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 Delaware County, Iowa  



The Delaware Journal

Wednesday, 13 April 1859



Re-printed here with permission by Iowa Old Press

The Delaware Journal
Delhi, Delaware, Iowa
Wednesday, April 13, 1859

The undersigned persons are authorized agents to receive subscriptions for this paper.

C.C. Gilman, Nottingham
O. P. Reeves, Manchester
John Livingston, Hopkinton
J. B. Bailey, Rockville
L. McNamee, Colesburg
A. C. Bowen, Sand Spring
Wm Cattron, Plum Spring
James W. Williams, York
L. O. Stevens, Almoral
Simon P. Hussey, Union Town
R. Hogg, Grove Creek
Jas. Robinson, Tower Hill
A. Sullivan, Coffins Grove
D. C. A. S.

~~ Mr. Editor:- I submit for publication a list of the Officers elected at the last meeting of the Delaware County Agricultural Society, held at Delhi, on the 6th day of April, A.D., 1859; and also a copy of the Resolutions adopted by said Society at said meeting.

President, C. L. Flint
Secretary, J. N. Marvin
Treasurer, E. Brady (elected in 1857.)

Vice Presidents.
Joseph Cool, of South Fork township.
Samuel Hussey, Union township.
J. S. Moore, Hazel Green township.
James Cromwell, Adams township.
T. J. Barney, Prairie township.
J. F. McKay, Milo township.
John Hetner, Delhi township.
John Galyan, North Fork township.
Wm. Randall, Bremen township.
Jasper Hunt, Oneida township.
O. P. Reeves, Delaware township.
R. F. Kortright, Coffins Grove township.
Daniel Leonard, Richland township.
E. N. Thomilson, Honey Creek township.
Wm. Cattron, Elk township.
L. McNamee, Colony township.

1st. Resolved; that the Executive Committee be instructed and requested to hold the next annual fair of the Society in the township presenting the names of the greatest number of paying members at a meeting of said Executive committee, to be held in Delhi, on the 20th day of April, 1859.

2nd. Resolved; that the President and Secretary be instructed to obtain a quantity of blank membership notes for the use of the Secretary; and notes to be made payable on the 1st day of the next fair, and distributed among the Vice Presidents for the purpose of obtaining the signatures of those wishing to become members of the Society.
J. A. MARVIN, Secretary.

~~ Last week there was a funeral in our midst. A young lady had died; not possessed of wealth or station- so not half the citizens of our little village knew that one from among them had closed her eyes forever upon this beautiful earth, and gone to join the dwellers in the "silent city."- Her heart and her treasure were laid up on high, and she was not afraid of the Angel of Death, who had come to bear her thither. She had hoped, indeed, that she might linger on, till the breath of Spring should waken the flowers she loved so well to a new resurrection- till the birds should come again with their merry music, that her soul might float away upon a sea of song; but the voice of the Master called, "come up higher." And when the icy hand of death was laid upon her pale, spiritual brow, and her heart was growing cold beneath his touch, she made her last request: "Carry me home! I must die at home!" MARY GRANT has gone home. She dwells where everlasting Spring abides, and winters never come. She plucks celestial flowers by the side of the River whose waters make glad the city of God. Her sweet voice mingles with the song of those who surround the Jasper Throne.- Good bye, Mary- we shall meet thee in the morning.

~~ District Court.
The District Court adjourned Saturday the 9th inst. Some 250 cases were disposed of during the season. Judge Wilson appears to be a working man, and not disposed to run the County into heedless expense.

In the case of the State vs. Davis, found guilty of Forgery, as noticed in our last issue, the Court sentenced the defendant to two years imprisonment at hard labor, in the penitentiary. Truly the way of transgressors is hard. The Sheriff left town for Fort Madison with the prisoner on Saturday.

~~ For California.
On the 12th inst., Dr. Murphy, of Sacramento City, started for California, accompanied by the Rev. George Murphy and family, late of Chicago, and William Waters and family, and Mrs. Rock and family, of Delhi. The rest of the troupe consisted of Messrs. Nelson Greenman, P.S. French, G. Gallop, V. Graham, J. Rasher, and Miss P. E. Miller, all of our town. Dr. M. takes with him five wagons, eleven horses, and 115 head of cattle.

This is the first emigration of the citizens of Delhi to the shores of the Pacific, who are to be followed, before long, we understand, by others of our citizens.

The troupe bound for California, upon reaching the Maquoketa, at Bailey's Ford, found the river running over the track and were obliged to "right about face," and take the road through Hartwick, where the high water does not present the same obstructions. We hope the "pull-back" may not be ominous of their luck on the rest of the route.

~~ The Sickles Trial
The time thus far has been principally occupied in the examination of witnesses, which have elicited nothing more of importance than the public already know. Sickles exhibits no remorse for the deed, and declares that under the same circumstances he would pursue the same course again.

Later: Apr. 11 - Examination of witnesses ceased. Mr. Graham proceeded in the prisoner's defense, to slow the enormity of the woman's crime, and the "sudden passion" aroused in his bosom; declared the wife to be the property of the husband; asserted that in such a case as this there was no "cooling time;" not within the compass of a lifetime.

- Sickles' Attorney asserts that the woman is the husband's property. If this is so, the gravest charge against Mr. Key would be for breach of trust.

~~ What is the best line to lead a man with? A crino-line!
~~ What is the best line to lead a woman with? A mascu-line!

~~ Gallier and Traverse have made their escape from the Decorah jail.

~~  Mr. Taylor has arrived from St. Louis with a small quantity of excellent seed fall wheat. Any of our farmers desirous of giving it a trial can obtain it at cost by calling at this office.

~~ Skerry has received those new goods, purchased with especial reference to the wants of the farming community.- Hardly an article can be mentioned in the line of Dry Goods, Groceries or hardware, which he has not on hand. He does not advertise to sell at cost; but designs "to live and let live." Skerry's is the place to trade.

~~ Change.
Upon the issue of our next number, we shall place at the head of our columns the name of Mr. J. L. McCreery, who has this day purchased one half the Office of the Delaware Journal, and will hereafter be associated with L. S. Ashbauch, in the publication thereof. In political and other respects, the character of the Journal will remain the same as heretofore.
Delhi, April 13th, 1859.

On the 7th inst., at the Harding Hotel, by Rev. J. Wright, Mr. Job Martin, and Miss Francis E. Frink, both of Rushland Township, Delaware County, Iowa.

[transcribed by C.J.L., July 2006]