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A Newsy Message to the Public

"The Memorial Messenger"

About Better Memorials, Improved Cemeteries

and Historic Graves in N. E. Iowa


Published by


Monona, Iowa


Mark every grave

C. A. Briar .... Proprietor

W. S. Sylvester .... Editor

Guttenberg Press ....Publishers


Satisfied Customers of the Northeastern Iowa Memorial Co.

 Delaware County

Name Town/Township Transcriber Notes are comments by the transcriber and not a part of the original text
Appleton, W.H. Colesburg
Arbuckle, Mrs. Chas. Greeley
Arnold, H.F. Manchester
Atwater, Nelson J. Manchester
Baker & Holbert Greeley same entry as Holbert & Baker, entered twice for indexing purposes
Becker, Phoebe M. Greeley
Becker, Susie A. Manchester
Bensley, Katie Manchester
Bergmann, C. Colesburg
Billmeyer, George Earlville
Billmeyer, Mrs. Anna Earlville
Brandt, S.A. Greeley
Bristol, W.H.P. Colesburg
Brockmeyer, Herman Colesburg
Brockmeyer, J.H. Earlville
Browell, Lydia Greeley
Burgin, Mrs. Alvin Colesburg
Cox, George Greeley
Craig, Cyrus Colesburg
Davey, Mrs. Maude Earlville
Densmore, Mrs. Frank Colesburg
Digmann, Frank Greeley
Foster, James Colesburg
Fritzpardick, M.J. Greeley
Gentz, Mrs. Chas. E. Earlville
Gibbs, Wm. E. Earlville
Graves, H.N. Colesburg
Gull, Harry Colesburg
Hamlett, J.H. Colesburg
Harris, Celinda Manchester
Hartbecke, F.H. Colesburg
Hartbecke, F.J. Earlville
Hill, Frank Manchester
Holbert & Baker Greeley same entry as Holbert and Baker, entered twice for indexing purposes
Hollister, W.H. Manchester
Holthouse, Ben Earlville
Holthouse, Fred Earlville
Hubbell, Mrs. Louis Manchester
Hyde, Alica Colesburg
James, Henry Colesburg
Jones, H.P. Manchester
Klaus, Fred Colesburg
Knee, Mrs. Ida Colesburg
Landis, A.L. Colesburg
Langridge, Mrs. H.P. Manchester
Lockridge, Mrs. Colesburg
McConnell, Mrs. James Greeley
Metcalf (Estate) Earlville
Mierson, C.H. Colesburg
Mierson, Christ Colesburg
Morris, F.S. Manchester
Newcomb, E.M. Manchester
Niederfrank, Mrs. E.W. Greeley
Noble, Eliza J. Colesburg
Patridge, Daniel Colesburg
Pease, Addie C. Manchester
Philips, Mrs. Ida Earlville
Pierce, G.G. Manchester
Reidenour, R. Colesburg
Richmond, I.B. Manchester
Robinson, M.J. & C.J. Colesburg
Rose, Chas. Manchester
Sampson, Geo. Colesburg
Sampson, George Earlville
Schneider, Mrs. Jos. Greeley
Sellins, W.H. Manchester
Sly, Mary H. Manchester
Stedeman, Mrs. Colesburg
Stillinger, Philip Colesburg
Stone, Frank Colesburg
Terrill, A.B. Manchester
Terrill, R.W. Manchester
Thomas, Chas. Greeley
Waters, Henry Greeley
Wershing, John Colesburg
Wessel, Mrs. Emma Colesburg
White, D.L. Manchester
Wilson, Mrs. R. Colesburg
Wiltse, Glen Colesburg

~ source: Customer Directory 1890-1926, transcribed from an original Memorial Messenger; Volume 1, Published by The Guttenberg Press for the Northeastern Iowa Memorial Company, Monona, Iowa, . 1925, 1926

~ Transcribed & contributed by: Sharyl Ferrall for Delaware County IAGenWeb