Stewert Family Plot is located in Concordia Township at about 5100 Ferres Ln., Burlington, about 150 ft. west of the road.

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(aka Prugh Farm Plot)

This burial site is listed by GNIS as "Prugh Farm Plot" and on the map produced in November 2008 by the Des Moines County GIS Department as "Stewert Family or Prugh Farm Plot."

The following document was obtained at the Des Moines Public Library and apparently dates from about 1978. That was over 30 years ago and obviously the landscape, as well as ownership, has changed. Also note the name is spelled "Stewert" on the county map and "Stewart" in the document below.

Prugh Farm Plot (Stewert Family Plot)

Prough Farm Plot is located a little west of the center of the east and west section lines and about 2/3rds of a mile from the northern section line of section 20, Concordia Township, Des Moines County, Iowa.

To find the burial plot—go south on Madison Road (Burlington, Iowa) and from the intersection of Koestner Street (just south of Kline Hospital) go about 1.1 mile until you come to the Shady Acres Subdivision, turn left and go about 2/3rds of a block or just to the east of the houses and go south through the gate, ataying along the west side of the field until you come to an east and west fence, go through the fence and into the cleared pasture until you come to the south fence (going east and west) at the edge of the timber. (From the gate to the timber is about 1200 feet.) In about the center of the south fence is a large red cedar. Go thru the fence south about 50 feet, you will find the grave stones. In the center of the plot about 100 feet by 150 feet is another large red cedar and [a] hickory nut tree. (A fence surrounding the plot is long since gone.)

The plot was visited with Mr. Robert E. Prugh Sr. on 2 November 1978 whose farm the plot is on. Mr. Prugh said the land has been owned by his family about 60–70 years.

Mr. Prugh said that there were about twelve burials but only about 1½ stones remain after time and weather has taken its toll. One could still see many sunken graves with only some limestone rocks as markers. He said that a family of Stewerts built a cabin just south of the burial plot on the edge of a ravine where there was a spring. An epidemic of cholera came thru in 1850–1851 and most of the family died at that time.

There is a closer route to the burial plot from a road just east of the plot but it means negotiating a deep ravine.

The one and a half stones left were [are?]:

Sacred to the Memory of
B. 5th ---- 1787
Stone broken off and this is all that remains.

In Memory
d. 22 April 1848
Age 28y 3m
This stone is in good condition.

The Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission is working to gather and document information regarding the true location of this burial site and the identities of those buried there.


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