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Linn Grove Cemetery has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery by the Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission.

Linn Grove Cemetery is located in section 29 of Yellow Spring Township. Proceed north on US 61 for approximately 12 1/2 miles. Turn to the west (left) on H38 and proceed for approximately 2 1/2 miles. You will first come to Covenanter/ Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Linn Grove is just to the west of Covenanter. There used to be a brick church next to the cemetery, but it's gone now.

At one time a Mr. Archer was going to plow up this cemetery and people were requested to remove the remains and headstones. Some remains were moved to Kossuth Cemetery. Some of the headstones remain to this day. The cemetery was never plowed. Many damaged, broken stones. Many unmarked graves.


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(aka Union Cemetery)

transcribed by Becke Dawson





ThomasEliJan 1, 1819Jul 2, 1905Born Ross County, Ohio
ThomasNancy (Archer)Feb 1, 1822Jun 4, 189371y 5m. Wife
ThomasJennie J. (Dunlap)Jan 22, 1851Jan 28, 187726y 11m 7d. Wife
ThomasAlfred J.Aug 3, 1845Feb 21, 1926Stone is missing
IbbotsonGeorge AquillaSep 15, 1872Nov 5, 1873Son of John & Mary
IbbotsonAbraham LincolnFeb 27, 1864May 4, 1873Son of George & Martha
IbbotsonIsaac L. Feb 23, 186310y 25d. Son of George & Martha
HallGideonMar 11, 1807Jan 26, 188576y 10m 15d
PiperIda M.18791956 
PiperHenry T.Nov 1, 1832Apr 5, 1915 
PiperRachelJul 4, 1842Jun 19, 1919Wife
PiperHarlenMar 8, 1867May 13, 1879 
PiperFrank P.May 6, 1874Dec 18, 1881 
PiperElmerJul 29, 1865Jul 3, 1910 
BevansR. E.  Co C 103rd D Ill Inf
Fox?? Clara Dec 27, 18745m 11d. Stone is broken.
FoxBaby Apr 21, 18715d. Stone is broken.
ClineJohnJun 16, 1806Jul 22, 1879 
ClineCatherineSep 9, 1816Jan 7, 1895Wife
ClineMaggie C.Jan 1, 1847Mar 9, 1941Wife
ClineHenryNov 30, 1806May 10, 1908 
ClineSarah E. Feb 26, 186328y. Wife of Henry.
ClineGeorge ClayOct 12, 1882Mar 4, 1883Son of Henry & Maggie
ClineJessie Edith Jul 2, 18771y 6m 5d. Daughter of Henry & Maggie
TalbottNellie Nov 3, 18721m 28d. Daughter of J. & J.
YoheLizzieDec 12, 1865Dec 30, 1865Daughter of A. S. & G.
BallardWilliam Henry Dec 21, 189852y 5m 27d
BallardSarah Finnetty Jul 11, 190758y 11m 6d. Wife
BallardSidneyJul 29, 1821Feb 8, 1861Wife of Solomon. Stone is broken.
GastonMartha A. Sep 21, 185825y 6m 28d. Wife of Sam
ArcherGeorge HenryNov 6, 1853Sep 11, 1933Father
ArcherMary (Jones)Oct 8, 1857Oct 22, 1882Mother
ArcherInfant Oct 22, 1882Son
ArcherJulia EllenJul 7, 1880Aug 3, 1939Daughter
ArcherMary E. Oct 22, 188225y, and infant son, 14d of G. H.
ThomasEdward E. Apr 29, 190224y 1m 27d. Son of John & Amilda.
ThomasGrace May Jul 16, 19011y 1m 15d. Daughter of Ed & Hattie.
FichthornSolomon Dec 25, 188183y
FichthornSalinda (Strope) Jul 2952y. Wife. New Stone In 1977.
WilliamsIsaac Jul 20, 187863y 8m
WilsonSamuel H. F.18271911 
WilsonLydia B.18371926Wife
WilsonSamuel H.18761937Son
WilsonNellie Mar 1, 18772y 9m 19d. Daughter of S. H. & L. B.
WilsonRoger Hughes19141915Son of Dan Wilson
WilsonElizabeth (Eagel)18351855 
BallardAndrewDec 16, 1825Jul 21, 1869 
BallardAlbinAug 14, 1807May 10, 1878 
ArcherHezekiah Jun 9, 187279y
ArcherMary A. (Black) Dec 9, 185555y
ThomasCharles Nov 5, 18522y 20d. Son of M. & E.
ThomasJohn Riley Mar 3, 18512m 21d. Son of M. & E.
ThomasRachel  Daughter of M & E
TalbottRobert Sep 19, 185925y
TalbottEmily Apr 23, 189085y
TalbottAquilla Oct 4, 185454y. Buried in Green Castle, Indiana
BridgesMary E. Sep 25, 188126y 2m. Daughter of G. & S.
ToddWilliamFeb 27, 1814Dec 28, 1872 
ToddMaryFeb 5, 1827Dec 1, 1901Wife
ToddRobert WilliamOct 22, 1850Feb 14, 1870 
ToddElizabeth O.Mar 2, 1842Apr 8, 1898 
ArcherEdward GillamAug 10, 1823Oct 23, 1902 
ArcherNancy Elizabeth (Talbott)Jul 1, 1829Oct 6, 1909 
ArcherHezekiahDec 27, 1856Sep 12, 1863Son
ArcherDelia JemimahSep 9, 1873Mar 6, 1875 
BarclayInfantFeb 25, 1880Apr 10, 1881Son of Frank & Rachel
BarclayEddieMay 29, 1878Jan 17, 1879Son of Frank & Rachel
BarclayFrank Mills Aug 6, 18752y 16d. Son of Frank & Rachel
BarrAndrew Apr 1, 187759y
SachsSusanne (Wilson)06/22/1925
Des Moines Co. IA
Kansas City, MO


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