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Delaware County, Iowa

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- Creameries in Delaware County - 1906

Office Rec.
Creamery Name Name of
Proprietor, Secretary or Manager
P. O. Address of Proprietor, Secretary of Manager Name of Buttermaker Type of Creamery
194 Farmers' Co-op Creamery Co. J. C. Matthews Greeley W. R. Crabb Co-operative
195 Colesburg Creamery Co. Robt. A. Gull Collesburg A. L. Landis Co-operative
196 Barryville Co-operative Creamery Co. (Manchester) John Duggan Ryan Earl E. Mittlestadt Co-operative
197 Hopkinton Co-op Creamery Co. Thomas Wilson Hopkinton John Stevenson Co-operative
198 Bear Grove Creamery Co. Jno T. Goedken Dyersville J. B. Domayer Co-operative
199 Delaware Co-op Creamery Co. J. Yelden Delaware G. O. Miller Co-operative
200 Earlville Creamery J. M. Dunn Earlville G. R. Dunn Individual
201 Gilt Edge Creamery J. E. McCaffrey Earlville J. E. McCaffrey Individual
202 Manchester Co-op Creamery Co. J. A. Morse Manchester R. L. Griffith Co-operative
203 Dairy City Creamery A. J. Andrews & Co. Manchester A. A. Palmer Individual
204 Dairy City Creamery A. J. Andrews & Co. Manchester   Skim station, Individual
205 Masonville Co-op Creamery Co. F. S. Harris Masonville R. J. Erb Co-operative
206 Silver Spring Creamery Co., E. B. Potter Delhi A. H. Bentz Stock
207 Petersburg Creamery Co., (Petersburg) F. H. Rolfes, Jr. Earlville Nick Budden Co-operative
208 Spring Branch Co-op Creamery Co. (Manchester) W. J. Davis Delaware H. Everts Co-operative
209 Farmer's co-operative Creamery Co. (Thorpe) M. E. Blair Manchester G. Stuessi Co-operative
210 Sand Spring Co-op Creamery F. S. Bowen Sand Spring L. A. Pollard Co-operative
211 Ryan Creamery Geo. A. Emry Ryan Geo. A. Emry Individual
212 Hazel Creamery Co. (Ryan) H. F. McBride Hopkinton Chas. Rohde stock
213 Silver Creek  Creamery Geo. E. Packer Ryan Geo. E. Packer Individual
214 Oneida Creamery F. M. Burbridge Oneida Thos. Dickson Individual
215 Ehler Creamery Nathan Patton Ehler Lester Pierce Individual
~ Source: Twentieth Annual Report of State Dairy Commissioner to the Governor of the State of Iowa for the year 1906 by H.R. Wright, Food
    & Dairy Commissioner, printed 1907.
~transcribed by S. Ferrall