(aka Jones Cemetery, Evans Cemetery, Old Welsh Cemetery)

The Welsh Chapel was founded in the 1840s to sustain the spiritual need of the Welsh settlers who lived in the surrounding area. It was a small, framed Methodist church. Early services were conducted in Welsh—a Gaelic dialect. After the turn of the century, regular services were discontinued and the church was sold to Merret Evans of Roscoe. He then sold the building to Joe Tonkinson of Yarmouth who tore it down. The cemetery was formed around this pioneer church.
  Joseph Jones was buried in 1850, and his is the earliest date of burial found, although there may be earlier burials as there are many unmarked graves. There were many deaths in 1855 from the cholera epidemic of that year. The last date of burial is of Maria Goudie, who was buried in 1928. There is a most interesting stone of Mr. Lloyd which is engraved in the Welsh Gaelic language.
  There are many broken stones, unmarked graves and sunken stones.

The Welsh Chapel Cemetery is located in Yellow Spring Township, section 31, about four miles west of Mediapolis. It is situated on the Yarmouth-Mediapolis road. It is on a hill to the south. You can reach it only by foot.

Welsh Chapel Cemetery has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery by the Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission.

Last Name First, Middle & Maiden Birth Death Notes
EvansAnna M. 1864 03/21/1898
Mt. Pleasant, IA
Daughter of Henry and Catharine (Williams) Evans
EvansBertha May 1882 1886Daughter of Henry and Catharine (Williams) Evans
Evans Catherine 1839 1855 Daughter of Thomas T. and Mary (Morris) Evans
Evans Catharine (Williams) 1841
North Wales
1921 Wife of Henry Evans
Evans Henry 04/08/1832
South Wales
Evans Infant Daughter   1879 Daughter of Henry and Catharine (Williams) Evans
Evans Joseph L. 1844 07/03/1867 Son of Thomas T. and Mary (Morris) Evans
Evans Mary A. 1842 1855 Daughter of Thomas T. and Mary (Moris) Evans
Evans Mary (Morris) 1807 09/??/1855 Wife of Thomas T. Evans
Evans Moses 1830
South Wales
1854 Son of Thomas T. and Mary (Morris) Evans
Evans Thomas T. 1803 08/16/1855  
Goudie Ann T. (Evans) 12/11/1834
Ruscanee, NY
Roscoe, IA
Wife of Frederick Stanley, mother of T. Gilbert, Mary A, Henry E. and Elizabeth A.
Goudie Frederick Stanley 09/13/1836
Cattaraugus Co. NY
Roscoe, IA
Goudie Maria (Ramsey) 04/05/1837 03/22/1928 2nd wife of Frederick Stanley, married 04/14/1883
Hughes Edward Price 1793
Caernarvon-Shire North Wales
Hughes Hannah 1792
Denbighshire North Wales
12/31/163 Wife of Edward Price Hughes
Jones Alfred Justus 03/08/1857
Roscoe, IA
Jones Ann   08/06/18?? Age 81y 6m 7d, wife of John
Jones Catharine 08/26/1840 10/06/1869 Wife of M.
Jones Daniel Glenmorgan South Wales 04/11/1855 Age 18
Jones David 02/22/1807 03/04/1888  
Jones Edward 03/29/1810 07/16/1856  
Jones Edward 12/05/1811
Anglesey North Wales
Jones Edward P. 09/18/1854
St. Louis, MO
06/04/1866 Son of Edward and M.A. Jones
Jones Elizabeth A. (Morris) 07/10/1827
Caermarthen-Shire Wales
Jones Elizabeth Anglesey North Wales 02/27/1878 Age 73
Jones Harry Maxwell 07/14/1892 09/14/1895 Son of John & Sarah Jones
Jones John   09/13/1855 Age 65
Jones John R. 05/15/1825
Anglesea North Wales
Jones Joseph 06/14/1849 06/18/1850 Son of W.E. & E.
Jones Julia 01/02/1851
St. Louis, MO
12/02/1861 Daughter of Edward and M.A. Jones
Jones Lincoln 04/15/1865    
Jones Margaret   09/03/1854  
Jones Mary A.   04/07/1872 Age 6m, Daughter of R. &. A.
Jones Peter P.   06/27/1865 Age 65
Jones Reuben L. 04/25/1854 08/17/1855 Son of P.P. and A. Jones
Jones Richard   09/07/1872 Age 50
Jones Robert   08/15/1873 Age 4, son of R. and A.
Jones Robert Anglesey North Wales 09/19/1875 Age 73
Jones Sarah   01/11/1882 Age 16, daughter of D. & S.
Jones Sarah J. 11/10/1854 01/22/1856 Daughter of J.J. & M.
Jones Stanley Emerson 10/13/1890 09/27/1891 Son of John and Sarah
Jones Thomas 05/31/1834
Anglesey North Wales
Jones Thomas J. 02/28/1860 01/16/1878 Son of William W. and M. Jones
Jones ?? (possibly A.)   08/15/1855 Age 39 Wife of P.P. (may be wife of Peter P. but unsure)
Jones William B. 12/02/1851 07/31/1880 Son of John and Gwen Jones
Jones William E. 05/03/1826
Flint-Shire North Wales
Lloyd Dapydd   05/30/1865 Brodor O Swydd, Gaerfyriddin Wals Bu Farw Mai 30, 1865 Oed 63. (Steve Williams has sent a translation of the inscription: "Native of County Carmarthen [Carmarthenshire] Wales died May 30th, 1865 aged 63." "Wals" is not the Welsh for Wales, so is presumably misspelled.)
Owens Robert Anglesey North Wales 02/18/1871 Age 29
Quikes Ann     Age 74
Roberts Robert 01/27/1834
Denbighshire South Wales
Stromberg Alice A. 11/22/1887 11/07/1889  
Thomas Ann 01/05/1841 02/18/1852 Daughter of J. and A.
Thomas Harriet S. 09/11/1847 06/16/1869 Daughter of J. & A.
Thomas Janes 05/26/1814 05/11/1868  
Thomas Margreta 10/30/1843    
Thomas Richard 10/12/1806 01/16/1861  
Thomas Sarah Ann 07/29/1863 06/29/1865 Daughter of J. and A. Thomas
Williams ??     Daughter of W.W. and Margaret Williams
Williams Elizabeth   03/08/1860 Age 42
Williams Margaret 03/15/1813 09/25/1890 Wife of W.W. Williams
Williams W.W. 05/15/1814
Anglesey North Wales
Williams William 04/05/1818
North Wales

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