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Shiloh Cemetery is located in Union Township, section 21, in the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant. Permission to visit is required. Click the logo to get a map:

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(aka Avery Cemetery)

Copied in June 1971 by Mr. & Mrs. Orville Prill and Julius Hilleary of Fairfield, Iowa.
Transcribed by Karen McAtlin, 12 Feb 2013.
Edited by Richard Harrison, Feb 2013.
Additional listing added, July, 2013.

Shiloh Church was formerly located just across the road from what was originally known as Avery Cemetery after Robert Avery, widely known for his extensive orchards in pioneer days. This is the largest cemetery in the plant area and there are many unmarked graves. The cemetery is well maintained.

There are two cemeteries located at this site. The second is the Des Moines County Cemetery referred to in old burial records and obituaries. There is a unmarked lane between between the two, about where the church bell is located. Some remains from Elliot and Lee cemeteries may have been relocated to the southwest corner of the Des Moines County Cemetery.






ABBOTTElizabeth18341912 see Murphy
AIMANWilliam H. 30 Mar 186510yson of H. & M. E.
AMMANJohn G.24 Sep 185615 Mar 1878 twin
Joseph24 Sep 185624 Apr 1866 twin
Andrew 26 Jun 1863 who died in the service of his country in Alden, VA
ANDERSONAnna Caroline18101894  
ANDERSONBertha Mary 15 Mar 189621y 
ANDERSONCharlottie5 May 18393 Aug 1907 Married 1869
ANDERSONG. A.29 May 184319 Dec 1908  
ANDERSONDorothea S.13 Mar 191529 Mar 1915  
AVERYRobert 30 Dec 187983y 10m 10d 
AVERYNancy 18 Jan 187980y 4m 17d 
Mary M.28 Jan 182412 Sep 1865 To the memory of Mary M. wife of Henry. “A devoted mother, affectionate wife.”
AVERYHenry 13 Dec 188867y 1m 9dhusband
AVERYSophia A. 19 Aug 191476y 2m 12dwife
AVERYIvy M. 2 Aug 18681y 11m 21ddau of Henry and Sophia A.
AVERYIvan N.1868 1904  
AVERYO. E.18701951  
AVERYN. A.18731954  
AVERYH. L.18951958  
BARNESJoseph 9 Nov 185878yIn memory of Joseph who departed this life 9 Nov A.D. 1858 in the 78th year of his age
BARNESMary 31 May 186072yin the 72nd year of her age
BARNSMary Anna19251964 see Parmeter
BARNSEsther E. Miller15 Feb 18994 Oct 1926 wife of Newton
BEKEMEIERElizabeth18441873 see HASENCLEVER
BENDIXLeslie A.18881954  
BENDIXWalter W.18841935  
BENNETTRobert F.5 Jan 182120 Jan 184524y 17dIn memory of Robert F.
BENNETTGeorge W.27 Nov 181811 Nov 1880  
BENNETTEsther A. 30 Jan 18551y 10m 27ddau of G. W. & M.
BLODGETTOlive 4 Sep 18735m 15ddau of G. G. & O. B. C.
BOECKERJohn P.27 Apr 185312 May 1920  
BOECKERCharles L.18821932  
BOOTHEHarriet18131864 dau of B. & M. see Davison
BOYERFrank 30 Apr 187437y 1m 3d 
BROWNMary J.4 Apr 18554 Oct 1894 wife of J. A.
Gracie M.30 Jul 188212 Nov 1887 dau of J. A. & M. J.
BROWNIda L.18871937 wife of G.K.
BROWNAnna Helt18671956  
BRUNMaud25 Jan 188715 Apr 1921 In memory of Maud wife of Edward
BRUNEdward23 Aug 18838 Jun 1963  
BUMGARDNERCarrie1868 1935 see MILLER
BURTALORuben W.18531933  
BUTLERWilliam Rod18 Jun 192025 Nov 1966  
Racheal M.19 Jul 1929   
CALKINSElijah24 Jun 180029 Nov 1873  
CARTWRIGHTWm. F. 21 Jul 185853y 7m 19d 
CARTWRIGHTJane23 Jul 181228 Aug 185341y 1m 5dwife of W. F.
CHRISTENSENSoren16 Jul 183211 Feb 1910 b in Denmark
Marie C.20 Aug 184123 Nov 1924 his wife b in Denmark
COLLINSThomas G.9 Apr 18329 Dec 1862 son of T. & J.
Amanda D.22 Oct 182325 Oct 1854 dau of T. & J.
COMSTOCKJoab 29 May 188278yIn Memoriam
Jane 27 May 187568yIn Memoriam
Eunice 23 Aug 185894y“I know that my Redeemer Liveth.”
Angelina Mayhew 11 Feb 184216m“I know that my Redeemer Liveth.”
William Emory 6 Jan 184412y“I know that my Redeemer Liveth.”
Jason Loring 18 May 184821m“I know that my Redeemer Liveth.”
COMSTOCKJacob Crosby2 Feb 18434 Sep 1910 Co. G 45 Ia. Vol. Inft. Member of Matthies Post #5 GAR
Nancy Alice30 Dec 184416 Apr 1918 his wife
COMSTOCKMilton E.9 May 187017 May 1950  
Minnie B.5 Jan 187423 May 1947  
COMSTOCKRoland Leroy1 Jun 18902 Oct 1913  
Elizabeth1868 1953 his wife
COMSTOCKGeo. E.18541857  
COMSTOCKFlora A.18521854  
COMSTOCKJesse Joab3 May 18865 Jun 1935 father
COMSTOCKLydia E.10 Dec 188614 May 1959 mother
COMSTOCKJesse J.6 Nov 192310 Nov 1923 son of J. J. & Lydia E.
CONLEEMaud M.18801937  
CORBITTSarah Ann 11 Nov 190590y 
CORBITTWm. 4 Jun 188271y 4mfather
CORBITTWilliam C. 30 Mar 187523y 11m 19dson of Wm. & S.
CORBITTIowa J. 20 Jan 18693y 2mson of Wm. & S.
CUTBIRTHJohn28 Oct 183430 Nov 1917  
Sarah 5 Sep 187239y 3mwife of John
Henry C. Nov 18573mson of J. & S.
DAVISONGeo.19 Jan 18123 Apr 1883 my husband – our father
DAVISONHarriet 25 Mar 186450y 6m 1dwife of Geo. Jr. and dau of B. & M. Boothe
DAVISONWilliam F. 4 Dec 188648y 11m 9dson of G. & H.
DEHNERJoseph Carl1913____  
DEHNERLillian Murphy1914____  
DONLEYLillie Ivena 21 Aug 189320y 1m 4dwife of Chas. A.
Lillie Ivena 10 Sep 189324ddau of C. A. & L. I.
EATONElla Johnson18791960 see Johnson
EILERSWilliam H.18871950 (IOOF)
EILERSAlta P.189019__  
Gladys19071929 see Mason
ELLIOTTHugh 5 Aug 185366y 
ELLIOTTMary 23 May A.D. 185964y 
EYLERMary A. 188922y 11m 3dsee Miller
FACHINGERAnna M.18261905  
GILSONGeorge H. 24 May 18571m 2dinf son of L. & H. M.
GORMANJoseph28 Jul 180611 Jul 188074y 17d 
GORMANMary 28 Mar 187770y 5m 15dwife of Jos.
GORMANEliza Ann14 Sep 185015 Sep 1876  
GRIESELV. H.19011937  
GROSSIsrael 6 Sep 188176y 2dfather
GROSSAlexander28 Oct 183018 Feb 1895  
Sarah 26 Aug 189362y 3m 27dwife of Alexander Sr.
GROSSHinda17 Apr 187025 Mar 1900 dau of A. & S.
GUGULERAnnie 194789y 3m 2dsee Miller
GUSTASONJesse H.29 Jan 18955 Sep 1895 son of J. E. & A. A. “How soon fades the tender flower.” (see Stiefel for his mother)
HAGERLAJohn G.1 Mar 183031 Dec 1915  
Rossanna B.19 Mar 184017 Mar 1885 his wife
HANKINSMary J. 26 Sep 18656m 28ddau of A. & M. A.
HANKINSCarrie Belle 25 Aug 18681y 6m 19ddau of J. G. & L.
HANSENFrederick30 Aug 183711 Mar 1903  
HANSENChristian S.22 Sep 182522 Jul 1893 father
Anna M.29 Apr 183324 May 1907 mother
HARRISMary E.18351911 see Murphy
HASENCLEVERElizabeth Bekemeier 13 Nov 187329y 10m 13dwife of F. A.
HASENCLEVERFredrick Alfred16 May 183326 Sep 1901  
Helena Augusta Knoop21 May 184924 Aug 1905 his wife
Clara18 Aug 188013 May 1924  
Louise16 Oct 1875   
HASENCLEVERCharles10 Jul 186612 Feb 1948 “A Diamond in the Rough.”
HELTNicholas18411924 father
HELTMargaret18351924 mother
HELTKatie B.18661936 dau
HELTWilliam18761963 father
HELTBertha L.18811960 mother
HELTMilo N.19031916  
HELTEdgar J.19051918  
HELTGeorge9 Feb 18728 May 1903  
Charlotte18761955 his wife
HELTAnna18671956 see Brown
HENDRICKSONHans R.18531918  
Ellen E.18641941  
HENRYLouise18621931 see Young
HENTZELHenry A. G.23 Jun 187112 Dec 1910  
Emma P. Schwartz21 Aug 18728 Sep 1903 wife of Henry A. G.
HILLEARYJames20 Aug 18141 Sep 188975y 12dfather
Nancy Morris1 Jan 181911 Oct 1904 mother. Wife of James (From Hawkeye Heritage fall 1966, they were married 2 Jan 1837 in Des Moines Co., Territory of Michigan)
Sarah Ann17 Oct 184815 Apr 18523y 5m 28dchild of Jas. & N. Hilleary
Thomas25 Oct 18469 May 185912y 6m 22dchild of Jas. & N. Hilleary
Lydia E.23 Feb 185114 Mar 18598y 21dchild of Jas. & N. Hilleary
HILLEARYLillian Irma4 Feb 19125 Jun 1917 dau of R. G. & F.
HILLEARYRoger W.18571929  
HILLEARYJessie F.18591942  
HILLEARYHenry M.18621941  
Lillian J.18631942  
HOLSTEENFrancis 27 Aug 19021y 7m 20d 
HOLSTEENVerne S. 25 Apr 19028y 9m 
HOVERSONElsie Marie15 Apr 184726 Jul 1914 mother
HUPPENBERGERJohn 31 Dec 190484y 6m 11d 
Eva 29 Mar 189169y 3mmoter
HUPPENBERGERTony13 Mar 186512 Apr 1961 father
Bertha Marie Mickelson4 Jun 18716 Sep 1942  
HUPPENBERGERLorenz A. 15 Mar 19021y 7m 13dson of A. & B. M.
HUPPENBERGER*George30 Mar 18947 Mar 1954 Co. M 166th Inf Rainbow Division
HUPPENBERGER*Earl C.18 Apr 189619 Jun 1926 A.E.F. Co 118 19th Grand Div. TR Corps.
HUPPENBERGERMike26 May 186010 Feb 1904  
HUPPENBERGERLaurence W.03 Nov 190531 Oct 1979 S/SGT 484th Bomb Squad
HUTSONMartha C. 26 Sep 185527y 9m 19dwife of T. J.
JOHNSONCharles P.3 Nov 18316 May 1916  
Johanah26 Sep 183315 Dec 1921 his wife
Ella Johnson EATON10 Aug 187931 Jan 1960 dau
Ella M.18791948  
JOHNSONMay Marie19351937  
JOHNSONAmanda A.18751947  
JOLLEYCarl O.19011919  
JOLLEYWilliam E.18551911  
KEITZERHenry W.10 Apr 188026 Nov 1924  
Olive G. Lloyd26 Sep 187924 Feb 1916 wife of Henry W.
KEITZERLizzie Caroline18851966  
KUMMELAnna S.18691938  
LIPPITTDr. J. R.13 Aug 180330 Nov 1893  
Jane M.20 Jul 180514 May 1903 (on Paisley stone)
LLOYDWilliam 24 Mar 187288y 
LLOYDAnn 6 Feb 189080y 9m 5dwife of W. B. Mother
LLOYDJames W.12 Mar 182317 Aug 1902  
Caroline A.29 May 184418 Feb 1884  
LLOYDHenry U.11 Dec 18825 Mar 1905 brother
LLOYDThomas G.15 Oct 184220 Apr 1916  
Louisa C.20 Sep 18456 Dec 1924  
LLOYDGuy W.18761933  
LLOYDOlive G.18791916 see Keitzer
LLOYDNellie18761940 see Romkey
LOOTZPhilip14 Dec 181030 Dec 1884  
Eliza Ann6 Oct 181730 Nov 1893  
George 17 Oct 1863 at 12 o'clock M.19y 6m 12d 7h(S. face) In memory of George, who was the only son of Phillip & Eliza Ann Lootz, & Grandson of Christly Lootz Jr. & Great-Grandson of Christly Lootz Sr.
Margaret17 Mar 184228 Sep 1866 (N. face) Brother & Sister
LOOTZIsabel18491927 see Swan
LOYJennie O. Nelson27 Mar 188231 Dec 1930 wife of William H.
MAGELCatherine W.30 Oct 184217 Oct 1924  
MAGELHarold S.189519--  
Mary K.1928   
MAPESLewis J.1 Jun 188022 Sep 1940 father
MAPESMarie A.28 Nov 188622 Oct 1961 mother
MAPESRonald Earl 18 Jan 1949 son of Robert and Clema
MASONGladys Eilers19071929  
MICKELSONLauritz7 May 18387 Jul 1926  
A. Marie17 Feb 183819 Sep 190062y 7m 2dwife of L.
MICKELSONBertha Marie18711942 see Huppenberger
MICKELSONMary23 May 187814 Jan 190223y 4m 
MILLERRegina C.18431859 see Smith
MILLERE. C. S.4 Apr 185715 Jun 1915  
Louisa Paule 19 Oct 188529y 12dwife of E. C. S.
Walter Edward 22 Nov 18852m 26dson of E. & L.
Mary A. Eyler 19 Jan 188922y 11m 3dwife of E. C. S.
Carrie Bumgardner1868 1935 wife of E. C. S.
MILLERMary S.18601926 see Schwartz
MILLERJohn W. 10 Apr 190248y 5dfather
Annie Guguler 8 Feb 194783y 3m 2dhis wife
MILLERAnna Mary18821956 dau
MILLEREsther E.18991926 see BARNS
MILLERAdam 24 Aug 188969y 5m 16d 
Elizabeth 22 Dec 189574y 11m 13d 
MOEHNPeter8 Apr 183910 Apr 189859y 2dCo. D 1st Iowa Vol. Inf.
Carrie C.30 Jun 186312 Feb 18651y 8m 12d 
MOEHNAlice18651925 Erected by the Shiloh S.S. Classes of 1902
MOOREMargaret18831948 see Scaggs
MURPHYBenjamin F.31 Jan 183127 Apr 1905  
Elizabeth Abbott29 May 183425 Feb 1912 his wife
MURPHYWm. P.21 Sep 182824 Jul 1899  
Mary A.11 May 18294 Jul 1901 wife of Wm. P.
MURPHYIda L. 5 Dec 18593y 11m 10ddau of B. & E.
MURPHYMary 12 Mar 186881ywife of John H. d in her 81st year
MURPHYJohn Hayes23 Apr 183229 Aug 1904  
Mary E. Harris4 May 183515 May 1911 his wife
Infant Son15 Apr 187525 Jan 1876  
MURPHYJay W.18671945 father
Flora J.18691950 mother
Arvel J.18961939 son
MURPHYClifford E.18851940  
MURPHYRuby B.18921963  
MURPHYEdward W.18591927  
MURPHYMinnie E.18611933  
MURPHYErastus A.18571926 father
Nancy J.18631926 his wife mother
Frank B.18871918  
MURPHYElmer E.18601942 father
Edith M.18641938 mother
MURPHYDouglas S.18691938  
MURPHYBertha H.18761935  
MURPHYMillard S.18991963  
MURPHYEsther K.190019__  
MURPHYBenjamin C.18871929  
MURPHYLorenzo M.18571940  
MURPHYHattie B.18661933  
MURPHYMargaret18981962 see Tucker
MURPHYLillian1914  see Dehner
NELSONSeren3 Dec 183418 Feb 1901 father
NELSONNis10 Jun 18334 Feb 1905  
Martha M.16 Feb 184015 Jan 1917  
NELSONJennie O.18821930 see LOY
NEUTMANKarl F. 1 Oct 189083y 5m 19d 
OLSONChristian5 Nov 185020 Aug 1924  
OLSONCaroline15 Jul 187514 Mar 1954  
? FootstoneAbel   (no surname)
? FootstoneAnnie   (no surname)
? FootstoneHannah   (no surname)
? FootstoneJoanna   (no surname)
OWENSSamuel W.18641928  
Anna S.18651932  
PAISLEYJohn2 Mar 183129 Apr 1909 Capt. Co. A 10 Ohio Cav. See also Lippitt on same stone.
Chloe A.18 Jan 18392 Feb 1925 
Robert W.5 Sep 18684 Nov 1879 
J. Rhodes26 Nov 187431 Mar 1898 
Alice E.29 Jun 188010 Aug 1880 
PARMETERCharles Matthew21 Apr 1925   
PARMETERMary Anna Barns6 May 192526 Aug 1964  
PAULELouisa 188529y 12dsee Miller
PETERSONHenry C. 13 May 189846y(W.O.W.)
PETERSONJohanna23 Mar 18231 Jan 1905 mother
PETERSONAnders J.18351931  
PETERSONChristina M.18381921  
PETERSONFred A.18741934  
PETERSONNellie W.18781958  
PETERSONLovina M.18491922  
RAMSEYAndrew 14 Mar 188274y 8m 2dfather
Agnes 28 Jan 189082y 9m 21dmother
ROBERTSEverett W.23 Nov 18953 Dec 1918 S.A.T.C. WWI
ROMKEYConrad D. 5 Jan 188075y 5m 17dMy Husband & Our Father
Katharine26 Jan 18297 Feb 1909  
Henry D. Von Behren20 Mar 187714 Aug 1877 Grandson
ROMKEYNellie R.17 Aug 187311 May 1900 wife of Edward W.
Ruth29 Dec 189525 Jan 1912 dau
ROMKEYEdward William3 Jul 18691 May 1936  
ROMKEYNellie Lloyd24 Jan 187610 Dec 1940  
RUSCHILLLucille D.1 Mar 192728 Mar 1927 dau of A. W. & B. M.
SAMUELHubert A.21 Feb 19167 Aug 1967 WWII Minnesota MOMM 2 USNR
SAUTERBirdie Zimmerman27 Feb 18876 Aug 1934  
SCHMIDTChas.18251 Jul 1904 In memory of Father and Mother
Barbara15 Sep 18279 Feb 1902 his wife
SCHMIDTCharles Jr.15 Sep 185311 Aug 1910 brother
SCHMIDTMichael18611933 father
SCHMIDTKatherine18651938 mother
SCHMIDTEmma C.18911892  
SCHMIDTAnna M. 30 May 1897  
SCHWALLERMaria13 Jul 183221 Sep 1910 wife of Joseph mother
SCHWARTZF. C.18 Sep 186014 Jan 1895  
Mary S. Miller28 Oct 18607 Jun 1926 his wife
Freddie Willie 1893  
Henry Albert 1894  
SCHWARTZEdward Irwin2 Jan 188831 Jan 1957  
SCHWARTZEmma P.18721903 see Hentzel
SCHWARTZAlbert A.16 Aug 18695 Aug 1871 son of F. & C.
SCHWARTZAnna M.11 Aug 189229 Sep 1892 dau of W. F. & M. E.
SCHWARTZWm. F.26 Mar 185821 May 1934  
Margaret E.29 Dec 18607 Dec 1929 his wife
Henrietta J.4 Oct 189415 Jan 1919  
Henry J.4 Oct 18947 Jan 1919  
Anna M.11 Aug 189229 Sep 1892  
SCHWARZFriedrich3 Mar 18314 Jan 1898  
Caroline24 Jan 18308 Aug 1900 wife of F.
Albert A.16 Aug 18695 Aug 1871 son of F. & C.
Christiana K.3 Mar 186410 Feb 1896 dau of F. & C.
SEAMANSBenjamin B. 30 Aug 185050yd in California (on same stone with WALKER)
Jane28 Oct 180630 Dec 1896 (on same stone with Walker)
Gilbert 22 Sep 18322y 8md in Muskingham Co., Ohio (on same stone with Walker)
William 22 Apr 184415y 7m 5d(on same stone with WALKER)
Ida Bell 13 Aug 18611ydau of Henry C. & S. H. (on same stone with Walker)
Henry C. 7 Nov 187038y(on same stone with WALKER)
Lieut. Robt. M. 4 Feb 186224y(E. face) Co. D 23d Iowa Vol'd in the service of their country. (on same stone with Walker)
Orange S. 26 Jan 186219y
SELDERSGeo. 2 Jun 188386y 3m 27d 
Polly 13 Nov 187680y 5m 13dwife of G.
SHEAFERGeorge T.20 Nov 1859______ (Masonic Emblem)
Minnie C.23 Sep 187030 Mar 1920 his wife
SHORTBenjamin10 Mar 178825 Jul 1876 father
Elizabeth15 Aug 17939 Jun 1868 mother
Thomas W.9 Feb 182927 Oct 1899  
Catherine3 Mar 1867______  
Horace22 Dec 1868______  
SHORTEdward1 Nov 185323 Jul 1866 killed by lightning “Our All” Child of T. W. & C. (or G)
Thomas W.23 Jun 186023 Jul 1866 killed by lightning “Our All” Child of T. W. & C. (or G)
Mary E.17 Jul 18642 Sep 1865 “Our All” Child of T. W. & C. (or G)
SHUCKJohn 25 Apr 188769y 10m 20d 
SHUCKMary Jane 21 Nov 186849y 9m 13dwife of John
SHUMATEWilliam H.25 Dec 183918 Jul 1909  
Marietta8 Oct 184626 Apr 1889 wife of Wm.
SHUMATEOwen D.18691911  
SKAGGSMargaret 27 Mar 189672y 1m 12d 
SKAGGSFillmore P.10 Oct 185628 Jun 1872 In memory of
SKAGGSElsie I. 6 Aug 18911y 2m 16ddau of J. H. & B.
SKAGGSJohn H.13 Oct 185416 Jul 1933  
Barbara11 Jul 185731 Jan 1937 his wife
Margaret Moore30 May 188314 Nov 1948 dau
SMITHCharles W. 20 Oct 18621m 22dson of C. & M. H.
SMITHC. W.15 Dec 182012 Aug 1904  
Margaret H. 25 Nov 187348y 4m 21dMy Wife and Our Mother wife of Chas. W.
Sarah Ann 17 Sep 188145y 
Maggie 12 Sep 186610mdau of C. W. & M. H.
Mary Antoinett15 May 185217 Sep 187725y 3m 2d 
C. Frank5 Apr 18591 Dec 1885  
Jessie21 Dec 188321 Jul 1884  
SMITHWilliam M.5 Aug 18575 Nov 1874  
SMITHMary Florence 16 Sep 18641y 1mdau of E. & M.
SMITHMary E. 7 Apr 186429y 10m 9dwife of Edward
SMITHEdward 12 Aug 189868yfather
SMITHMary E.18401927  
SMITHJames Madison10 Oct 181030 Dec 1885  
SMITHRegina C.9 Mar 184318 Oct 1859 wife of George and dau of A. & E. Miller
SMITHBenedic22 Oct 183516 Apr 1911  
Eliza6 Oct 18411 May 1913 his wife
Rubie B.3 Oct 188125 Oct 1882 dau of Benedic & Eliza
SMITHZemery 6 Aug 18737y 2m 12dson of B. & E.
STAFFMargareta31 Mar 18096 Jan 1899 mother wife of C. M.
STAFFEdward A.18 Mar 18482 Sep 1906  
Charlotte C.8 Apr 185012 Dec 1930 his wife
STAFFFrank6 Jan 188123 Apr 1962  
STAFFJohn E.15 Nov 18746 Aug 1875 children of E. A. & C.
Nellie S.19 Dec 187723 Jul 1878 
Ella7 Jun 187931 Aug 1881 
STAFFJ. Franklin18601904  
STAFFJohn A.2 Jan 183624 Jul 1908  
Rachel20 Aug 183815 Dec 1908 his wife
STAFFHenry G.18671933  
STAFFHorace J.8 Aug 187117 Jul 1872 son of J. A. & R.
STAFFA. D.22 Nov 186120 Nov 1929 IOOF
STAFFHilda C.29 Jan 18643 Feb 1948  
STAFFCharles E.18641937  
Ida C.1870____  
STAFFRalph A.27 Jun 18787 Feb 1919  
Hulda C.12 Jul 187926 Apr 1951 his wife
Minnie M.189319__  
STAFFLeo L.1913(1991) Together forever
Leona B.1916(1998) 
STIEFELAmelia A.26 May 187119 Apr 1952 mother (see Gustason for son Jesse H.)
STIEFELWilliam B.18 May 18725 Aug 1873 son of M. & A.
SWANIsabel Lootz15 Nov 184916 Nov 1927 mother
SWANGeorge L.18691953  
SWANGertrude B.18761938  
TALBERTJoel J.18521933  
Minnie M.18551934  
TUCKERMargaret Murphy18981962  
TURNERJohn H. 20 Aug 185554y 25d(Masonic Emb.)
UNDERWOODLaura M.18731929  
VON BEHRENHenry D. 14 Aug 18774m 25dson of W. & M. see Romkey (Romke)
WALKERHoratio17841864 father
Susannah17881866 his wife mother
B. H.18261877  
Mary A.18271870 his wife
WALKERJohn C. 12 Aug 187334y 
Herbert J. 4 Aug 18739mson of J. C. & N. L. See Seamans on same stone
WALKERJames Q. 19 Dec 189651y 2m 4d 
Louisa 8 Dec 188983y 19dhis wife
WALKERCharles S.14 Feb 185023 Nov 1925  
Clara J.22 Dec 185417 Jul 1944 his wife
James G.18741937  
WEIGELBernice E.19221926 dau of F. J. & E. C.
WILBERGeo W. 27 Nov 189652y 11m 7d 
WILSONAshbel J.19 Nov 18484 Apr 1874 son of Joel and N. A.
Johnnie Coyne 17 Jan 18662y 9madopted son of Joel and N. A.
WILSONSoren 26 Jun 189174y 7m 27dfather
WILSONAnna Margaret1 Oct 182031 Apr 1898 mother wife of Soren
WILSONHattie M.21 Aug 188213 Sep 1882 children of Christian & Caroline
Soren F.1 Jul 188423 Aug 1884 
WOERZAlbert 24 May 18783y 4mson of J. A. & C. M.
WOERZErnest G. 6 Oct 18635y 9m 6dson of C. M. & Jacob
WOERZPauline W. 20 Sep 187815y 11m 26ddaughter of J. A. & C. M.
Louise Henry18621931 his wife
ZIMMERMANHenry20 Dec 184427 Nov 1920  
ZIMMERMANLovina14 Sep 185216 Mar 1936  



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