Located in section 24 of Augusta Township. The land for the Augusta Cemetery was donated with the stipulation that residents who lived in or near the area could be buried in the cemetery without having to purchase a lot.

Paul French has created two maps of this cemetery, based on maps maintained by the Union Twp. Board of Trustees. These maps are known to contain multiple problems. There are grave markers in the cemetery which are not on the maps. There are grave markers recorded on the maps which can no longer be found in the cemetery. The position of some gravemarkers on the maps only vaguely represents their actual location in the cemetery. Until better maps are made, these are the best available.

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transcribed by Becke Dawson

Northern Half
Southern Half





AinsworthAlmyra 2 Feb 1854Dau of Elijah & Electa, 7 days
AinsworthElecta (Fox)11 Dec 18126 Mar 1891Wife of Elijah
AinsworthElijah 30 Aug 186460y 7m 24d
ArnoldArthur C.13 Apr 18928 Nov 1951PFC, 8 Co. Trans. Corps, WWI
AthertonCatharine 28 Apr 1868Wife of H., 70y 5m 6d
BakerCharles J.18981941 
BakerLouisa M.18711942 
BakerRamo E.18711931 
BalmerLaura E.18661924Wife of Wm. B.
BalmerMildred E.190719-- 
BalmerRolla P.19041964 
BalmerWm. B.18771962 
BartlettHarriet A.18681948Wife of Everett
BeckeCarl E.25 Sep 182528 Jan 1901 
BeckeMary S.25 Sep 182714 Feb 1890 
BerkiserDora27 Oct 18376 Aug 1911Wife of Louis
BerkiserInfant 17 Jun 1881Son of L. & D.
BerkiserLouis9 Mar 18338 Feb 1928 
BerkiserSophia 12 Jan 1885Dau of L. & D., 19y 6m
BerrierAnnie 9 Apr 1863Wife of David, 57y 11m 9d
BerrierDavid D. 19 Jun 186463y 8m 4d
BerrierEllen 24 Sep 1865Dau of David & Anna, 28y 1m 1d
BietschPeter19 Mar 182611 Mar 1907 
BietschRose (Huntziger)18 Dec 183724 Dec 1919Wife of Peter
BirkettAnn 17 Jul 1876Wife of T. C., 58 years
BitscheAlbert21 Mar 18636 Jul 1946 
BitscheMary5 Sep 186725 Jul 1946Wife of Albert
BlindtJoseph P.3 Jan 188418 Apr 1912 
BlindtJosephine24 Apr 185608/26/28Wife of Xavier
BlindtXavier F.15 Sep 184416 Jun 1919 
BlumeAmalia18501938Wife of Wilhelm
BlumeElmer A. 5 Jul 1939Pvt 537 Inf 90 Div IA
BlumeWilhelm  Gestorben Den 20ten April 1873 52 Jahre Alt 
BlumeWilhelm H.18441927 
BlumeWilliam J.18711950 
BrandtJohn H.12/14/3704/29/11  Born Germany
BrandtRoena J.16 May 18407 Mar 1902
BrownDorothy (Thele)1914  
BrunAnna Louise18691930Dau J. A. & F. D.
BrunEmil4 Aug 184825 Apr 1923 
BrunFrances20 Feb 182018 Oct 1898 
BrunFred P.18771961 
BrunFredricka D. (Unterkircher)30 May 185014 Apr 1917 Wife of Joseph A.
BrunJohn B.1 Dec 18799 Dec 1960 
BrunJoseph 8 Jan 187123 Sep 1871Son of J. A. & F. D.
BrunJoseph A.20 Feb 184215 Oct 1906 GAR
BrunLeo3 Aug 18861 Oct 1911 
BrunMarie5 Dec 185610 Jan 1916Wife of Emil
BrunMaud E.3 Jan 1890  
BrunSophie18791949Dau J. A. & F. D.
BryantAmy2 Feb 18761 Apr 1888 
BryantChester29 Oct 187712 Aug 1878 
BryantEdgar26 May 18732 Jan 1875 
BryantHattie14 Sep 18464 Jul 1925Wife of Walter
BryantOliver1 Sep 18797 Sep 1879 
BryantWalter9 Nov 184227 Dec 1884 
BuckEmma K.18811958 
BuckEmma Louise19021970 
BuckFrank E.18791954 
BurnnellFranklin A. 22 Apr 1858Son of A. & C. P., 4y 4m
BuxtonBertie23 Jan 187110 Jul 1951 
BuxtonByron22 Apr 183419 Oct 1901 
BuxtonCorliss K.23 Jan 192724 Aug 1929Son of H. P. & D. E.
BuxtonHomer P.18891956 
BuxtonIda17 Nov 187731 Dec 1924 
BuxtonManna 13 Jan 189024y 5m 22d
BuxtonStephen J.18581942 
BuxtonSusan (Berrier)25 Nov 183316 Oct 1907 
BuxtonSusan A.18601936Wife of Stephen
CameronCatherine S. 20 Sep 1859Dau of W. C. & C. S., 5m 12d
CameronCatherine Selena 8 Apr 1859Wife of W. C., 38y 5m 20d
CameronWm. C. 6 Aug 186242y 4m 16d
CarterJohn D. 21 Feb 186390y
CarterMary E. 9 Apr 1871Wife of L. E., 19y 1m 9d
CarterMary F. 31 Jan 187179y
CarterSarah A. (Deerman) 15 Jul 1819Wife of D. S., 66y 1m 16d
CartwrightSarah20 Nov 180810 Apr 1877 
ChauvenAugustus18671890Son, buried Bevins, Texas
ChauvenLafrenia A.18151875 
ChauvenLizzie 23 Jul 1859Dau of A. L. & M., 8m 23d
ChauvenMary25 Jun 1868Wife of A. L., 33y 25d
ChipmanGeorge L.18441927 
ChipmanHarman J. 30 Nov 189280y 2m 19d
ChipmanMary 28 Sep 190289y 5m 3d
ChristiansenArnold5 Nov 18951 Feb 1934PFC, 122 Eng. IA
ChristiansenCarrie18601935Wife of Andrew
CrabtreeAlbert H.18631949 
CrabtreeFrances M.Dau 19041972 
CrabtreeJoseph A.22 Sep 18275 May 1904 
CrabtreeMartha C. 18711943Wife of Albert
CrabtreeMary E. (Robertson)25 Nov 183026 Mar 1917Wife of Joseph
CramerAnna26 Sep 1863 Dau of N & A, 11m 13d
DanniesAdolph F.18621945 
DanniesFrederich7 Jan 18186 Jul 1899 
DanniesMaria C.29 Oct 183315 Jun 1890Wife of Frederich
DaughercyRobert H.19191978 
DavisCarolina (Hays)8 Aug 181819 Oct 1879Wife of Wm. F.
DavisGeo. C. 24 Oct 1842Son of W. F. & C., 2y 1m 14d
DavisInfants  4 Infants of W. F. & C.
DavisLewis C. 22 Jun 1872Son of W. F. & C., 22y 8m 23d
DavisWm. F.1 Mar 181512 Jan 1902 
DavisonAnna L.18931966 
DavisonMark J.18941972 
DichtOtto10 Jun 18907 May 1897Son of W. H. & Mary
DietzChristiana 1922
DietzLydia M. 31 Dec 187329 Dec 1902Wife of Peter
DornhafnerAntone B.7 May 187212 Apr 1947"Brother"
DornhafnerBathilda26 Feb 186614 Jun 1911"Sister"
DornhafnerCarrie R.186919--Wife of Geo.
DornhafnerFrank C.8 Jan 182816 Dec 1902 
DornhafnerGeo. F.18641951 
DornhafnerMargaret (Smith)9 Jun 183820 Jun 1901Wife of Frank
DornhafnerRosena2 Jan 18818 Aug 1969 
DownsEda6 Nov 187326 Aug 1905Wife of Geo. L.
EddyAustin D. 24 Sep 190853 years, Woodman of The World
EddyE. Austin  No dates
EddyEmily  No dates
EddyIda  Wife of Austin
EgglestonH. E.21 Dec 18208 May 1897 
EgglestonMary (Barbe)29 May 181920 Feb 1918 
ElderCaroline10 Sep 1867Dau of W. W. & H. J., 1y 3m 7d
ElderGeo 5 Mar 1857Son of W. W. & H. J., 14 days
ElderH. J.  Wife of W. W., no dates
ElderHattie (Fairbanks)18391880Wife of W. W.
ElderJohn S. 18 May 1861Son of W. W. & H. J., 1y 2m 17d
ElderW. W.18321920 
ElderWm. W.  No dates
EnkeLeslie M.19121969 
ErblandJoseph8 Feb 190823 Jan 1909Son of C. & L.
FaeseckeElizabeth9 Jul 185827 Nov 1935 
FaeseckeEmma F.25 Jan 18998 Oct 1916 
FaeseckeFred23 Jul 185514 Apr 1925 
FairbanksMercy Ann (Sage)18021860Wife of Sheldon, born New York, died in Iowa
FairbanksSheldon18011868Born New Hampshire, died in iowa
FarnsworthChas.27 Jul 189624 Jun 1977Pvt., U.S. Army WWI
FarnsworthFrank G.15 Apr 186512 Nov 1927 
FarnsworthHarriet18741960Wife of John
FarnsworthJulius O.10 Sep 189816 Oct 1909Son of John & Hattie
FranklinForrest E.19021927 
FranklinJulia A.18441913 
FraserAlexander9 Apr 1810? Aug 1883 
FraserAnna Bell (Sealey)19 May 186127 May 1939Wife of Robert
FraserEunice11 Mar 18153 Feb 1904Wife of Alexander
FraserFrank H.18 Jan 190018 Jul 1964 
FraserMargaret E.16 Jul 185323 Dec 1889 
FraserMildred M.20 Jun 1906  
FraserRobert8 Feb 185713 Dec 1912 
FraserVan O.26 Sep 18974 May 1966 
FraserVera M.189819-- 
FreburgCaroline2 Jun 184529 Dec 1904Wife of John
FreburgJohn24 Sep 184220 Feb 1908 
FreburgLulu (Kinzie)18771952 
GageJessie G. 30 May 1863Dau of G. W. & M. A., 14y 3m 27d
GravesAmy A. 18 Sep 1849Dau of John & Hannah C., 1y 6m 6d
GrinnellAddie28 Jul 186215 Apr 1912Wife of Arsemus
GrinnellArsemus21 Jun 1855  
GrossAlbert J.18 Feb 185729 Dec 1910 
GrossAlice M.18701943Wife
GrossAnna17 Dec 18489 Feb 1925 
GrossBelle M.18681923 
GrossFrank18 May 186422 Jul 1903 
GrossGeorge P.18671934 
GrossIsaiah25 Nov 183213 Nov 1886 
GrossJohn14 Jun 184926 Sep 1922 
GrossMary Clara (Scarff)26 Jan 187626 Aug 1956Wife of Frank
GrossMary E.11 May 183629 Oct 1904Wife of Isaiah
GrossMaude F.18821937 
GrossTheresa Anastasia18 Jan 19013 Jun 1926Dau of F. & M. C.
GrothAnna S.18691926 
GrothHenry V.18701919 
GrothJohn J.18651956 
GrothMilo O.30 Nov 188911 Apr 1916 
HanaphyDr. Frank P.11 Apr 18641 Oct 1941 
HanaphyEmma30 May 187319 Feb 1949Wife of Frank
HanaphyHelen M.19101931Dau of F. P. & E.
HassenfratzElizabeth18681943Wife of Alois
HaughFrank  No dates
HemmingsCaleb 3 Aug 1874Son of W. & J.
HepnerMary 30 Mar 1849Dau of W. & E., 9y 3m 29d
HepnerSarah 10 Feb 1846Dau of W. & E., 3m 10d
HillearyEva18681930Wife of Wm. J.
HillearyWm. J.18691949 
HoffmanRobert20 Feb 192630 Apr 1927Son of Fred & Ruth
Holland   Broken off
HollandElizabeth16 Jan 181411 Feb 1887"Mother," wife of L., 73y 25d
HollandEudoras30 Aug 184215 Jan 1863Buried in Memphis, TN
HollandHomer1 Nov 184610 Nov 1863Co. E Reg. IA Vols, USA
HollandInnes Lucretia 28 Nov 1867Dau of L. & E. A. 15y 19d
HollandLaban28 Feb 180728 Feb 1884"Father," 77y
HollandMinerva 13 Aug 1868Wife of L (?), 30y 8m 3d
HoltzglawChas. H.18 Nov 184235 years
HoukWill & wife  No dates, homemade stone
JarvisSophie M.18751934 
JarvisWillie H.18751957 
JuelChas. W.21 Jul 187922 Aug 1955 
JuelDorothy L.8 Jan 1923  
JuelEffie O.18 Sep 18813 Aug 1967 
JuelLouis R.22 Aug 191125 Jan 1970 
KehnHenry1 Aug 182514 Jul 1904 
KehnMaria17 Sep 182013 Feb 1894Wife of Henry
KellyCatherine 29 Sep 1854Wife of John, 61y 0m 12d
KellyJohn O.23 Sep 18738 Nov 1940 
KellyRuth Janette18981976 
KentchAnna M18871967Wife of Ethan
KentchEthan R.18791950 
KentchSally Lou 6 Apr 19476 Apr 1947Dau of R. E. & M. J.
KinzieLydia S.18581944"Mother"
KinzieMartha A.18851949 
KinzieRichard A.28 Aug 191621 Aug 1927 
LammeLaura (Willard)20 Mar 186514 Nov 1956Wife of E. G.
LongcorHazel (Orton) 8 Feb 194047 years
LuckeyGeo. W. 24 Nov 1842Son of Wm. & Elizabeth, 7y 8m 5d
MadlenderLouisa A.18651936Dau of F. & M. Dannies
ManeelyJoseph W.11 Aug 183816 Feb 1911 
ManeelyPercy L.18711956 
ManeelyVirginia I.2 Dec 1843 Wife of Joseph
ManningLucy 4 Mar 1844Wife of Jacob Manning, dau of Thomas & Irena Orton, 20y 4m 9d
MayerElizabeth L.10 Jul 19062 May 1914Dau of J. M. & R. R.
MayerFrank  No dates
McClaskyJames S. 31 Dec 1856Son of Rev Isaac & N. C., 6m 14d
McClaskyN. C. 22 Jun 1856Wife of Isaac, 30y 11m 8d
McClaskyRev. Isaac 27 Feb 186048y 8m 16d
McClureCatharine 9 Aug 1859Wife of B., 33y 5m 19d
McCoyLois Jean19311932Dau of O. E. & Ruby
McLaneMary M.20 Jan 18518 Feb 1896Wife of J. A.
MillerDorthy18311891Wife of Conrad
MillerEtta18661889Dau of Conrad & Dorthy
MoffettAntoinette (Roff)22 Oct 181428 Jan 18882nd wife of Levi
MoffettAugustus 1 Oct 1848Son of L. & A., 2y 7m 10d
MoffettCaroline (Roff)24 Oct 18355 Dec 1903Wife of Joseph
MoffettElizabeth 4 Jul 1849Dau of L. & E. , 13y 6m 4da
MoffettElizabeth 29 May 1838Wife of L., 35y 4m 2d
MoffettEmily 14 Apr 1842Dau of L. & A., 1 year
MoffettEsther 12 Sep 1838Dau of L. & E., 6 months
MoffettJoseph29 Oct 182423 May 1879 
MoffettJosephine E. 11 Jun 1849Dau of L. & A., 1y 1m 12d
MoffettLevi10 May 180031 Mar 1857 
MohrChrist11 Dec 184920 Oct 1929 
MohrMary5 Oct 185427 Sep 1928 
MooreJohn Nov 1832Buried St Louis, Mo
MooreJoseph12 Jul 183019 Jan 1888Born St. Louis, MO
MooreLouise (Chauvin) 20 Nov 18066 Nov 1893Wife of —, Born St. Louis, MO
MurphyAnna R.18611956Wife of Wm. Austin
MurphyM. Randall29 Nov 189416 Feb 193916 Feb 1939
MurphyWm. Austin18561936 
MurrayE. W. 14 Jun 181718y 6m 21d
NeelyEdward Barton05/07/1865
Des Moines Co., IA
Ft. Madison, IA
NeelyHarold14 Jun 189314 Nov 1899 
NeelyJohn D. 3 Jul 189975 years
NeelyJohn F.18621935 
NeelyMaria D. 30 Jun 187650 years
NeelySarah M. (Shepherd)18701921Wife of Edward Barton
NicloyCatherine3 Jan 18119 Jul 1889Wife of John
NicloyJohn1 Jan 181023 Mar 1887 
NuttAnnie M.6 Apr 1874 Wife of Wm.,30y 10m
NuttElizabeth L. 28 Nov 1846Dau of Wm & L., 2 days
NuttJohn 18 Apr 1868"Our Father," 83 years
NuttJohn A. 5 Apr 1850Son of Wm. & L., 10m 8d
NuttLurannah 11 Jun 1849Dau of A. & L. Hoskins, wife of Wm., 25y 7m 18d
NuttMary Ann25 Dec 182314 Jan 1889 
NuttWm. 31 Dec 187952 years
NuttWm. A. 18 Mar 1872Son of W. & A., 4y 5m 11d
OlsonLeonard W.19071936Son of John
OlsonMary J.18721953Wife of John
OrtonBert D.18691958 
OrtonElla E.17 Jan 18521 Jan 1862Dau P. & M. E., 9y 11m 13d
OrtonEsther S.8 Jan 185526 Jun 1937 
OrtonIrena 26 Jan 1849Wife of Thomas
OrtonLaura B.6 Feb 185220 Nov 1867Dau P. & M. E., 4y 2m 16d
OrtonLyman C.15 Sep 18609 Mar 1935 
OrtonMary Elizabeth1 May 183126 Dec 1918Wife of Palmer
OrtonMaud L.8 Nov 187421 Nov 1947 
OrtonPalmer15 Feb 182613 Oct 1908 
OrtonThomas 6 Jul 187976 years
PreetzFrederick15 Sep 181331 Mar 1874 
PreetzFrederick C.8 Aug 184525 Jan 1865Son of F.D.
RandallMartha (Fowler)23 Oct 183211 Oct 1909  Surgeon, 19 M.E. Vol. Inf. His wife, Martha, and their son, Osman.
RandallOsman29 May 186723 Dec 1874
RandallWm. H.14 Jun 183023 Dec 1899
RenzE. C.2 Sep 184731 Dec 1919 
RenzGeo. E.10 Apr 188127 Oct 1892Son of E. C. & R. A.
RenzRozella A.28 Oct 185121 Dec 1910Wife of E. C.
RobertsonAlex 21 Sep 185460y 5m 11d
RobertsonJoel 2 Feb 184848 years
RobertsonMary 20 Sep 1855Wife of Alex, 53y 6m 2d
RoffJohn L. 21 Aug 183833 years
SandbergAlbert E.18911961 
SandbergCarl H. 12 Feb 1889Son of H. & W., 1y 6m 13d
SandbergClara M. 7 Feb 1889Dau of H. & W., 1y 6m 8d
SandbergCorliss24 Oct 19101 May 1917Son of H. E. & B. L.
SandbergEdna M.19011938Wife of Albert
SandbergHenry22 Aug 18446 Nov 1911 
SandbergHerman E.26 Nov 188014 Apr 1948 
SandbergMarie Louise 16 Sep 1876Dau of H. & W., 1y 5m 13d
SandbergWilhelmina (Blume)19 May 185629 Jan 1898Wife of Henry
SattlerJohn12 Feb 185120 May 1923 
SattlerLizzie24 Oct 18592 Aug 1915Wife of John
SchroderBertha W.18451926"Mother"
SchroderHazel N.18891976 
SchroderJohn A.18731942Son of John & Bertha
SchroderJohn A.18491888"Father"
SchulthiesBaby 2 Nov 1897Son of J. & J.
SchulthiesHoward M.5 Sep 19098 Aug 1911Son of J. & J.
SchulthiesJennie M.18771954Wife of John
SchulthiesJohn F.19191962 
SchulthiesMary A.1918 Wife of John
SchulzeCharles L.20 Nov 187311 Oct 1874Son of Charles & C.
ShachelChristian J.5 Feb 18095 Jan 1889 
ShachelElizabeth C.16 Sep 180318 Oct 1886Wife of Christian
SharpDarwin18 Apr 183320 Jun 1917 
SharpJessie183727 May 1913Wife of Darwin
SharpLouise18411907Wife of Wm.
SharpNellie18691921Dau of Wm. & Nellie
SharpWm. P.18401926 
ShawByron & wife  No dates, homemade stone
SheppardEdnaMay 18891956 
SheppardRhoda (Hean)22 Oct 18652 Nov 1929Wife of W. W.
SheppardW. W.2 Sep 18594 Jul 1924 
ShockleyAdaline (Groth)18421913 
ShortAda Rachael2 Mar 190729 Aug 1907Dau of H. W. & A. C.
ShortGeo.2 Feb 182026 Jan 1911 
ShortRachel23 Oct 182417 Jul 1911 
StaubArthur R.25 Dec 188610 Aug 1972 
StaubMary L.6 Jan 189129 Jan 1939Wife of Arthur
StewartThorton17 Jul 182419 Apr 1886 
StorerMargaret Jane (Neely)18551942Wife of James
StorerMerle18921934Son of J. & M. J.
SuesensMinnie28 Nov 188229 May 1908Wife of Jerry
TheleAlbert A.19081970 
TheleBernard F.19201977 
TheleGarnet A.1919  
TheleJ. Wm.18741926 
TheleR. Louise18811932 
ToorsFrances28 Aug 182030 Jun 1910"Mother"
ToorsJohn W.9 May 18126 Jun 1865"Father"
ToorsMary Elizabeth12 Oct 184318 Feb 1915 
UnderwoodEdythe L.1916  
UnderwoodJohn W.18991956 
UnterkircherA. P.11 Mar 181021 Oct 1897 
UnterkircherH. Lonzo 9 Oct 1861Son of P. F. & P. 1y 10m 16d
UnterkircherJessie10 Feb 1865Dau P. F. & P., 8m 10d
UnterkircherSophia H. (Auer)2 Mar 18108 Mar 1888  
WalkerJohn T.18621937 
WatznauerEdward W.14 May 18327 Mar 1901 
WatznauerMarie22 Jan 183210 Nov 1894Wife of Edward, born geb Bergmann, Reichenberg Bohmen
WernerAlice (Freburg)29 Nov 190519 Dec 1971 
WiderspachChas.6 Mar 182430 Sep 1891DAR marker
WiderspachFelix11 Sep 183014 Aug 1907 
WiderspachHenrietta (Schermer)19 May 184713 Dec 1910Wife of Felix
WiderspachLouise Marie28 Apr 187225 Aug 1872 
WiderspachMarie Paterline21 Jun 188118 Aug 1883 
WiderspachMary E1 Aug 18448 Apr 1889Age 44y 8m 7d
WiderspachTheresa Marie6 Nov 18686 Aug 1871 
WillardEdgar G.13 Jul 185618 Nov 1931 
WillardMary V.2 Mar 186722 Jan 1917 
ZimmerWilhelm (Busse)20 Jan 18465 Jan 1887Wife of S.


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