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Flint River Township Cemetery has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery by the Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission.

The Flint River Township Cemetery is located east of Highway 61 in Flint River Township, section 13, about 2 1/2 miles north of the intersection of Mt. Pleasant and Roosevelt streets in Burlington.

The cemetery lies to the east of private property owned by Mike Campbell, an auto body repairman. The road to the cemetery used to run along the north edge of Campbell's property then turn south into the cemetery. The county no longer maintains that road and it is impassable. In order to reach the cemetery, a person has to drive past Campbell's house and past his repair facility behind the house. Mr. Campbell does not seem to mind visitors, but if the opportunity arises it would certainly be appropriate to thank him for providing access.

The cemetery is fenced. There are many broken and missing stones and unmarked graves. This compilation is as of 1978.

Paul French discovered two individuals who were buried in "Ripley" Cemetery according to books at the Burlington library, but whose markers stand in Flint River Township Cemetery. One is Maggie Griffith whose burial was handled by Prugh's and the other is Elizabeth (DeWein) Pietzsch whose burial was handled by Burnett-Wallen. It is likely that Ripley was another name for this cemetery. An early settler in the area was John Ripley and a school near here may have been known as Ripley School. The Ripley Inn stands nearby also and Ripley may have been the name for this area in Des Moines County. Can anyone share additional information about Ripley Cemetery?

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(aka Ripley Cemetery)






HuldGeorgie 24 Apr 18763y 7m 9dSon of J. A. & L. C. Huld
BerryEdna Olive 18 May 18771y 2m 6dDaughter of S. J. & Carrie
BerryJohn Simpson   Broken stone
HullPeter 21 Nov 187161y 11m 8d 
HullMartha A. 28 Apr 186419y 10m 25d 
HullEllen 16 Aug 190088y 5m 15dHis wife
HullEllen 11 Jan 185011y 2dDaughter
HullMary A. 6 May 18544m 13dDaughter
HullRichard 29 May 188220y 8mSon
HullJane M. 20 Jan 186227y 7m 21dWife of W. T. Kerr. Daughter of P. & E. Hull
TaegerFredrick G.12 Nov 182419 Nov 1895  
TaegerMaria E.14 Oct 182516 Feb 1899 Wife
BockFriedrick5 Apr 18226 Nov 1893  
BockFred W.23 Aug 185110 Sep 1928  
BockMina26 Apr 185819 Mar 1887 Frau von F. Bock
BockJohann13 Oct 187713 Mar 1882  
BockMina13 Mar 188713 Jul 1887 Daughter
BockDorothea18 Jul 181929 Jan 1887 Frau von of F. Bock
MillerLusina J. 3 Feb 186633y 7m 19dWife of A. Miller. Stone broken
HerrillAnderson  29 Apr 188057y 4m 7d2 Stones broken and unreadable
HoldrenDennis   Co. E, 25 IA Inf.
GriffithMaggie 8 Mar 189425y 10m 24dDaughter of W. E. & M. L. Griffith
HawsworthThomas1 Dec 190414 Sep 1852  
HawsworthElizabeth5 Dec 190429 Aug 1850 Daughter of W. E. & M. L. Griffith
HawsworthThomas21 Dec 182422 Jun 1850 Son. Drowned In Mississippi River
ParkesSarah 30 Jan 185720y 5m 15dWife of John S. Parkes. Stone broken off, leaning against another
ParkesSarah 22 Sep 185727dInfant daughter of J. S. & S. Stone broken off, leaning against another
LandwehrLiedia30 Jan 188713 Apr 1893 Stone against tree
RickmanAnna30 Jun 186828 Feb 1896  
RickmanMathilda Ida15 Jan 189324 May 1895  
McKimmyWm. 17 Nov 185353y 9m 22dMcKinny?
McKimmyJames 26 May 1869 Broken off & in pieces. McKinny?
PietzschBertha S.30 Apr 18185 Oct 188971yWife of Alexander
PietzschHerman3 Mar 183819 Aug 1901  
PietzschElizabeth24 Dec 184918 Mar 1917  
SchulzCharley14 Oct 186816 Apr 1891 Schultz?
TaegerFred J.3 Oct 18448 Mar 189348y 5m 5dFather
TaegerMary J.22 Aug 185122 Jan 1912 Wife
TaegerH. Jessie3 Oct 18705 Sep 188716y 11m 2d 
RichterAlb't     Co. H, 16 Ill Inf. Herb believes this stone was moved from another location in Flint River Cemetery. It and another one which says only "Mother" are sitting across an abandoned roadway from all the other stones and are facing the opposite direction.
RichterChristian J.18491919 Gone
SchultzFredrick25 May 184619 Jan 1909   
WalkerFrank3 Jan 188422 Apr 1903  
WalkerThomas 13 Nov 189580y 4d 
WalkerMarthy29 Nov 181418 Mar 1884 Wife
RheinschmidtChristoph21 Jun 18284 Feb 1895  
RheinschmidtKathrina29 Nov 18387 Mar 1907 Wife
MarshallMary J. 29 Oct 187926y 11m 20dWife of B. W. Marshall
MarshallAndrew C. 10 Sep 187918dSon of B. W. Marshall & M. J. Marshall
MarshallJohn H. 10 Apr 187823dSon of B. W. Marshall & M. J. Marshall
GriffithJames2 May 182419 Jul 1903  
GriffithEunice 3 Feb 188662y 11m 15dWife of James
GriffithAnna L.9 Nov 186120 Oct 1903  
GriffithJohn W. 15 Oct 18569y 11m 23dSon of J. & E. L.
ToddElizabeth 17 May 185534y 8m 15dStone broken, part missing
LucasSophia Margrethe25 Jun 18701 Jun 1883 Dau of Ch. & M. Lucas
LucasChristoph18 Dec 18265 Feb 1918  
LucasMary Wife31 Jan 18309 Sep 1911  
VredenburgEmma E.20 Jun 185713 Sep 1881 Wife of A. D. Vredenburg
VredenburgJohn J.9 Apr 18813 Aug 1881 Son of A. D. & E. E.
JacksonJohn25 Oct 181124 Oct 1876  
JacksonElizabeth J.5 Dec 18131 Mar 1881 Wife
JacksonMartha A.12 Jul 18389 Nov 1854 Daughter
JacksonMary A.4 Apr 184026 Jun 1855 Daughter
JacksonJohn A.23 Jul 184422 May 1862   Died at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo. Stone says: "John A son of J & E Jackson."
ReyburnNancy 30 Sep 186063y 3m 3d 
 Mathilda T. 31 Aug ????8y 25dBroken off & in pieces. Leaning against Reyburn stone


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