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B. F. Kahl


Oneida Township



      B. F.  KAHL, an enterprising and successful farmer of Oneida township, Delaware county, is a native of Clinton county, Pa., and was born July 10, 1833. His parents, Michael Kahl and Mary Beerley, were both natives also of Pennsylvania, the father having been born in 1790, and the mother in 1799. They always lived in their native state and there also died, the father in 1851, and the mother in 1861. They belonged to the sturdy, substantial class of people of the locality where they lived and passed their lives in those pursuits in which they were best adapted by taste and training to succeed, being always engaged in farming. They were members of the Lutheran church, zealous in their advocacy of the cause of Christianity, and lived lives consistent with their professions. They had twelve children, eight sons and four daughters, only five of whom are now living.

      The subject of this notice, who was the eleventh of these in point of age, was reared in his native county, growing up on his father's farm. He received an ordinary common school education and was engaged in farming pursuits until he reached his eighteenth year. He then entered a, shop in Clinton, Pa., where he learned the wagon maker's trade, which he followed about five years. In 1857, he came to Iowa and bought the tract of land in Oneida township, Delaware county, on which he now lives, returned to Pennsylvania, married, and came again to Iowa, settling on his farm, where he has since lived. Mr. Kahl thus became one of  the early settlers of his township as he has since become one of its most valuable citizens. Beginning, as all early settlers did, on the raw prairie, and with hardly enough to make a successful start, Mr. Kahl experienced many of the hardships and privations which were known only to the early settlers as he enjoyed many pleasures which were especially theirs. Out of his early struggles he has emerged victorious, in a great measure, at any rate. He now owns a good farm one that yields well and is well improved and has sufficient stock to run it successfully; he has a pleasant home and many friends and desirable acquaintances. He has reared a considerable family of children, whom he has trained to habits of industry and usefulness and to whom, at least those old enough to begin life for themselves, he has given such aid as his means would allow; so that, measured by the standard by which men are usually measured, he may not unfairly be said to have done well.

     Mr. Kahl married January 17, 1857, taking as his wife Miss Abby Lowry, who was born and reared in Pennsylvania. Her father, Jacob Lowry, and her mother, whose maiden name was Matilda Mohr, are both living, residing now, as always, in their native state of Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Kahl are the parents of eight children, six now living: Matilda, born August 28, 1859; Henry J., born July 31, 1860; Jennie V., wife of Frank Miller, of Elk township, Delaware county, born July 5, 1862; Elvina E., wife of George Robinson, of Elk township, Delaware county, born March 6, 1864; Mary A., wife of Richard Mattingly, of Oneida township, Delaware county, born January 19, 1866; Leah M., born November 15, 1868; Lenora, born May 11, 1870; Lillie M., born April 6, 1875. Matilda died September 28, 1859; Henry was married to Allie Byers of Delaware county, March 15, 1883, and died December 7, 1885.

      Mr. and Mrs. Kahl are both members of the Methodist church, as are also their children, and they all take great interest in all church work, as well as all other matters relating to the welfare of the community in which they live.

~ source: Biographical souvenir of the counties of Delaware and Buchanan, Iowa; Chicago : F. A. Battey, 1890. Page 504-505; LDS microfilm #985424

~ contributed by Thom Carlson