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Presbyterian Church, 1878

Burrington  (Manchester)



    Organized August 29, 1869, by Rev. Daniel Russell, assisted by Rev. Mr. Campbell, with fourteen members, as follows: Henry Russell, Mrs. Mary Russell, Miss Grace Russell, W. G. Field, John M. Guthrie, Mrs. E. B. Marriott, D. G. Eldridge, Mrs. M. A. Eldridge, Henry F. Hamlin, Sanford R. Grow, Mrs. A. Grow, George Truby, Melvin Walker. Present membership, forty-one; first officers elected were Elders George Truby and S. R. Grow, who also acted as Clerk of the Session.


    D. G. Eldrige was added to the Elders October 1, 1870, and John Guthrie and Henry Burnett made Deacons.


    In June, 1874, the Pastor, Daniel Russell, resigned, from that time up to November 1, 1874, when Rev. David Street became Pastor, conference meetings only were held.


    Mr. Street continued a Pastor until November 1, 1875, when the congregation accepted his resignation. With the exception of an occasional sermon preached by Rev. Alvah Day (a resident superannuated preacher), no regular services were held, until the present Pastor, Rev. William S. Pryse, assumed charge, June 16, 1877. Since then the church has almost returned to the prosperous condition it enjoyed at the time of Rev. D. Russell's resignation, when there were over seventy-five members. Those now (1878) in office are George Truby, William Marchant, R. M. Ewart and H. F. Hamlin, Elders; William Marchant and Robert Morley, Trustees; Royal Van Antwerp, Deacon; E. P. Seeds, Secretary and Treasurer.


    The organization of this church was effected in Burnside Hall, where the meetings continued up to the time of building the present church edifice, work on which was commenced in October, 1870, and dedicated to the service of God in January, 1871.


~ source: History of Delaware County, Iowa, Published by Western Historical Company, Successors to H. F. Kett & Co., Chicago., Illinois, 1878.; page 504

~ contributed by: Debbie Clough Gerischer for Delaware County IAGenWeb

~ Transcribed by: Constance Diamond for Delaware County IAGenWeb


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