Hawkeye Cemetery is located in Huron Township, section 11.
The first cemetery in the township, it is a three-acre plot high on the bluff overlooking the bottom land. The land for the cemetery was given by the Swank family, presumably, when their daughter America died at the age of 2 yrs., in 1837. This grave is said by the D.A.R. of Burlington to be the oldest grave in the County. A section of this cemetery was purchased by the Apostolic Church for their burial grounds years ago. Hawkeye has 5 Civil War soldiers buried there. James Swank, Wm. F. Swank, T. M. Darnold, W. M. Wilson, and J. H. McKee. Signs, which were the first ones ever placed there, were made and erected at Hawkeye and Dolbee in the late 1960s.

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transcribed by Becke Dawson





AupperleWilhilm22 Jan 186223 Jan 1905 
BedeMary 4 Oct 185215y 10m 25d, dau of W. & M.
BesslerInfant 14 Sep 1923Son of Emil & Mary
BushMartha E. 17 Jun 186322y 8m, dau of F. J. & H.
CarterCharles 24 Jan 1863"53rd Year of His Life"
CarterElizabeth E.18641875 
CarterInfant 3 Mar 184718d, infant dau of C. & R.
CarterJohn W. 24 Jan 186320y 18d, son of C. & B.
CarterR. W.18621864 
CarterSarah A.18421927Wife of Henry
ChildsMaycena 27 Mar 18699m 8d, dau of J. P. & M.
CloudRebecca 22 Mar 185119y 11m 2d,dau of N. & R.
CookMary A. 22 Jan 188354y 5m 23d, wife of Edward
CoonradLucinda 11Oct 184514d, dau of P & M. A.
CoonradSeymour D. Apr 18481y 5m, son of P & M. A.
CrutchfieldJames 2 Dec 185360y 2m 25d
DarnoldM.  Privt. Co D 8th Iowa Cav.
DeyoClifton4 Feb 190418 Feb 1920 
EberhardAnton G.18871948 
EberhardHattie R.18921962 
EisenmanAnna R.18881967 
EisenmanJoseph O.189319-- 
EisenmanPaul Edw.7 Mar 192128 Sep 1922 
EisenmannDale E.18 Apr 193720 Jul 1949Son of Jesse & Bertha
EliotCaroine 4 May 185517y, dau of A. & P.
EllensonLouis Sep 15 1927Son of Henry & Julia
EnzJacob22 Feb 185021 Sep 1936"Father"
EnzMrs. Mary22 Feb 18597 Oct 1930"Mother"
FischerAugust13 Mar 190210 Oct 1906 
FrankElizabeth18711953"Our Mother"
FrankInfant 7 Dec 1909Infant son of Wm. & E.
FrankJakob17 Jan 18227 Jun 1907 
FrankWilhelmina4 Aug 183013 Dec 1900 
FrankWilliam18641931"Our Father"
FrederickChristian3 Mar 183322 Aug 188148y 5m 28d, "My brother"
GerberInfant  Child of Paul & Susan
GerstArnold5 Nov 191013 May 1911 
GerstElisabeth4 Aug 188212 Jun 1907 
GerstElizabeth8 Aug 191012 Aug 1910 
GerstErnest A.6 Jun 191616 Dec 1918Son of Eugene & Rosa
GerstJulius Raymond19231937 
GerstOtto R.18741954 
GerstRosa B.19001962 
GerstSons5 Dec 19065 Dec 1906Twin sons of Henry & Barbara
GlaserMary17 Apr 184620 Jul 1917"Mother"
Glaser"Peter"27 Feb 184623 Sep 1917Father
GordonJames 19 Jul 1850In the 48th Year of His Age
GrahamEdna 10 Feb 1860 18y 9m 21d, wife of Wilson
GrahamWilson 15 Dec 184741 years
GreinerEllyne Teny17 Jun 191811 NovDau of L. & M.
GreinerMary10 Sep 18845 Dec 1926Wife of Louis
HallMary F. 5 Apr 18529y 5m, dau of R. W. & M. P.
HallWm. Henry 12 Feb 18422 years, son of R. W. & M. P.
HedgesAneita Velma (Johnson) 06/28/1906
Kewanee, IL
Davenport, IA
HedgesBenjamin F.12 Feb 18726 Sep 1954  
HedgesElvina (Luckinbill)28 Apr 184214 Apr 1930Wife of Jerome
HedgesJerome E.12 Jul 184023 Nov 1912 
HedgesLee29 Jan 191223 May 1912Son of B. F. & Lola
HedgesLola (Mccleary) 29 Nov 1883 
HedgesWm. D. 26 Oct 184744 1/2 years
HeinoldEmma15 Dec 189227 Sep 1917Wife of Herman
HeinoldLena14 Nov 189021 Apr 1925Wife of Herman
InnisWm 15 Mar 188061y 8m 22d
KnappAaron G.4 Mar 19097 Aug 1923Son of Fred & Bena
KnipesFanny 29 Aug 186360y 10d, wife of Thomas
KoellingEli6 May 191326 May 1913Son of Charlie & Rosina
KuntzChristian13 Jun 184928 Jan 1916 
KuntzEmilie13 Jan18609 Oct1925Wife of C.
KuntzGrace L.18951961 
KuntzMarie Louise19201926Dau of J. & M.
KurtzPeter 19 Jun 1868  56 years. Thanks to Joan Rice for help with the Kurtz entries.
KurtzElizabeth (Fairchilds) 31 Jan 1873 53y 7m 15d, wife of Peter
KuntzJohn P. 14 Dec 188737y 11m
MoyersMrs. E(lizabeth) A. (Kurtz)(2 Feb) 1840(6 May)1927Wife of George W. Moyers.
LyonsMary 9 Mar 185134y, wife of Cornelius
M.C.   No further information
MauerJohn Ray23 Aug 192710 Feb 1928 
MauerPeter8 Jul 185628 Jul 1918 
MauerPeter J.18881963WWI
MauerRose B.19001962 
MauerSon1 Aug 19196 Sep 1919Son of A. L. & C. M.
MauerTheresa4 Nov 185923 Apr 1937 
McintireMary Adaline 7 Sep 18413y 1m 21d, dau of W. & A. E.
MckeeJ. H.  Corp'l, Co. G. 19th Iowa Inf.
MillerJohn12 Dec 186928 May 1915Brother
OwensDorothy Marie19261929 Dau of E. O. & N. L.
OwensRobert Eldon19241931Son of E. O. & N. L.
PrindleAbial H.26 Jan 184622 Jul 1916 
PrindleCaroline M.12 Jul 18269 Jun 1900Wife of S. B.
PrindleCatherine N.21 Jun 18486 Aug 1913 
PrindleCordelia J.18 Mar 18375 Dec 1910 
PrindleEliza J.18661931 
PrindleGuy L. 6 Jun 189616y 1m 12d, son of L. H. & R.
PrindleLeroy H. 21 Jun 191762 years
PrindleLuther L.21 Apr 186220 May 1904Son of S. B. & C. M.
PrindleRebecca G. 29 Jan 188127 years, wife of Leroy
PrindleS.B. 2 Jul 186958y 9m 22d
PrindleSarah A.14 Feb 183914 Jan 1910 
PrindleWm.H.24 Nov 18352 Sep 1917 
Prindle   Daughters and sons of S. B. & M. A. Prindle
RauhausAlbert10 May 18564 Aug 1915Father
RauhausJoann Leah19341935Dau
RauhausKatherina5 Mar 185613 Apr 1944Mother
RauhausLydia15 Apr 189129 Apr 1957 
RauhausSophia18861922Wife of Wm.
RauhausWilliam2 Nov 18835 Jun 1967 
ReebElwood6 Aug 191617 Feb 1920Their Son (Ernest & Lydia)
ReebErnest10 Jan 188715 Feb 1920 
ReebLydia12 Jan 189319 Feb 1920His Wife (Ernest's)
ReebSon 9 Jan 1926Infant son of Joe & Anna
ReinInfant Dec 1919Son of Geo. & Emily
ReynearsonJacob 15 Aug 184578y 1m 25d
ReynearsonMariah 23 Apr 1838In the 65th Year of Her Life, wife of Jac.
ReynearsonSarah 17 Dec 183816y, dau of J. & M.
RichChristian12 Aug 183421 Dec 1910 
SchnedlerAnnie J.8 Aug 187931 Aug 1938Mother. This is a home-made stone
SchnedlerDonna Jean19 Sep 19308 Oct 1939  
SchnedlerGladys Vivian9 Aug 190624 Feb 1943 
SchoriAlfred Jan 1917Son of G & S
SchrockAnna Naomi9 Jul 19204 Feb 1923Dau of N. & H.L.
SheridanAnna M.18641950Mother
SheridanBell 10 Dec 187022y 11m 10d, dau of T. & E.
SheridanBessie Bell 17 May 1894Dau of D. W. & E. J.
SheridanBoyd T.30Aug 192326 May 1967Iowa Gy. Sgt. Us Marine Corps WWII Korea
SheridanEliza 28 Mar 188366y 20d
SheridanEliza16 Aug 186927 May1899Born In McDonough Co., IL, married to David Sheridan, Feb 1886
SheridanIsabel J.   
SheridanJames L.28 May 18511 Jul 1875Son of T. & E.
SheridanJohn B.19 May 188812 Sep 1907 
SheridanLily Lou 5 Nov 19076 days, dau of Thomas & Anna
SheridanMary C. 6 Aug 1848Dau of T. & E.
SheridanMina M.29 May 18929 Jun 1968 
SheridanMinerva Ann15 Feb 1853Nov 1874Dau of T & E
SheridanPaul H.27 Oct 186813 Aug 1890 
SheridanPaul T.5 Dec 189126 Feb 1972Iowa Sgt. Us Army WWI
SheridanSamuel F. 6 Feb 18591y 8m, son of T. & E.
SheridanThomas W.18541944Father
SheridanThos 11 Jan 187061y 8m 10d
ShuttGeorge18491923Son of A & C
ShuttJohn H.18501858 Son of A. & C.
ShuttJohn H. 25 May 18587y 6m 30d, son of A. & C.
ShuttPhrysby H.18521933 
ShuttRobert W. 5 Mar 18865y 1m 25d, son of B. & ?
SlegelMary8 Nov 185821 Aug 1926 
StaigeEliza J. 8 Dec 18552y 11m 5d, dau of J. E. & S. I.
StaigeHelen A. 2 Jan 1885Infant dau of J. E. & S. I.
StewartInfant  Son of W. A.
StollerJohn K.5 Feb 186721 Feb 1909 
StollerLaura (Conn)18961928 
SummersJ.F. 18 Nov 18481y 1m 15d
SummersL. Jun 21, 1851 
SummersM.A. 23 Jun 185113y 7m 28d
SwankAmerica22 Nov 183519 Jul 18371y 5m 27d, dau of W. & H. This is said by the D.A.R. of Burlington to be the oldest grave in the County.
SwankElizabeth 17 Sep 187265y 11m 9d, wife of Joshua
SwankHenrietta 26 Oct 191092y 5m, wife of W.
SwankHenry H. 20 Aug 18721y 5m 16d, son of Wm. H. & A.
SwankJacob H. 3 Sep 184710y 9d, son of W. & H.
SwankJacob Henry12 Sep 18373 Sep 1847Son of W. & H.
SwankJames O. 26 Oct 186223y 1m 3d, son of W. & H., Co. C 30th Reg. Iowa Vol.
SwankMary E.10 Mar 18356 Aug 1840Dau of J. & E.
SwankMary E.10 Mar 18346 Aug 1840Dau of J. & J.
SwankWesley 12 Dec 185038 years
SwankWesley11 Apr 181212 Dec 1850 
SwankWilliam F. 1 Dec 186119y 7m 4d, son of W. & H.
SwankWilliam H.17 Nov 180930 Sep 186555y 10m 11d
VierlingWilliam15 Jan19054 Jul 1919Son of Wm. & E. L.
WagenbachPaul J.9 Mar 190421 Oct 1921 
WestfallElizabeth[8 Jun 1786]17 Aug 1860  74y 2m 9d
WestfallInfant 9 Nov 1859Dau of N. & C.
WestfallJames H.23 Jul 18412 Feb 1846Son of N. & C.
WestfallJulious N.1 Jul 185721 Jan 1860 Son of N. & C.
WestfallLouisa J.11 Aug 183830 Aug 1841 
WestfallReuben 22 Jan 1850 "71st Year of His Age"
WestfallWebster M.17 May 184823 Aug 1851Son of N. & C.
WilkieAnson E 3 Jun 188517y 3d, son of T. & L.
WilkieFranklin W18631933 
WilkieGeorge N.18791941 
WilkieJeanett 4 Oct 18711y 5m 21d, dau of T. & L.
WilkieLouisiana22 Nov 184225 Apr 1910 
WilkieThos12 Dec 183013 Sep 1900 
WilsonCatharine 28 Apr 186640y 11m 9d, wife of R. W.
WilsonMary E.18541938 
WilsonR. E.18511915 
WilsonRezin White13 Dec 182211 Feb 1909 
WilsonW.M.  U.S. Soldier Post 5
YoungMary Jane 18 Dec 186435y 5m 27d, wife of James
ZippeAugust A.14 Feb 187613 Apr 1957 
ZippeJoseph18 Oct 191115 May 1925Son of A. A. & M. N.
ZippeMary N.18831939Wife of A. A.


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