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5,484 gravestone photographs have been submitted for Decatur County Iowa
with IAGenWeb's Gravestone Photograph Project to date.
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NOTE: Some of the biographies and obituaries listed on this webpage were transcribed several years ago,
however they were located within Decatur County's mailing list and various other locations, not accessable through the website.
They are in the process of being formatted and linked from this website for your convenience.
They are listed with other What's New items in case you have missed them during your previous visits to Decatur County's website.

If you don't find the obituary you are looking for
Visit Decatur County's Obituary Board.




       Lamoni Community School     Lamoni Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2018




  • LeRoy, Garden Grove Township: Webpage updated with various Leon Journal-Reporter articles
       Decatur Co. Corn Club   Friendly Neighbor Club   LeRoy Garden Club   Methodist Church   Presbyterian Church  


       Dr. Dean Stanley BURBANK

       Baker-Street Family: 2nd Generation, William (Bill) Henry & Margaret (Beck) Family

       BAKER, S2/C Earl Marion    BINNING, Anna Eliza (DOVE)


       Gospel Ridge    LeRoy School    LeRoy's Commercial Club
       Pleasant Ridge    Tick Ridge






       Trinity Hills Cemetery 100% canvassed, photographed and webpage

       GREUBEL, Cindy Renee (THOMAS)    HAMPTON, Michael Ray "Mike"    THOMAS, Lyle L.    WEBB, Mara Ann    ZEISS, Kim Ann (BROCKETT)






       ACTON, Mary "Martha" (HAMILTON)    BAKER, Dennis Hubert    BECK, Thaddeus L. "T.L."    BECK, Thomas "Oscar"
       BOEGER, Anna (KLUMKE)    BOLES, Robert Larry "Bob"    BRABY, Hazel Marie (GEHR)    CLARK, Melvin Kaiula "Mel"
       COCHRAN, Kenneth Curtis "Ken"    COMERFORD, N. Edward "Neddie"    COOPER, Ken    COX, Anthony
       CRAWFORD, Carl Kenneth "Kenny"    CRIDER, Theresa Ann (MOORE)    DAHLIN, Joyce Ann (STARK)    DALE, Orville Eldon Sr.
       DAUGHERTY, Mary    DELA, Beulah Olive (BAKER)    DELK, Robert E. "Bob"    DOBSON, Jacob
       DRESSLER, Dora    EWING, Belle (RICHARDS)    GOLDNER, Joe A.    GRIFFIN, Daniel Patrick "Pat"
       HINDS, Mary A. (BRIGHT)    HINES, Connie Lynne (BANKUS)    INMAN, Joyce Rae (SNETHEN)    JONES, Iowa Fern "Pansy"
       KONKLIN, Miranda (WANSCOTT)    LITTLE, Charles C.    McDOWELL, Samuel Thompson    MOHR, Peter
       MORRIS, Catherine (HUTCHINSON)    MUNYON, William R.    MYERS, Hazel Pauline (McCULLOUGH)    NEWLIN, Rebecca Ann (HUTCHINSON)
       NORRIS, Harold Eugene "Gene"    OWENS, Eva R. (BOWERMAN)    OWENS, Larry Dale    OWENS, Sara A. (LAMB) QUIGLEY
       PALMER, Dicia "Evelyn" (SMITH)    PERCELL, Paul Harold    PETERSON, Mary Rebecca "Becky" (TINNELL)    PRIEST, Kenneth "Dale"
       RICHARDSON, Bobbie Harland    SCHMIDT, Dorothy E. (VOGEL)    SMITH, John Tillman "Sorghum"    STARK, Rodney Gene "Rod"
       STINE, Julie Ann (WILLARD)    THOMAS, Beulah Mae (CLAWSON)    TINGLE, Marjorie Elizabeth "Beth" (SNETHEN)    TIZZARD, Kelli Dawn (WION)
       TONEY, Wanita Irene (NEWBERRY)    TUTTLE, Nora Louise    WEBB, Donna Lee (SMITH)    WILSON, Carol Ann



       HUTCHCROFT ~ McCANN Families


       Grand River School





       ARNOLD, Dale Edward    BONE, Frank Smith II "Bill"    CONRAD, Zechariah Amir "Zac"    CRECELIUS, Doris Maye (KELLER)
       DOOLITLLE, Janice Kay (ROCHESTER)    EVANS, Ralph Wayne    EVERETT, Anna Mae (SCHLUTERMAN)    GLAZEBROOK, Carl "Kenneth"
       GRIMM, Kathryan Lorinda (McBROOM)    HILL, Ronald Maurice "Ron"    HULLINGER, Lois Irene (CRAIG)    JENNINGS, Clark "David"
       JENNINGS, Wilmina Mae (WILKEY)    JOHNSTON, Patsy Ruth (COLE)    MARK, Robert "Lowell"    NELMS, Leah Jean (HAMBY)
       PETERSON, Roland Cecil "Rolly"    SCHULDT, Lowell "Boyd"    SHIELDS, Howard Randal    SMITH, Paul Clifton
       TROWBRIDGE, Jack Edwin    WEBB, Michael Edward    WHITE, Joyce Elaine (HARVEY)    WILCOXSON, Carol Louie (ELLIOTT)




       Crown Chapel    Garden Grove Presbyterian Church    Grand River U. Methodist Church    Logan Chapel
       Loving Chapel    Leon Presbyterian Church    Van Wert Christian Church


       A Record of Peter and Alice STREET and Their Descenants    PUGH, 5 Generations


       WORLD WAR I:   Harry LEMLEY    Ronald R. MONROE    Pvt. F. G. PETERSON    Edgar ROWELL


       2016 Equestrian Special Olympics    AKES Garage, Leon, 1913    BALLEW Lumber Yard, Leon, 1914    John R. DOBBINS
       DOOLITTLE- JIMMERSON Accident    Rev. F. EDWARDS, 1913    ESTES & Co., 1913    Flower Thieves, Leon
       Grand Theater, Lamoni    HOFFHINES' Honeymoon    Iowa's Blue Law    Russell MANLEY, 1913
       Ralph McGINNIS, 1913    MOORE Cigar Factory, 1913    Lou SEARS, 1917    Drs. PETERSON & STOOKEY
       Leon Standard Oil Co., 1913    STEMPEL & CHERRINGTON, 1913    Westerville Store, 1913


       ADAMS, Edward Joseph "Ed"    ANDREW HAMILTON, Karen "Joyce" (VAN ORSDAL)    BAKER, Brian Eric Jr.    BAKER, Larry Richard
       BAKER, Sarah (BINING)    BANNISTER, Ione Ruth (FLATT)    BARNES, Samuel Eugene "Sam" Sr.    BOELLING, Elma Irene (JONES)
       BOELLING, Wayne Paul    BOYD, Weston Klyne "Sam"    BOYD, William Grant "Bill"    BRINER, Jasper
       CARTER, Alonzo Curnington    CARTER, George W.    CHERRY, Mary Elizabeth (KLINE)    CHEW, Mildred Elfrieda (REEVES)
       CLARK, Josephine Edella    COMBS, Mary J. "Mollie"    DAUGHTON, Walter D.    DEMUTH, David Wayne
       FLATT, Elmer Edward    GOREHAM, Richard Lee "Dick"    GRAHAM, Lois Kathleen    GROSS, Dr. Elmer Alfred
       GUSTIN, Mrs. John    HAYS, Carole "Glee" (ROBERTS)    JOHNSON, James L.    JONES, Betty Iona (McCONNELL)
       KNOTTS, George Clark    KRATOSKA, Dr. Mary Kay    KRAUS, Julia Ann "Judy" (CONNELL)    LARSEN, Katharina (KNAPPE)
       LARSEN, Rollo Awold    LARSEN, Walter Douglas "Walt"    LARSEN, Willard Roy    LARSEN, William Roger "Bill"
       MAUS, Donald Herbert "Don"    MAUS, Rosemary (SULLIVAN)    MAUS-PIERCE, Dorothy M. (BOHLMAN)    McCANN, Charles A.
       McGEE, Hazel Marie (STREET) COLLINS    METTS, Eliza Jane "Jennie" (BAKER)    METTS, Joseph    MILLER, Homer Weldon
       MOORE, Marjorie Earlene (HILL)    MUSE, Rebecca J. (STEWART)    OWENS, Richard D.    PARSON, Nancy "Alice" (WATSON)
       PRAY, Lucinda (PRUIT)    RAMSEY, O. C.    REDDING, Dusty Marie    REDDING, Leonard Anthony "Link"
       REEVES, Cecil Ardis    REEVES, Donald J. "Donnie"    REEVES, Harley D.    REEVES, Maxine
       REEVES, Sylvia Irene (METTS)    SCRUGGS, Willa Jane (TUTTLE)    SEARS, Harry Ray    SIMMERMAN, Arlene D. (McCONNELL)
       SPARLING, Joanna J. (TRULLINGER)    SPARLING, Joseph A.    SPRAGUE, Clarence Newell    SPRINKLE, Julia Clara (DOBOZY)
       STREET, Edna W. "Winnie" (OWEN)    STREET, Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" (KIER)    STREET, Robert Lee "Bob"    STREET, Yvonne Hope (LAMBERT)
       SWAIM, Donna Irene (PEARL)    SWAIM, Willard Mancil "Shorty" Sr.    VANCE-SCHWICKRATH, Betty Jean (MAUS)    WAGNER, Randena "Jean" (BAKER)
       WAGNER, Wesley Sr.    WARDEN, Loyd Gail    WAUGH, Emily Anita (JORGENSEN)    WEBB, Harley
       WILSON, Olive "Pearle" (BAKER)    WOODMANSEE, Rachel B.    WOODS, Beatrice "Bea" (McCONNELL)    YOUNG, Joseph


       Bloomington Center No. 4    Evergreen No. 4    Ireland School No. 4
       Lamoni School    Leon HS Class of 1892



      GREENLAND's 60th   HIEWLETT's 50th

       Richard SCHWALBE 80th Birthday

       Marriage Licenses:  1887    Marriage Licenses:  1917


       WEDDINGS:    BAKER - FITCH, 1913    GOIN - GOIN, 1914    HERRICK - EVANS, 1917
            NEWTON - McCLARRINON, 1919    TRISLER - WEIDENHOFF, 1914    WESTFALL - LANDIS, 1913






       Graceland's 18th President, Dr. Patricia H. "Pat" DRAVES


       Decatur City Cemetery, Index Page     Surnames "A - L"     Surnames "M - Z"   (All & Reformatted)


       Civil War Days, Lamoni    Ice Cream, Lamoni, 1916 & Today    Lamoni new photographs


       ALLEN, Georgia Maxine    BOOTH, Evelyn Daleth (ADAMS)    CARR, Allen Bradford "Brad"    CLARK, Vaughn Leo
       DAY, American (ZINN) STANLEY    DURBORAW, Dr. Raymond H.    DILSAVER, Albert    DORN, Deborah Ann "Deb" (HOWELL)
       GLENN, Rita Rae (OWENS) JOHNSON    HILL, Hyla Leona    KEELER, Dorothy Louise (WALLACE)    NAYLOR, Caroline (CAVE)
       NAYLOR, Glen Marvin    NAYLOR, Joseph Seeley    NAYLOR, Leland H.    NEGLEY, Evelyn Marie (RICHARDS) HELTON
       NEGLEY, Mary A. (FISHER)    NEGLEY, Reuben Floyd    NOFTSGER, Gene Henry    NORTHEY, Edmund Lillicrap Jr.
       NOTSON, R. P. S.    NULPH, Lois (BARKER) TONEY    PORTER, Bertha Beatrice (BOORD)    QUICK, John Dee "J.D."
       QUICK, Kenneth Eugene    REDMAN, George    REDMAN, Kathryn Elizabeth "Betty" (COCHRAN)    REDMAN, Roland James "Jimmie"
       REED, Glenn Beverly, Jr.    RENNER, Elizabeth Frances (DULIN)    REUSS, Bertha Estella (BROWN)    REYNOLDS, Phyllis Roberta (HOUCK)
       RIDDLE, Amelia Lydia (RODABAUGH)    RIDDLE, Benjamin Jefferson    ROE, Gerald Dean    ROUSH, Luella Rachel
       ROUSH, Rosa May (REED)    RUCH, Dr. Velma Naomi    RUSSELL, Hazel Adelle (MAINARD) BUCY YORK    RUST, William Robert
       SHELL, Agnes Wilmarth    SHELL, Dr. John W.    SHELTON, Robert Alexander    SHELTON, William Downing
       SHUEY, Dorothy Mae (MEYERS)    SHUEY, Glen Eugene "Butch"    SHUEY, Harold L.    SNARE, Lewis
       SPRINGER, Rev. Benjamin Oliver    SPRINGER, Mary Ann (McMECHAN)    SPRINGSTEEN, Dr. David R.    THOMPSON, Andy
       TOWNSEND, Ernest Watson    TULLIS, John S.    TULLIS, Orpha Glee (POTTORFF)    Van HORN, Laura Ann (HUSTED)
       VerSTEEGT, John Jacob    VIN, Peter    WADDELL, Virginia May (GREEN)    WALLACE, Nancy Kay (STEINKE)
       WARD, Fredrick Bertan    WARD, Capt. Thomas    WATSON, Kenneth Wayne    WATSON, Marie (RITCHIE) HARRISON
       WHITE, Myrtle May (DYKE) DANNER    WHITTINGTON, Violet May (MORINE)    WILLIAMS, Virginia    WION, Cheryl Marie
       WION, Dwight L. "Pooze"    WION, Leslie LeRoy "Nip" "Les"    WION, Myles Fredrick    WOODARD, A. C.
       WOODARD, Conrad J.    WOODARD, Danie "Marie" (LITTLE)    WOODARD, Dennis    WOODARD, Eugene R.
       WOODARD, Glenn D., Sr.    WOODARD, Jane (PRETTYMAN) MONROW    WOODARD, Mary "Maxine" (SMITH)    WOODARD, Robert Taft
       YOUNG, Clara Amelia    YOUNG, Dolly Marie (BUTCHER)    YOUNG, Marjorie Pearl (CRAIG)


       Graceland University with "new" current & vintage photographs    Graceland University, Snapshots of History

       East Eden School, No. 1 1917 School Report    Lamoni Public School with more photographs

       Van Wert Public School Notice of Election to Build 1917 Schoolhouse






       BEDELL, Caleb~LLOYD, Nancy    BLEVINS, Alice & Verlyn


       AKERS, Ida L. (CREAL)    AKES, Neal Meredith    ALLEN, Ebenezer B.    BEDELL, Bertha Isabel (NAYLOR)
       BROCKWAY, Narcissa (GASTON)    BROWN, John Lewis    BROWN, Mary Ann (McCALLA)    BROWN, Susannah "Susan" (AKES)
       BRUNER, James W. "Jim"    BUCHANAN, Loretta F. (BROOKS)    BUCKINGHAM, Cora Belle (NEGLEY)    BUTCHER, Clarence Riley
       BUTCHER, Cora Elizabeth "Lizzie" (MILLER)    BUTCHER, George Riley    CAVE, Arthur Forest    CAVE, Florence C. (HARPER)
       CLEARWATER, Serepta J. (BLACK)    CORNELL, Linda Lea (LEWIS)    CREAL, Flora Belle (Van HORN)    CRESWELL, Burton H.
       CRESWELL, Lt. Col. Raymond H. "Ray" (Ret.)    DEEMER, Doyle Lynn    ELLIOTT, Dorothy "Dot" (GRAHAM)    FIERCE, Mabel Elizabeth (HACKER)
       FLETCHER, William L.    FOLAND, Sondra Lee (COMER)    FORD, Darlene Ione (McGAHUEY)
       GEETING, Eleanor Jane (GASTON)    GEETING, John A.    GEISLER, Rachel E. (CAMPBELL)    GIBBENS, Elmer Solomon
       GIBBENS, Robert Bruce    GLAZEBROOK, Rex    GRIFFIN, Graydon George    HAVENS, George W.
       HAVENS, Mary Elizabeth (FLYNN    HAVENS, Robert D.    HELDT, Annetta Minerva (WARD) ROHDE    HEMBRY, Myron Brown
       HENDERSON, Frank    HENDERSON, John (1846 - 1922)    HENDERSON, John (1869 - 1925)    HENDRICKSON, Jessica Lorraine
       HINER, James Jacob "Jim"    HOUSE, John    HOUSE, Margaret/Mary Ann (BAILEY)    HOUSTON, Amanda (WRAY)
       INGLEDEW, Sarah (WELCHER)    JENREE, Gilbert W.    JONES, Ollie (EATON)    KELLER, Jimmie Ray
       KELLY, Elba Earl    KELLY, Neil    KOGER, Anna Belle (CHAMBERLIN)    KOGER, Martha "Carrie" (JONES)
       LaFOLLETTE, Clyde V.    LEE, Norjean Olive "Jean" (STONEBURNER)    MAIN, John "Johnie"    MARQUART, William
       MAXWELL, Fannie B. (WOODARD)    McDANIEL, Deborah Jean "Debbie" (PRICE)    McGAHUEY, Edward "Ed"    McGAHUEY, Jessie Theodosia (MULLIN)
       McGUIRE, Mary Esther (BRONSON)    METZ, Katheryn "Kay" (CLANCY)    MILLS, Edna Evaline (BUTCHER) AKES    MILLSAP, James D.
       MONEYSMITH, George Washington    MORTON, Alice    MULLEN, Theodore A.    MYERS, Carrie Ozora
       PHIPPS, James    PHIPPS, Lucinda (FOREMAN)    WASSON, Trevor Ray EASTON    WILLIAMS, Susan Harriett "Susie"
       WILLIAMS, Thomas Foster "Tom"






       APPLEGATE, Ellen "Louise" (LEEPER)    BARTH, Marvin Max    BETTIN, Debbie Delana (COX)    BLAKE, Myrtle Pearl "Tiny" (PINEGAR)
       COWLES, Eldon Eugene    DECKER, Sherry Marie (McCAULL)    DRAPER, Beverly Joyce    EASTIN, Doris Marie (ROSS)
       EASTIN, Louellen Ann (BOYD)    FOLAND, Jeffery Lynn "Jeff"    GREEN, Darlene Joyce (SIMPSON)    GREENHALGH, Ronny Dale
       GRIM, Alberta Lee (PAYTON)    HINDS, Alice "Arlene" (HONN)    HITZ, Vernon Milton    JACKEL, Marsha Ann (HANSON)
       JOHNSON, Marianna (JONES)    KAUZLARICH, Ruby Arlene (HUSTED)    LAMPHIEAR, Ruby Bernice (WALTERS)    LANE, Melva "Beth" (HILL)
       LARSEN, Pete Knud II "Pete"    MARTIN, Doyle Lee    McALEXANDER, Dale Dean    McCLELLAN, Donna Joan (BLOOM)
       MILLER, Andy A. Jr.    MILLER, Charlotte June (STARMER)    NEINAS, William John "Bill"    PARMER, Earold "Dean"
       RAISER, Junior William "Bill"    REDMAN, Roland "Jon"    ROBERTS, Mamie Marie (MOXLEY)    SCHWAB, Gary Allen
       SIMOFF, Renee Lynn (HOLLARS)    SINCLAIR, Howard Lee    SPIDLE, Robert L. "Bob"    STEELE, Stanley Earl "Bud"
       TANNER, Maudwae (HAGEN)    TELLIER, Donna Sue (COMBS)    WALLACE, Nancy Kay (STEINKE)    YOUNG, Ronald Fredrick "Fred"




        READOUT, Joni

        BIDDISON, Mercy Viola (PLATT)    CRAIG, Pauline Catherine (POUSH)    ERICKSON, Charlotte, (McPHETRIDGE) ANDREW


    Coordinator's Note: Rebecca Knapp Miller has generously shared 3 volumes of genealogical research regarding the descendants of Abiah and Deborah (Gearing) Taylor
    with us. This includes the Taylor family, the Scott family, the Knapp family, the Smith family and other related families.
    I have broken it down by generation and excluded vital information regarding living descendants for privacy reasons.
    The 3 volumes have been passed along to the Leon Public Library, Leon, Decatur County, Iowa so they may be included
    in the library's genealogical section. A heart-felt thank you, Rebecca, for thinking of us - and sharing with us!

        TAYLOR. Abiah and Deborah (GEARING)     TAYLOR, Benjamin Elijah and Sarah Robinson (RIX)
        TAYLOR, Benjamin Rix and Lucretia (HOFFSTATTER)     TAYLOR, Benjamin Franklin "Frank" and Permelia Ellen "Millie" (SMITH)
        TAYLOR Generation Four     TAYLOR Generations Five & Six


        ANDERSON, Carnie Wayne     BENNETT, Curtis "Curt"     BURGESS, Donna Jean (DUNBAR)
        HAGEN, Travis Lee     HARDY, Nelson Neal "PeeWee"     HEINTZ, Mary Jean (COUSER)
        HILL, Bobby Lee "Bob"     HOWSDEN, Jo Ann (BREWSTER)     HUBBARD, Donald Carroll "Don"
        IMHOFF, Harry Elmer     JACKSON, Jon     JONES, Sarah Scott (SMITH)
        KELLEY, Joan Isabelle (McCONNELL)     LAMB, Walter Victor     LAYTON, John W.
        LESTER, JoAnn     LYON, John William "Jack"     McCUTCHAN, Marcus Gene
        McINTOSH, Athel Delphine (HAGAN)     McKIM, John Jospeh     MOORE, Josephine Violet "JoJo"
        PAYTON, Maude Marie     PEEK, Linda Kay (DUDLEY)     ROSS, Everett Lee
        SHIPPY Irene (MULVANIA)     STEWART, Robert Cowl "Bob"     WILCOXSON, Darrel Donnie
        YOUNG, James Edgar "Jim"


        ADAMSKI, Edward John "Ed"     BALLANTYNE, Sara Ann     BANKS, Norma Jeanne (GLAZEBROOK)
        BUTCHER, Evelyn May "Manny" (RUMLEY)     CAMPBELL, Janna Lynn (CRAIG)     CANFIELD, Rachel Lynn (ELSON)
        COLYER, Jean Marie (BALLANTYNE)     DAVIS, Cheryl Joyce (WILLIS)     DURELL, Barbara Ann (ROSS)
        FOLTZ, Diana Lynn (MORGAN)     GILLILAND, Logan Ray     GOERING, Franklin "Dee"
        GRAY, Helen Lucille (NOFTSGER) LUKENBILL     GREEN, Patty Margaret     HENDRIX, Oliver Faye
        HODGES, Keith Duane     HOPKINS, Kathryn Elaine "Kathy" (CRANGLE)     LIMRIC, Soon Ja (Soon Ja LEE)
        LIVELY, Barbara Joan     McBROOM, Marie (EASTIN)     McCLELLAN, Leonard Jay "Len"
        McCONNELL, Leo Eugene     MORELAND, Ruth Evangeline (BRENIZER)     NORRIS, Robert Louis "Bob"
        OSBORN, Freda Mae (McDANIEL)     PERING, Franklin Hine     PETTY, Leslie Dale
        RAMSEY, Rebecca Ruth     REED, Darwin Lee     ROBBENZ, Jasper Elden
        SNETHEN, Earl Arthur "Wimp"     TREMBLY, Marjorie Jane (GRAHAM)     VAN ERT, Floyd Eldon
        WEIGEL, Paul Robert     WEST, Janet I. (VAUGHN)     YOUNG, Brenda Lee (SHEESLEY)
        YOUNG, Fern Luvella (LOCKEY)



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