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Sanborn Rawson, farm hand, Sec. 7 ; P. O. Delhi 

SATTERLEE JEROME B., Attorney and Clerk of the Courts, Delhi; born in Herkimer Co., N. Y., July 3, 1838; was educated at Fairfield Seminary; commenced the study of his profession in his native county, but at  the breaking out of the war enlisted in the 44th N. Y. V. I.; participated in the various battles in which his regiment engaged, till he was honorably discharged, Aug. 30, 1864; came to Delaware Co. in 1866; continued his study in the office of the Hon. Ray B. Griffin, admitted to the Bar in April, 1867; married Miss Frances E. Wood, of Manchester, Iowa, Sept. 22, 1868; she was born in Grant Co., Wis., May 28, 1848; have two children— Mary D. and  M. Clark. Served as Justice of the Peace two years, and is now serving his second term as Clerk of the Courts, the duties of which he performs faithfully and well.

Shaw John H. laborer, P. O. Delhi.

Shaw Thomas, far., Sec, 18 ; P. O. Delhi.

Shaw Wm. Andrew, laborer; P. O. Delhi.

Sherburne Geo. N., printer; Delhi.

Sherburne S. laborer; P. O. Delhi.

Short Moses, teamster; Delhi.

Shottmiller Frank, farmer, Sec. 1; P. O. Earlville.

Sims J. W. gardener; P. O. Delhi.

SIMONS GEORGE, Farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Delhi; born in Buckinghamshire, Eng., Dec. 25, 1817. Married Miss Sarah Short, March 12, 1837; she was born in same shire March, 19, 1818. He came to the United States in 1842, and settled in Ohio, where they remained four and a half years; then returned to England, coming back to Ohio in two and a half years again; came to this county in 1860. They have five children living—Thomas, Maria, Edward J., Joseph C. and Mary E.; have lost four children. Mr. S. and his son Thomas served in the 21st Reg. I. V. I., during the war; he was wounded at Hartsville, Mo., and will carry the rebel lead to his grave; was wounded in head and knee at same battle; was taken sick in Texas, and sent to New Orleans in Invalid Corps; took smallpox there; was honorably discharged in May, 1869.

Simons J. E. far. Sec. 24; P. O. Delhi.

Simons Thomas, farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Delhi.

Smith D. M. farmer and minister, Sec. 5;  P. O. Delaware.

Smith Erastus, far., Sec. 32 ; P. O. Delhi.

SMITH FRANCIS K. Superintendent Poor Farm of Delaware County; Delhi; born in Erie County, O., Dec. 12, 1822. He married Miss Elisabeth Minkler Feb. 7, 1844; have three children by this marriage, one of whom is now living (Mrs. Ennis Martin, of Oswego, N. Y.); lost his wife in 1859. Was married again to Mrs. Craig, whose maiden was Miss Nellie J. Dull, Feb. 22, 1865; she had three children by first marriage, two of whom are living-Jennie M. and S. Lyle; Mrs. S. was born in Portage County, O., Nov. 27, 1839. Mr. S. and his estimable wife have for some time had charge of the unfortunates who have been taken "over the hill to the Poor House." The order and neatness that prevail about the premises conclusively show that they are the right persons in the right place. They have had two children, one living, Ada E. Their little boy, William Barton, or, as he was better known by all in the household and friends, "Little Bertie," died May 2, 1875.

"Put away the little garments,

Bertie needs them now no more.
Jesus watches safely o'er him.
On the bright and happy shore."

Smith G. D. laborer; P. O. Delhi.

Smith J. B. far., S. 28; P. O. Delhi.

Smith Mortimer, far., S. 28; P. O. Delhi.

Smith Samuel, far., See. 19; P. O. Delhi.

Snell John, far., Sec.  17 ;   P. O. Delhi.

Spang H. A. retired; P. 0. Delhi.

Standacher  John, far.,  Sec.  29;   P. O. Earlville.

STONE ANDREW, whose portrait appears in this work, is of Welsh extraction.. His father, Carder Stone, was an old resident of Providence, Rhode Island, and died in Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y. The subject of this sketch was born March 28, 1807, in Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y., where he remained farming with his father until the age of 21. He then purchased a farm of his own. He came to Delaware Co. in April 21, 1854 and settled in Delhi Tp., Sec. 9, residing there one year. He then moved to the Village of Delhi, where he has resided ever since; he has been Justice of the Peace two terms, Township Trustee two terms, Poor House Director four and one half years; he married Dec. 27, 1827, Priscilla Pepper in Milford ; she was born in 1800, in Ware, Mass., and died April 17,1876 at Delhi; they had seven children, five living—Henry B., Emily M., Leverett S., Chester D. and James L.; two dead---Sevilla A. and Hiram.  Married his present wife, Elizabeth Van Deusen, in Delhi, Oct. 15, 1876,  She was born in Columbia Co., N. Y., Jan. 22, 1821.

Stahr J. W. far., S. 35; P. O. Hopkinton.

Stoner Cyrus, farmer,  Sec. 10; P. O. Delhi.

Stone C. D. farmer, Sec. 7; P. O. Delhi.

SUMMERS SYLVESTER S.   Collection Agent and Notary Public; Delhi; born in Livingston Co., N. Y., Sept. 11, 1839; lived there till 1865 when he came to Delaware Co.; followed teaching 12 years; has served as Justice of the Peace for several terms, a position he now holds with ability enjoying the confidence and respect of the people; was married to Miss Jennie Thompson in  1868; she was  born in Livingston Co., N. Y.

Sutton J. P. Sec. 21; P. O. Delhi.

Sutton S. D. far., Sec. 6; P. O. Delhi

Sweeney Andrew, laborer ; P. O. Delhi.

Swinburne John, sexton: Delhi.

SWINBUNE J. B. Editor of "Delhi Monitor'" was born at Cottam, England, Nov. 21, 1849; came with his parents to the U. S. in 1852, and settled in Lockport, III.; after remaining there one year, they went to Joliet, where he remained until 1855, when he came to Delhi; in 1859 he commenced the printing business in Delhi with J. L. McCreery, of "Delaware Co. Journal" and worked three years. In 1838, he went to Dubuque and worked on the "Dubuque Times". In 1864, he went to Manchester and worked four years on the "Delaware Co. Union". From 1868 to 1872, he worked on the "Dubuque Herald". In 1872 came to Delhi, and took charge as Foreman of the "Delaware Co. Recorder". In Aug., 1872, he bought the "Recorder" and changed its name to "Delhi Monitor". He has made it a first-class paper, which has been steadily increasing in circulation every year, and today ranks with any of the papers of this county.


Talmadge Geo. farmer. Sec. 31; P. O. Delhi.

Tegard L. D.

Thompson Daniel, laborer; P. O. Delhi.

Thompson Frank, laborer, P. O. Delhi.

Thompson Isaac, tailor; P. O. Delhi.

Thompson Joe, printer in Monitor office, Delhi.

Thompson John Q., school teacher; Delhi.

Thompson Wm, laborer; P. O. Delhi.

THORPE   BENJAMIN,   Sr.   Merchant, Delhi; born in Stamford, Conn., February 11 1814; moved to Duchess Co., N. Y.; lived there seven years and moved into the city of New York, where he remained 17 years; was in manufacturing hats; married Elizabeth Lasher in Duchess Co., the place of her nativity;  they  have eight children—Benjamin Jr., Charles,
 Garrett L., Rachel A., Sturgis P.,  Alfred, George M. and Richard; came to Delhi in 1855, and has been in business here since 1856.

Tibbits A. E. far., S. 16: P. O. Delhi.

Traynor John, farm hand; P. O. Delhi.

Tubbs E. P. farmer. S. 22 ; P. O. Delhi.

TUBBS GEORGE. Farmer. Sec. 16; P. O. Delhi; born in Otsego Co., N. Y., Feb. 19, 1803; in 1844, moved to McHenry Co., Ill.; married Miss Amy Swift, of Otsego Co., N. Y.; eight children, seven of whom are still living— Anna V. (deceased), Mrs. Betsy White, Eliza, Mrs. Alsena Baker, Mrs. Cynthia Benson; Hyde E., Mrs. Mahala White, Mrs. Harriet Tibbetts; wife died Oct 4, 1873; was married !o the Widow Macrennels (maiden name Mary A. Blewett) in 1874 ; she was born in Cornwall, Eng., May 10, 1837; she had six children by first marriage— Elias W., Jane A., Charles H., Lorinda, Sarah and Fannie E. (deceased); Mr. T. came to Delaware Co. in 1851; they own 118 acres of land.

Turner Eli, farmer, S. 14; P. O. Delhi.

Turner Samuel, far. S. 14 ;  P. O. Delhi.

Twiss T. A.  Deputy Auditor Delaware Co.  Delhi.


Van Antwerp Daniel, farmer, Sec. 7; P. O. Delhi.


Ward, John.

WATTSON GEORGE, Attorney at Law, Delhi; born in Philadelphia, Pa., March 9, 1819; parents removed to Jefferson Co., N. Y., where he was educated; studied his profession in the office of Hon. Trumo, of Ky.; was admitted to the bar in 1842 ; practiced two years in partnership with his preceptor; moved to Detroit, Mich., in 1845, where he practiced one year with Hon. John Norvel, U. S. District Attorney; his health failing, he spent several years in travel, hunting and fishing; came to Delhi in 1856; was elected Prosecuting Attorney, but did not accept; served as District Attorney of Ninth Judicial District four years and County Recorder two years; married Miss Elizabeth Rutan Aug. 4, 1860; she was born in Paterson, New Jersey; they have one son—George Webster.

Way Wm., tenant far. S. 5 ; P. O. Delhi.

Wheelock Zibo, far. S. 23 ; P. O. Delhi

WHITE ELISHA M.,   Farmer, S. 16; P. O. Delhi; born in Oswego Co., N. Y.,  Dec. 26,  1833; parents moved to Ohio in 1834; remained there three years, and went to McHenry Co., Ill., in 1849; his family went to California and the family returned to Ohio; Mr. White came to Delaware Co. in 1856; married Mrs. Betsey Tubbs Dec. 25, 1857; she was born in Oswego Co., N. Y., April 6, 1831; have three children living — Harriet S., John R., Louie A.; lost one child in infancy; owns 80 acres of land.

White Geo. tenant far. S. 9; P. O. Delhi.

Whitaker J. J. farmer, Sec. 14; P. O. Earlville.

White J. R. tenant farmer; P. O. Delhi.

White Ward, carpenter; P. O. Delhi.

Wilcox Erastus, far. S. 29; P. O. Delhi.

Wilcox Geo., farmer, S. 32; P. O. Delhi

Wilson Frank, Sec. 28; P.O. Delhi.

Winters William

Wolfe J. H., farmer, Sec. 18, P.O. Delhi. 



~ source: History of Delaware County, Iowa, Published by Western Historical Company, Successors to H. F. Kett & Co., Chicago., Illinois, 1878.

~ Transcribed by: Constance Diamond for Delaware County IAGenWeb