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 Delaware County, Iowa  

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Methodist Episcopal Church, 1878

Burrington  (Manchester)



       The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in the Fall of 1855, Daniel K. Fox and wife being the only members. Soon after, William Acers, Adolphus Hardendorf and Mrs. C. C. Peers united. Rev Mr. Alger was the first minister, succeeded by Rev. F. X. Miller and S. C. Churchill, on what was then termed Manchester Circuit; Rev. John Webb and J. A. Van Anda, J. F. Hestwood and E. R. Latter.

      The subsequent Pastors have been: E. W. Jefferies, three years; A. K. Johnson, two years; R. Norton, one year; L. Catlin, two years; L. H. Carhart, one year; F. M. Robertson, one year, 1872; J. R. Berry, 1873-4; F.X. Miller, 1875-6; D. Sheffer, 1877; R. N. Earhart, 1878.

      The church edifice was commenced under the pastorate of E. W. Jefferies, and completed in 1868. The building is 56x36 feet in size, with basement. The oversight of its construction was entrusted to Ira P. Adams and William Cattron. The parsonage was begun under the pastorate of A. K. Johnson, in 1867, and enlarged in 1870.

      Daniel K. Fox was the first class leader, holding the position three years. Ira P. Adams has held the position continuously ever since. The present Official Board and members of Quarterly Conference are: R. W. Keeler, Presiding Elder; R. N. Earhart, Pastor; Laymen: C. Yoran, M. F. LeRoy, O. D. Clark, B. N. Reynolds, W. M. Wolcox, C. Perkins, L. L. Walters, C. W. Keagy, L. P. Adams, J. H. Stevens, C. O. Torrey, W. T. Adams, Geo Commerford, J. A. Cooley, R. W. Purdy, J. C. McKee.  


~ source: History of Delaware County, Iowa, Published by Western Historical Company, Successors to H. F. Kett & Co., Chicago., Illinois, 1878.; page 502.

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