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Round Prairie Cemetery is located in section 17, Yellow Spring Township. From Mediapolis, Iowa (at the intersection of U.S. 61 and Main Street), proceed north for approximately 3 1/2 miles. On H 28, turn right (east) and proceed for approximately 3 miles to the crossroad in Northfield, Iowa. Turn right at the crossroad (south) and proceed for approximately 1 mile. You will need to take a left turn (east) and proceed for approximately 3/4 of a mile—turn right (south) and proceed approximately another 2/3 of a mile.

This cemetery has many broken headstones and many unmarked graves.

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(aka Lockhart Cemetery)

transcribed by Becke Dawson






WoodsJames Mar 26, 186076y 
LockheartMargaret C. May 28, 187562y 4m 20dWife of David
LockhartDavid Jul 27, 187871y 5m 21d 
ScottLittle Mamie Sep 20, 18781y 6m 12dDaughter of R. A. & A. E.
HawsIsaac W. Jun 28, 187430y 7m 29d 
GattsEzra C. Mar 10, 186742y 3m 24d 
GattsRebecca A. Oct 22, 186534y 7m 20dWife of Ezra
GattsEllen M. Jan 20, 18673m 2dChildren of E. C. & M. E. Gatts
GattsAlice E. Jan 11, 18672m 18dChildren of E. C. & M. E. Gatts
BlakeChloe Abram Apr 3, 185283y 7m 12d 
BlakeMelvin Jan 9, 18517m 13dSon of F. & M.
HeizerMary E. Apr 7, 18445mDaughter of Ide Heizer
Heizer  Nov 23, 1846 Stillborn daughter of M. & E. Heizer
BelknapOrson D. Dec 19, 1871  
BelknapElisha P. Sep 20, 184922y 
BelknapOrvil C. Jul 7, 184626y 
BelknapSilas C. Oct 4, 184049y 
MurphyJohnJun 1807Nov 12, 1888  
MurphyEllen Jan 8, 187877yWife
BaileyWm.Sep 1834May 10, 1889  
FlemingAlexander Jun 6, 188273y 
FlemingCatharine Mar 12, 188467yWife
FlemingMary Aug 15, 1880 Stone is broken
TaylorHenry C. Sep 1, 186327y 15dSon of J. M. & Nancy
StathemMaryon Jul 26, 185017y 3m 17dDaughter of C. O. & M. A.
StathemMariah Apr 11, 184917dDaughter of C. O. & M.
SmithRobert Sep 21, 1845ca. 67y 
WaddleMary Jan 6, 188569y 8m 17d 
WaddleIsabella Apr 2, 186456y 3m 24d 
WaddleJohn Jan 24, 1859 77y of His Age
WaddleMary Oct 7, 1845 In 84y of Her Age
WaddleJames Apr 10, 186116y 3m 
KerrRoberta Feb 12, 188449y 3m 10d 
AndersonAdam Oct 18, 185618y 3m 9dSon of J. H. & E. Kerr
RykerBertha A. Mar 25, 18785y 6mDaughter of J. F. & A. R.
RykerThomas S. May 26, 18575y 5dSon of J. F. & A. R.
RykerSarah A. May 24, 18571y 4m 24dDaughter of J. F. & A. R.
BergenG.W. Mar 11, 187437y 8m 
BergenD.W. Feb 9, 187425y 5m 11dWife of G. W.
GrayMargaret18031878  Daughter of William Blair
BlairWilliam17601840   Born In Lancaster County, PA. "A Soldier of American Revolution. An Elder in the Presbyterian Church. A Pioneer In PA, KY, Ohio, IND, ILL, Iowa."
BlairMorris W.18251912  
BlairLydia A.Mar 10, 1829Apr 6, 1852  Stone broken
McBrideInfant Jul 10, 1879 Daughter of J. S. & E.
McBrideMaggie Apr 20, 1854 Daughter of J. & N.
McBrideJames Apr 14, 185029y 11m 24d 
McBrideCurtis Dec 15, 18591y 5m 19dSon of S. S. Broken stone
McBrideInfant Aug 19, 18561dDaughter of S. S. Broken stone
McBrideCharles Feb 24, 18621y 3m 7d 
McMullinRobert  Oct 16, 186673y 2m 16d 
McMullinAnnieWife Jul 9, 187273y 9d 
ChichesterSamuel Feb 20, 187465y 8m 14d 
DarlingtonSergt. S. B.   1st IA L.A.
DarlingtonMargaret Apr 11, 185741yWife of David. Stone broken
DarlingtonDavidFeb 8, 1802Dec 21, 1864  
RankinBetsy Jul 5, 188885y 5m 2d 
RankinAdam J.Dec 29, 1821Jul 8, 1842  
RankinDavid Mar 14, 185377y 
RankinInfantMar 31, 1852  Stillborn daughter of Wm. & E.
RankinElizabeth  Apr 2, 185221y 2m 7d 
RankinWm. Jan 2, 187365y 11m 27d 
RheaElizabeth May 16, 187819y 1m 18d 
RheaWillie J. Jun 29, 187815y 11m 25d 
ElstonWilliamNov 10, 1846Aug 31, 18492y 9m 21dSon of J. & D.
SherwoodBraden J. Nov 13, 188212y 11m 
RheaIsaac N.   Stone is broken
RankinOliver Nov 26, 185526y 6m 10dStone is broken through date
RheaElizabeth B. Apr 21, 1860  
SweeneyMartin C. Apr 30, 186070y 5m 8d 
RheaInfant Jul 9, 1859 Daughter of J. C. & F. C.
RheaFrances (Campbell) Dec 22, 186227y 4m 12d 
RankinJohn Calvin Nov 28, 18562y 5m 17dSon of A. & L.
RankinLydia A. Jul 30, 186113d Daughter of A. & L.
WaddleFrances July2, 185945yWife of James
RankinD.C. Feb 21, 188573y 10m 11d 
RankinMary J. Sep 27, 186541y 4m 8d 
WaddleSamuelAug 4, 1826May 9, 1908  
WaddleJohn Mar 10, 189477y 26d 
WaddleMary Ann Feb 26, 189164y 8m 9dWife of John


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