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Royal Arch Masons

Chapter #48

1878 - 1882



Chapter #48 Olive Branch, Manchester, Delaware Co.

Charter granted10/21/1869

No. of members yr. ending Sept. 1882: 55

No. of members yr. ending Oct. 1890: 70


NAME MISC NOTES/ See Key at bottom of index
Acers, George Ex-82/m-90
Acers, John RSMD-79/m-82,90
Adams, W.T. RSMD-79/T-82,90
Armstrong, Thomas J. Ex-81/RSMD,Di-82
Atkinson, Z.L. RSMD-79/m-82,90
Atwater, F.J. Ex,RSMD,GMSV-82/m-90
Ayres, L.L. m-82
Babcock, Richard RSMD-79/m-82
Bagley, W.E. Ex-82
Baker, Jerome Ex,RSMD,Di-82
Baldwin, A.L. Di-78/Ad-81/RSMD,RAC-82/S-90
Barre, C.S. Ex-82/m-90
Barrett, Charles H. m-90
Beardslee, A.L. GCh,HP-78,79,80,81,82/RSMD-79/m-90
Beehler, Max Ex-78/RSMD-79/S-80,82/GCh,HP-90
Belknap, J.L. Ex-81/m-82,90
Boggs, J.B. Ex,RSMD-82/Sc-90
Boynton, W.N. m-90
Bradley, C.A. m-90
Bradley, C.C. RSMD-79/m-82,90
Brooks, R.L. Di-78
Brown, A.D. m-90
Brown, Davis m-90
Brown, Seth RSMD-79/CH-82,90
Brown, W.E. Ex-82
Carhart, A.B. m-90
Cawley, W.C. RSMD-79/m-82,90
Chesley, L. m-82,90  (Chisley)
Cooley, W. H. RSMD-79/m-82  
Cruise, John  Jr Ex,RSMD-82/m-90
Cummings, A.A. Ex,RSMD-82
Cummings, A.W. m-90
Dryebread, John Ex,Di-82  (Deyebread)
Duffy, H.P. RSMD-79/K,GCh-81/Di-82
Dyer, H.A. m-82
Earnst, J.F. Su-78
Edmonds, H.L. RSMD-79/m-82,90  
Edmonds, S.J. m-90
Ford, John W. RSMD-79/m-82,90
Fuller, J.B. m-90
Gaines, E.S. RSMD-79/m-82
Given, Thos. GMTV-90
Griffin, Byron m-90
Griffin, Ray B. Su-78/reinstated,Di-81
Grove, D.F. Di-90
Haberly, H.C. Ex-79/m-82/GMFV-90  (Haberle) (Haeberle)
Hadley, H.C. m-82 
Hadley, J.C. m-90
Hadley, P.C. RSMD-79
Hamlin, H.F. S,GCh,K*-78/S,RSMD-79/GMTV-82/m-90
Harger, Henry m-90
Harwood, George m-90
Healey, W.H. m-90
Hoag, A.A. m-90
Hoag, E. m-82,90  
Hoag, J.J. m-82,90
Hobenistial, Lewis Su-78/Dr-80 (Haubenestel)
Hollister, Albert m-90
Huberley, H.C. RSMD-79
Hutchinson, Joseph Ex,RSMD,GMFV-82/m-90
Jackson, H.C. Ex,RSMD-79/Di-90
Jackson, H.O. m-82   (?same as H.C.?)
Jenkins, J.M. Ex,RSMD,Di-82
Jenkins, W.D. Ex,RSMD-82
Jewell, B. Wood RSMD-79/m-82,90
Johnson, J.F. Ex-81/m-82,90
Jones, D.W. RSMD-79/m-82,90
Jones, W.B. Sc-82/m-90
Kellar, B.H. RSMD-79/m-82,90   (Keller)
Kennidy, J.D. RSMD-79/PS-82,90 (Kennedy)
Lawrence, N.F. Ex-78/m-82,90
Lawrence, N.H. RSMD-79  (?same as N.F.?)
Leach, H.N. Di-81
Lewis, C.C. RSMD-79/m-82,90
Lewis, S. RSMD,Di-82
Lillibridge, H.R. Ex,RSMD,Di-82
Lindsay, J.J. m-90
Lister, G.S. GMSV-90
Long, A. m-90
Lowe, John R. m-82
Martin, A.E. m-82
Moore, O.A. RSMD-79  (?same as A.O.?)
Moore, A.O. Ex-79/m-82,90
Munger, C.L. Di-90
Noble, Timothy Ex,RSMD,Di-82
Norris, W.H. m-90
Paxon, Charles RSMD-79/m-82,90
Pierce, G.G. m-90
Potter, J.I. Ex-78
Potter, J.T. RSMD-79/Di-80/m-90
Prowse, T.J. m-90
Purse, J.M. GCh,K-90  (Pearse)
Rann, H.L. RSMD-79/m-82,90  (Raun)
Robinson, L.F. Su-82
Rutherford, J.B. Ad-82/m-90
Sherwood, A.M. m-82,90
Skinner, B.F. Ex-90
Smallwood, John m-90
Staehle, George JR m-90
Steadman, S.A.  Ex-78/RSMD-79/Se-82,90 (Stedman)
Terrill, R.W. RSMD-79/m-82/RAC-90  (Terrell) (Tirrill)
Toogood, Thomas RSMD-79/m-82
Walters, I.L. m-90
Warner, M. m-82
Wheelock, S.  JR m-82
Wilcox, W.M. Ex-78
Wilcox, Wm. Di-78
Wolcott, N.J. RSMD-79/m-82,90
Yoran, Calvin Ex-78/RSMD-79/m-82,90


Ad - admitted
D - died
Di - dimitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
Dr - dropped (dismissed)
Ex - exalted (raised to a higher degree)
Exp - expelled
Su - suspended (possibly for non-payment of dues or unmasonic-like conduct)
m - found on membership rolls for indicated year 18--

*Proxy - indicates he attended the Grand Chapter, annual convocation as a proxy (ex. GCh,HP*-78 This man attended the Grand chapter as a proxy High Priest in 1878)
C - Chaplain
CH - Chaplain of the Host or Captain of the Host
GC - Grand Chaplain
GCh - Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa
GMFV - Grand Master First Vail
GMSV - Grand Master Second Vail
GMTV - Grand Master Third Vail
HP - High Priest
K - King
PS - Principle Sojourner
R - Recorder
RAC - Royal Arch Captain
RSMD - received Royal & Select Masters degree in the indicated year
S - Secretary
Sc - Scribe
Se - Sentinel
Ss - Steward & Sentinel
T - Treasurer


Key to years:
78 - 1878  annual report  (10/1/1877 - 9/30/1878)
79 - 1879  annual report  (10/1/1878 - 9/30/1879)
80 - 1880  annual report  (10/1/1879 - 9/30/1880)
81 - 1881   annual report  (10/1/1880 - 9/30/1881)
82 - 1882  annual report  (10/1/1881 - 9/30/1882)
90 - 1890  annual report (10/1/1889 - 9/30/1890)


~ Sources:
1. "Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, for the Years 1878 to 1882, Inclusive", Vol. IV, Original Edition; Muscatine, Iowa - published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1883.
2. "Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, at its Thirty-Seventh Grand Annual Convocation", Convened at Cedar Rapids, Thursday October 9th, A.D. 1890, Original Edition; Des Moines - published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1890.
~ Disclaimer: - researchers should always consult original records for additional information or to verify the information. I've made every attempt to transcribe accurately, but there may be errors.
~ Credit - compiled from original sources by Sharyl Ferrall for IAGenWeb. copyright 2003 Sharyl Ferrall, July 1, 2003