Rock Spring Cemetery is located in the north part of section 27, Union Township. The Union Academy and later Rock Spring School, both now gone, were located on this site. It is west of Doctor James' old homesite where he and wife Clarrissa and infant son are buried within a walled enclosure. From Skunk River bridge on US#61 travel 3/4th mile east and turn left on a gravel road. Two miles north and 1/3rd mile east. It is on the right on a knoll. It was fenced and in relatively good condition at time of transcription (1975).


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transcribed by Paul French

I believe I've included as much information as is known to exist about Rock Spring Cemetery and checked several sources against each other to make it as accurate as possible. I've attached a redrawn map of the cemetery. The note in the upper right corner explains its origins. There were multiple errors in the original map that I've corrected by comparing with the DMCGS gravestone survey and by walking the cemetery. I updated the DMCGS gravestone survey to include newer burials and added map column and row locations for each gravestone for which a location is known.






     Inf dau of J. & K. [between John and J. Peter Wagner in original listing]
    1909Inf dau of K. & C. Unmarked grave. [between Clara and Sylvia Pfeiff in original list]
K1 Bruno A.Dec 4, 1877May 8, 1967 
  Clarissa  Wife & infant son.
G1 EdwinMar 29, 1889Jul 5, 1951[birth year was listed as 1839 in DMCGS survey]
H1 Elsie E.Jan 7, 1879Oct 20, 1951 
J1 Estella F. (Pfeiff)Feb 3, 1885Jan 27, 1970 
F1 Henrietta (Seyb)Apr 28, 1852Feb 15, 1925 
  Myrtle19041915Dau Arthur & Dochia. Is buried to the left and south of John Wagner stone. [below J. Peter Wagner and above Timothy Day in original listing]
 (Cook?)Sarah  Wife & Mother Gone Before. Separate stone. No last name or dates. [immediately below Saray Cock in original listing]
W18BaumannEsther (Scherer)19071929Wife of Fred?
U17BeckerCatherine (Miller)Nov 24, 1839Jul 28, 1902 
V17BeckerJohnJan 9, 1828Jul 19, 1895Born Kesselbach Kreis Giesen G.A. Hessen.
Y17BeckerJohnyJan 7, 1873Feb 10, 1873 
W17BeckerMatilda A.Nov 17, 1864May 8, 1880 
X17BeckerTheo. F.May 2, 1866Nov 20, 1873 
D7BoeseMarian L.Nov 19, 1922Nov 22, 2010[added since DMCGS survey]
AA14CockSarah Apr 1, 188057y 2m 11d. Wife of D. W. Cock.
D1DayTimothy DavidApr 7,1951Sep 7,1973  Sp 4 USA, Vietnam. Son of Mary Virginia (Pfeiff) Day.
L6DietzInfant sonsAug 28, 1906Aug 28, 1906Sons of Peter & Lena (Miller)
N6DietzLena (Miller)Mar 25, 1878Jul 28, 1939Second wife of Peter.
M6DietzPeterOct 17, 1868Mar 5, 1916 
V16DukeThomas J.Sep 24, 1945Sep 8, 2007[added since DMCGS survey]
AA15FrutigerM. F. (Magdalena Berger)Aug 20, 1816Jan 13, 1876(Geborene Berger)
AA16GieselmannInfantJan 22, 1905Jan 24, 1905Son of E. & F. C.
L1GintzHerman H.Nov 14, 1880Jun 12, 1965 
O1GintzMarvin R.19181992[added since DMCGS survey]
M1GintzMary C. (Pfeiff)Feb 23, 1886Nov 25, 1962 
N1GintzWalter P.Apr 19, 1921Sep 8, 1986[added since DMCGS survey]
B1GittingsVirginiaApr 28, 1893Mar 16, 1963  Virginia and Vesta Gittings Pfeiff were twin sisters.
N10GrieselClara HillgardnerNov 9, 1875Apr 26, 1966His second wife.
M10GrieselEdwin L.Jun 23, 1877Sep 30, 1937 
G5HagerlaInfant19141914Son of A. & B. E.
Y14HarkleroadElizabeth J. Jul 22, 18529y. Dau of Eugene.
X14HarkleroadEugene1820Oct 22, 185333y
W14HarkleroadRachael Aug 27, 185561y. Mother of Eugene.
G6HasencleverCalvinJan 29, 1923Jul 24, 2008[added since DMCGS survey]
Q8HasencleverEdward (Francis)Nov 7, 1836May 23, 1907 
P8HasencleverEmma K. (Wagner)Mar 2, 1884Jun 28, 1970Mother.
E6HasencleverEverettJan 27, 1911Jun 27, 2004[added since DMCGS survey]
O8HasencleverHermanOct 28 1875Nov 20, 1938Father.
N9HasencleverInfant 1907Daughter of Herman & Emma
N9HasencleverInfant 1908Daughter of Herman & Emma
F6HasencleverLeliaJul 16, 1920Mar 1, 1986[added since DMCGS survey]
S8HasencleverLena Jan 7, 189723y. Dau of E. & M.
R8HasencleverMary (Maria Echler)Apr 15, 1844Oct 5, 1914Wife of Edward.
O10HelmickAdolph Sep 16, 184577y
P10HelmickCatharine Dec 25, 188787y 7m 20d
R11HillearyCharlie 1869Age 1y. Child of J. & M. J.
P11HillearyCharlotte (Arnold) 1858Age 71y. "Our beloved mother."
K11HillearyClara S. 18603y. Children of J. & E. (Keyes) Hilleary.
Q11HillearyJackson Jun 5, 188669y 6m 16d
M11HillearyMartha J. 18482y 8m. Children of J. & E. (Keyes) Hilleary.
N11HillearyMary J. (Keyes) 185735y. "My dear wife." First wife.
O11HillearyMary Jane (Fisk)Jul 23, 1826Feb 25, 1899Second wife.
L11HillearyRobert E. 18571y 9m 23d. Children of J. & E. (Keyes) Hilleary.
S11HillearySusan W. 18707w. Child of J. & M. J.
Q10HillgardnerJohn G.Nov 21, 1839Feb 7, 1923 
S10HillgardnerLouisa (Helmick)Feb 15, 1838Feb 22, 1869First wife of John. Twin.
R10HillgardnerLucinda (Helmick)Feb 15, 1838Aug 31, 1927Second wife of John. Twin.
Z14HilliardWillie Sep 3, 18689m. Son L. & R.
AA19HornAnna M.Sep 14, 1820Sep 20, 1875Wife of George.
G9HornBobby J.Feb 10, 1966Dec 6, 2006[added since DMCGS survey]
F7HornDaniel AugustJan 1, 1887Jan 23, 1967IA Pvt Co C 55 Eng WWI.
G7HornEdward W.May 27, 1929Oct 10, 2002[added since DMCGS survey]
E7HornFlorence C. (Miller)22 Mar 190015 Feb 1968 
AB19HornGeorgeOct 5, 1818Dec 2, 1893 
I7HornHellenApr 6, 1864Oct 5, 1908Wife of Henry.
H7HornHenryMar 7, 1849May 10, 1933 
J7HornJohn G.18891961 
F9HornWalter19501988[added since DMCGS survey]
Z16JamesDr. Edwin17971861 It appears that in 2010 the Rock Springs Cemetery Association put up a marker which duplicates the words on the earlier marker for Edwin James which was vandalized. Pieces of an earlier (original?) grave marker for Edwin James lays under the vandalized marker. That marker is broken into several pieces but all pieces with inscription are under the vandalized marker.
P12LichAnna Elizabeth17791857Mutter der Frau Maria Magel
O12MagelAugustDec 19, 1859Sep 18 1860Kinder, Von S. & M. Magel.
O12MagelChristianFeb 15, 1860Feb 15, 1860Kinder, Von S. & M. Magel.
O12MagelJacobMar 20, 1855Jul 25, 1855Kinder, Von S. & M. Magel.
O12MagelJohannesApr 23, 1856Oct 15, 1856Kinder, Von S. & M. Magel.
N12MagelLudwig & LouiseJul 4, 1857Aug 20, 1857Zwillings (Twins)
M12MagelMariaApr 25, 1821Dec 6, 1896 
Q12MagelSibertJan 5, 1812Aug 9, 1897Husband of Maria.
R7MillerAnna G.May 10 1874Jun 14, 1953Wife & infant dau.
T7MillerBaby Apr 7, 1937Temporary marker.
R17MillerChristina (Schneiller)1812Aug 20, 188876y
P7MillerChristina WischmeyerSep 12, 1845Mar 21, 1906Wife of George.
U7MillerGary Dean Jul 30, 1937Prugh marker.
O7MillerGeorge C.Sep 7, 1841Mar 20, 1916 
S17MillerHeinrichJan 29, 1807Dec 19, 1885 
Q7MillerHenry G.Apr 25, 1866Mar 31, 1927 
P17MillerJohnOct 2, 1849Nov 14, 1926 
O6MillerMabelMay 18, 1904Aug 21 1905 
Q17MillerMary (Schaelle)Feb 21, 1853Feb 26, 1940Wife of John.
N2MurdersA.V.Aug 5, 1947Dec 25, 1996[added since DMCGS survey]
W13PfeiffA(a)ronOct 29, 1860May 8, 1864 
F2PfeiffClara M. (Sandberg)18871951 
S13PfeiffConradSep 15, 1810  
V13PfeiffDavidJun 20, 1849Oct 3, 1853 
S13PfeiffElizabeth (Ebel)Jan 6, 1818Jan 14, 1893Wife of Conrad.
R13PfeiffFlora A.24 Jun 18584 Mar 1936Dau of Conrad & E. (Ebel)
Q13PfeiffFlora E.Apr 15, 1876Aug 18, 1894Twin Dau of L. & L.
X13PfeiffHenry12 May 183830 Jun 1838 
C2PfeiffHorace L.Feb 12, 1928May 23, 2005[added since DMCGS survey]
T13PfeiffJacobJan 3, 1846Oct 20, 1874Children of C. & E.
E2PfeiffKarl M.18811947 
P13PfeiffLouisa (Witte)Sep 20, 1849Jun 15, 18321st wife of Louis. (Death date is in error.)
 PfeiffMargaret3 Mar 18487 Mar 1848 
H2PfeiffOscar T.Feb 18, 1880Mar 21, 1957 
U13PfeiffPeter C.May 8, 1856May 20, 1864 
I2PfeiffPhillip W.Dec 2, 1882Aug 13, 1959 
M13PfeiffRudolphAug 10, 1843Nov 27, 1923Son of Conrad & E. (Ebel)
G2PfeiffSylviaSep 25, 1910Jan 20, 2000Dau Karl & Clara
E1PfeiffTheodore H.Sep 20, 1851Jul 12, 1943Son of Conrad & E. (Ebel)
C1PfeiffVesta G. (Gittings)Apr 28, 1893Dec 16, 1969  [birth year was previously erroneously listed as 1851]
U18Scherer(Anna) Amelia (Miller)18841964Wife
V18SchererClara, M.19131968 
U18SchererJohn G.18831936 
I1SchmerbaughMarkMay 27, 1921Sep 11, 1926Son of B. A. & E. F.
AB18SmithBalserOct 26, 1810Feb 13, 189079y 3m 18d.
Z18SmithElizabeth18531894Children of B. & K. Smith.
AA18SmithHenry18451847Children of B. & K. Smith.
AB18SmithKatharineJul 24, 1816Aug 24, 1864Children of B. & K. Smith.
X18SmithMargaret18371864Children of B. & K. Smith.
AB18SmithMaryJul 13, 1842Apr 3, 1921Daughter
AB18SmithP. W.Nov 21, 1856Jun 7, 1908Son, Peter
O13SteyhFlora Jul 30, 187510m 13d. Our darling. Dau of Wm. & C. (Pfeiff). Stone broken.
J5WagnerInfantFeb 2, 1892Feb 2, 1892Son of J. & E.
J5WagnerInfant Feb 2, 1892Son of John & E. Katheine.
 WagnerInfant  Son of Wm. & M. (Sandberg)
 WagnerInfant  Dau of Louis & Emma (Boise), his first wife.
Z19WagnerJ. Peter18101874Rock marker, no name or date but relatives verify.
Q5WagnerNonaJul 13, 1906Jun 26, 1908Our darling. Dau of Wm. & M. (Sandberg)
L8WilbertA.May 1944May 1944previously listed as unmarked

List of Unmarked Graves In Rock Spring Cemetery:
Horn, Inf son of Henry & Helen.
Wilbert, Inf son of Henry & Leona. [L8 on map]
Hillgardner, Inf Louisa; Inf Lucinda.
Inf Son of Conrad.
Miller, Inf son of William & Clara.
Immigrant girl from Germany.
Wagner, Inf son of J & K.
Miller, Son of Henry & O.
Son of Henry & Anna.
Arnold, Son of Henry & Anna.
Inf dau of Henry & Anna.
Inf son of Henry & Anna.
Inf son of Gilbert.


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