close of the war, he married and removed to what is now Bourbon Co., Ky., where most of his children were born; in the closing year of the last century, he brought his family to Ohio, settling near Chillicothe; there Thomas and David grew to manhood and began life for themselves, and there Thomas married Margaret Job, and David, her sister Sarah, emigrants from Virginia, and natives of Baltimore, Md.; in 1819, the two families removed to Rush Co., Ind.; thence, in 1821, to what is now Cass Co., Ill., and from there, three years later, to the west side of the Illinois River, near Rushville; in 1834, they made claims in the "New Purchase," and, in 1835, Thomas Blair moved his family over, followed by his brother in 1836; here they reared their families, cultivated their farms, and lived quiet and useful lives for forty years; to them is greatly due the character their neighborhood has always borne for attention to educational interests, good morals, and hearty support to religious institutions; in a new country, like gravitates toward like, and around them gathered men of like feelings, like character, and like purposes. Both were members and office bearers in the Presbyterian Churches here from the beginning, and active in all church work; both were, under the local regulations of early settlement, arbitrators of claims for Louisa County, of which this township was then a part. Thomas Blair was a Representative in the first Wisconsin Legislature and also in the first Iowa Territorial Legislature; David Blair was a member of the Iowa Territorial Legislature in 1842, and in the first State Legislature. But they now rest from their labors; their father died in 1840, aged 80, and is probably the only soldier of the Revolution buried in the county; David Blair died in 1874, at the age of 82, and Thomas Blair in 1875, at the age of 86; his wife, Margaret, two years later, aged 89; Mrs. Sarah Blair, now in her 88th year, still lives at her first Iowa home; their children have generally pushed farther west, only Mrs. Lydia Rankin, daughter of T. Blair, and M. W. Blair, son of D. E. Blair, now remaining; the latter was born near Rushville, Ill., but has spent his life in Iowa; under Lincoln's administration he was Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue for his county, but has ever been a farmer and knows no higher calling than the cultivation of his ancestral acres.
BradenJ. C.farmer1Northfield 
BradenJ. R.farmer1Northfield 
BridgesJohnmerchant Kossuth 
BrownA. general merchandise. Born in Clermont Co., Ohio, in 1838; came to Iowa in 1869, and located in this county. Married Hannah Roberts in 1868; she was born in Clermont Co., Ohio, in 1848; have four children: Johanna, Bessie, Clifford and Maud. Mr. Brown enlisted in 1861; in 1863, was taken prisoner at the battle of Chicamauga and held until the close of the war; spent some time in nearly all the principal rebel prisons.
BruceD. G.minister...  ...United Presbyterian . Born in Jefferson Co., Ohio, in 1833; came to Iowa in 1873, and located in Mediapolis as Pastor of the U. P. Church. Married Millie Lotta in 1868; she was born in Ross Co., Ohio, in 1848; have four children: Wm. L., Mary M., Andrew R. and Evron James. Mr. B. Enlisted in the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry in 1862; discharged in 1865, Second Lieutenant.
BruceD. R.farmer MediapolisOwns 110 acres of land, valued at $40 per acre; born in Frederick Co., Va.,; in 1814; came to Iowa in 1837, and located in Yellow Springs Tp. Married Mary H. Rankin in 1839; she was born in Franklin Co., Penn., in 1809; have four children: Martha, David R., Jennie and Maggie. Are members of M.E. Church. Mr. Bruce has been a member of the Legislature, and has been County Supervisor six years. Republican.
CaldwellSamuel L. 15MediapolisOwns 240 acres of land, valued at $40 per acre; was born in Hardin Co., Ky., in 1837; came to Iowa in 1859, and located in this county. He married Margaret Wilson in 1855; she was born in Muskingum Co., Ohio, in 1836; they have seven children: Emma Elizabeth, Anna Alvira, John Cummings, Mary Jane, Sarah Lilian, Margaret Melletta and Cora Belle. They are members of the U. P. Church. Mr. C. enlisted in the 1st Ill. V. C. in 1861; was taken prisoner at Lexington, Mo., and paroled at St. Louis.
CarithersA. F.farmer7Linton 
CarmeanD.farmer Northfield 
CartwrightW. H.merchant Mediapolis 
ClarkB. W.farmer36Mediapolis 
ClarkW. G.farmer36Mediapolis 
CockayneG. W.farmer18Mediapolis 
CoxJames Sr.farmer7Northfield 
DarlingtonD. W.farmer7Northfield 
DavisJamesretired farmer Kossuth 
DennisonC. R.farmer20Kossuth 
FullenwiderSamuelphysician KossuthBorn in Shelby Co., Ky., Sept. 6, 1804; came to Iowa in 1837 and located at what is known as Yellow Springs. Married Miss Hustin in 1828, a native of Mason Co., Ky.; they have six children: Hustin, Narcissa, Catherine A., Samuel E., Orson L. and Thomas B. Mr. F. has been a member of both the State and Territorial Senate. Republican.
GeldardW.miller Kossuth 
HalcherofT. S.miller Kossuth 
HallR. W.physician & surgeon NorthfieldBorn in Jefferson County Virginia in 1816; came to Iowa in 1840 and located in Huron Twp.; removed to Northfield in 1867. Married Anna M. Haws in 1876; she was born in 1849; have one child - Joanna May born Oct. 8, 1878. Are members of the M. E. Church. Mr. Hall has one child by a former wife, Lucretia, now Mrs. Wycoff.
HamiltonJno. cabinet-maker Kossuth 
HarperH. C.farmer13Mediapolis 
HarperJohnfarmer5NorthfieldBorn in Ross Co., Ohio, Sept. 7, 1821; came to Iowa in 1846 and located in Burlington; removed to Yellow Springs Twp. In 1848, and engaged in farming. Married in 1872 Amanda Torode, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio; have four children: Mary Amanda, Kate V., Edna L. and Charlie. Mr. H. has eight children by a former wife: Emily J., Laura L., Eliza J., Elizabeth H., Anna V., Jessie F., John H. and Harry H. Are members of the Presbyterian Church.
HarperWm.notary public MediapolisBorn in Ross Co., Ohio, in 1819; came to Iowa in 1842, and located in Yellow Springs Twp. In 1843. He married Harriett Hizer, who is a native of Ross Co., Ohio; have one child: Louisa J., now Mrs. Wm. E. Fuller.
HawsH.farmer17NorthfieldBorn in Pennsylvania, June 16, 1820; came to Burlington in 1852; then moved where he now lives. Married Miss Rachel Peck in 1853; born in Pennsylvania, June 13, 1823; she came to Burlington in 1844; have one child: Mary. Mrs. H. is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. H. has held the office of School Director. Owns 121 acres of land valued at $40 per acre, and is a Republican.
HaysR. A.farmer15Linton 
HeizerFredrickretired miller KossuthBorn in Augusta Co., Va., in 1807; came to Iowa in 1842 and located in Yellow Springs Twp., and engaged in farming; in 1858, purchased one half interest in the Kossuth Flouring Mills, and was one of the active members of the firm until 1873, when he was succeeded by Wm. Gedard. Married Elizabeth Bartscher in 1860; she was born in Morgan Co., Ind., in 1825; have two children: Henry and Frank; Mrs. H. has one son by a former marriage, and Mr. Heizer has six children: J. C., J. W., Elizabeth (now Mrs. Leonard, of Iowa City)
HeizerJ. S.farmer30Kossuth 
HeizerJ. W.farmer8Northfield 
HeizerJoshuaretired farmer Mediapolis 
HidgesR. S.merchant Kossuth 
HustedWm. 13MediapolisOwns 330 acres of land, valued at $40 per acre; born in Cumberland Co., N.J., in 1831; came to Iowa in 1842. Married Nancy Harper in 1857; she was born in Washington Co., Ohio in 1834; have four children: Wm. S., Ida May, Mary F. and Amanda C. Are member of M. E. Church; Republican.
HustinE.retired farmer Kossuth 
HutchcroftJohn R.farmer13Mediapolis 
HutchcroftJohn Sr.farmer24Mediapolis 
IbbotsonGeo. 30RoscoeOwns 520 acres of land, valued at $40 per acres; born in England in 1806; came to America in 1838; settled in Iowa in 1841. Married Martha Riggs ;in 1844; she was born in Marion Co., Ky.; have six children: Martha, John, Stephen, Geo., Elizabeth and Robert; lost two: Isaac and Lincoln. Members of the Missionary Baptist Church; Republican
JamisonW. O.farmer30KossuthBorn in Muskingum Co., Ohio, in 1823; came to Iowa in 1851 and located in Morning Sun; removed to present farm in 1861. Married Elizabeth Leonard in 1858; she was born in Ohio; have six children: Ada L., John L., Anna C., Elizabeth M., Mary E. and Katie. Members of Presbyterian Church; Republican.
JayElifarmer Northfield 
JohnsonD. H.retired physician12MediapolisOwns 200 acres of land, valued at $50 per acre; born in Hartford Co., Md., in 1798; came to Iowa in 1846, and located in this township; settled on his present farm, known as Rock Spring Farm. Married Sarah Mercer in 1825; she was born in Washington Co., Penn., in 1798 and died in 1876; they have four children: Caleb, Sarah, Caroline and Frances. Members of M. E. Church. Mr. J. has been in practice about thirty-five years.
JonesJohn R.farmer30Roscoe 
LeonardHiramretired farmer30KossuthOwns 400 acres of land valued at $35 per acre; was born in Washington Co. Penn., in 1800; came to Iowa in 1844, and located on his present farm. Married Elizabeth Patterson in 1832; she was born in same county in 1806; have five children: Leonard, Nathan R., Elizabeth, William P., Abner C. Members of Presbyterian Church. Mr. L. went out as Captain of Co. K, 14th I.V.I. in 1860, and subsequently promoted to Major and resigned in 1862. Republican.
LockhartRobert R.livery & feed stable  Born in Lawrence Co., Penn., in 1842; came to Iowa in 1854, and located in this township. Married Nannie V. Paul in 1870; she was born in Indiana in 1849; have two children: William T. and Bertha M. Mr. L. enlisted in Co. C, 30th I.V.I. in 1862, and discharged in June 1865.
MahaffeyWm. M.farmer22Mediapolis 
McClements farmer31Mediapolis 
McClureI. Mediapolis... in general merchandise. Born in Des Moines Co., in 1844. Married Susan E. Parrett; she was born in Ross Co., Ohio, in 1844; have three children: Marcus P., Ionie M. and Franklin E. Are members of Presbyterian Church.
McCrayJames B.farmer10MediapolisOwns 326 acres of land valued at $40 per acre; was born in Fayette Co., Ind., in 1838; came to Iowa in 1852, and located with his parents on his present firm. Married Mary F. Sheppard in 1862; she was born in Ohio; have four children: Mary P., William S., Marcus A. and Minor E. Mrs. M. is a member of the M. E. Church. Mr. McCray enlisted in Co. C, 30th I.V.I., Aug. 11, 1862, and was discharged June 18, 1865. His father, James McCray, was born near Dayton, Ohio, in 1809; came to Iowa in 1852, and located on the farm now owned by his son, James B. Married Mary Harland, a native of Indiana; they had thirteen children, ten now living five sons and five daughters.
McDonaldJ. W.farmer32Kossuth 
McElhinneyJ. M.farmer4Linton 
McIntyreJ. A.farmer18Linton 
McKeownM. H.farmer20Mediapolis 
McMeenJ. R.farmer29KossuthOwns eighty acres of land, valued at $50 per acre; born in Warren Co., Ohio, in 1812; came to Iowa in 1854, and located in this county. Married Ann McKell in 1857; she was born in Baltimore, Md.; have two children: Edwin R. and Sarah N. Are members of the Presbyterian Church; Republican.
MerrillJ. W.editor...  ...Mediapolis Enterprise established in 1874; born in Clermont Co. Ohio, in 1833; located in Iowa in 1864. Married Jessie Telfer in 1863; she was born in Scotland in 1839; have four children: Minerva, Anna, Stephen and Thomas.
MillerM. M.farmer13MediapolisOwns 280 acres of land, valued at $40 per acre; born in this county in 1841; located on his present farm in 1872. Married Jennie S. Sheppard in 1866; she was born in this township; have seven children: Allen E., Eva, Frank, John S., Mattie and Hattie, twins, and an infant. Mr. Miller enlisted in Co. C, 30th I.V.I. in 1862; was discharged in 1865; was in all the battles that regiment participated in. Republican.
MontgomeryJ. F.retired farmer Linton 
MoorheadW. H.farmer29Kossuth 
NelsonJ. A.boot & shoe maker...  Mediapolis...& photographer. Born in Sweden in 1838; came to Iowa in 1868, and located in Chicago (sic); settled in Mediapolis in 1876.
NordstromO. & and black smiths Northfield 
OgleJosephfarmer23MediapolisOwns 200 acres of land, valued at $40 per acre; born in St. Clair Co., Ill., in 1810; came to Iowa in 1832, and in 1837 located in Des Moines Co.; settled on present farm in 1858. Mr. Ogle served in the Black Hawk war two or three months, until the treaty at Rock Island. Married Margaret Garrison in 1839; she was born in Indiana; have five children: Nancy, James, Catharine, Elizabeth and Huldah. Mr. Ogle was one of five who made a trip from Rock Island to St. Louis in a canoe in 1832.
PackeroodM. L.farmer3Linton 
ParrottC. Mediapolis... in hardware & farming implements. Born in Fayette Co., Ohio, in 1854; came to Iowa in 1875, and engaged in his present business.
PaulO. A.carpenter Mediapolis 
PierceL. B.farmer...31 ...and manufacturer of tile
PierceL. F.nursery-man Kossuth 
PowerL. B.physician & surgeon MediapolisBorn in Knox o., Ohio, in 1838; came to Iowa in 1856, and settled in Mr. Pleasant; located in Mediapolis in 1872, and engaged in the practice of medicine. He married Mary E. Rice in 1866; she was born in Burlington, Iowa; they have three children: David L., Alma M., and an infant.
PurcellR. H.farmer8Northfield 
RankinD. C.farmer29Kossuth 
RhodesT. H.merchant Kossuth 
RobbRobt G.farmer7Linton 
RobbT. P.pastor MediapolisReformed Presbyterian clergyman, and Pastor of Sharon Church. Born in Washington Co., Penn., in 1843; came to Iowa in 1874, and located in Linton. He married Catherine Marshall in 1872; she was born in Armstrong Co., Penn.; they have one child: Robert Werth, born Jan. 10, 1876.
RobinsonR. T.woolen-mills Northfield. 
RobinsonSamuelfarmer20 Linton 
RobinsonW. F.farmer Northfield 
SchencksD. H.farmer31Kossuth 
ScottAlexclergy KossuthPresbyterian clergyman. Born in Jefferson Co. Ohio, in 1822; came to Iowa in 1870, and located in Kossuth as Pastor of the Presbyterian Church. Married Amanda Chidester in 1855; she was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, in 1829; have four children: Virginia L., Mary Emma, Clara Belle and Alice Amanda. Republican.
ScottThomasmerchant Northfield 
SeedsD. B.farmer32 Kossuth 
SeedsHarveyfarmer30 Kossuth 
SeedsM. J.farmer24 Kossuth 
StathamS. S.farmer19 Kossuth 
StewartJosephfarmer32 Kossuth 
StewartR. H.farmer5 Linton 
StorksJ. W.faarmer17 Kossuth 
TalbottGeo.farmer33 Mediapolis 
TalbottJohn W.farmer27 Mediapolis 
ThorntonN.farmer24 Mediapolis 
ThorntonWilliamfarmer24 Mediapolis 
UlrickFred C.farmer11 Mediapolis 
VaniceJamesfarmer32 Kossuth 
WaddleS. M.farmer20 Kossuth 
WalkenshawJohnfarmer8 Linton 
WareIsaacfarmer31 Kossuth 
WareJ. P.proprietor  Proprietor Mediapolis House. Born in this county in 1844. Married Anna M. Black in 1870; she was born in Greene Co., Penn., in 1845; they have one child: Cora E.
WareWilliamfarmer35 Mediapolis 
WatsonJamesfarmer12 Northfield 
WilsonDavidfarmer16 Mediapolis 
WilsonJohnfarmer10 Linton 
WilsonRobert M.farmer29 Mediapolis 
WolfCharlesfarmer35 Mediapolis 
WolfJohnfarmer35 Mediapolis 
WoodsideJ. H.farmer19 Kossuth 
WoolseyJ. H.farmer20 Kossuth 
WrightMiltonfarmer14 Mediapolis 
WycoffA. C.retired farmer Kossuth 
WycoffA. N.merchant Northfield 


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