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Covenanter Cemetery has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery by the Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission.

The Covenanter (Reformed Presbyterian) Church Cemetery is located in Yellow Spring Township, section 29. From the intersection of Mt. Pleasant and Roosevelt Avenue in Burlington, take US 61 north for about 12 1/2 miles. Turn to the left (west) on H38 and proceed approximately 2 1/2 miles. You will find the cemetery on the north (right) side, sitting on a high bank. There was a wooden church on the west side of this cemetery. You will find old, broken and deteriorated stones in this cemetery, and many unmarked graves.

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(Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery)

transcribed by Becke Dawson






BrownRobert24 Oct 180614 Jan 1899  
BrownMary16 Jan 18128 Aug 1871 His wife
LoganJoseph29 Jun 183214 Nov 1885  
LoganRichard 2 Jul 188473y 2m 7dStone is broken
LoganMary 6 Jul 187975yWife of Harden. Stone is broken
SmithJohn 15 Sep 186975y 8m 21d 
BoydRobert 22 Jul 187042y 6m 7d 
GrayAlexander 11 Apr 187564y 
StevensonSarah M. 7 Apr 186410y 7m 13dDaughter of Robert & Jane
StevensonJohn W. 29 Jun 18652dSon of Robert & Jane
WilsonRobert M.18291910  
WilsonIsabella (Brown)18391900 Wife
WilsonRobert J.2 Sep 186318 Oct 1863 Son
WilsonRobert B. 18671896 Son
WilsonFrancis S.18711896 Son
WilsonMary E.18621912  
HawthorneMargaret J. (Mehaffy)18343 Feb 1882 Wife of John
MahaffyWilliam 11 Feb 188173y 4m 25d 
MahaffyMary (Irwin) 29 Sep 1877 Wife
ShieldsMaxwell 27 Aug 189982y 
ShieldsMary J. 22 Apr 191182y 
ForrestMary Jane 18 Mar 188275y 
ForrestMatthew 16 Apr 189377y 
ForrestMary D. 15 Jun 187740y 4m 5d 
MahaffyMary Ann 3 Jan 187115y 9mDaughter of J. & E. A.
MahaffyMartha 13 May 186815y 11m 22dDaughter of J. & E. A.
????  7d 
MahaffyNancy 10 Oct 186523y 23dDaughter of John & E. A.
MahaffyJohn Jr. 7 Sep 187133y 8m 
MahaffySarah   Wife of John. Stone is buried
MahaffyJohn M. 16 Aug 188990y 10m 6d 
MahaffyEliza A. 13 Aug 189380y 5m 1d 
SmithJane 23 Nov 187152y 4m 15dWife of Samuel
SmithSamuel 28 Jun 187063y 7m 15d 
LindsayWm. O. 26 Apr 187757y 9m 26d 
PattersonSamuel 10 Aug 18771y 1m 4d 
LoganMargaret (Todd)29 Apr 18912 Feb 1969   
LoganRichard28 Oct 185915 Mar 1949  
LoganAnnie16 Oct 186710 Dec 1903 His wife
ToddAndrew W. 11 Mar 189384y 
ToddMargaret 4 Aug 189875yWife
HawthorneSamuel15 Apr 18159 Mar 1895  
HawthorneMargaret 3 Apr 188685yWife
SmithMrs. M. J.30 Aug 183410 Jan 1922 Daughter of Samuel & Margaret Hawthorne
SmithSamuel M.15 Jan 18708 Jan 1887 Son of H. H. & M. J.
SmithEarl A.4 Mar 187328 Jan 1912 Son of H. H. & M. J.
OrrWm. M.23 May 182726 Jul 1896  
OrrCatherine 16 Oct 189356y 1m 26dWife
DicksonFrancis12 Jan 186328 Feb 1899  
HawthorneSarah 17 Nov 188880y 
HawthorneThomas 20 Jul 187363y 2m 
MahaffyWilliam M.28 May 18396 May 1905  
MahaffyEsther JaneJune 6 185214 Jan 1934 His wife
MahaffyAlexander Mccord Milligan2 Jul 18779 Sep 1900  
MahaffyInfant 22 Dec 1872  
MahaffyGeorge Porter9 Mar 18748 Oct 1874  
MahaffySamuel Irwin9 Mar 18743 Mar 1875  
MarshallJulia 18771y 
LoganSamuel 20 Mar 191278y 4m 19d 
LoganFannie 10 Feb 189053y 8m 1dWife
LoganMary Robinson 6 Jan 186870y 
LoganMary M. (Kerr) June 186912y 
LoganEva T. 1 Nov 1886 Infant Daughter of W. M. & L. E.
McDonaldSusan E. (Sargeant)2 Nov 194510 July 2004   Wife of Richard L.


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