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GabrielHenry115 S. Main St.Mfr. of cigars & snuff. Born in Prussia in 1828; came to Burlington in 1852; since been engaged in the tobacco business. Married Barbara Durst in 1850 : she was born in Baden, Germany, in 1826; they have four children Charles, William, Louisa and Sophia. Mr. G. is Liberal.
GaddauChrist1421 ThulGrocer
GaheganM. H.cor. 9th & MapleDealer in groceries, dry goods, provisions, notions, etc. Born in Rochester, N. Y., Aug. 24, 1846; came to Burlington in 1857. Married May 30, 1869, Mary E. Colgan; had five children Harry, born May 18, 1870; Charles, Feb. 28, 1872; Mary, Aug. 9, 1874; Frank M., Sept. 26, 1875; Sadie, April 5, 1878; both Mary and Sadie deceased. Members of the Catholic Church.
GaleyF.Lawrence House BlockSaloon & billiard parlor. The subject of this sketch was born in Germany in 1855; in 1862, came to Burlington; worked in the Lawrence House for a period of twelve years, and at the Barret one year and a half. In 1874, married Miss Emma Felte; she was born in Lee Co., this State, in 1853; has two children Anna B. and Edward. In politics. Mr. Galey is Liberal.
GallC. F.cor. 3d & Jefferson
res. 253 S. 10th
Mfr. Cigars
GantzAndrew613 JeffersonSaloon
GantzJ.1527 BodemanTailor
GarberConradres. 1400 S. 14thBlacksmith
GardnerE. T.709 S. 7thDlr. in flour
GarrettHenry C. Cashier of the Merchants' National Bank. Born in Burlington Jan. 16, 1851; for the past seven years, he has been connected with the banking institutions of the city; though an unusually young man to hold a position involving such responsibility, and requiring not only extraordinary business tact and ability, but also the entire confidence of the general business public, the Directors of the bank heretofore named were so thoroughly convinced of his possession of all the qualities necessary to ably fill the position, that they unhesitatingly appointed him as Cashier of their bank, one of the leading moneyed institutions of the State.
GarrettT. M.res. 521 ColumbiaBook-keeper Iowa State Savings Bank
GarrettWilliam Cashier of the Iowa State Savings Bank. Born in Lexington, Ky., June 18, 1823; his father died when he was 7 years old; four years later, his mother remarried, and, in 1836, came with her family to Burlington (then Flint Hills, Michigan Territory); in 1837, he engaged as a boy in the store of Webber & Remey; remained three years, then engaged as salesman in the store of Shepherd. Leffler & Co.; on the 1st of March, 1844, he staged it over the mountains to Baltimore, purchased a stock of goods, and went into business for himself before he was 21; remained in business till 1853, then was elected Sheriff of the county as the Whig candidate; re-elected in 1855; in 1859, he formed a copartnership with Mr. Postlewait and John W. Rhodes, under the firm name of Garrett, Rhodes & Co.; remained in that business until 1862; in January, 1863, he was elected Clerk of the District Court; served until 1874; was then elected Cashier of the Savings Bank; he served his ward as Alderman for two years, and has been Secretary of the Aspen Grove Cemetery Association for over ten years. Mr. Garrett married on the 9th of May, 1848, Miss Martha Rorer, eldest daughter of Hon. David Rorer; they have had nine children seven now living, four sons and three daughters. Mr. Garrett is a prominent member of the Episcopal Church; is a Republican.
GauerVal.211 N. Main
res. 904 N. Oak
GearJohn H. Son of Rev. K. G. Gear, a clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Born in Ithaca, N. Y., on the 7th of April, 1825; in 1843, he came to Burlington, where he has since continued to reside; he began his mercantile career by entering the firm of Bridgeman & Bros, as saleman; he remained with this house a little more than a year, and then became clerk for W. F. Coolbaugh, in which position he remained for five years, when he was taken into partnership; at the end of another five years, he succeeded to the business by purchase, and has ever since carried it on, he being now the oldest wholesale grocer in the State; Mr. Gear has been honored by his follow citizens with many positions of trust; in 1852, he was elected Alderman; in 1863, was elected Mayor, he being the first Republican, up to that time, who had been elected in Burlington on a party issue; in 1867, the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Minnesota Railroad Co. was organized, and he was chosen President; he was active in promoting the Burlington & Southwestern Railroad, as well as the Burlington & Northwestern Narrow-Gauge Road. In politics, he has always acted with the Republican party, and, in 1871, was elected a member of the House of Representatives of the Fourteenth General Assembly; in 1873, he was elected to the Fifteenth Assembly and chosen Speaker; in 1875, he was for the third time elected to the Assembly, and again made Speaker; he was elected Governor of the State in October, 1877, and now fills the Executive chair. Gov. Gear was married, in 1852, to Harriet S. Foot, formerly of Middlebury, Vt.; has had four children, two now living.
GerberAugust1906 St. PaulCabinet-maker
GerlingerMichael424 Lewis 
Gerlinger, Buhrmister & Co. 24 6th, cor. WashingtonWagon-mfrs.
GeyerC.Main, corner of ElmProprietor Iowa State Savings Bank. Born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1835; came to Burlington in 1 856; started present business in 1868. Married Anna Benne in 1859; she was born in Prussia in 1840; they have five children George, Louisa, Ida, Maud and Emma. Mr. G. belongs to the Turner Society. During the war, he was a recruiting-officer; held the office of Steward of the Marine Hospital four years. Was Alderman two terms. In politics, he is Democratic.
GiebrickGeorge1907 S. MainSaloon
GiegerAndrew Jr.res. 222 S. 3dMachinist
GiegerJohnres. 1401 S. 13thConstable
GiesekerHenry1406 N. 8thGrocery
GilbertGen. James I.Prospect Hill 
GilbertJas. W.res. Vine, cor. Boundary 
GilbertW. D.910 Jefferson 
Gilbert, Hedge & Co.Jefferson, cor, 8thWholesale lumber dealers
GilesJ. A.cor. Jefferson & Main
res. 1990 Ripley
Principal of Business College
GillettWilliam508 N. 8th 
Gillett, S. & Co.319 N. MainDry goods commission merchants
GilliesWilliamres. 501 9th 
GillinghamW. W308 JeffersonDealer in teas, coffees, spices and fancy groceries. Born in Jefferson Co., New York, in 1842; came to Burlington in 1875. Married Emma Jack- man in 1873; she was born in Toledo, Ohio, in 1852. Mr. G. enlisted in 1862 in Co. G, 10th N. Y. Art.; held the position of 1st Lieutenant; mustered out in 1865. Republican.
GilmanH. H.802 5th 
GilsonDustin901 SummerForeman B.&M. roundhouse
GlasgowS. L. Attorney at law, was born near Winchester, Adams Co., Ohio, Sept. 17, 1838; he came to Oskaloosa, Iowa, in 1856; lived there two years; then removed to Cory don, Wayne Co., where, in I860, he was admitted to the bar. He enlisted as a private in Co. I, 4th I.V.I., in 1861, and when the company was organized, was elected 1st Lieutenant; he resigned in 1862, and came to Wayne Co.; organized Co. D, 23d I.V.I.; was elected Captain, and appointed Major of the regiment before it left the State; he afterward became Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel, and Brigadier General by brevet; was mustered out in 1865; returned to Corydon, and resumed practice. In 1868, he was Elector-at-Large for Grant, and in April, 1869, he was appointed Consul to Havre, France, which position he held until Jan. 1, 1874; he was then appointed Consul at Glasgow, Scotland, remaining in that office until 1876, when he came to Burlington, and has since been engaged in the practice of his profession.
GlazebyJohn719 S. 10th 
Glazeby, John & Co.cor. 5th & MarketCarriage mfrs.
GnahnJohnres. 127 S. 4thRetired
GoetzJ. G.1319 OsbornSaloon-keeper. Born in Germany in 1845; came to Burlington in 1870. Married Louisa Anglege in 1871; she was born in Germany in 1848; they have three children, two living George and Ada; Jessie died in 1872. Mr. G. started present business in 1875. He was in the Prussian army four years. He is a Democrat.
Gorham & Mundaycor. Main & ValleyProps. Gorham House
GormanJ. H.N. Boundary bet. Washington & ColumbiaMeat market & provisions. Born June 23, 1852, in Belfast, Ireland; came to America 1862, and to Burlington in 1872.
Gould & Doty609 North MainDressmakers
GraesserH. J.res. 517 S. MainAsst. P.M.
GraesserNicholas517 S. MainGrocer
GraffRobt. J.res. 722 N. 7thPrincipal Select School
GrantG. S.res. rear North Western Brewery 
GreenR. M.res. 400 High 
GreenbaumS. W.817 Summer 
Greenbaum, Schroder & Co3d, cor. ValleyDry goods
GreenoughJoseph404 Walnut 
GreinerJohn Real estate agent. Born in Wurtemberg, Germany, June 28, 1832, and came to the United States in January, 1854, locating in Boston, Mass., where he remained one year. He came to Burlington in the fall of 1855; he was thirteen years a blacksmith and veterinary surgeon, four years in mercantile business, and ten years in his present business; he is district agent of the A.T.& S.FeR.R. Co.'.s land department, under the firm of Frost, Greiner & Co. Has been Alderman of 1st ward since April, 1878; is Notary Public and President of School Board of Independent District. He married Barbara Wilhelm in October, 1857; she was born in Lancaster Co., Ohio; they have three children Anna, John, Jr., and Edwin. Members of the German Methodist Church.
GriesP. H.647 S. 10thCarpenter
GrimmLambert522 N. Main 
GrinelleA.cor. Main & Jefferson
res. 213 Elm
GroeltzJ. A.316 S. 10thMason
GroetchelRobt.111 N. PondCarpenter
GroetheChrist1008 N. OakCarpenter
GroetheWm.1519 N. 8th 
GrossJ. M. Of the firm of Beard, Mahlinger & Co., wholesale liquor-dealer; born in Bavaria; came to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1860; came to Burlington in 1871; engaged in liquor and cigar business since he came here.
GrossWm.1303 Mt. PleasantMason
GrunjesHenry207 S. MainProprietor of Green Tree House. Born in Germany in 1842; came to Burlington in 1866; started present business in 1878. Married Margaret Apple in 1873; she was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1849; they have three children Lizzie, Henry and Mary.
GrupeA. B.726 Jefferson
res. 114 S. Gunnison
Painter & dlr. in furniture
GrupeE. Y.1104 Jefferson 
GuelichPaul210 JeffersonAttorney at law
GuelichTheodore Attorney and real estate, loan & insurance agent. Born in Germany Jan. 29, 1829; he came to the United States in the summer of 1851, locating at Davenport, Iowa, where he remained for ten years, then came to Burlington. He enlisted in May, 1861, and was Quartermaster of 1st I.V.I.; in August, 1861, he re-enlisted in Co. D, 48th I.V.I., with rank of 1st Lieutenant. Mr. Guelich is a member of the School Board, and has been from the start one of the proprietors of the Iowa Tribune; while in Davenport, he established Der Democrat, which he conducted from 1851 to 1856, after which he engaged in law, real estate and insurance business.
GuentherP. E.705 Jefferson
res. 1503 Mt. Pleasant
Mfr of cigars
GuestJames A. Wholesale and retail dealer in pianos, organs, sheet music, music-books, etc. Born in Lyons, Wayne Co., N.Y.; came to Iowa in 1866; located at Belle Plaine, Benton Co., where he resided until he came to Burlington in 1874. He has been engaged in mercantile business ever since he came to Iowa.
GulickAmosres. Gilbert St 
GunnRev. Thomas F.res. 508 N. 4thPastor St. Paul's Church
GunnellSanford208 N. 3d
res. 720 Franklin
Barber shop
GutekunstJ. M.309 DivisionMfr of light wagons, etc. res. 235 S. 8th


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