from History of Des Moines County, Iowa, Chicago: Western Historical Co., 1879






AlbertH.farmer3Pleasant Grove 
AlbrightE.farmer28South Flint 
AlgrahmB.farmer8New London 
AndersonC.farmer17New London 
AndersonJacobfarmer17New London 
Antrobus farmer32New London 
AspergreeneJ.farmer8Pleasant Grove 
BookJ.farmer18New London 
CallisG. W.farmer26South Flint 
CarterEdwinfarmer27South FlintBorn in Virginia July 25, 1814; went to Montgomery Co., Ky., in 1837; while there married Miss E. J. Spurgin, March 8, 1838; born Montgomery Co., Ky., September 1820 and died April 12, 1849; married again to Miss Mary F. Sargent, March 22, 1850; born in Ohio July 24, 1834; Mr. C. has one child by former wife: Marian, and eight by present wife: Minerva, John E., Nancy O., Emily M., Mary F., Nevada E., Elkannah S. and Abbie A. Mr. C. came to Des Moines Co. Sept. 15, 1848; has been Postmaster for twenty-five years; owns 340 acres of land. Members of Baptist Church; Democrat.
CasieL.farmer12Pleasant Grove 
Chandler farmer11Pleasant Grove 
ClarkA.farmer18New London 
ClarkA. M.farmer16South Flint 
ClarkR.farmer21South Flint 
ClutterJ. J.M.D. Pleasant GroveBorn in Ohio July 20, 1825; at 16 years of age, went to Washington Co., Penn., and studied medicine; then went to Stanton, Va., where he attended Medical College; thence to Ritchie Co., Va., where he practiced for seventeen years, when he removed to Ohio and practiced three years; came to Iowa and engaged in practice in Winfield; came to Pleasant Grove, where he has been practicing some time. Married Miss Elizabeth Malone in December, 1849; she was born in Harrison Co., Va., Dec. 31, 1830; have nine children: Sarah S., Minerva, Mary M., Alice, John E., Ada V., Francis M., Luther W. and William H. Mr. C. served three years as surgeon in the army. Members of the M. E. Church; Mr. C. is a Republican.
ChadrickT. V.farmer33South Flint 
ChurchJ. S.farmer28Danville 
CoapA.farmer6New London 
CrackerWm.farmer34South Flint 
CraneJ.farmer17New London 
DaddsO. E.farmer23Pleasant Grove 
DaddsWm. D.farmer27South Flint 
DarldtS. C.farmer35Danville 
DeneyW. P.farmer32Danville 
DietchQ.farmer23Pleasant Grove 
DispainM.farmer21South Flint 
DispainS.farmer21South Flint 
DrierC.farmer4Pleasant Grove 
EvansH. M.farmer1New London 
FettermanI.farmer27South Flint 
FinckC.farmer25Pleasant Grove 
FleenorH.farmer12Pleasant Grove 
FleenorW. H.farmer10Pleasant Grove 
FleenorW. P.farmer3Pleasant GroveBorn in Rush Co., Ind., Oct. 11, 1823; removed with his parents to Coles Co., Ill., when 11 years of age; came to Des Moines Co. in 1836; at present is living at the old homestead, where his parents first settled when they came to the county. Married Miss Sarah McCune Oct. 10, 1850; she was born in Rush Co., Ind., July 1, 1830. Owns 210 acres of land, valued at $35 per acre. Membersof the C. P. Church; Democrat.
FreckF.farmer19New London 
GannawayJohn   Born in Kentucky July 7, 1814; came to Des Moines Co. in 1838; an early settler of that county. Married Miss Nancy Zion in 1838; a native of Virginia; born March 10, 1822; have four children: Robinson, Sarah J., William B. and Lavina. Both members of the C. P. Church; Mr. G. is a Republican.
GannawayR.cabinet maker Pleasant RidgeBorn in Des Moines Co., Iowa, in September 1839; has been a resident of this county ever since, except three years in the army, in Co. C. 30th I.V.I.; was at the siege of Vicksburg and with Sherman on his march to the sea. Married Miss Rosie Minerd Jan. 1, 1868; have three children: William C., Charles R. and John. Members of the C. P. Church. Mr. G. is Justice of the Peace; Republican.
GannawayW. B.farmer2Pleasant Grove 
GarlingerF.farmer13Pleasant Grove 
GeiseJohnfarmer P. O. Pleasant GroveBorn in Prussia in 1817; came to Virginia in 1831; removed to Cincinnati, Ohio; then to Des Moines Co. in 1843. Married MissMargaretta Dinkhause in 1843; she was born in Prussia in 1819; have seven children; Henry, John, George, Theodore, Louisa and Sallie; lost one: Louis. Mr. G. owns 298 acres of land valued at $12 per acre. Members of the Lutheran Church; Democrat.
GraanJ.farmer26South Flint 
GieffelWm.farmer30South Flint 
HaleG.farmer4Pleasant Grove 
HaleG. L.farmer3Pleasant Grove 
HandO.farmer18New London 
HanksA. J.farmer7New London 
HarmesJohnfarmer12Pleasant Grove 
HenelD. M.farmer7New London 
HaustonS. T. 23Pleasant Grove 
HullyAug.farmer16South Flint 
JanesD. R.farmer1Pleasant Grove 
JanesF.farmer11Pleasant Grove 
JanesJ. D.farmer25Pleasant Grove 
JohnsonC. P.farmer22South Flint 
JakobaE.farmer10Pleasant Grove 
KuhlenbeckJ. in dry goods & groceries Pleasant GroveBorn in Germany, June 14, 1838; came to St. Louis in 1854, where he learned the shoemaker's trade and worked at it three years; then went to Louisiana, Mo., and married Miss Mary Brier, in 1869; she was born in Prussia in 1840; have six children: John, Henry, Hardy, Clara, Lindey and Frank, and two dead: Albert and Louisa. Mr. K. enlisted Aug. 14, 1862, in Co. D, 25th I.V.I.; served three years; was in twenty-three battles; was with Sherman during the march to the sea; since 1869, has been engaged in mercantile business at Pleasant Grove. Mrs. K. is a member of C. P. Church,; Mr. K. is Republican.
LangfordR.farmer4Pleasant Grove 
LaughlinJohnfarmer29New London 
LaughlinL.farmer29New London 
LaughlinWm.farmer29New London 
LeeA.farmer6New London 
LeeI. I.farmer2Pleasant Grove 
LinderJ.farmer4Pleasant Grove 
McNallS.farmer17New London 
McCartyIsaacfarmer5New LondonBorn in Claiborne Co., Tenn., March 27, 1825; removed with his parents to Putnam Co., Ind., in 1827; came to Henry Co., Iowa, in 1847; then moved to Des Moines Co. in 1854. Married Miss Margaret A. Sharp November, 1848; she was born in Parke Co., Ind., in 1831; have nine children: George J., William D., John L., Mary J., Alexander, Smith, Francis P., Chas. B., Annie B., and three dead: Thomas, James, and one died in infancy. Mr. McCartey has assessed the township six or seven times; owns 254 acres of land. Members of the Baptist Church; Democrat.
McNallW.farmer17New London 
MacNeilJ. F.farmer8New London 
MahlerF.farmer19New London 
MailerHenryfarmer17New London 
MarchantW.farmer3Pleasant Grove 
MartinJ.farmer20New London 
MeyersC.farmer10Pleasant Grove 
MillerJ. L.farmer7New London 
MillerW. A.farmer5New London 
MillerWilliam  Pleasant GroveBorn in Claiborne Co., Tenn., March 27, 1825; removed with his parents to Putnam Co., Ind., in 1827; came to Henry Co., Iowa, in 1847; then moved to Des Moines Co. in 1854. Married Miss Margaret A. Sharp November, 1848; she was born in Parke Co., Ind., in 1831; have nine children: George J., William D., John L., Mary J., Alexander, Smith, Francis P., Chas. B., Annie B., and three dead: Thomas, James, and one died in infancy. Mr. McCartey has assessed the township six or seven times; owns 254 acres of land. Members of the Baptist Church; Democrat.
MorganM.farmer16South Flint 
NewhouseJohnfarmer14Pleasant Grove 
ObermannF. W.under-taker & cabinet-maker Pleasant GroveBorn in Germany Nov. 12; 1832; came to Wheeling, Va., in 1848; went to Cincinnati in 1850; came to Des Moines Co. in 1852. Married Miss Mary A. Halle in 1860; she was born in Indiana in 1830; have seven children: Charles F., Etta, George, William, Mary, Bismarck and Henry. Mr. O. started the first undertaker's establishment in Pleasant Grove. Republican.
ParkerG. W.farmer18New London 
ParkerG. W.farmer16South Flint 
PerkinsW. H.farmer16South Flint 
PerkinsW. J.farmer17New London 
PiepergerderE.farmer26South Flint 
PiperJohnfarmer16South Flint 
PoggermellerH.farmer23Pleasant Grove 
PortlockD. L.farmer11Pleasant GroveBorn in Rush Co. Ind., Jan 4, 1825; came to Burlington in the fall of 1836; engaged at the carpenter trade; removed to Pleasant Grove Twp., in April, 1842. Married Miss Elizabeth J. Fleenor in 1850; born in Rush Co., Ind., in 1827; have five children: Verdon, Lydia, Clarissa, Sarah E. and Elzorah, and two died in infancy. Mr. P. has held the office of Justice of the Peace for ten years; has been on the Board of Supervisors and Deputy Provost Marshal during the war. Owns 200 acres of land. Members of the Christian Church; Democrat.
RamsyGeo.farmer20New London 
ReddingJamesfarmer23Pleasant Grove 
RedfordI.farmer7New London 
RicheyT.farmer29New London 
RippelW. & T.farmers25Pleasant Grove 
RitcheyR.farmer8Pleasant Grove 
SaterS. P. & J. W.farmers31New London 
SeifkinJ. G.farmer35Danville 
ShepardH.farmer5Pleasant Grove 
ShephardJ.farmer9New London 
ShortridgeS. in blooded stock11Pleasant GroveBorn in Henry Co., Ind., Jan. 26, 1828; came to Des Moines Co. in 1857; read law with Darwin; was admitted to the bar in 1864; has held the office of Notary Public since 1863, and other offices; was in the war in 48th I.V.I. Co. D, as First Sergeant; owns 110 acres valued at $30 per acre. Member of C. P. Church; Republican.
ShurtsJohnfarmer24Pleasant Grove 
SimpsonR. K.farmer9  
SmithA. J. 15Pleasant GroveBorn in Washington Co., Va., Dec. 28, 1811; removed with his parents to Clarke Co., Ind., in 1817; came to Des Moines Co. May 1, 1843, and settled in Pleasant Grove Twp. Married Miss J. Westfall April 18, 1847, born in Allegany Co., N.., June 20, 1829; have twelve children: Francis M., Frederick N., Jemima I., Asbury D., A. J., Mary J., Robert A., R. E., J. H., Minnie, Squire and Ira. Mr. Smith owns 837 acres, valued at $35 per acre; commenced in 1843 with two yoke of steers and $63, and has besides his property given his children 480 acres. Mr. Smith is a Democrat.
SmithJ.farmer14Pleasant Grove. 
SnyderAndrewfarmer26South FlintBorn in Highland Co., Ohio, Nov. 2, 1802; emigrated when 16 years of age to Marshall Co., W. Va.; returned to his native State several years later; remained a short period; again went to West Virginia, engaging in various occupations, and during his leisure in the winter exerted himself assiduously to acquire an education, which might at least fit him for the ordinary walks of business life. On the 31st of January, 1828, he married Sarah Baker, born Oct. 3, 1808, whose girlhood days were passed in West Virginia. Soon after his marriage, Mr. Snyder commenced farming in Marshall Co., W. Va., and continued at it until the spring of 1844, when he moved with his family to what is now Des Moines Co. The first year he worked a rented farm, near the southwest part of Danville Twp. In the spring of 1845, he purchased his present farm; Mr. and Mrs. Snyder have been earnest and active in the affairs of life, and their influence has done much to shape the course of the community in which they live; though more than fifty years of their marital companionship have glided away, they are both still strong and in vigorous health, with the prospect of living yet many years to enjoy the fruits of their early struggles. Their union has been blessed with ten children: Rachel, James, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Caroline, Sarah E., William W., Lou. J., Theodore B., and Wilber, all living, except William W., who died in 1848, and Rachel in 1849. Mr. and Mrs. Snyder have been life-long members of the M. E. Church, and all their children belong to some religious denomination. In politics, Mr. Snyder has always stood by the Republican party. He is now what may be properly termed a retired farmer.
SnyderLizzieteacher South FlintIs residing with her parents; born in Marshall Co., W. Va., and came with her parents to Des Moines Co. in 1844; was kept at school from the time she attained proper age until she became a teacher; Is devotedly attached to this vocation; has followed it most of her life. She is a member of the M. E. Church, having in early life identified herself with that denomination, and has ever been a faithful member.
SnyderWilberfarmer26DanvilleBorn in Des Moines Co., Iowa, Feb. 15, 1850. Married Miss Nellie Burns; born in Norwalk, Ohio, July 1, 1852; is living on the old homestead farm. Republican; has been a delegate at different conventions of the party.
SetterA.farmer30New London 
StewartA. P.farmer32Danville 
StrainS.farmer25Pleasant Grove 
StrathmanF.farmer26South Flint 
StuckerF. M.farmer14Pleasant Grove 
TatermierA.farmer19New London 
TiedemannF. A.farmer11Pleasant GroveBorn in Bremen, Germany, Aug. 9, 1839; came to Washington, D.C., in 1849; in 1850, removed to Illinois. In 1851, he went to Long Island, then to New Jersey; came to Des Moines Co., in 1852 and bought a farm; returned to New Jersey and married Miss L. A. Lawrence in 1853 [sic: think there is an error here. Age at marriage would have been 14 C.M.] They returned to Des Moines Co. and located in Pleasant Grove Twp. Was elected Supervisor in 1876 for three years. Have nine children: Charlotte, Alvina, Caesar, Dora, Sophia, Fred, Emma, Thersa and Lawrence, and one dead: Justus. Are members of the Lutheran Church. He owns 204 acres of land, valued at $45 per acre. Republican.
TuckerM.farmer3Pleasant Grove 
TuftJamesfarmer16Pleasant Grove 
VernaltJohnfarmer13Pleasant Grove 
VirginJ. Pleasant GroveBorn in Butler County Ohio, Nov. 8, 1835; removed with his father's family to Des Moines Co. in 1850; Married Miss S. C. Stucker in 1857; has ten children: William H., Edwin F., Annie L., Ella D., Oliver M., Oscar J., Franklin C., Lillie B., Mary M. and Grace D. Mr. Virgin was admitted to the bar of Des Moines Co. in the fall of 1877, and has met with flattering success. Republican.
VitemanhouseD. 35DanvilleBorn in Germany Feb. 20, 1820. Married Miss Annie M. C. S. Sarfalmann in 1850; born in Germany March 2, 1817; has one child: Sophia, born Feb. 2, 1852. Mr. V. owns 297 acres of land. Member of the Lutheran Church; Democrat.
WallmanJ. H.farmer25Pleasant Grove 
WassanA. J. Jr.farmer9New London 
WassanJ. A.farmer9New London 
WhiteT.farmer6New London 
WilkinsJ.farmer13Pleasant Grove 
WalvertonT. N.farmer36Danville 
WrightC.farmer30New London 
WrightE.farmer30New London 
ZionJohn  Pleasant GroveBorn in Virginia July 23, 1817; went to Rush Co., Ind., in 1828; removed to Coles Co. Ill, in 1834. Married Miss Elizabeth Gannaway March 29, 1838; she was born in Kentucky April 7, 1816; her mother is now living with her, aged 93; was born in Virginia in 1786. Mr. Zion came to Des Moines Co. in 1838; was engaged in mercantile trade for twenty years; has held the office of Trustee. Members of the C. P. Church; have been for thirty-nine years. Mr. Z. has been a faithful worker in the cause of religion. Has one son and one daughter: George W. and Finetta. Mr. Zion is a Democrat.


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