Blakeway Cemetery is located in Danville Township, section 32, southwest corner. Take J20 West from Middletown, Iowa, for approximately 4 1/2 miles (to the Harmony Bible Church). Turn south and proceed for about 1 mile. Take a right (west) for about 1/2 mile and take the lane to the left (south) for about 1/3 of a mile. You will see the cemetery on the left.

Burials began in 1839. There are broken stones and unmarked graves. Mr. Frank S. Wilson, longtime caretaker of this cemetery, can remember when the cemetery was enclosed by a rail fence and old tombstones were leaning against the rails. Those old stones have vanished and are no longer available for copying.

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transcribed by Becke Dawson with additions by Stacy Bliesener





AllisonMargaret J. 23 Aug 185519y 5m 4d, Dau of B. & M.
ArnoldJ. M. 18 Jun 1871  30y 8m 18d, Co. E 15th Iowa Inf.
BadleyMariah M. 15 Oct 187533y 10m 4d, Wife of John
BaileyR. Kent188419675 
BaileyFlora M.18841967 
BakerJohn W.18421916 
BeckerJohn P. 4 May 18637m 22d, Son of J. & L.
BlakewayThos. 13 Nov 187885y 1m 5d
BlakewayElisabeth 15 Sep 187072y 3m 8d, Wife of Thos.
BlakewayThomas S. 9 Apr 185521y 10m 29d, Son of T. & E.
BlakewayWm. 25 Sep 187971y 9m
BlakewayElizabeth 17 Mar 186763y 4m 13d, Wife of Wm.
BrunEva Williamson7 May 188919 Nov 1924 
BryanCyrus 24 Oct 186238y 5m 15d
BryanFrankie 15 May 187317y 9m 19d, Dau of C & M. J.
BryanMary J. 30 Jun 185830y 2m 12d, Wife of S.
BryenMilton 17 Feb 18523m 6d, Son of C. & M. J.
ByarsFleming 30 Mar 184833y 6m 15d
ClarkFlorella H.18611951Wife
ConnellyLouisa22 Dec 181226 Jan 1847Sacred to the memory of Louisa, Wife of Wm. Born In Baltimore, Md
CresapS. R.5 Oct 18483 May 1929 
CresapElvira28 Dec 185221 Feb 1914Wife of S. R.
DaileyJoseph 14 Apr 187446y 3m 4d
DailyJohn24 Jan 180229 Feb 1864Born In Lebanon Co., Pa
DailyJohn T. 28 Feb 18734y 4m, Son of J. B. & M. D.
DanfordIsabella J.18461909 
DanielJacob 18 Feb 1846In The 21st Year of His Age
DavisAlbert 1 Apr 1854In The 29th Year of His Age
DavisJesse  In Memory of Jesse
DavisMary Ann 30 Jun 1872Mother Wife of Jessee In The 50th Year of Her Age
DavisEdwin12 Mar 185928 Jan 1862Son of J. G. & E.
DeardorffJohn 1 Jul 185374y 2m 4d
DeardorffCatharine6 Oct 17812 Feb 187189y 3m 26d, Wife of John
DeardorffJohn 9 Jan 186150y
DeardorffIrene B. 14 Apr 18658y 9m 1d, Dau of J & E
DeeGeorge W. 25 Jul 189487y 4m 22d
DeePhoebe21 Apr 18222 Jan 1907 
DeeThomas W. 29 Sep 18513y 2m 8d, Son of George W. & Phoebe
DeeWm. S.2 May 186115 Sep 1876 
DickeyElizabeth J. 3 Nov 1856  26y 2m 25d, Wife of I. N.
"My partner In life, farewell
To thee I trust a happier life is being given
One tie to earth for me has lost its spell
Another formed in heaven
(Donahue & Mccosh, Burlington, Tombstone Merchant)
DickeyWilliam H.18401922 
DillingerDaniel 8 Mar 185728y 8m 8d
DillingerEdson 7 Feb 185714d, Son of C. M. & M.
DillingerHenry L. 24 Sep 186411m 24d, Son of C. M. & M.
DixonE. D.18031865 
DixonMoina22 18181885Wife
DonnollyErnest L.1899  
DonnollyLena D.18981969 
FleagleElizabeth (Wilson)19 Aug 185114 Apr 1914 
FunckHenry10 Jan 181816 Jun 1906Father
FunckAnna 28 Mar 188863y 8m 28d, Mother Wife of Henry
FunckHenry F. 5 Sep 18635m 28d, Son of J & C
FurrowEsther 10 May 185727y 2m, Wife of John
GabbertHenry M. 20 Nov 186319y 7m 18d, Co K 19th Reg Iowa Volunteers Son of J. & K.
GabbertMatilda A. 4 Oct 186321y 11m 14d, Wife of C. R.
GapenJohn 7 May 186556y, Stone broken. Date unclear.
GapenLucinda C. 4 Feb 187839y 4m 18d, Wife of E.
GapenElisha25 Nov 18308 Jun 1906 
GapenFanny Alice 18 Aug 18642y 7m 20d, Dau of E. & L. C.
GapenDennis S. 8 Aug 18671y 10m 1d, Son of E. & L. C.
GapenInfant 15 Sep 1869Son of E. & L. C.
GapenCatharine M. 2 Mar 18709y 10m 21d, Dau of E. & L. C.
GapenAlbert 20 May 18719m 29d, Son of E. & L. C.
GapenWillis 30 Sep 18727m 10d, Son of E. & L. C.
GapenInfant 1876Son of E. & L. C.
GapenDella Blanche6 Aug 187326 Jul 1905Dau of E. L.
GapenNancy M.18471935 
GapenLora Belle9 Jul 188211 Jun 1891Dau of E. & N.
GapenArthur T.18801950 
GapenLaura B.1884  
GillGeorge W.18581929Father
GillIda A.18601950Mother
GobleDeborah Mae (Born) 10/12/19476/12/2011Dau of Donald & Dorothy Mae (Carhoff) Born
wife of Richard E. "Butch" Goble
GreggSarah 8 Aug 185984y
GreggFranklin17 Jun 184115 May 1842Son of J. M. & Emily
GreggMary8 Jan 185023 Mar 1850Dau of J. M. & Emily
GreggMalinda 10 Jun 184828y 10m 11d, Consort of Azariah
GreggMary M 13 Feb 18476m 1d, Dau of Azariah & Malinda
GreggMorgan 29 Apr 18411m 28d, Son of Azariah & Malinda
GreggFrancis W. 1 Oct 18445y 10m 16d, Son of Azariah & Malinda
HannaJames Craig 1 Sep 183945y 10m 13d, Sacred to the memory of James Craig
Our days are as the grass
Or like the morning flow'r
If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field
It withers in an hour.
(Gamage & Hutson)
HannaElenor 11 Nov 185662y 8m 14d, Wife of J. C.
HannaJames Craig19 Oct 17931 Sep 1839 
HannaElenor (Crawford)25 Jul 199311 Nov 1856Wife
HannaClementine 8 Oct 185637yWife of W. C.
HannaMitchael 18 Sep 18561y 20d, Son of W. C. & C.
HannaWilliam C. 16 Sep 18542y 23d, Son of W. C. & C.
HannaClarisa 28 Sep 184?5mDau of W. C. & C. Broken Stone
HawkinsMary A. 17 Apr 187260y 21d, Departed This Life
HawleyFannie 15 Jan 18679m 26d, Dau of H. B.(?) & A.
HeadClyde 26 Aug 18796m 5d, Son of J. L. & K. E. Our Darling Clyde
HeadVicla May3 Nov 18693 Oct 1870Dau of J. E. & M. A.
HeadJohathan E. 30 Jun 187124y 5m 20d
HeadAllison E.18681935 
HeadNellie C.18691946 
HeibnerWilliam3 Nov 18367 Feb 1892 
HeibnerWilhelmine8 Oct 183823 Sep 1888Wife
HeibnerLouis D.3 May 187517 Jul 1924 
HeibnerBirdie18 Nov 187319 May 189522y 6m 1d, Wife of W. A.
HeibnerFloyd 5 Sep 18954m, Son of W. A. & Birdie
HeibnerAugusta P. 12 Oct 188117y 3m 3d, Dau of Wm. & M.
HeibnerJohn J.18 May 187726 Oct 1925Father
HeibnerEdith M26 Feb 188315 Mar 1952 
HesterEmanuel D.20 Jun 185512 Jun 1947 
HesterArminta Jennie28 Aug 18561 May 1923 
HobbsNancy 18 Jul 184111m, Dau of Warren C. & Susan
HobsonRuth 4 Sep 185358y 4m 1d, Wife of A.
HobsonElijah E.22 Oct 185730 Sep 1862Son of A. & S. C.
HogelandIngham  Co H 37th Ia Inf.
HolmesMary 1 Jun 186928y 1m 14d, Wife of B. F.
HolmesJoseph M. 16 Sep 18635m 1d, Son of B. F. & M.
HootonAnna C.18301900 
IvesFannie 7 Jan 185519y, Wife of Eben Jr.
IvesCephas 1 Feb 185518y
IvesEben 1 Feb 185562y
IvesElvira E. 24 Mar 185520y
IvesAnnie E. 17 Sep 18576m 10d, Dau of J. C. & S. G.
KershnerSyntha A. 1 Oct 185827y 8m 14d, Dau of B. & N. Roberts
KleinkopfErnestina (Engmann) 31 Jan 187436y 8mWife of B.
LandesChristian 17 Jan 186567y 4m 15d
LandesAnna 6 Nov 190197y 11m 25d, Father
LandesDavid24 Mar 182611 Mar 1904 
LandesNancy Jane20 Jun 18333 Apr 1862Wife
LandesAnna20 Feb 18305 Dec 1917Wife
LandesByron F.27 Oct 18525 Oct 1923 
LandesAlmeda H.11 Jan 186024 May 1941 
LandesAlva Curtis 12 Aug 1880Son of Byron F. & Almeda H.
LandesMilton 28 Oct 1852Infant Son of D & N. J.
LandesDavid L.30 Jul 190322 Mar 1904Son of H. S. & E. E.
LandesJ. L.18581923 
LandesLessie31 Jan 187024 Jan 1954 
LandesMeade E.24 May 186423 Oct 1920 
LandesNancy J.18 Mar 186610 Jul 1929Wife
LandesPreston Abbot  28y, Missionary, Entered Into Higher Service January 24, 1920
LandesClara18651939Wife. Missionary
LightnerJoseph W. 2 May 18785y 5m 3d, Son of J. S. & M. A.
McCormickClyde2 Feb 188016 Jun 1960 
McCormickPearl A.12 Jan 1885  
McCoyJ. B. 1 Feb 189583y 4m 18d
McCoyJudith 2 Dec 187558y 2m 24d, Wife of J. B.
McCoyDr. J.29 May 183416 Apr 1909Husband
McCoyAmanda M. 30 Sep 189357y 1m 9d, Wife of Jesse
McCoyNora  10d, Dau of J. & A.
McCoyRobert September XXXXX 18621y 7mSon of J. & A. M.
McCoyBrice 19 Nov 186684y 21d
McCoyMargaret 26 Dec 1861   78y 11m, Wife of Brice
McCoyClara31 Jan 190511 Apr 1905See Williamson
MastersPenelope 16 Aug 183936y 8m 2d, Consort of Nathan. Sacred to the memory of Penelope
MastersInfant  Son of N. & P.
MastersCynthia 6 May 18481m 4d, Dau of N. & C. A.
MillerPeter Mar 186762y 7d
MooreFrancis3 May 178726 Oct 185972y 7m 23d, Father
Father, I give my spirit up. I trust it in they hand
My dying flesh shall rest in hope,
And rise at Thy command.
MooreAnna27 Aug 183324 Feb 1865Mother Wife of Francis
MooreThomas R.4 Apr 183318 Jan 1838Buried In Virginia. Son of F. & A.
MooreGeorge M.4 Apr 18334 May 1840Son of F. & A.
MoreGeorge Mitchel 3 Jun 18407y 2mSon of Francis & Anna. In memory of George Mitchel
MooreRachel 15 Sep 184770y 10m 27d, Wife of Henry Sr.
NixAlberta My 11 Jul 18694y 9m 6d, Dau of B. J. & V. E.
NyeClara R. 2 Jun 18699y 2m 19d, Dau of P. L. & R.
O'DellJohn C.5 Jun 188531 Oct 1958 
O' ellBessie L.10 Jul 1889  
PorterRichard M. 29 May 1846In the 44y of hisage
PorterSophia B.29 Feb180929 Jan 188575y 11m
PorterRebecca E. 4 Jul 185821y 7m 4d, Dau of R. M. & S.
PorterJohn 17 Jul 1878  43y 3m 9d, Our Brother
PorterInfant 28 Mar 1891Dau of J. R. & I. L.
PorterVear4 Jul 183314 Feb 1902Co E 15th Ia Vol Inf. Our brother
PrebeLudwig14 Oct 184424 Sep 1914 
PrebeAmelia11 Feb 185725 Feb 1932Wife
PrebeHerman W.2 Mar 188413 May 1888Infant son of ? & A. Prebe
RankinNancy A. 16 Apr 185917y 2m 17d, Dau of Wm. W. & I.
RankinIsabella 30 Sep 186158y, Wife of Wm. W.
RankinCaroline 11 Mar 187631y 4m 8d, Wife of A. J.
RhoadsEmma E. 3 Jul 191234y, Wife of F. P.
RobertsReuben 9 Mar 1850In the 79y of His Age
Roberts Elizabeth15 Sep 1849 In the 68y of Her age. Wife of Reuben
RobertsAnna 18 Mar 18647y 1m 2d, Dau of E. & B.
RobertsCharles W.3 Feb 185715 Feb 1857Son of J. N. & R. E.
RobertsMargaret 13 Dec 186363y 1m 5d,
RobertsJohn 2 Jan 186372y 4m 23d,
RobertsBennet  Son of J. & M.
RobertsLemuel  Son of J. & M.
RobertsGilbert  Son of J. & M.
RobertsJosiah 28 Aug 187049y 10m 4d
RobertsAlexander H. 15 Nov 1847In the 22nd Year of His Age
RobertsWalter E. 11 Jan 184820y 7m 5d
RobertsJonathan E. 3 Sep 184948y 5m 5d
RobertsMaria 17 Feb 186564y 7m 21d, Our Mother. Wife of Jonathan
RobertsVirgil 31 Oct 18491y 5m 3d, Son of R. P. & M. E.
RobertsLouisa J. 11 Sep 185219y 9m 4d
RobertsReuben P. 10 Dec 185441y 9m 19d
RobertsEsther 22 Apr 185331y 4m 19d, Wife of B.
RobertsNancy 22 Feb 185247y 2m 18d, Wife of B.
RobertsNancy Jane 29 May 185221y 9m 18d, Wife of Josiah
RobertsMary Ellen 20 Jul 185519y, Dau of B. & N.
RobertsEliza Jane 6 Oct 185622y, Dau of B. & N.
RobertsElizabeth ??? 7, 185719y 2m 20d, Dau of B. & N. Stone is broken.
RobertsCaroline 22 Aug 185817y 11m 14d, Dau of B. & N.
RobertsEditha M. 20 Nov 18582y 9m 4d, Dau of B. & N.
RobertsWalter S. 6 Oct 18781y 1m 19d, Son of J. B. & E. J.
RobertsSyntha A.  See Kershner
RosenbergerHenry 1 Oct 185145y 27d, Stone is broken
SchreckengastThomas 2 Feb 185930 minutes, Son of I. & S.
SchreckengastSarah L. 29 Jan 18621y 9m 29d, Dau of I. & S.
SeagerHenry 10 Oct 187147y 9m 23d
SeagerAaron E.18641960 
SeagerMary J.18671931 
SherrickMaggie C. 16 Mar 188310d, Inf dau of J. M. & E. A.
SherrickInfant 19 Feb 1905Inf dau of J. M. & E. A.
SmithIra F. 23 Apr 18911m 6d, Son of C. A. & M. F.
SpeidelVeronica6 Apr 189321 Mar 1895Dau of J. & C.
SpeidelAnna7 Sep 18913 Dec 1891Dau of J. & S.
StonerC. F. 28 Mar 191687y 7m 20d, Father
StonerCatharine 12 Jun 188557y 1m 6d, Mother, wife of C. F.
StonerBarbara 3 Dec 191281y 5m 5d, Wife of C. F.
SyesterJacob 13 Nov 184762y
SyesterMary 9 Nov 185767y
SyesterLewis M. 14 Jul 186223y 6m 3d, Co E 15th Ia Vols.
"Death has been here and born away
A brother from our side
Just in the morning of his day
A brave young soldier died"
ThornburgJohn E.26 Feb 18874 Dec 1936 
TinsleyZachary T.19 Mar 185029 Sep 1935 
TinsleyMary A.5 Aug 185630 Nov 1939 
TinsleyHenry F.18521931 
TinsleyMaria L.18541922Wife
TolleJennie Viola18921971 
TurleyCharles M.21 May 18368 Feb 1913Father
TurleyIsabella J. (Danford)8 Jul 184625 Dec 1909Mother. wife of C. M.
TurleyWayne A. 2 Jul 189417y 5m 20d, Son of C. M. & I. J.
TurleyFrancis W.4 Jul 18716 Aug 1872Son of C. M. & I. J.
TurleyThos. Lafe23 Nov 18671 Dec 1948 
TurleyBessie B.20 Jun 18901 Nov 1950 
VanceMarion9 Feb 18472 Jan 1881Father
WardJoseph30 Nov 190417 Feb 188185y 10m, Born In Marshall Co., W. Va. Removed to Des Moines Co. Ia in 1844. Father
WardSarah 16 Oct 186366y 8m 27d, Mother, wife of Joseph
WardM. E. 11 Apr 1848In memory of M. E., dau of Henry S. & S. A.
WardHenry S.5 Sep 192014 Oct 1847In memory of Henry S. Born in Marshall Co., W Va
WardJane9 Jan 186912 Jun 184779y 5m 3d, Wife of Joseph. Born in Franklin Co., Pa
WhislerJohn1 Nov 182015 Mar 1880 
WhislerBarbara E.13 Apr 182016 Jan 1904 
WhislerLeona May2 Sep 188620 Mar 1887Dau of J. & A. L.
WhislerSarah E.20 Jan 185710 Sep 1891Wife of J. B.
WhislerIsaac29 Jan 190526 Apr 1905Father
WhislerLaura4 Feb 190527 Apr 1905Mother
WilliamsJ. W.1 Oct 181327 Apr 1882 
WilliamsCatharine4 Sep 181930 Oct 1901Wife
WilliamsonJesse A.7 May 18816 May 1902 
WilliamsonThomas22 May 185621 Aug 1947 
WilliamsonClara (Mccoy)22 Jul 185817 Feb 1928Wife of Thos.
WilliamsonEve18891924See Brun
WilsonWilliam22 Nov 181527 Aug 1899Father
WilsonMary11 Oct 181815 Aug 1889Mother
WilsonRachel ?? 20, 189575y 4m 9d, In memory of Rachel
WilsonJno. 15 Nov 187732y 6m 11d, Co. G. 45th Ia Inf.
WilsonRachel 5 Jun 18603m 16d, Dau of Wm. & M.
WilsonSarah 4 Jul 18602y 11m 17d, Dau of Wm. & M.
WilsonPeter R.10 Dec 185318 May 1944 
WilsonEmaline S.26 May 18517 Jan 1917 
WilsonIda (Sharp)27 Apr 186431 Oct 1942 
WilsonFrank S.1888  
WilsonMary E.1893  
ZieglerChristian E.11 Mar 182519 Sep 1914 
ZieglerNancy20 Oct 183621 Jul 1923Wife
ZieglerGideon 8 Mar 18762y 12d, Son of C. & N.
ZieglerJohn H. 20 Jan 18756y 8m 15d, Son of C. & N.
ZieglerBenjamin F. 5 Oct 18651y 1m 22d, Son of C. & N.
ZieglerOlive D. 28 Jul 18787m 25d, Dau of C. & N.
ZieglerWilliam A.21 Mar 187120 Jan 1952 
ZieglerLucy A. 15 Jul 1906 


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