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Kingston Cemetery has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery by the Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission.

Kingston cenetery is located in section 1, Benton Township. This cemetery sits high on a bluff overlooking Kingston, Iowa. The cemetery has many old wooden hedge markers, some of them have just initials while others have a full name, but only one date. There are several Civil War veterans buried here. One of those does not have a stone. This cemetery was copied in 1974.

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Transcribed by Becke Dawson with updates and additions by Stacy Bliesener

Cemetery Map      *Special Thanks to Paul French providing the map





KellerJoseph 1879 19575G.A.R.
KellerMother    Wooden marker
KellerWm. L.    Co. K 2nd IA Cav
KellerB. K.    Wooden marker
KellerTaylor    Funeral Marker Only
KellerW. D.    Wooden marker
KellerM. D.    Wooden marker
KellerTaylor   1851Wooden
GoodnowLewis   17 Feb 1879Age 67y 4m 15d. G.A.R.
GoodnowC. S.   1928Wooden
GoodnowR. S.   1920Wooden
GoodnowM. S.   1935Wooden
GoodnowS. S.   1912Wooden
SalladayClarence J. 8 Sep 1905 11 May 1928  
SalladayRachel A. 27 Jan 1904 21 Dec 1920  
SalladayJohn Louis 10 Feb 1899 24 Aug 1914  
SalladaySarah A. 19 Sep 1911 24 Sep 1912  
SalladayMinnie V. 26 Dec 1875 3 Feb 1935 
SalladayWm G. 4 Feb 1868 3 Dec 1938 
BarnesAlvin 1808 1884 
BarnesJoseph M. 1855 1883 
BarnesMartha E. 1851 1862 
BarnesHorace A. 1857 1862 
BarnesM. B.    Wooden
BarnesA. B.    Wooden
SalladaySarah Ann 27 Dec 1839 7 Jun 1912Wife of Ir. Age 72y 5m 10d
SalladayIr. 10 Aug 1833 8 Feb 1913Age 79y 5m 29d
SeitzHenrietta (Salladay) 1861 1928Wife of R. W.
ThompsonMarietta (Salladay) 1861 1942Wife of W. H.
HinsonJ. W.   1835Wooden
ErtzRoy W.     
ErtzI. L.    Wooden marker
BowmanMargaret E. R.   15 Sep 1864Age 1y 1m 15d. Daughter
HedgesCora J.     
WhiteheadSesco D.     
HedgesFrank W.     
DuryeaNancy   12 Feb 1870Age 70y 11d. Wife of Thomas
RiceJohn   21 Apr 1915Age 82y
RiceHarriet   29 Nov 1934Age 85y 5m 12d
BowmanSophia   1917Wooden marker
BowmanJames   1917Wooden marker
BowmanE. C.    Wooden marker
BowmanJ. B.   1917Wooden marker
HaightDaniel L.   15 Sep 1856Age 2y 5m 10d. Son of H. &
HaightSarah Ann   18 Apr 1867Age 37y 9m 16d. Wife of Henry
HaightSarah A.    Also their daughter, age 5m 18d
HaightD. H.     
EricksonLora   3 Aug 1878Age 26y. Wife of John.
EricksonEmma   Nov 1878Age 14m. Daughter of John & Lora
CritesPriscilla 2 Aug 1832 12 Feb 1879  
CritesMother    Cement Marker
BrockwayH.   January 
KneedyMargaret A.   18 Aug 1873Age 19y 3m 1d. Wife of John
KneedyJ.   1906Wooden marker
KneedyH.   1917Wooden marker
RutterWilliam Reuben 13 Apr 1874 13 Jul 1882  
RutterLouise Ann   8 Aug 1873Age 1y 2m 3d. Daughter of Sam & H.
RutterFred D.   20 Jan 1873Age 73y
RutterSamuel 26 Dec 1840 26 Sep 1903  
LoperLorenzo 20 Jan 1844 16 May 1892  
LoperEmerson 3 Jun 1875 5 Feb 1878Infant son of L. & A. C.
RutterMargaret 12 Nov 1848 13 Nov 1924  
DearloveRichard   1903 
DearloveAgnes   1883 
WirtMarvin   6 Oct 1929Age 2m 17d
Kolchdallar Jacob  26 Mar 1896Age 83y
Hinson    1935Wooden marker


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