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Patrick Mulvehill

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Patrick  Mulvehill



Patrick and Ellen Josephine (McMeel) Mulvehill



Born: 15 Mar 1815 County Longford, Ireland
Immigration: 11 May 1834
Port: New York City, New York*
Ship: Harold
Petition Nat: 28 Jun 1836
Naturalized: 17 Sep 1841
Married 1843**
Wife: Ellen McMeel
Died: 10 Jan 1875
Place: Monti, Iowa
*Family history says they lived in New York for a period.
**Patrick married in Ireland.  It is possible after obtaining citizenship he returned to Ireland briefly, because his brother Michael did not immigrate until 1851. I believe some of the McMeels also immigrated, as early 1860's Indiana County Pa maps show McMeels in the vicinity of Patrick, prior to his leaving to eventually settle in Iowa about 1869 His Mother Brigid eventually came over in the early 1850's probably with Michael, but died soon after and is buried in Indiana County Pa. I am sure there are errors and I know Brigid had a son John but I am having trouble locating info on him.  So I have not included any.    Mike Mertle   mm103a@comcast.net

Patrick and Ellen (McMeel) Mulvehill

Patrick Mulvehill came to Pennsylvania from Lislea Church, town of Kilcomick, County of Langford, Ireland. He and Ellen Josephine McMeel were married there and then came to the United States where they joined other Mulvehill families near Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Ellen left two sisters and a priest uncle in County Connaught, (Connacht), when she came to America, but it is not known how many other family members came to the United States. Records show that a brother, Barney, and perhaps others, came Iowa and settled near Manchester and Delhi, McMeels living in Kansas and in Tennessee may be members of the group, further research is needed, however, to fully establish it.

It is not known how many of Patrick's family came to the United States from Ireland but there was a rather large group living in Pennsylvania. My Grandmother, Catherine Mulvehill Devine, recalled the times when after Mass on Sunday mornings, eighty Mulvehills would gather just outside the town at a little crossroads. (Family gatherings and fun were very much a part of their lives.) Patrick's brother John, had a son who visited the family in Iowa on several occasions. Another brother Michael, had two daughters who were Sisters of St. Joseph in Johnstown.

 Many people who came West followed the Ohio River into Missouri, then proceeded up the Mississippi River. This was perhaps the patterns followed by Patrick and Ellen and those who came with them. There is some evidence that the family stayed at Cherry Valley, Illinois, for two months, then moved into Dubuque County and settled near the Monastery of the Trappist. Some members of the family were married  in Farley, some in Bankston, Iowa.

The Mulvehill family moved into Delaware County about 1869, and bought land in the area near Masonville, and in Buchanan County. Patrick was buried in the Cemetery in Monti, Iowa, but his wife, Ellen, who spent the last years of her life after Patrick's death, with Patrick and Catherine Devine, is buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Ryan. Since Ellen died in the Winter, and the families were very poor, it was no doubt, next to the impossible to travel the distance from Hazel Green, south of Ryan, to the Catholic church on the Buffalo in Monti, Iowa.

~ contributed by Mike Mertle   mm103a@comcast.net

~ photo and article on Patrick and Ellen (McMeel) Mulvehill "Written by an unknown member of the Devine Family in 1983"