Huron Island Cemetery has been designated a Lost Pioneer Cemetery by the Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission.

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Old timers in the area believe there were some burials on this large island. However, just where they were located or who is actually buried here is not known.

In an article called Huron Island History, Larry McHenry writes:

"In 1891, Miss Fox added a Sunday School to her teaching duties, and soon, the Huron Island Free Baptist Church was founded."

"The school and church shared the same building. Behind the building was the Island cemetary, enclosed within an iron fence. However, when the Lock and Dam was put in by the U.S. Government, the graves were moved to the 'mainland.' (Dean Willmerine told me that the head stones were still on the Island and he was going to take me over to see them. But he died the morning I came down to make arrangements.)"

According to Country Living 1835-1976 Huron Township by Mrs B. Frank (Anita) Hedges, "Mr. Centner said, in 1896, his cousin was buried there and an aunt, Mrs. Willie Charbonneaux, in 1898. The cemetery was located at the north end of the island in a space of about 24 by 30 ft. and was enclosed by a wrought iron fence. When the destruction of the island was foreseen, the bodies were removed to the mainland."

Additionally Anita Hedges told Larry McHenry, "There may be a Crawford and Handcock there." Mrs. Vernon McCray sent a letter to Anita Hedges in 1966, stating, "Dow Wilson, Melissa Wilson and Pattie Wilson's bodies were removed from Huron Island Cemetery and reburied at Hawkeye Cemetery in section 11, Huron Township under a pine tree."


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