Spring Creek Cemetery has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery by the Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission. 

Spring Creek is in Union Township, section 3. Located in the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant.

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Transcription by Paul French based on the 1971 survey by Mr. & Mrs. Orville Prill and Julius Hilleary of Fairfield, Iowa.






BALLANTYNEJohn4 Jun 18588 Jun 1892 
Lucy LAMON2 Jan 18583 Jan 1906his wife
Alforetta9 Sep 18831 May 1887 
Elizabeth22 Sep 18851 May 1887 
BARNSThos. A.6 Dec 181927 Feb 1903 
BARNSCaroline R.7 Dec 18328 Dec 1914 
BARNSFrank M.21 Jan 186218 Jun 1933 
BARNSMartha H.15 Sep 18645 Jun 1950 
BEDWELLMary Jane 24 Nov 1847Age 21d, dau of S. & M.
Franklin 2 Jun 1855Age 2y 8m 20d, son of S. & M.
(see PERRY, Mary E., born and died 1848 on this stone)
BEDWELLHubert 10 Apr 1863age 14y 4m 14d, son of S. & M.
BEDWELLAmanda 27 Jun 1863age 3y 11m 27d, dau of S. & M.
BLOOMBERGS. L.4 Nov 18467 Jan 1919 
Johannah12 Jan 185127 Jan 1927his wife
BLOOMBERGOscar N.17 Nov 189010 Aug 1910 
BLOOMBERGLola10 Jun 189417 May 1895 
BOLLMANJames M.18181883father
Martha S.18181891mother
BROWNCatherine 29 Oct 18__Age 60, wife of Jackson (NOTE:Stone broken and repaired, cemented over.)
BUMGARDNERJacob24 Jul 18385 Jan 1910 
Eliza Jane PERRY3 Dec 184218 Feb 1922his wife
BUMGARDNERAnna3 Nov 181220 Sep 1854Also infant twins buried with the mother
Wm. H. H.26 Oct 184121 Jul 1864of wounds received while in action with Mosbey’s Guerrillas. Buried at Mt. Zion Church, Virginia (GAR Flag holder)
John 2 May 1863Buried at Iowa Hill, Placer Co., California
CARTERChildren of Orren & Mary Ann  Happy infants, early blest
Rest in peaceful slumbers, rest
Early rescued from the cares
Which increase with growing years.
Ezra Stiles 27 Sep 1835Age 1m, In memory of
Henry Harrison 22 Jul 1841Age 18m, also
Agnes Rose Ila 13 Jan 1842Age 4y 7m, also
CHAMBERSLewis H.18541916 
CHRISMANRebecca18201853dau of Elias, see DAVISON
CRAWFORDJames Arthur18851960 
CRAWFORDLillie Gearhart18591895 
CRESSMary 25 Sep 1874Age 45y 11m 25d, wife of George
DANIELSONJohn20 Jun 181927 Nov 1890 
Johanna S.3 Dec 18231 Oct 1871his wife
DANIELSONClarence H.18591933 
Emma C.18561935 
DANIELSONAlela C.18871962 
DANIELSONAudrey Adalene14 Dec 190927 Aug 1911dau of H. W. & B. A.
DAVISONGeorge 1 Jan 1881age 93y
Susannah 5 Jun 1854Age 61y, wife of Geo.
Isabella M 20 Aug 1878Age 74y, wife of Geo.
DAVISONFranklin G. 28 Oct 1859Age 21y 11m, son of George and Susannah
DAVISONJohn21 Jan 182219 Nov 1886father
Ruth20 Apr 182424 Aug 1904mother
DAVISONWilliam L.24 Aug 186211 Nov 1914 
Alice M.11 Jun 18637 Dec 1896his wife
DAVISONRebecca 2 Jun 1853Age 33y, wife of John and dau of Elias & Susanah CHRISMAN
DAVISONFerree C. 24 Jun 1853Age 22d, son of John & Rebecca
DAVISONAdaline18301849see TURNER
DAVISONMuriel 1903 
DAVISONJohn G.31 May 183612 Jan 1891b. Washington Co., Pa.
Mary A.6 Nov 18437 Mar 1908his wife
DELASHMUTTIsabella 1 Apr 1858Age 29y 28d, wife of T. L.
DELASHMUTTMelvin 13 Sep 1856Age 9m 1d, son of T.L. & I.
DELASHMUTTThomas 16 Feb 1858Age 1y 3m 16d, son of T. L. & I.
DELASHMUTTCarrie E.15 Dec 183527 Jan 1862wife of T. L.
Ada B.30 Oct 186125 Feb 1862their daughter [T. L. & Carrie]
DELASHMUTTWillie22 Nov 186315 Aug 1864children of T. L. & E. J.
Annie L.5 Sep 18674 Aug 1868children of T. L. & E. J.
DELASHMUTTCharlie O. 15 Aug 1869Age 3m 7d, children of T. L. & E. J.
Herbie W. 26 Apr 1879Age 3y 3m 29d, children of T. L. & E. J.
Our Baby 21 Jul 1879Age 18d, children of T. L. & E. J.
DELASHMUTTThomas R. 17 Sep 1859Age 22y 8m 16d, son of E. N. & S.
DELASHMUTT  20 Jul 1841Age 3y 2m 8d, in memory of Prissilla dau of Elias N. & Susan
DELASHMUTTElias N.18 Jan 18001 Feb 1890Age 90y 13d, father
Susan6 Nov 180315 Oct 1880wife of E. N., mother
Priscilla12 May 183920 Jul 1841dau of E. N. & S.
DELASHMUTTW. W. 9 Jul 1868In the 38th year of his age, husband—father
DELASHMUTTBenjamin 28 May 1855Age 1d, sons of W. W. & S. J.
Elias 28 May 1855Age 1d, sons of W. W. & S. J.
DELASHMUTTMary A.26 Apr 18434 Apr 1876wife of W. A.
Inez Ettie11 Mar 18691 Jan 1877dau of W. A. and M. A.
DOTSONHesther A. 28 Feb 1847Age 1y 9m 12d, dau of B. S. & M.
DREWM?Pherson 12 Dec 1878Age 9y 11m 27d, children of A. H. & N. E.
Emma 28 Nov 1878Age 6y 4m 27d, children of A. H. & N. E.
ELLIOTTEliza Ann4 Feb 18082 Jun 1875wife of Samuel
ERICKSONAnna 18 Jul 1891Age 80y 5m 24d
ESTEPJane18081889see PERRY
GASTONPetty18021871dau of Samuel & Peggy of Washington Co., Pa. See PERRY
GEARHARTLillie18591895see CRAWFORD
GEARHARTMira 14 Jun 1880in the 38th year of her age, wife of H.
GREGGB. S.13 Jun 180516 Oct 1886 
Melissa B.19 Feb 181431 May 1886 
Jennie V.  Age 33y
Almira A.  Age 38y
Nellie M.  Age 21y
Tenie M.  Age 15y
GREGGMary Ellen 19 Apr 1869Age 21y 1m 17d, dau of B. S. & M. B.
GREGGJohn W. 13 Jan 1871Age 20y 4m 4d, son of B. S. & M. B.
GREGGMary E. 16 Jan 1845Age 9y 6m 5d, dau of B. S. & M. B.
GREGGMelissa C. 24 Nov 1871Age 15y 1m 18d, dau of B. S. & M. B.
GREGGRuth E. G.18461872see PERRY
GREGGCharles F. 3 Jul 1896Age 15y 7m 9d, son of B. F. & A.
GREGGAlforetta 29 Nov 1880in the 28th year of her age, wife of B. F.
H.   Footstones in row with Bedwell and Perry Children; initials only
 J. H.   
 D. H   
 F. H   
 S. H.   
 C. H.   
HALLMargaret V. 3 Feb 1874Age 33y 8d, wife of Chas. D.
Thomas Lester 25 Mar 1873Age 7m 18d, son of C. D. & M. V.
Infant 7 Feb 1874Son of C. D. & M. V.
HANNAThomas W.8 Feb 185120 Aug 1876 
Robert P.8 Mar 184918 Mar 1875 
HILLGARTNERWm.12 Jun 18356 Nov 1911 
Elizabeth7 Aug 184023 Feb 1895wife of Wm.
Chas. S. 3 Feb 1889Age 21y 1m 3d, son of W. & E.
Wm. J.4 Jan 187417 Jan 1937son of W. & E.
HILLGARTNERJohn13 Jan 184015 Apr 1912 
HOWARDWesley25 Dec 18257 Apr 1912 
Charity5 Mar 18268 May 1905his wife
HOWARDWillie P. 29 Jun 1879Age 16y 7m 25d, children of W. & C. A.
Peggy Amanda 13 Feb 1874Age 21y 4m 9d, children of W. & C. A.
JAMESMary C.18531926mother
JOHNSONAnna31 Dec 18142 Aug 1852 
JUENGLINGF.G.13 Sep 184226 Nov 1925 
Lena19 Dec 18525 Jan 1929his wife
JUENGLINGMary A. 21 Dec 1883Age 40y 5m 3d, wife of F. G.
LAMMENathan R. 17 Oct 1881Age 52y 9d
Elizabeth 14 Aug 1927Age 96y 7m 23d, his wife
Ruth 29 Jan 1868Age 77y 5m 25d
Emma R. 28 Jan 1865Age 9y 2m 10d
LAMONAdam 1 May 1878on his 66th birthday, father
LAYTONMillard F.18581954 
Harriet A.18661958 
LAYTONMillard Jr. 1893 
LINDLEYLydia C. 23 Mar 1855Age 8y 7m 21d, dau of A. & R.
MABRYMary 22 Sep 1871Age 39, wife of Joseph
McCOSHMatthew Grant 19 Oct 1865Age 1y 6m 20d, son of B. & S. C.
McINTIREJohn H.6 Apr 18469 Dec 1917 
MIZELizzie 17 Jun 1868Age 18y 3m 29d
MURPHYSarah A. 6 Sep 1858Age 1y 9m, dau of B. J. & N.
MURPHYEdward B. 26 Jun 1878Age 32y 7m 16d, son of D. J. & N.
MURPHYThomas 20 Apr 1872Age 61y 2m 18d
NAPIERHorace27 Jul 18675 Oct 1915 
NAPIERCyntha J.31 Aug 184220 Apr 1914mother
Johnny   her son
PERRYT. J. R. Sen 23 Dec 1880Age 80y 7m 11d
Peggy25 Jul 180230 Aug 1871wife of T. J. R. Sen. And dau of Samuel & Peggy GASTON of Washington Co., Pa.
A. S.12 Jan 182619 May 1897 
S. S.26 Jun 183022 May 1863Killed in the charge on Vicksburg, Miss., buried on the battlefield.
PERRYRuth E. G.31 Oct 184611 Jun 1872wife of T. J. R. Jr., dau of B. S. & M. B. GREGG
PERRYJohn A.19 Nov 18498 Apr 1915 
Belle S.8 May 185211 Oct 1942 
PERRYGuy G.14 Apr 188010 Aug 1963 
Emma G.2 Oct 187519 Sep 1962 
PERRYF. F.18361874husband
PERRYM. C.18401919wife
PERRYMary E. 12 Aug 1848Age 2m 14d, dau of J. G. & M.
PERRYJohn W. H. 11 Feb 1865Age 11m 1d, son of J. G. & M.
PERRYJohn R. 22 Jan 1868Age 65y 3m, father
Jane ESTEP3 Oct 18084 May 1889mother
James E. 4 Mar 1831Age 11m, buried at Elizabethtown, Allegheny Co., Pa., children of J. R. & J.
Ruth P. 14 Sep 1841Age 1y 10m, buried in Mingo Graveyard, Washington Co., Pa., children of J. R. & J.
PERRYTudy May 16 Sep 1869Age 1y 1m 9d, dau of J.G. & M.
PERRYEliza Jane18421922see BUMGARDNER
PFADENHAUEREdward6 Feb 18727 Nov 1915 
PFADENHAUERGeorge 23 Feb 1880Age 22y 10m 3d, son of P. & C.
POWERScott Jr. 1906 
RENZA. G. 19 Apr 1902Age 81y 11m 20d
Sarah M. 27 May 1898Age 78y 8m 6d
SCHOOLEYA. J.28 Feb 18365 Dec 1901 
Martha A.2 Apr 18336 Feb 1898 
SHORTGeorge Wesley18551920 
Ida Belle18601961 
SMITHHattie A. 4 Nov 1869Age 22y 3m 14d
STEPHENSSamuel F.19 Aug 180328 Nov 1885born on Blennerhassett Island, W.Va.
Narcissa J.27 Feb 18235 Jan 1900(Delashmutt), wife of S.F., mother, born in Tyler Co., W.Va.
STEPHENSThornton L.10 Jan 18522 Jul 1909father
Louvarie H.20 Sep 186112 Jan 1918mother
STEPHENSChester A. 17 Feb 1890Age 5y 5m 1d, son of T. & L.
STEPHENSSamuel O.18831938 
STEPHENSRalph F.16 Feb 189814 Nov 1955Iowa 2d Lieutenant Inf. Res. WWI
STORERRichard Sr. 27 Feb 1883Age 85y 6m 3d
Mary 30 Jun 1881Age 59y, wife of R.
Franklin W. 22 Sep 1879in the 18th year of his age, son of R. & M.
STORERInfants  children of R. & M.
STORERFrazier 14 Feb 1863  son of R. & E., of Co. E 21st Reg Iowa Vol. Inf., died in hospital at St. Louis, Mo.
STORERRichard 4 Jul 1863Age 25y 3m 1d, son of R. & M., of Co. G 25th Reg. Iowa Vol. Inf., “Died in defense of his country”
THOMAST. F. 17 Apr 1886Age 79y 11m 23d, In memory of
THOMASBabe 26 Jan 1887Age 3d, son of S. O. & J. D.
TURNERAdaline 13 Jun 1849Age 19y, wife of Geo. P. and dau of Geo. & S. DAVISON
Edwin A. 14 Jun 1849Age 10d, son of G. P. & A.
UTZThilda M.26 Nov 184810 Nov 1879wife of Burr D., born in Sweden
VANDYKEBenjamin 5 May 1895Age 80y 5m 25d
Fannie W. 21 Mar 1888Age 70y 8m 14d, wife of B.
VANDYKEJohn10 Jul 18361 Jul 1907 
Christiana12 Apr 18408 Sep 1919his wife
VANDYKECora J.3 Dec 187429 Jul 1920 
VANDYKEGrace1 Sep 186821 Jan 1942 
VANDYKEFlorence28 Jan 187717 Jul 1908 
WALKERFlorence12 May 192012 May 1920inf dau of Jay & Fern
WILLSChloa F. 30 Sep 1869Age 33y 3m 13d, wife of S. A. R
C. F. 28 Apr 1870Age 5m 14d, our darling C. F.
WOODWARDFredrick Austin11 Nov 187219 Mar 1926 
Bertha Isa12 Mar 18802 Nov 1964 


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