Carter Cemetery has been designated a Pioneer Cemetery by the Des Moines County Pioneer Cemetery Commission.

Carter Cemetery is located in the northwest corner of section 27, Pleasant Grove Township. From Danville, travel north about 4 miles on "T" road. The cemetery is on the east side of the "T" road. You may have to walk, especially if the weather is wet. The cemetery is almost an acre in size with old stones and many unmarked graves.

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transcribed by Becke Dawson





GroganCaroline Aug 3 1890Age 54y 5m 13d. Wife of Jas. R.
MorganRobert 4 Aug 1871Age 55y 10m 19d
MorganJessie D.18601922Father
MorganVada Bell18991904 
DeSpainAndrew J.3 May 18785 Jun 1878Infant Son of N. & N.
DeSpainMarion16 Feb 181921 Dec 1902 
DeSpainJohn24 May 17932 1865 
DeSpainWilliam N. 8 Apr 1865Age 1y. Son of S. & M. M.
RitcheyMargaret 1 Jun 1873Age 67y 10m 5d. Wife of John
MathewsMargaret 3 Feb 1864Age 2y 1m 8d. Daughter of J. D. & M. A.
RitcheyAsa15 Jan 186226 Sep 1862Son of R. & M.
RitcheyRobert19 Dec 18252 Sep 1894 
RitcheyMartha18 Mar 183414 Sep 1895 
MathewsWilford 23 Aug 1861Age 7m 20d. Son of J. & C.E.
ChadwickJ. H.18561934 
ChadwickThomas V.26 Jun 182130 Apr 1901 
ChadwickNancy6 Mar 182015 Jan 1904Wife
ChadwickMary 9 Aug 1867Age 12y 2m 3d. Daughter of T. V. & N.
ChadwickSarah J. 17 Mar 1868Age 23y 5m 16d. Daughter of T. V. & N.
ChadwickElizabeth Ann Mar 1868Age 23y 5m 16d. Daughter of T. V. & N.
RitcheyJohn H. 19 Dec 1869Age 69y 8m 9d
DoddsOmer E.18761878 
DoddsIra E.18821884 
DoddsJoseph W. 9 Feb 1861Age 2m 16d. Son of Wm. E. & C. D.
GrimesSamuel 25 May 1864Age 40y 1m 5da Son of T. & E.
GrimesSarah J. 29 Aug 1850Age 16y 2m 29d. Daughter of T. & E.
CarterEmily J. (Spurgin) 12 Apr 1849Age 28y 2m 11d. Wife of E.
CarterEdwin25 Jul 18149 Jan 1891 
CarterMary F. (Sargent)22 Jul 183431 Oct 1912Wife
CarterEmily J. (Spurgin)1 Sep 182012 Apr 1849Wife
CarterElizabeth Agnes21 Nov 184819 Aug 1849 
CarterMarion26 Aug 18426 Mar 1906 
CarterCharles Olen27 Dec 185123 Sep 1853 
CarterPeter Calvert18 Apr 185324 Sep 1863 
CarterElkanah Still10 Mar 186827 Sep 1879 
CarterMargeby 9 Aug 1852Age 18y 1d. Daughter of R. C. & L.
MitchellMargaret Ellen 22 Dec 1880Age 42y 7m 27d. Wife of John
SargentWilliam S. 11 Oct 1871Age 28y 1m 27d. Son of W. A. & N. M.
SargentNancy M. 21 Jul 1849Wife of W. H. (A.)
SargentWilliam11 Feb 179913 Oct 1879 
SargentMary V. 14 Oct 1872Age 63y 26d. Wife of Wm. H.
GroganWilliam20 Dec 180016 Mar 1877 
RobertsGeorge E. 5 Dec 1864Age 17y 1m. Son of G. & E.
DoddsWilliam D.18 Sep 181130 Apr 1888 
DoddsMary7 Oct 18197 Jun 1886Wife
DoddsJames H. 21 Jan 1863Age 18y 4m 12d. Son of Wm. & M.
DoddsJoseph R. 16 Jul 1863Age 1y 26d. Son of J. R. & S. E.
TuckerMary 22 Sep 1857Age 38y. Wife of W.
CarterBernard21 Apr 1823Aug 12 1890Killed.
CarterAilsy (Eads)17 Aug 182711 Dec 1888Wife of Bernard
CarterHenry C. D. 24 Mar 1861Age 10m 7da Son of B. & A.
CarterRebecca 24 Mar 1860Age 1y 1m 2d. Daughter of B. & A.
CarterBernard H. 11 Dec 1847Son of B. & A.
EadsWilliam21 Mar 179719 Dec 1846 
EadsRebecca A.14 Aug 178931 Jul 1869 
NewlandJabes20 Feb 179921 Oct 1887 
NewlandMaria15 Dec 179830 Mar 1887 
NewlandJohn 17 Mar 1856Age 31y
PierpergerdesE.12 Feb 182321 Oct 1887 
PierpergerdesA. (Höfers)12 Dec 18301 Oct 1 1883Thanks to Donna Ehlers Walker for help with this entry.
PierpergerdesFannie J. 24 Nov 1881Age 5y 7m 24d
PierpergerdesInfant 7 Aug 1859Daughter of E. & A.
SnyderAndrew3 Nov 18023 Aug 1885Father
SnyderSarah2 Oct 180424 Dec 1882Mother
SnyderWilliam W.24 May 184026 Jan 1844 
SnyderMary A.26 Oct 183321 Dec 1882 
SnyderRachal (Little)16 Jan 182926 Oct 1858 
SnyderElizabeth26 Jan 18327 Sep 1888 
BakerFranklin 18 Aug 1855Age 1y 6m 5d. Son of A. & N.
PackwoodFlemion 7 Feb 1860Age 2y 5m 1d. Son of S. & M.
CoatsEliza J. 6 Sep 1870Age 60y 5d. Wife of Joseph
PackwoodLouisa E. 25 Mar 1851Age 7y 9m 21d. Daughter of S. & M.
PackwoodMarinda5 Jan 18434 Dec 1910 
PackwoodJames24 Apr 182021 Jun 1907 
PackwoodEvan13 Mar 185322 Apr 1901 
PackwoodLouisa A. 8 Jun 1868Age 48y 9m 28d. Wife of J.
PackwoodAlbert J.9 Aug 18479 Jan 1910 
PackwoodJerry10 Apr 184523 Sep 1891 
TuckerAbe14 Jul 18336 Feb 1910 
TuckerJane2 Jun 18361 Sep 1907 
StrothmanWilliam F.1 Mar 184611 Feb 1887 
StrothmanP. Fred15 Oct 181118 Sep 1887 
StrothmanLouisa K.Mar 1820Jan 1900Wife of F. P.
StrothmanInfant26 Jul 189827 Jul 1898Son of C. A. & M. P.


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