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Democratic Journal

Schenectady, New York

June 27th, 1912









Through the Efforts of the Schoharie County Humane Society,

 the Seven Motherless Children of Joseph W. Miller Are Placed in City Institution.




A case of an inhumane father deserting his children was brought to a close last week, through the efforts of the local branch of the Schoharie County Human society, when the seven small children of Joseph W. Miller of Central Bridge were placed in a Children's home in New York city. About a year ago Miller, with his wife and children moved to Central Bridge from Schenectady. Shortly after their arrival at Central Bridge. Mrs. Miller was taken sick and died, leaving him with eight small children. But a short time had elapsed after the death of Mrs. Miller when Mrs. Blanche Plue, wife of a D. & H. fireman, with her three children, took up her residence at the Miller home. Mr. Plue tried, on several occasions, to induce his wife to return home, but without avail, and she continued to act as housekeeper for Miller. A few months ago Miller was  incited for illegal liquor selling and was to be tried at the last term of County court. On the eve of his trial, however, Miller disappeared, taking with him his eldest daughter and leaving Mrs. Plue in charge of the ten children.


The Schoharie County Humane society was appealed to by the officers of the local branch, Messrs. Veron M. Bellinger and Dr. Howard H. Fox, visited Central Bridge and , in connection with John E. Herrick, overseer "of the poor of the town of Experance, were successful in having the seven Miller children placed in the care of the Children's Aid society of New York city. Chas. P. Fisher, a representative of the society and a son of A. L. Fisher of Central Bridge, came out and accompanied the children to the institution on Wednesday of last week. The children will be well taken care of and in addition to school training will be educated to be self supporting. The names and ages of the children are as follows: Belden, 13; Raymond, 12; Frank, 11; Violet, 8; Joseph, 6; Ellen, 5; Ruby, 2. Mr. Plue, who is at present living in Oneonts, was notified to care for his three children, and has placed them in the orphanage at Cooperstown.


NOTE: The Miller Orphan Train is said to have came to Delaware County, Iowa, to Pilgrim and Slack families.

~contributed by Estella Michels