Dolbee Cemetery is in section 23 of Huron Township.
The township's second cemetery was built on the bluff south of Hawkeye with an entrance from the Mediapolis Road. Dave Luckenbill gave land which surrounds the family burial plot of the Dolbees. This ground was given with the stipulation that any Luckenbill could be buried there, and a large section on the east side was designated for such use. The Dolbee family plot, separated by an iron fence, is on the highest point of the hill which overlooked the Dolbee home on the adjoining hill. A stone dated 1848, marking the grave of 2 mo. old Priscilla Caton, appears to be the oldest grave. Dolbee consists of about one acre and has but few grave sites left for sale. Signs, which were the first ones ever placed there, were made and erected at Hawkeye and Dolbee in the late 1960s.

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transcribed by Becke Dawson





PattonSteven William08/13/1853
Burlington, IA
Colorado Springs, CO
YorkAlvah J.6 Apr 186831 Jul 1941  
YorkAmanda20 Jun 187413 Jul 1945 
OverhakeEsther M. 11 Apr 1907Married November 13, 1931
OverhakeRussell R.19 Mar 190228 Sep 1973 
BrockwayLarry W.19371959U.S. Veteran. Son
RutterAda B.13 Aug 18751 Nov 1940 
RutterHerbert H.26 Sep 187916 Jun 1949 
BrockwayLynas L.10 Aug 18614 Apr 1939 
BrockwayDora A.31 Jan 18683 Jul 1955 
TimmermanViolet 1914  
TimmermanAudrey J.1934 Married April 21, 1957
TimmermanRonald A 19351962Married April 21, 1957
HinsonSarrah1 Aug 1852Nov 1935Wooden marker
BrockwayClaude H.12 Mar 189814 Jun 1926 
BrockwayGrace J. 1 Oct 187614 Jul 1971 
BrockwayJohn B. 18 Feb 186820 Dec 1949 
KennyCora A. 21 Nov 18931974? 
KennyRoy E. 30 Sep 1920  
DravisElnora 31 May 1919Age 32y. Wooden marker
DravisNora 1919 
??N. D.  Initials only on wooden marker
    Unmarked grave
    Funeral marker
FletcherDel   U.S.A. Post 5
DravisFrank 18121973 
AndriesMildred E. 9 Apr 1897  
AndriesMarion Carl1 Jul 189321 Feb 1955 
AndriesGene10 Apr 193513 Apr 1935Infant
BainJohn Wesley 22 Jan 1935Age 16y 6m 18d. Son of A. & C.
BainSylvester C. 12 Oct 1862Age 19y 9m 29d. Son of A. & C. Company 30th Iowa Volunteers, U.S.A.
BrockwayHarry H.18701953 
CarnageyJ. Clarence 18991901Son of C. & E.
CentnerInfant 1916Son of Benjamin & Ebie
DayJ. D.18611929Father
DayL. M.186619__Mother
PattonJoseph17 Oct 18936 Apr 1949Iowa Pfc 6 Sn Tn, 6th Div WWI
PattonFred 26 Aug 189314 Nov 1945Iowa Pvt Med. Dept., WWI Vet
PattonEmma C.9 Sep 18645 Mar 1950 
PattonCharles S. 14 Dec 185928 Feb 1930  
PattonViola Mae (Penrod) 05/11/1933
Burlington, IA
West Burlington, IA
BaileyWilliam H. 24 Mar 18588 Jul 1920 
BaileySarah C.15 Feb 186224 Oct 1932Wife
BaileyInfant14 Apr 190114 Apr 1901Son of W. H. & S. C.
BaileyInfant7 May 19037 May 1903Son of W. H. & S. C.
HinsonGarrett 6 Jun 1903Age 82y 2m 15d. Co B 1st Reg Ohio Vol. Henry, Arkansas
HarringtonWm  Co. G 53rd IA Inf
RutterHarold Doyle19081909 
BrockwayJosiah27 Mar 182931 Jan 1896 
BrockwayMary7 Jun 183814 May 1924 
BowmanDavid J.18721962 
BowmanGoldie Marie19141920 
CreelmanViolet B.27 Jan 19077 Jan 1911Daughter of B. K. & L. E.
CreelmanLibbie E.10 Dec 1887  
CreelmanBoyd K.15 Nov 18761 Sep 1936 
CrowLeonard C.19041929 
CrowJessie28 Jan 19227 Feb 1922Daughter of L. G. & N.
PattersonNancy M.18601930 
CrowWilliam M.5 Nov 188114 Dec 1953 
CrowMyrtle E.30 Jul 18876 Nov 1949 
DearminLester G.8 Oct 188320 Dec 1949 
DearminIda M.28 Mar 188224 Oct 1958 
AndersonIsabelle22 Oct 186910 Apr 1894Age 24y 5m 18da
SacrisonAnna Louise Mar 1868Age 40y. Wife of Gustaf
MulvanySamuel P. 26 Apr 184127 Dec 1884 
MulvanyDrusilla A. 21 Jan 184319 May 1882 
BainJno.  Co. C 30th IA Inf
AndersonJohn P.  15 Dec 1861Age 21y 10m 2d. Co I 1st Eng. Regt. IA Vol. Son of T. C. & Ann
AndersonAnn 15 Apr 1889Age 69y 11m. Wife of T. C.
AndersonThos 15 May 1863Age 47y 10d
BainIra H.21 May 185527 Nov 1903 
MillerLewis C.19 Oct 189512 Jun 1950 
MillerEdward G.29 Aug 187519 Jun 1958 
MillerGeorge W.18851967Father & funeral marker
MillerW. G. 7 Dec 1895Age 59y 6m
MillerRebbecca 1 Sep 1862Age 49y 1m 16d. Wife of A. G.
MillerWm. Henry 7 Jan 1871Age 3m 11d. Son of Wm. G. & A. J.
LarsonEmelia Augusta 30 Apr 1869Age 7y 2m 8d. Daughter of L. J. & Maggie
BowenJohn2 Aug 181215 Nov 1881Age 69y 3m 13d. Father of Benj., Annie, Assa & Clara
BowenJulia F.  16 Aug 1864Age 50y 20d. Wife of John
BowenClarrissa 2 Sep 1861Age 7y 6m 12d. Daughter of J.
MillerJudith E. (Deen)18541937Wife of W. G.
MillerWilliam G.18361895 
MillerMartha J.18821897Daughter of W. & J.
SageElmore 26 Oct 1850Age 1y 5m 12d. Son of H. & S.
CrowderWilliam B. 9 Jan 1861Age 27y 1m 15d. Son of
    Broken stone. Has veterans marker GAR Post 5
    Broken stone
    Broken Stone
LarsonLars J.16 Aug 18294 Jul 1902 
LarsonMargaret19 Nov 182510 Mar 1910 
HoweCora J. 1 Oct 1877Age 12y 3m, Daughter of M. & Annise
McintireGeorge27 Nov 184919 Jul 1863GAR Post 5
CatonRobert T.13 Apr 184323 Apr 1961 
CatonPriscilla J.21 Oct 18484 Nov 1848 
WaddellClara  Age 36?
DeanAnn M. 29 Nov 1838Age 26y 6m 4d. Daughter of Peter & Harriet Dolbee
DolbeePeter 20 Jun 1863Age 62y 1m 11d. GAR Post 5
DolbeeHenry C. 2 Nov 1821Age 24y 7m 9d. Son of Peter & Harriet
    Our Dear Nannie Her Home In Heaven
BaileySadie E.18661953 
BaileyG. Benjamin18631943 
LarsonJosephine18631938Funeral marker: Fry
LarsonJohn A. 10 Mar 1898Age 40y 10m 10d
LarsonMary Josephine 28 Sep 1894Age 1m. Daughter of John A. & Josephine
LarsonJosephine 23 Nov 186330 Jan 1938 
PikeBenjamin 5 Sep 1853Age 83y 10m 8d
PikeEsther 24 Jul 1868Age 87y 3m 19d. Wife of Benj.
BoyerMary A. 4 Feb 1861Age 39y 6m 18d
BoyerHermas P.  14 Aug 1860Age 2y 29d. Son of M & ?
HoweM(icajah)  21 Oct 1882Age 65y 2w
HoweAnnis5 Apr 182413 Aug 1904Wife of Micajah
YoungJ. Wesley2 Sep 18662 Sep 1928 
YoungJennie L.12 Mar 187024 Jul 1958 
BaileyCaleb P.18341918GAR Post 5
BaileyMary J.18411919Wife
BaileyMinnie 31 Jan 1869Age 2m 9d. Daughter of C. P. & M. J.
GrashamNancy Ann 30 Jul 1856Age 34y. Wife of Geo.
GrashamElla27 Jun 18562 Sep 1856Children of Geo. & Nancy A.
GrashamAnna27 Jun 18565 Sep 1856Children of Geo. & Nancy A.
GibsonJames W.18381900 
GibsonElizabeth18091875Wife of James
GibsonJames M.18061900 
GibsonAlice18461982Wife of Levi
GibsonMartha 12 Sep 1862Age 23y. Daughter of J. & E.
BoydViola E.1886  
BoydCharles L.18811944 
SchneidlerJohn D.6 Dec 18769 Jun 1947Husband of Viola E. (Patton)
WaddleElla (Kerr)18601932 
WaddleJ. William18511911 
LuckenbillAlma F.12 Mar 1906  
LuckenbillPaul A.10 Feb 19047 Jan 1973 
DicksonRuth19181971Wife of Barney
LuckenbillGeorge E.11 Mar 190625 Aug 1928 
LuckenbillFrank T.16 Jun 190023 Jan 1908Son of A. E. & A.
DolbeeJohn S. 19 Oct 1861Age 65y 8m 5d
DolbeeEllen 18 Apr 185320th year of her age. Daughter of J. S. & R.
DolbeeRebecca Feb 186052nd year of her age. Wife of John S.
DolbeeJohn  1 Jun 186022nd year of his life Son of J. S. & R.
DolbeeNannie 6 Aug 1864Age 23y 7m 7d. Daughter of John S. & R.
DolbeePeter J.  31 Aug 1864Age 39y 3m 14d. Son of John S. & R.
DolbeeWilliam H. H. 2 Mar 1864Age 21y 3m
DolbeePeter  No dates
PerkinsLouise2 Mar 191919 Mar 1939 
PattonCharles F.29 Jan 193810 Mar 1939 
PattonVelda L.19251946 
PattonBertha A.19021961 
PattonJames W.1942  
HollcroftIrene 5 Feb 1870Age 2m. Our sister
HollcroftJohn H. 14 Dec 1866Age 23y 22d
HollcroftBarnabas 14 Dec 1869Age 50y 5m 10d. Father
HollcroftEliza 8 Apr 1880Age 50y 10m 21d. Wife of B.
HollcroftJames W.  29 Apr 1872Age 23y 10d. Son of B.
ThorntonCharlie 23 Jul 1870Age 12y 5m. Son of C. A. & A. L. C.
ThorntonA. L. C.2 Jan 18305 Mar 1900 
ThorntonCecilia (Fletcher)18 Sep 183313 Apr 1914Wife of A. L. C.
CoonrodDavid A. 29 Dec 1874Age 6m. Son of W. H. & B.
KerrCatherine15 Dec 183810 Apr 1901 
LuckenbillBen 14 Apr 1899Age 84y 4m 9d
LuckenbillMary 4 Jan 1890Age 73y 11m. Wife of Benj.
LuckenbillMary L. (Staige)27 Mar 18487 May 1904Wife
LuckenbillT. F.15 Feb 184516 Mar 1923Husband
LuckenbillCarrie E. (Williams)2 Feb 1875Dec 1899Wife
LuckenbillC. Marie27 Jan 18988 Oct 1899 
LuckenbillInfant3 Oct 189922 Oct 1899 
BaileyChattie (Thompson)18671929Wife of John C.
CentnerEbie (Bailey)18931964Wife of Ben
MillerHarold Andrew1 Apr 192326 Dec 1969Iowa S. Sgt. 306th Med Dept WWII
MillerWalter Harrison1 May 189031 Mar 1959IA Cpl Co F 109th Engineers WWI
GatesLittle Fern 30 Nov 1890Age 1y 1m 4d. Dau of S. E. & M. E.
WilliamsCapt. Wilbur L.19151966 
WilliamsMary E.1919  
WindVivian  Infant daughter of J. P. & J. R.
TaylorMartha A.18 Jul 183513 Nov 1910 
WilliamsJ. Wilson25 Mar 181629 Aug 1893 
WilliamsJulia A.18 Feb 182230 Jan 1912Wife
WilliamsLelia M.20 Apr 18505 Nov 1851 
WilliamsMinna M.22 Jul 186120 Jul 1886 
WilliamsCharlie3 Nov 188620 Aug 1888 
WilliamsElmer2 Nov 189031 Sep 1891 
WilliamsMaggie M.20 Jul 188020 Mar 1896 
WilliamsBaby   There may be two separate "baby" graves.
WilliamsHerrick7 Oct 184828 Mar 1906 
WilliamsEmma J.27 May 18559 May 1927Wife
WilliamsJames W18821958 
WilliamsClara Idella18831954 
WilliamsFrank H.18771955 
WilliamsSadie H.18801964 
SteelFrancie 22 Aug 1891Age 1y 6m 23d. Adopted daughter of D. & M. E.
RobisonAnnabell (Carnagey)18 Oct 187316 Feb 1890 
RobisonInfant16 Feb 188521 Feb 1885 
CarnageyJohn J.5 Jan 18259 Jan 1901 
CoonrodPhilip 4 Mar 1900Age 77y 10m 2d
BrattonIda M. (Coonrod) 7 Jan 1882Age 19y 8m 26d
BillingsLizzie B. (Coonrod) 30 May 1902Age 31y 6m 20d
BillingsMarion W. 14 Jul 1896Age 10m 7d
BillingsLynn 12 Jul 1897Age 1d
BillingsLeona A. 2 Feb 1899Age 8d
CoonrodMary 9 Jun 1882Age 87y 3m 4d
CoonrodHenry 11 Nov 1864In the 73rd year of his age
CoonrodSarah 28 Aug 1863In the 94th year of her age. Wife of John
MontgomeryEdward W.19011946 
ShararHarry W.19051958 
LuckenbillF. H.18751937 
LuckenbillTom M. 18811966 


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