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The South Walker (aka Wagner) Cemetery is located in the south central part of Section 33 Union township. To go to the cemetery go north on U.S. #61 from Skunk River bridge for about 1/2 mile, turn left or north on the first gravel road and travel about 3/4 mile. The cemetery is on your left. It is well mowed by Leslie Wagner, who also has some burial records. His house is southwest of the cemetery. He says his father bought the farm and he has since inherited it. Time and the elements have taken their toll. There are many unmarked graves, and many graves with old stones and funeral markers. This cemetery was copied and checked by the Des Moines County Genealogical Society, Burlington, Iowa, Sept 1975. Additions in parenthesis are by Sylvia Pfeiff.

Paul French has created a map of this cemetery, based on maps maintained by the Union Twp. Board of Trustees. This map is known to contain multiple problems. There are grave markers in the cemetery which are not on the map. There are grave markers recorded on the map which can no longer be found in the cemetery. The position of some gravemarkers on the map only vaguely represents their actual location in the cemetery. Until better maps are made, this is the best available.

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(aka Wagner Cemetery)

Transcribed by Karen Davis McAtlin

Cemetery Map






HullSherry Lynn (Van Osdol) 07/31/1952
Burlington, IA
West Burlington, IA
MORRISPauline E.19 Oct 192411 Jan 1970  dau of Mrs. Eva Morris Baker (Willeford).
STEPHENSHelen21 May 18548 Apr 1898  
STEPHENSIda5 Dec 187120 May 1936  
HUPPENBAUERIrmena(1 May) 1918(17 Nov) 1960 (Hillgartner) fm.
HUPPENBAUERClifford(29 Sep) 1912(5 Dec) 1959 fm.
HUPPENBAUERG.B.19121959 fm.
HILLGARTNERHazel (Messer)(29 Aug) 1919(1 Jan) 1966 (1st w of Francis) fm.
HILLGARTNERFrancis F.(5 Jul) 1921(20 Jul) 1975 fm.
ROBBINSJoan L. 1956 only one date.
MILLERWilbur Lee19391939  
MILLERVeronica A. (Meyer)14 Jan 1891  only one date.
MILLERClarence G.29 Aug 189316 Jan 1970  
JONESBetty Lou(20 Jul) 194111 Jan 1942 dau of H.C. & C.C.
JONESMary Agnes14 Jul 193615 Jul 1936 dau of H.C. & C.C.
KINZIR ?Elsie ZIMMERMAN18801962 sister.
ZIMMERMANFred18771966 brother.
ROBBINSJoseph Edwin19351953  
ROBBINSHazel M.190219--  
ROBBINSChester H.18991971  
ROBBINSMamie C.19081942  
IRELANDL. Catherine BLASDEL18531919 (Rebekkah Lodge emb).
IRELANDWilliam18541933 (Odd Fellows Lodge emb).
WELSHCora IRELAND18871925  
ROGERSAgnes I.18891963  
ROBBINSLeroy10 May 192728 Apr 1928  
ROBBINSEVELYN Lee25 Mar 192929 Mar 1929  
ROBBINSBaby3 May 19306 May 1930  
ROBBINSVena L.22 Oct 1892   
ROBBINSJoseph H.29 May 18856 Oct 1972  
FRANKLINCharles J.(28 Sep) 1899(17 Dec) 1945  
FRANKLINMyrtle F. (MILLER)26 Aug 1906   
WAGNERAlice M. (BROWN)24 Dec 18735 Dec 1966  
WAGNERCharles19 Apr 187215 Jun 1948  
KERSHNERTherisa Ann Sep 1953 inf. (dau/MaeJean & Arthur M.).
KERSHNERLoretta Mae Jean(6 Dec) 1925(2 Aug) 1962 fm. (1st w of Arthur).
WAGNERWilhelmina M. (TAEGER)(18 Apr) 1906(16 Oct) 1969 fm.
WAGNERMilton(10 Oct) 1902(10 Jan) 1957  
BAKERMary Velma (House) 10/09/1899
Washington Co., IA
Burlington, IA
Wife of Roland O. Baker
BAKERRoland O.04/29/1901
Des Moines Co., IA
Porterville, CA
BAKERBeatrice R. (SMALLEY)(3 Dec) 1899(10 Jan) 1946 (1st w
BAKERLester J.(3 Dec) 1897   
BAKERLena M.(8 Jan) 1876(6 Nov) 1951 (SANDBERG) mother.
BAKERGeorge(7 Jan) 1873(22 Jan) 1961 Father.
MILLERBertha (SANDBERG)8 Jul 187320 Apr 1940  
MILLERWilliam C.6 Sep 186710 May 1945  
WAGNERMinnie (SANDBERG)21 Aug 187810 May 1967  
WAGNERWilliam6 Sep 187411 Sep 1949  
HILLYARDParn? A.18771944 Father.
HILLYARDAllie B.18861975 Mother.
HILLYARDErma19211928 dau.
JACKSONJ.W.8 Nov 186310 Nov 1917  
JACKSONLuella M.12 Oct 187621 Mar 1913 w
JACKSONLuella15 Mar 191315 Mar 1913 dau/J.W. & L.M.
ROGERSRuth25 Aug 189011 Jan 1911 w of J.M.
MILLERWesley W.15 Aug 1904   
MILLERAlice E.18 Jan 190918 Nov 1974  
KNUTZENJohn13 Jan 185828 Jul 1900  
CHESTNUTHarvey2 Jun 183912 Dec 1900  
CHESTNUTElizabeth15 Mar 184221 Mar 1921  
CHESTNUTMary I.29 Aug 18743 Nov 1880 child of H. & E. Chestnut.
CHESTNUTNelson W.8 Nov 188329 Mar 1889 child of H. & E. Chestnut.
CHESTNUTCaroline3 Nov 18767 Jan 1881 child of H. & E. Chestnut.
CHESTNUTEstella21 Aug 18726 Dec 1880 child of H. & E. Chestnut.
CHESTNUTRobert H.30 Oct 186823 Sep 1871 child of H. & E. Chestnut.
CHESTNUTWarren A.21 Sep 187029 Aug 1872 child of H. & E. Chestnut.
HOVERSONAlven C.18751941  
HOVERSONLillie M.18841963  
BUXTONClifford17 Aug 189819--  
BUXTONEdith E.18 May 190619--  
FARNSWORTHRobert L.17 Jan 189422 Dec 1970  
FARNSWORTHFlorence M.17 May 190019--  
FAESLOKE?Gladys19071972 fm.
HOVERSONEthel E.18 May 190619 May 1906  
HOVERSONClifford A.26 Oct 190227 Oct 1902  
HOVERSONElsie M.26 Aug 190128 Aug 1901  
ROBBINSMartin B. 3 Jul 189373y 2m 4d 
ROBBINS    funeral marker with name and date gone.
JACKSONAlbert C.18671939  
JACKSONInfant 18 Sep 1916 son of A.C. & L.
FLYNNEdward M.18701934 IOOF amb.
FLYNNNellie ?.18751960  
FLYNNLester D.19051972  
     Funeral marker with no date and name.
HARRISAlpha J.5 Mar 19096 Sep 1935  
ROBBINSMartin G.18901966  
ROBBINSBirdie G.189719--  
ROBBINSFern L.19221927 dau of M.G. & B.G.
HARRISJames E.18761958  
HARRISStella B.18921963  
SMITHGoldie19111959 fm.
KERNKatie E. 26 Sep 18792y 10m 3d au/W.H. & E.P.
KERNEmma 31 Jan 18724y 8m 9ddau/W.H. & E.P.
VANCEFlora Ann 2 Oct 18571y 9m 29ddau/J.C. & C.M.
VANCEJohn Henry 1 Sep 185510m 13dson/J.C. & C.M.
TUCKERTheodore 14 Apr 18608m 8dson/J.W. & S. E.
HILLGARTNERCarl Albert19501950 (son/Francis & Hazel).
HILLGARTNERKaren Sue19481948 (dau/Francis & Hazel).
HILLGARTNERTeckla D. (MILLER)(17 Oct) 18966 Jan 1944  
HILLGARTNERCarl W.(14 Jul) 1891(19 Apr) 1932  
SANDBERGLouis H.(11 Mar) 1884(6 Aug) 1954  
SANDBERGM. Elizabeth (GARRISON)25 Mar 1883  (2nd w).
HOVERSONPhillip S.8 Oct 18727 Nov 1942  
HOVERSONSadie E.24 Mar 187329 Aug 1953  
BROWNWilhelmina M. (MORNIKE?)189719--  
BROWNRobert Reed18901962  
RATINILorraine BOECKER5 Mar 192616 Oct 1944  
WAGNERDaniel Edward3 Dec 19466 Dec 1946 (son of Leslie & Dorothy (Sourwine) Wagner).
FRYMary J.21 Jan 18213 Aug 1897  
FRYThomas D.25 Apr 18141 Aug 1890  
FRYJohn T. 14 Dec 185514y 1m 1dson/T.D. & M.J.
FRYAmanda H. 21 Jul 18601y 25d  
FRYJames H. 12 Nov 189438y 8m son/T.D. & M.J.
FRYOur Sister Cassie27 Jun 18577 Jun 1903  
FRYWilliam M. 3 Dec 191072y 6m 5d 
FRYParmelia A.23 Jun 184917 Mar 1922  
EARNESTSteve E.18641946  
EARNESTMinnie1871  no other date.
     Four unknown graves north of S & M Earnest.
OSBORNHyman7 Sep 185127 Jun 1914  
OSBORNMaria23 Dec 185722 Jun 1910 w.
*REDDINGF.M.     Co D 7th Iowa Inf. (government marker).
REDDINGWilliam A. 30 Jul 18771y 5m 9dson/F.M. & S.L.
SPICKNALLRichard N. 1 Sep 185357yin his 57th y.
SPICKNALLAnn 23 Oct 187572y 7m 13dw of R.N.
GARRISONLaban 7 Jun 188471y 4m 4d 
GARRISONClarissa 16 Nov 186353y 2m 1d(or 1865).
COOKMillard F.18621902  
COOKRachel A.18651937  
COOKRoy18871954 (temporary marker).
JACKSONEdwin G.190519-- (son/?. & S.).
JACKSONSadie E.18801922  
UNDERWOODElma Lloyd18841973  
CURTIS Henry E.18871970  
CURTIS Lula LLOYD18811953  
JACKSONLulu CURTIS18811953  
GARRISONHannah H.3 Jan 184015 Oct 1862  
GARRISONMelinda B.21 May 185031 Jan 1857  
SMITHAlberta24 Feb 184122 Dec 1869  
RACKLESONInf3 Jun 18503 Jun 1850 son/William & A.
SMITHOmer T.13 Mar 184925 Jan 189444y 10m 12dIOOF em.
SMITHPeter 4 Jul 188272y 5m 5d 
SMITHMargaret L. 1 Mar 187558y 4m 7dw/P.
SMITHCordelia A. 10 Feb 187420y 7mdau/P. & M.L.
SMITHDaniel 12 Jul 186530y 5m 27d 
SMITHCharles W. Sep 18641y 3m 22dson/D&S
SMITHCharles H. 23 Sep 18515m 7dson/P. & M.L.
REIMERInf 19 Aug 1931  
MILLERCharles J. 30 Apr 18503y 11m 2dson/David & Susan
RIDDLEGeorge S. 5 Sep 185211m 29dson/R.E. & R.
WALKERInf Aug 1844 son/H. & B. (sunken stone)
WALKERWilbur 25 Aug 18492mson/J.D. & A.M.
WALKERHenry22 Nov 17956 Dec 1866  
WALKERElizabeth DAWSON16 Jul 18029 Jan 1865 w
HAYNESJohn H. 7 Aug 186317y 10m 16dson/J. & S.J.
JACKSONChalres 3 Sep 18483dson/E. & C.
JACKSONMarilda 5 Mar 18552y 10m 3ddau/E. & C.
JACKSONMarilda E. 4 Feb 18594y 11mdau/J.C. & A. L.
JACKSONWilliam E. 27 Sep 18721y 6mson/J.C. & A.L.
JACKSONEnoch 28 Mar 187565y 
JACKSONCatharine 26 Jan 189079y 
OSBORNBennaja 29 Sep 186859y 
     Unknown grave (rock marker) north of B. Osborn.
ROBBINSMartin J.21 Apr 187921 Aug 1879 son/D.H. & H.C.
ROBERTSONBessie19 Jun 18815 Oct 1881 dau/D.A. & E.J.
ROBBINSAlice 2 Apr 18894mdau/D. & H.
     Two graves (unmarked) in SW corner of cemetery. One a Ramsey boy; the other unknown. Both drowned in Skunk River.
ROBBINSArthur 2 Sep 18896y 5m 4dson/D. & H.
ROBBINSNellie 2 Sep 18893y 11m 12ddau/D. & H.
ROBBINSGrace 5 Sep 18899y 11m 3ddau/D.&H.
NEFFHarriet 10 Sep 184648y 6mw/Adam.
NEFFAdam29 Jan 1802Oct 187776yin his 76y
JACOBSAnna H. (Sandberg)25 Jan 188111 Jul 1963 (dates on stone). (Correct dates for Anna H. are 26 Jan 1881–11 Dec 1963).
JACOBSHenry C.2 Oct 187510 Mar 1972  
SANDBERGJoseph23 Oct 18412 Feb 1923  
SANDBERGDorothea (ZIMMER)14 Feb 184423 Apr 1930 w/J.
SANDBERGJohan M.28 Mar 188919 Jun 1891 (son/J. & D.)
SANDBERGJoachim25 Dec 180224 Jun 1868 (father/Joseph).
SANDBERGHelena B.9 Jan 18725 Aug 1872 (dau/J.&D.)
COOLEYBenjamin   temporary marker, no dates (ca 1944).
COOLEYMinnie   temporary marker, no dates (after 1944).
PETERSONFlorence E.18951965  
     Funeral marker – no name on it.
ROBERTSONEmma J. 24 Jan 194381y 5m 4dfm.
ROBERTSONWilliam   (husband of Emma – grave unmarked).
OSBORNWilliam H.30 Sep 18775 Apr 1947  
WHITCOMBHelen Louise HARRIS19 Nov 192524 Dec 1955  
*WHITCOMBFloyd Oliver7 Oct 191418 Mar 1970 Ia Tec 5 USA WWII.
FLEMINGRoy C.14 Sep 189019--  
FLEMINGEnid M.2 Sep 189219 Aug 1969  
WORTHINGTONJoseph H. 16 Apr 18692m 24dson: J.W. & S.E.
WORTHINGTONClara J. 26 Sep 186216y 5mdau/J.W. & S.E.

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