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NOTE: Some of the biographies and obituaries listed on this webpage were transcribed several years ago,
however they were located within Decatur County's mailing list and various other locations, not accessable through the website.
They are in the process of being formatted and linked from this website for your convenience.
They are listed with other What's New items in case you have missed them during your previous visits to Decatur County's website.

If you don't find the obituary you are looking for
Visit Decatur County's Obituary Board.




       ARNOLD, Dale Edward    BONE, Frank Smith II "Bill"    CONRAD, Zechariah Amir "Zac"    CRECELIUS, Doris Maye (KELLER)
       DOOLITLLE, Janice Kay (ROCHESTER)    EVANS, Ralph Wayne    EVERETT, Anna Mae (SCHLUTERMAN)    GLAZEBROOK, Carl "Kenneth"
       GRIMM, Kathryan Lorinda (McBROOM)    HILL, Ronald Maurice "Ron"    HULLINGER, Lois Irene (CRAIG)    JENNINGS, Clark "David"
       JENNINGS, Wilmina Mae (WILKEY)    JOHNSTON, Patsy Ruth (COLE)    MARK, Robert "Lowell"    NELMS, Leah Jean (HAMBY)
       PETERSON, Roland Cecil "Rolly"    SCHULDT, Lowell "Boyd"    SHIELDS, Howard Randal    SMITH, Paul Clifton
       TROWBRIDGE, Jack Edwin    WEBB, Michael Edward    WHITE, Joyce Elaine (HARVEY)    WILCOXSON, Carol Louie (ELLIOTT)




       Crown Chapel    Garden Grove Presbyterian Church    Grand River U. Methodist Church    Logan Chapel
       Loving Chapel    Leon Presbyterian Church    Van Wert Christian Church


       A Record of Peter and Alice STREET and Their Descenants    PUGH, 5 Generations


       WORLD WAR I:   Harry LEMLEY    Ronald R. MONROE    Pvt. F. G. PETERSON    Edgar ROWELL


       2016 Equestrian Special Olympics    AKES Garage, Leon, 1913    BALLEW Lumber Yard, Leon, 1914    John R. DOBBINS
       DOOLITTLE- JIMMERSON Accident    Rev. F. EDWARDS, 1913    ESTES & Co., 1913    Flower Thieves, Leon
       Grand Theater, Lamoni    HOFFHINES' Honeymoon    Iowa's Blue Law    Russell MANLEY, 1913
       Ralph McGINNIS, 1913    MOORE Cigar Factory, 1913    Lou SEARS, 1917    Drs. PETERSON & STOOKEY
       Leon Standard Oil Co., 1913    STEMPEL & CHERRINGTON, 1913    Westerville Store, 1913


       ADAMS, Edward Joseph "Ed"    ANDREW HAMILTON, Karen "Joyce" (VAN ORSDAL)    BAKER, Brian Eric Jr.    BAKER, Larry Richard
       BAKER, Sarah (BINING)    BANNISTER, Ione Ruth (FLATT)    BARNES, Samuel Eugene "Sam" Sr.    BOELLING, Elma Irene (JONES)
       BOELLING, Wayne Paul    BOYD, Weston Klyne "Sam"    BOYD, William Grant "Bill"    BRINER, Jasper
       CARTER, Alonzo Curnington    CARTER, George W.    CHERRY, Mary Elizabeth (KLINE)    CHEW, Mildred Elfrieda (REEVES)
       CLARK, Josephine Edella    COMBS, Mary J. "Mollie"    DAUGHTON, Walter D.    DEMUTH, David Wayne
       FLATT, Elmer Edward    GOREHAM, Richard Lee "Dick"    GRAHAM, Lois Kathleen    GROSS, Dr. Elmer Alfred
       GUSTIN, Mrs. John    HAYS, Carole "Glee" (ROBERTS)    JOHNSON, James L.    JONES, Betty Iona (McCONNELL)
       KNOTTS, George Clark    KRATOSKA, Dr. Mary Kay    KRAUS, Julia Ann "Judy" (CONNELL)    LARSEN, Katharina (KNAPPE)
       LARSEN, Rollo Awold    LARSEN, Walter Douglas "Walt"    LARSEN, Willard Roy    LARSEN, William Roger "Bill"
       MAUS, Donald Herbert "Don"    MAUS, Rosemary (SULLIVAN)    MAUS-PIERCE, Dorothy M. (BOHLMAN)    McCANN, Charles A.
       McGEE, Hazel Marie (STREET) COLLINS    METTS, Eliza Jane "Jennie" (BAKER)    METTS, Joseph    MILLER, Homer Weldon
       MOORE, Marjorie Earlene (HILL)    MUSE, Rebecca J. (STEWART)    OWENS, Richard D.    PARSON, Nancy "Alice" (WATSON)
       PRAY, Lucinda (PRUIT)    RAMSEY, O. C.    REDDING, Dusty Marie    REDDING, Leonard Anthony "Link"
       REEVES, Cecil Ardis    REEVES, Donald J. "Donnie"    REEVES, Harley D.    REEVES, Maxine
       REEVES, Sylvia Irene (METTS)    SCRUGGS, Willa Jane (TUTTLE)    SEARS, Harry Ray    SIMMERMAN, Arlene D. (McCONNELL)
       SPARLING, Joanna J. (TRULLINGER)    SPARLING, Joseph A.    SPRAGUE, Clarence Newell    SPRINKLE, Julia Clara (DOBOZY)
       STREET, Edna W. "Winnie" (OWEN)    STREET, Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" (KIER)    STREET, Robert Lee "Bob"    STREET, Yvonne Hope (LAMBERT)
       SWAIM, Donna Irene (PEARL)    SWAIM, Willard Mancil "Shorty" Sr.    VANCE-SCHWICKRATH, Betty Jean (MAUS)    WAGNER, Randena "Jean" (BAKER)
       WAGNER, Wesley Sr.    WARDEN, Loyd Gail    WAUGH, Emily Anita (JORGENSEN)    WEBB, Harley
       WILSON, Olive "Pearle" (BAKER)    WOODMANSEE, Rachel B.    WOODS, Beatrice "Bea" (McCONNELL)    YOUNG, Joseph


       Bloomington Center No. 4    Evergreen No. 4    Ireland School No. 4
       Lamoni School    Leon HS Class of 1892



      GREENLAND's 60th   HIEWLETT's 50th

       Richard SCHWALBE 80th Birthday

       Marriage Licenses:  1887    Marriage Licenses:  1917


       WEDDINGS:    BAKER - FITCH, 1913    GOIN - GOIN, 1914    HERRICK - EVANS, 1917
            NEWTON - McCLARRINON, 1919    TRISLER - WEIDENHOFF, 1914    WESTFALL - LANDIS, 1913






       Graceland's 18th President, Dr. Patricia H. "Pat" DRAVES


       Decatur City Cemetery, Index Page     Surnames "A - L"     Surnames "M - Z"   (All & Reformatted)


       Civil War Days, Lamoni    Ice Cream, Lamoni, 1916 & Today    Lamoni new photographs


       ALLEN, Georgia Maxine    BOOTH, Evelyn Daleth (ADAMS)    CARR, Allen Bradford "Brad"    CLARK, Vaughn Leo
       DAY, American (ZINN) STANLEY    DURBORAW, Dr. Raymond H.    DILSAVER, Albert    DORN, Deborah Ann "Deb" (HOWELL)
       GLENN, Rita Rae (OWENS) JOHNSON    HILL, Hyla Leona    KEELER, Dorothy Louise (WALLACE)    NAYLOR, Caroline (CAVE)
       NAYLOR, Glen Marvin    NAYLOR, Joseph Seeley    NAYLOR, Leland H.    NEGLEY, Evelyn Marie (RICHARDS) HELTON
       NEGLEY, Mary A. (FISHER)    NEGLEY, Reuben Floyd    NOFTSGER, Gene Henry    NORTHEY, Edmund Lillicrap Jr.
       NOTSON, R. P. S.    NULPH, Lois (BARKER) TONEY    PORTER, Bertha Beatrice (BOORD)    QUICK, John Dee "J.D."
       QUICK, Kenneth Eugene    REDMAN, George    REDMAN, Kathryn Elizabeth "Betty" (COCHRAN)    REDMAN, Roland James "Jimmie"
       REED, Glenn Beverly, Jr.    RENNER, Elizabeth Frances (DULIN)    REUSS, Bertha Estella (BROWN)    REYNOLDS, Phyllis Roberta (HOUCK)
       RIDDLE, Amelia Lydia (RODABAUGH)    RIDDLE, Benjamin Jefferson    ROE, Gerald Dean    ROUSH, Luella Rachel
       ROUSH, Rosa May (REED)    RUCH, Dr. Velma Naomi    RUSSELL, Hazel Adelle (MAINARD) BUCY YORK    RUST, William Robert
       SHELL, Agnes Wilmarth    SHELL, Dr. John W.    SHELTON, Robert Alexander    SHELTON, William Downing
       SHUEY, Dorothy Mae (MEYERS)    SHUEY, Glen Eugene "Butch"    SHUEY, Harold L.    SNARE, Lewis
       SPRINGER, Rev. Benjamin Oliver    SPRINGER, Mary Ann (McMECHAN)    SPRINGSTEEN, Dr. David R.    THOMPSON, Andy
       TOWNSEND, Ernest Watson    TULLIS, John S.    TULLIS, Orpha Glee (POTTORFF)    Van HORN, Laura Ann (HUSTED)
       VerSTEEGT, John Jacob    VIN, Peter    WADDELL, Virginia May (GREEN)    WALLACE, Nancy Kay (STEINKE)
       WARD, Fredrick Bertan    WARD, Capt. Thomas    WATSON, Kenneth Wayne    WATSON, Marie (RITCHIE) HARRISON
       WHITE, Myrtle May (DYKE) DANNER    WHITTINGTON, Violet May (MORINE)    WILLIAMS, Virginia    WION, Cheryl Marie
       WION, Dwight L. "Pooze"    WION, Leslie LeRoy "Nip" "Les"    WION, Myles Fredrick    WOODARD, A. C.
       WOODARD, Conrad J.    WOODARD, Danie "Marie" (LITTLE)    WOODARD, Dennis    WOODARD, Eugene R.
       WOODARD, Glenn D., Sr.    WOODARD, Jane (PRETTYMAN) MONROW    WOODARD, Mary "Maxine" (SMITH)    WOODARD, Robert Taft
       YOUNG, Clara Amelia    YOUNG, Dolly Marie (BUTCHER)    YOUNG, Marjorie Pearl (CRAIG)


       Graceland University with "new" current & vintage photographs    Graceland University, Snapshots of History

       East Eden School, No. 1 1917 School Report    Lamoni Public School with more photographs

       Van Wert Public School Notice of Election to Build 1917 Schoolhouse






       BEDELL, Caleb~LLOYD, Nancy    BLEVINS, Alice & Verlyn


       AKERS, Ida L. (CREAL)    AKES, Neal Meredith    ALLEN, Ebenezer B.    BEDELL, Bertha Isabel (NAYLOR)
       BROCKWAY, Narcissa (GASTON)    BROWN, John Lewis    BROWN, Mary Ann (McCALLA)    BROWN, Susannah "Susan" (AKES)
       BRUNER, James W. "Jim"    BUCHANAN, Loretta F. (BROOKS)    BUCKINGHAM, Cora Belle (NEGLEY)    BUTCHER, Clarence Riley
       BUTCHER, Cora Elizabeth "Lizzie" (MILLER)    BUTCHER, George Riley    CAVE, Arthur Forest    CAVE, Florence C. (HARPER)
       CLEARWATER, Serepta J. (BLACK)    CORNELL, Linda Lea (LEWIS)    CREAL, Flora Belle (Van HORN)    CRESWELL, Burton H.
       CRESWELL, Lt. Col. Raymond H. "Ray" (Ret.)    DEEMER, Doyle Lynn    ELLIOTT, Dorothy "Dot" (GRAHAM)    FIERCE, Mabel Elizabeth (HACKER)
       FLETCHER, William L.    FOLAND, Sondra Lee (COMER)    FORD, Darlene Ione (McGAHUEY)
       GEETING, Eleanor Jane (GASTON)    GEETING, John A.    GEISLER, Rachel E. (CAMPBELL)    GIBBENS, Elmer Solomon
       GIBBENS, Robert Bruce    GLAZEBROOK, Rex    GRIFFIN, Graydon George    HAVENS, George W.
       HAVENS, Mary Elizabeth (FLYNN    HAVENS, Robert D.    HELDT, Annetta Minerva (WARD) ROHDE    HEMBRY, Myron Brown
       HENDERSON, Frank    HENDERSON, John (1846 - 1922)    HENDERSON, John (1869 - 1925)    HENDRICKSON, Jessica Lorraine
       HINER, James Jacob "Jim"    HOUSE, John    HOUSE, Margaret/Mary Ann (BAILEY)    HOUSTON, Amanda (WRAY)
       INGLEDEW, Sarah (WELCHER)    JENREE, Gilbert W.    JONES, Ollie (EATON)    KELLER, Jimmie Ray
       KELLY, Elba Earl    KELLY, Neil    KOGER, Anna Belle (CHAMBERLIN)    KOGER, Martha "Carrie" (JONES)
       LaFOLLETTE, Clyde V.    LEE, Norjean Olive "Jean" (STONEBURNER)    MAIN, John "Johnie"    MARQUART, William
       MAXWELL, Fannie B. (WOODARD)    McDANIEL, Deborah Jean "Debbie" (PRICE)    McGAHUEY, Edward "Ed"    McGAHUEY, Jessie Theodosia (MULLIN)
       McGUIRE, Mary Esther (BRONSON)    METZ, Katheryn "Kay" (CLANCY)    MILLS, Edna Evaline (BUTCHER) AKES    MILLSAP, James D.
       MONEYSMITH, George Washington    MORTON, Alice    MULLEN, Theodore A.    MYERS, Carrie Ozora
       PHIPPS, James    PHIPPS, Lucinda (FOREMAN)    WASSON, Trevor Ray EASTON    WILLIAMS, Susan Harriett "Susie"
       WILLIAMS, Thomas Foster "Tom"






       APPLEGATE, Ellen "Louise" (LEEPER)    BARTH, Marvin Max    BETTIN, Debbie Delana (COX)    BLAKE, Myrtle Pearl "Tiny" (PINEGAR)
       COWLES, Eldon Eugene    DECKER, Sherry Marie (McCAULL)    DRAPER, Beverly Joyce    EASTIN, Doris Marie (ROSS)
       EASTIN, Louellen Ann (BOYD)    FOLAND, Jeffery Lynn "Jeff"    GREEN, Darlene Joyce (SIMPSON)    GREENHALGH, Ronny Dale
       GRIM, Alberta Lee (PAYTON)    HINDS, Alice "Arlene" (HONN)    HITZ, Vernon Milton    JACKEL, Marsha Ann (HANSON)
       JOHNSON, Marianna (JONES)    KAUZLARICH, Ruby Arlene (HUSTED)    LAMPHIEAR, Ruby Bernice (WALTERS)    LANE, Melva "Beth" (HILL)
       LARSEN, Pete Knud II "Pete"    MARTIN, Doyle Lee    McALEXANDER, Dale Dean    McCLELLAN, Donna Joan (BLOOM)
       MILLER, Andy A. Jr.    MILLER, Charlotte June (STARMER)    NEINAS, William John "Bill"    PARMER, Earold "Dean"
       RAISER, Junior William "Bill"    REDMAN, Roland "Jon"    ROBERTS, Mamie Marie (MOXLEY)    SCHWAB, Gary Allen
       SIMOFF, Renee Lynn (HOLLARS)    SINCLAIR, Howard Lee    SPIDLE, Robert L. "Bob"    STEELE, Stanley Earl "Bud"
       TANNER, Maudwae (HAGEN)    TELLIER, Donna Sue (COMBS)    WALLACE, Nancy Kay (STEINKE)    YOUNG, Ronald Fredrick "Fred"




        READOUT, Joni

        BIDDISON, Mercy Viola (PLATT)    CRAIG, Pauline Catherine (POUSH)    ERICKSON, Charlotte, (McPHETRIDGE) ANDREW


    Coordinator's Note: Rebecca Knapp Miller has generously shared 3 volumes of genealogical research regarding the descendants of Abiah and Deborah (Gearing) Taylor
    with us. This includes the Taylor family, the Scott family, the Knapp family, the Smith family and other related families.
    I have broken it down by generation and excluded vital information regarding living descendants for privacy reasons.
    The 3 volumes have been passed along to the Leon Public Library, Leon, Decatur County, Iowa so they may be included
    in the library's genealogical section. A heart-felt thank you, Rebecca, for thinking of us - and sharing with us!

        TAYLOR. Abiah and Deborah (GEARING)     TAYLOR, Benjamin Elijah and Sarah Robinson (RIX)
        TAYLOR, Benjamin Rix and Lucretia (HOFFSTATTER)     TAYLOR, Benjamin Franklin "Frank" and Permelia Ellen "Millie" (SMITH)
        TAYLOR Generation Four     TAYLOR Generations Five & Six


        ANDERSON, Carnie Wayne     BENNETT, Curtis "Curt"     BURGESS, Donna Jean (DUNBAR)
        HAGEN, Travis Lee     HARDY, Nelson Neal "PeeWee"     HEINTZ, Mary Jean (COUSER)
        HILL, Bobby Lee "Bob"     HOWSDEN, Jo Ann (BREWSTER)     HUBBARD, Donald Carroll "Don"
        IMHOFF, Harry Elmer     JACKSON, Jon     JONES, Sarah Scott (SMITH)
        KELLEY, Joan Isabelle (McCONNELL)     LAMB, Walter Victor     LAYTON, John W.
        LESTER, JoAnn     LYON, John William "Jack"     McCUTCHAN, Marcus Gene
        McINTOSH, Athel Delphine (HAGAN)     McKIM, John Jospeh     MOORE, Josephine Violet "JoJo"
        PAYTON, Maude Marie     PEEK, Linda Kay (DUDLEY)     ROSS, Everett Lee
        SHIPPY Irene (MULVANIA)     STEWART, Robert Cowl "Bob"     WILCOXSON, Darrel Donnie
        YOUNG, James Edgar "Jim"


        ADAMSKI, Edward John "Ed"     BALLANTYNE, Sara Ann     BANKS, Norma Jeanne (GLAZEBROOK)
        BUTCHER, Evelyn May "Manny" (RUMLEY)     CAMPBELL, Janna Lynn (CRAIG)     CANFIELD, Rachel Lynn (ELSON)
        COLYER, Jean Marie (BALLANTYNE)     DAVIS, Cheryl Joyce (WILLIS)     DURELL, Barbara Ann (ROSS)
        FOLTZ, Diana Lynn (MORGAN)     GILLILAND, Logan Ray     GOERING, Franklin "Dee"
        GRAY, Helen Lucille (NOFTSGER) LUKENBILL     GREEN, Patty Margaret     HENDRIX, Oliver Faye
        HODGES, Keith Duane     HOPKINS, Kathryn Elaine "Kathy" (CRANGLE)     LIMRIC, Soon Ja (Soon Ja LEE)
        LIVELY, Barbara Joan     McBROOM, Marie (EASTIN)     McCLELLAN, Leonard Jay "Len"
        McCONNELL, Leo Eugene     MORELAND, Ruth Evangeline (BRENIZER)     NORRIS, Robert Louis "Bob"
        OSBORN, Freda Mae (McDANIEL)     PERING, Franklin Hine     PETTY, Leslie Dale
        RAMSEY, Rebecca Ruth     REED, Darwin Lee     ROBBENZ, Jasper Elden
        SNETHEN, Earl Arthur "Wimp"     TREMBLY, Marjorie Jane (GRAHAM)     VAN ERT, Floyd Eldon
        WEIGEL, Paul Robert     WEST, Janet I. (VAUGHN)     YOUNG, Brenda Lee (SHEESLEY)
        YOUNG, Fern Luvella (LOCKEY)





        Mt. Carmel Advent Christian Church, Woodland
        Hopeville Annual Music Festival

        CARRICO, Pvt. Isaac Edward "Edd"

        CD's Lady Cards at State, 2017




        DAVIS, Vida Inez (SMITH)     HASKINS, E. E. [Ernest Elmer]     HATFIELD, Donna

        History of the Methodist Church, Leon     Pleasanton Community of Christ     Van Wert Methodist Church

        GARBER Family     TRAXLER Family, Lamoni IA

        Davis City - Lamoni 1952 Phone Book     Grand River     Grand River 1977 Phone Book     Leon's Slogan, 1983     Measuring Hay

        BAUGHMAN, Jimmie Woodrow "Jim" "Chuck"     BREUWET, Lisa Ann     EVANS, Louise Eileen (GOODMAN)     GLAZEBROOK, Alberta Nadine (POWER)
        HARPER, Kelly Ann     HARRAH, Maxine (BRILEY)     HINDES, Betty Leone (ALLEN) SNETHEN     LANE, Wallace Leroy
        McCULLOUGH, Ivan Gail     McNAY, Carder N.     MOLER, Paul Wesley     PARMER, Sandra Kay
        PEARCY, Charles Arthur     PENNIWELL, James F.     REDMAN, George Samson     SMITH, Jerry Dwayne
        STEVENSON, Lois M. (STRONG) HART     WHITE, Florence Irene "Flossie" (GARBER)     WINELAND, Eulah Mae (EVANS)

        1941 Decaturite     1942 Prom, Decatur High School     1942 Decaturite     Garden Grove Alumni, 1894 - 1935     Hastings School
        Leon School (Central Decatur)     Lady Cards to State, 2017





        DeLAPP, Bishop G. L.     JACKSON, Lewis Beal Sr.     SHELTON, Joe     SMITH, Mark D.     WOODSTOCK, C. B. & Coral Lenoir

        Bretheran Church in Decatur Co.

        Dr. Josiah Robinson McCLELLAND Family     RUCH Family Missionary Letter
        SNETHAN Family Reunion, 2016     SNIDER Family of Weldon

        Decatur County Jail     Marietta Hall, Graceland University     Nine Eagles State Park

        3rd IA Cavalry Reunion, 1908

        Leon News, Nov. 1889     AKES' Auto Fire, 1914     Geo. ARNEY Burned, 1914
        Vaughn CLARK, 1991     Davis City Reunion, 1908     Decatur County Blacksnake, 1915
        Decatur County Buzzard, 1914     Ron FOLAND, 1966     John FULLERTON, 1916
        Garden Grove Reunion, 1908     GARRETT & ARNEY, 1914     Leon Building Collapses, 1908
        Leon's Garages, 1914     Leon Opera House, 1915     Leon's Poultry Plant, 1908, 1914, 1915
        C.W. MOORE Fire, 1914     R. PEARSON Accident, 1915     SANGER Cider Mill Accident, 1915
        Lafe WEAVER Fire, 1914     W.C.T.U. Convention, 1908

        BAKER, Patricia Lou "Patty" (HOUSMAN)     BAKER, Wayne     BARLEAN, Maurice "Red" "Tom"
        BAUGHMAN, Lucille Jeannette (HEMBRY)     BEAVERS, Darlene Marie (BREEDEN)     BETHARDS, Harry Fay
        BOOTH, Terry "Tim"     BRAMMER, Florence Alta (McWILLIAMS)     BRITT, Helen Pearl
        DEEMER., Harold John     FOLAND, Myron Bruce     FOLAND, Robert Bruce "Bob"
        FOSTER, Harold Lamonie     GARDNER, Catherine (NIGHTWINE)     GLAZEBROOK, Joseph Perry
        GLAZEBROOK, Merlyn Doyle     HILL, Dorothy Eloise     HEMBRY, Glendean Loretta (McGAUHEY)
        HENDERSON, Darlene Beth (DUNN)     HUBBARD, Susan Jane "Susie" (STILL)     HYNDEN Robert Michael "Bob"
        HUBBARD, Susan Jane "Susie" (STILL)     JORDAN, Carolyn "Katie" (HOWARD)     KELLER, Madonna Doris (BENNETT)
        KEMP, Andrew Francis     KINDRED, Clarence Oliver     KINDRED, Emma Catharine (WEDDLE)
        KNAPP, Abel A.     LaFOLLETTE, George W.     LaFOLLETTE, Mary "Maxine" (RAMSEY)
        LISLE, Margaret Rose "Maggie" (SMITH)     LOVELL, Arlene Elizabeth     MARK, Frances Elaine (HORN)
        McCLELLAND, Edgar Bell     McCLELLAND, Dr. Josiah Robinson     McGAHUEY, Muriel "Ruth" (PETT)
        MONROE, Maxine Margaret (BARROWS)     OWENS, Mildred "Ione" (BEAVERS)     PENNIWELL, Virgil Francis
        PETTY, Rowena M. "Roe" (BAKER)     PETTY, Ruth Leone (WOOD)     REDMAN, Jerry Dean
        RICHARDS, Mary Margaret (FROST)     RIPPEY, Robert W. "Bob"     ROBBINS, Margaret
        ROSS, Jancie Kay (DILLINER)     SCHOTT, Emeline (GOODMAN)     SCOTT, Thomas
        SHY, Josephine "Josie" (GARBER)     SHY, William Neil     SMITH, Gary Donald
        SMITH, Ida Matilda (GIBSON)     STANLEY, Leland S.     TREMBLY, Elizabeth Waitstill (HAMPTON)
        TREMBLY, Ivan Camrel     TULLIS, Almattie "Allie" (GARDNER)     TURNER, Wendell R.
        WEBB, Nona Irene (SHACKLETON)     WILSON, Howard Curtis "Hank"

    Graceland University:
        Acacia     The Band     Campus Grounds     Carmichael House
        Chase Stadium     First Commencement     Crescents & Clubs     Dormitories
        Dress Code     Graceland's Early Cirriculum     Graceland's Flag     Hampton Center
        Helene Center     Jenner Sports Complex     Kelley Hall     McKain Tennis Courts
        Student Union     The Morticians     North Hall     Zimmerman Hall
        Central Decatur Schools, Leon     Lamoni Schools     Lamoni Alumni, 1888 - 1916

        GARTON-STOVER wedding, 1920     SELLERS-SMITH wedding, 1908     SMITH-CRAWFORD wedding, 1914
        Marriage Licenses, Aug. 1908     HICKMAN 50th anniversary, 1912     McDANIEL 55th anniversary, 1914



        GHORMLEY, William Fairfield     GRANDSTAFF, James G. & F. Otis

        "E-F" Surnames     "G-H" Surnames

        HELLYER, James Freeman "Pete"


        COX, Randal Aaron     FAIRCHILD, Alice Florence (McLAIN)     FAIRCHILD, Dorothy Mae (RUMLEY)
        FEISLER, Cecil "Hazel" Marie (ROBERTS)     FISHER, Raymond Eugene     FITCH, Velma Louise (WALTERS)
        FLANAGAN, Johnny Pious     FLANAGAN, Maymie Viola (BOYD)     FLETCHER, Orra Otis Jr.
        FLETCHER, William Benson     FLOCKHART, William Thomas "Bill" Sr.     FLUMMER, Raymond Anderson
        FOREMAN, Edgar G.     FORSYTHE, Lillie May (McKINNEY)     FROST, Cecile (BRACEWELL)
        FROST, William Harvey     FULLER, Julia "Elane" (BEAVERS)     FULTON, Albert Jefferson
        FULTON, Alonzo     FULTON, Beatrice Fern     FULTON, Leslie Austin "Les"
        FULTON, Lydia (ENDSLEY) WELDON     FULTON, Tarlton Pryor     GARBER, Angela May "Angie"
        GARBER, Lewis Daniel     GARBER, Louise (STONE)     GARBER, Samuel Reese
        GARDNER, Almon S.     GARDNER, John Morris Jr.     GARDNER, John Sinclair Combs
        GARDNER, Mary Jane (ROCK)     GARDNER, Mary "Louise"     GARDNER, Nelson S.
        GARDNER, William Albert "Will"     GARNER, John Oscar     GARRETT, Dean
        GARRETT, Jesse Burgess     GARRETT, Nellie (BAUGHMAN) WILLIS     GARTIN, Robert Alan "Bob"
        GARTON, Marjorie "Bernice" (CARMEAN)     GATES, Dr. Mary Adeline     GATES, Samuel Adolphus
        GATTON, Fred     GERMAN, Merle Ethel (HULLINGER)     GIBSON, Carroll Doss "Gib"
        GITTINGER, Fern M. (McKINLEY)     GITTINGER, Robert Carl "Bob"     GITTINGER, William Penn
        GOFF, Lewis "Wesley"     GONSETH, Barbara "Barb" (CARTER)     GOODELL, Harry C.
        GORE, John A.     GORSLINE, Connie Marie (CUNNINGHAM)     GORSUCH, Troy Everet
        GREENHAGH, James Arthur     GRIMES, Marion Dorothy (McCASBE)     GRIMES, Mark Frederick
        HAGAN, Nellie Marie (BOLON)     HAGEN, Sharon Ann (PETTY)     HALL, Ardath David "Ardie"
        HALL, Evelyn P. (SANDY)     HALL, Joshua P.     HALL, Mary Elizabeth (SALES)
        HALL, Nadene (STANFORD)     HALL, Robert B.     HALL, Roy Ernest
        HAMAKER, Justin Todd     HAMILTON, Ella Eleanora (ERATON)     HAMILTON, Fanny A.
        HAMILTON, Helen Marie (SMITH)     HAMILTON, Lulu Belle (JONES)     HAMILTON, Myrtle Mary (RUMLEY)
        HAMILTON, Rosa (VARGA)     HAMILTON, Samuel Armstrong     HAMILTON, Truman Paul
        HAMPTON, Lloyd "Kirk"     HAMPTON, Stephan Randall     HANTHORN, Elton Andrew
        HARDEN, Gerald Eldon     HARDEN, Ivan Dean      HARMON, Alice Marie (AKES)
        HARP, Junietta (HARP)     HARRIS, Arnold     HARRIS, Caroline (HOWARD) TODHUNTER
        HARRIS, Doris L. (BLAIR)     HARRIS, James G. "Uncle Jimmy"     HARRYMAN, Darrell Russell
        HART, Kenneth E.     HARVEY, Emma Frances (EATON)     HARVEY, Wallace Arden
        HASBROUCK, Myrtle (GARDNER)     HATFIELD, Anna"belle" (WALLACE) HINDS     HAWK, Mary Araminta (CAMPBELL)
        HAWKINS, Roy Baker     HEALEY, Ola "Lucille" (HILL)     HILEMAN, Max Eugene
        HILL, Kenneth Lloyd     HILL, Marie Anna (JOHNSON)     HILL, Marjorie Marie (VAUGHN)
        HILLIKER, Stephen     HOFFMAN, Betty Marie (ADAMSON)     HOFFMAN, Carl Warner
        HOFFMAN, G. F. [George Frederic] II     HOFFMAN, Michael A. "Mike"     HOLLIDAY, John H.
        HOOK, Ellen Geraldine "Jerrie" (MILLS)     HORN, James Newton "Jim"     HOSKINSON, Ashton Ross
        HOUCK, Dale     HOUSH, Synthia Isabelle (HILL)     HUBBARD, Dorothy Lavonnie
        HUBBARD, Loretta Viola "Lottie" (STANLEY)     HULL, Oliver Edwin "Ollie"     HULLINGER, Loral Lester
        HULLINGER, Randall Mark "Randy"     HURST, Margaret Lillian     HURST, Stephen
        LANE, Anna Louise (BOWER)




        ALLEY, Louanna (GRIFFIN) HARGER     BLACK, Janice Faye (PETTIT)     BOLES, Connie Sue (BRENTON)
        EASTIN, Paul Arlis     EASTON, Dale LeRoy     EASTON, Gary Lee
        EHM, Gustave Wilhelm     EHM, Martha (CAMPBELL)     EIKER, Dr. Albert "Bert" Leander
        EIKER, Leonora "Nora" (GASSETT)     ELDER, Cecile Mae (GRIMES)     ELLIS, Darrell Wesley Sr.
        ELLIS, Sgt. Harley Algernon     ELLIS, Rodney Max     ELLIS, Sgt. Harley Algernon
        ELSON, Charles "Lee"     EPPERLY, Clyde Raymond     EVANS, Mary Jane (WALLACE)
        FULKERSON, Lori Sue (ERICKSON)     FULLERTON, Carolyn M. (RHODES)     GORDEN, Esther (SNETHEN)
        GREEN, Neil Walter     HAMPTON, O. "Kate" (JOHNSON)     HUNT, Margaret Kay (BELL)
        JOHNSTON, C. "Marie" (LEEPER)     LEAHY, Florence Vondean (COLLINS)     MAXWELL, Zelma M. (UTLEY)
        McDANIEL, Roy "Jack"     McMORRIS, Helen L. (McBEE)     MELSON, Donna Kay (VANDERFLUTE)
        MOREY, "Fran" (SNODGRASS) HAMPTON     NALL, Gatlyn Lee     OWENS, Lester Carl
        PARMER, Gerald Duane     PAYNE, David Andrew     PHIPPS, Gary Alan "Poke"
        QUIGLEY, Lexy Jade Ann Marie     QUIGLEY, Lester "LeRoy"     QUIGLEY, Viola "Kathy" (ELSBERRY)
        ROLLINS, Helen "Nadine" (BOWMAN)     SCOTT, William Ernest "Bill"     SELLERS, Jay Wilton
        STANFORD, Steven Dewayne "Steve"     STRANGE, Hiedi Alice     THOMPSON, Bill Gene
        TUTTLE Leota M. (ARMSTRONG)     WILLIAMS, Lonnie Gene     YELLE, Shawna C. (AMRHEIN)




    Decatur County's Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame Inductees:
        Lucille (FARIS) DEEMER, 2002   Jim & Marlene SCOTT, 2008   John & Zana McKIBBEN, 2009   Sandy ERICKSON, 2010

        FROST, Kevin, EMS Hall of Fame     MANUEL, Chuck, Graceland University     RICHARD, Dr. Larry A. 2015 Award
        SHIELDS, Jerry, Coaches Hall of Fame     Van LAAR, Jack, Pheasants Forever Hall of Fame     WELLS, Trenton, 2015 Shrine Bowl


        Electa Jane WOODS, 1893

        George Franklin & Libbie (MONROE) BURCHETT family     5 generations - CAVINESS - ROSS - KENT - PERKS     CHANDLER-PALMER Family Reunion

       A majority of these are newspaper clippings from the Women's Auxiliary Scrapbook courtesy of the Decatur Historical Museum, Leon IA
        WWII Inductees
        BADGEROW, Pvt. Milton Keith     BARGER, Pvt. G. L.     BARGER, 2nd Lt. William Edward "Bill"
        BAUMAN, Ens. Elmo Vieth     BAUGHMAN, Airman James E.     BAUGHMAN, Airman Paul Robert
        BLACK, Pvt. Lloyd H.     BLAKESLEY, Sgt. George Walter     BOATMAN KULL, Ens. Mary Kay
        BURCHETT, Robert Adrian "Bob"     BURRELL, Roe Edward     CARR, Pfc. Adrian B.
        CARTER, SSgt. Lloyd Leon     CHEW, Charles Burdett     CLARK, Pvt. Henry E.
        CLEMENSEN, SSgt. Charles Alexander     COFFEY, AMM2/C Darrell     COONTZ, Pfc. Charles Boyd
        COFFEY, AMM2/C Darrell     CORDES, Lt. Winfield Cash     COX, Pfc. Clifford
        COX, Pfc. David M.     COX, Ensign Marble Earl     CROSS, Cpl. Jack
        CURTRIGHT, Sgt. Charles E.     CURTRIGHT, MM3/C Raymond E.     DANIELS, BM2/C Lural "Thayer"
        DAUGS, Petty Officer 1/C John E.     DAVIS, SSgt. Walter A.     DUFFIELD, Pvt. James H.
        ELSTON, Pvt. Willard     EVANS, Sgt. Clifton     EVANS, Gunner Rex
        GRIMM, Dale Eugene     HELTON, Cpl. Lloyd C.     JIMMERSON, Pvt. Lloyd Harland
        JONES, John W.     KESLEAR, Pfc. James & Pvt. William     KIRKPATRICK, SSgt. Clifford "Neil"
        KLUSSMAN, EM2/C William     LEECH, SSgt. Richard M.     LEVERSON, Pvt. Norman Lawrence
        LEWIS, Cpl. Russell     McDONALD, Pvt. Preston     McGAHUEY, AV MM3/C Chester Clifton
        McGINNIS, Lt. Dan     McINTOSH, Pvt. Francis "Marion"     McKEE, Hane
        McMORRIS, Pvt. John Lewis     MIDGORDEN, Glenneth Arden     MILLER, Alfred W.
        MILLER, Sgt. Arvid Frederick     MILLER, T/3 Robert Dale     MILLS STEELE, Betty La Nelle
        MILLS, Cpl. William Herman     MOREN, Pfc. Joseph     MUNYON, Pfc. William Don
        NEWTON, Dean Neil     NEWTON, T/5 Donald Rex     NIXON, Ted Eugene
        NORMAN, LaVerne     NORMAN, Orville E.     NORTON, Nile B.
        OSBORN, O. F.     OWENS, Bud     PALMER, Cpl. L.
        PARMER, Cpl. Howard Glendon     PEARSON, Robert Lester     PETTY, Pvt. Leslie Dane
        PETTY, Max Brut     PICKERING, Pfc. Kenneth     PRIEST, Marion K.
        PUCKETT, YM2/C Robert "Bob"     RAUCH, FM1/C Junior     REED, SSgt. Eldon L. & Lt. Helen & Sgt. Ivan L.
        RICHARDSON, SM1/C Benjamin Kenneth     SANDERS, F1/C Stephen Lewis     SCHOONOVER, Pvt. Howard Lee
        SCHOONOVER, Pvt. Robert H.     SCHULDT, S1/C Gale Morris     SCOTT, Lt. Clayton P.
        SCOTT, Gail     SCOTT, A/S John C.     SEARS, Bryant O'Neal
        SEARS, Stanley D.     SELLERS, Sgt. Ernest L.     SHORT, Pvt. George R.
        SISSEL, Donald Osmer     SKINNER, Cpl. Venita R.     SLY, Cpl Delmar Willis
        SMITH, Sgt. Charles E.     SMITH, Marvin K.     SMYTH, PO3/C Edwin Vaughn
        SNYDER, Pvt. Everett "Cappie"     SNYDER, Lt. John     SPARKS, Pvt. Lloyd
        SPICER, Pfc. Lowell R.     SPICER,Cpl. Orville Edwin     STEWART, Cpl. Lowell Zane
        STUBBS. Pvt. Benjamin "Ben"     TAYLOR, Sgt. Oren L. "Joe"     THOMAS, Pfc. Maurice
        THOMPSON, MM3/C Gerald Gene     THOMPSON, SSgt. Granville K.     THOMPSON, SSgt. Ronald K.
        TULLIS, Pvt. Harry E.     UMPHRESS, Sgt. Darrell     UPFIELD, Elsie (McMURTREY)
        Van NOSTRAND, SM Richard Carlin     Van WINKLE, Oscar Lee     VANDAL, Pvt. Arthur L.
        VANDERPOOL, Raymond     VENTLING, MSgt. Wayne & Pfc. Doyle     WARREN, 2nd Lt. George E.
        WEBSTER, Pfc. Clifford Lyle     WELLS, SM3/C Artie Clark     WELLS, SM3/C Leonard Lyle
        WHEELER, T/5 Ephraim E.     WILLEY, 2nd Lt. Chester Orrin     WILLIAMS, Pfc. George L.
        WILLIAMS, Pfc. James E.     WILLIAMS, Sgt. William M.     YOUNG, Cpl. Doris

        Edith CHAMBERS, Leon     Ruth DYER, Leon     Rex Kelley, Leon     Maggie (COCHRAN) SEARS, 94

        ADAMS, Bernard Wayne     ADAMS, Trudis (HILTON)     ADAMS, William L.
        ADKISSON, Ernest Lyle "Ernie"     ALLEN, Dennis Clayton     ANDERSON, Edna Marie (BARTLETT)
        ANDERSON, Emma H.     BAKER, Max Wilson     BARGER, William "Bill"
        BARTLETT, John Harve     BEEMAN, Iola Blanche "Penny" (JOHNSTON)     BENNETT, Paul Reed
        BOATMAN, Robert L.     BOLES, Dorothy Lucille (TONEY) RAUCH     BOLES, Russel Doyle
        BOOS, Hilda (CLAUSEN)     BOYDS, Ethel Pearl (EVANS)     BROOKS, Pauline Marie (YOUNG)
        BURCHETT, Elizabeth Ann (FOLLMER)     BURCHETT, George Franklin     BURCHETT, Libbie Mae (MONROE)
        BURCHETT, Mansel R.     COON, Laura "Blanche" (GRIMM)     CORNETT, J. Rush "Cyc"
        CRABB, Elmer Jay     CRAIG, Emmett Charles     CRAIG, Saline
        CRASPER, Kathy Jo (MILES)     CREES, Margaret Grace (GRIFFIN)     CROUSE, Raymond Evermount "Ray"
        CUNNINGHAM, Clifford Delmar     CUNNINGHAM, Helen Wilma (PRALL)     CURRY, Eva Gladys
        DACHENBACH, Caryl Grant     DALE, Randall DeWayne "Randy"     DeVORE, Persia "Joann" (TOLLY)
        DeVRIES, Bonnie Lorine (HYATT)     EARLEY, James Max "Jim" "Jimmy"     EARLEY, Susan Kay (LAYTON)
        EBERLY, Laurence A. "Scotty"     EDWARDS, Kathryn L. "Kate"     ELLARS, Opal Irene (BRIGHT)
        EMM, Lottie Virginia (BROOKS)     EPPERLEY, Lyda Belle     FARQUHAR, Fay (BENEFIEL)
        FEAR, Grace Rachel (OVERHOLTZER)     FEAR, William "Dean"     FICKES, Don Fredrick
        FOLAND, Elden Neal "John" "Johnny"     FOLAND, George     FORSTER, Ellouise Gertrude (WALLER)
        GRAVES, Nina V. (GARDNER)     GRAY, Lois V. (HEMBRY)     GREEN, Georgia May (KIMMEL)
        HAGEN, Jerry Lee     HAINLINE, Larry Dean     HAINLINE, Terry Ray
        HALLS, James Lyle "Jim" "Buster"     HEMBRY, Clifford     HEMBRY, Hazel Charlotte (POOLE)
        HEWLETT, Auris "Lee"     HEWLETT, Cleo Mae (PAYTON)     HEWLETT, Elizabeth (BAKER)
        HEWLETT, Geral Edwin Jr.     HEWLETT, Geral Edwin Sr. (GRAVES)     HEWLETT, Mabel Lola (BURCHETT)
        HORN, Frank Noble     HORNER, Louis Hurst "Lou"     HOWELL, Robert Leon
        HULLINGER, Cecil S.     HURST, Louis Edward     JENKINS, Mildred Lorena (BEASLEY)
        JENNINGS, Ray Earl     LAMOREE, Marie R. (SIMMERMAN) BUCKLEY     LILLIE, "John Arthur"
        LOVETT, Walter Garland     MARTIN, Anna Armilda (FESLER) ANDERSON     McBROOM, Essie Marie (BAKER)
        McCLURE, Max Donald     McGINNIS, Georgia (HURST)     McKEE, Kenneth A.
        METIER, Edith Fern     MITCHELL, Carrie Laura (ROSENGRANT)     MOREN, Joseph Raymond "Joe"
        NERNES, Larry Gordon     NEWTON, Dean Neil     OWENS, Lawrence Raymond "Larry"
        PARMER, Howard Glendon     PECK, Theodore William "Bill"     POTTER, Freddie Harve
        POUSH, L. Etiwanda (MARSHALL)     POWERS, Floyd     REASONER, LaViece (CHEW) FLETCHER
        REDMAN, Clifton Benjamin     REDMAN, Horace Clair     REDMAN, Nadene Marie (LANTZ)
        REED, Mildred Irene (BLAIR)     RHODES, Freddie Elto "Fritz"     ROGERS, Shirley Jane (PHILLIPS)
        SANDERS, Stephen Lewis     SAYERS, Albert L. "Al"     SCOTT, Kenneth Baker "K.B."
        SCUDDER, Irene Lavern (ROSS)     SEARS, Bryant O'Neal     SEEMAN, Stephen Charles "Steve"
        SEGO, George Edison     SEGO, Judy Ann (O'DELL)     SHERRARD, Susan
        SHORT, Edith Mae "Betty" (SMITH)     SHOWERS, Bessie Marguerite (BAGLEY)     SIMMERMAN, Ruth Helen (BARNETT)
        SLAMA, Elizabeth Jane (LEWIS)     SLY, Wayne Eugene "Gene     SMITH, Clark Francis
        SMITH, Fred Russell     SMITH, John Franklin     SNYDER, Paul Julian
        SOUTH, Helen Lucille (GREEN)     STARMER, Leona Jane (SNEAD)     STEELE, Betty LaNelle (MILLS)
        THOMAS, Virginia Mae (WALLACE)     TIETZ, Martha Elizabeth (McCLELLAN)     Van LAAR, Jerle Lynn
        VANDERECKEN, Doris O'HAIR     VIRDEN, Bertha Ellen (GAMMON)     WALLACE, Warren W. "Wally"
        WEST, Samuel Richard "Sam"     WOODS, William P. "Willie"     WOODSIDE, John Henry
        WOODSIDE, Pearl Edna (WELDON) CRABB     YOUNG, Lois Lee (McMORRIS)

  • SCHOOL PAGES:     Lady Cardinals at 2016 State Tournament

        M . & O. BARTH 70th Anniversary     R.W. BRUNER 50th Anniversary     C. CLAWSON 50th Anniversary
        R. DALE 50th Anniversary     D. DECKER 25th Anniversary     J.N. ESTES 50th Anniversary
        FULTON-HUNT Wedding     M. GARTIN 25th Anniversary     HANSON-LEONARD Wedding
        H.O. LOVETT 50th Anniversary     McCORMACK-McKIM Wedding     MULLINS-HEMBRY Wedding
        McVEY-KUHN Wedding     PEARSON-RAUCH Wedding     R. PEARSON 50th Anniversary
        R.C. REYNOLDS 60th Anniversary      Ross REYNOLDS 60th Anniversary      A. SCOTT 25th Anniversary
        R. SCOTT 50th Anniversary     J. & R. SHIELDS 65th Anniversary     C.L. SIBOLE 50th Anniversary
        R. STOREY 25th Anniversary     J. TAYLOR 35th Anniversary     WALDEN-WHITE Wedding
        A. YOUNG 50th Anniversary




        Grand River Cemetery

        ALBAUGH, William & Laura (GAMMON)     BOLES, William & Sarah (GILMORE)     BRAMMER, Frank & Mabel (BROWN)
        BRAMMER, Perry & Mabel (BROWN)     BRENNAMAN Henry/Harry & Esther (KRIDER)     BRINER, Samuel E. family
        GLAZEBROOK, Wesley family     GREEN, John Riley family     HEMBRY, John family
        JONES, Paul Denham family     JONES, William M. family     OVERHOLTZER, James C. "Jim" family
        OVERHOLTZER, Lowell W. family     OVERHOLTZER, Walter Franklin family      SNOOK, David family
         WILSON, Henry family      WOODARD, Amos "Port" family      WOODARD, David T. family

        ADAMS, Fern Lucille (SMITH)     ADAMS, Laura May (SNOOK) McKEE     AKES, Marjorie Jean "Marge" (STARK)
        ALVAREZ, Lois Marie (FULLERTON)     ANDREW, Rayola Lucille (BOLES)     ASHBURN, Wyona Winifred (McDOWELL)
        BAKER, Robert Carl     BEARDSLEY, Berdean Freda (JOHNSON)     BEARDSLEY, Donald Edward "Don"
        BEERS, Richard Homer     BLADES, Harold Roger     BLADES, Vera May (JIMMERSON)
        BOLES, Marguerite (MEHALOVICH)     BOYD, Alice Virginia (BARNHOUSE     BOYD, Marilyn Louise (McGRAW)
        BOSWELL, Billie Lee "Bill"     BRABY, Ronald Eugene "Ron"     BRAMMER, Pvt. Charles "Mendle"
        BROTHERS, H.P. [Hyppolyte P.]     BROWN, Cleo May (GOUCHER)     BROWN BARKER, Maxine E. (MUNYON)
        BRYANT, Nellie "Naomi" (SCOTT)     BUCKINGHAM, James Robert     BUCKINGHAM, Sarah Ellen (SMITH)
        CHEW, Samuel F.     COOK, Richard William "Dick"     CORNELISON, Leila Louella (ANDREW)
        COX, Leslie Claude     DALE, Nathan Alan "Nate"     DAUGHTON, Doris Edna (GERMAN)
        DAVENPORT, Vera Lenore (EVANS)     ELLIS, Max Rollo     EVANS, Rodney Bohn
        FULLERTON, George Washington     FULLERTON, Kenny "Joe"     GABEL, Charles Edgar
        GIBSON, Nile Huston     GRIMM, Neva Irene (BRINER)     HAGEN, Enid L. (BRYANT) SUTHERLAND
        HAMILTON, Roger Neal "Tod"     HAWK, Arthur "Duane"     HEARRON, Marion Herbert "Rusty"
        HILL, Kalven Lloyd     HOUCK, Bonnie Virgene (EVANS)     HUTCHINSON, Mary "Joyce" (LaFOLLETTE)
        IRWIN, Aimee Lou (CAIN) McCAULEY     JIMMERSON, Gary Lloyd     JONES, Edward Leroy "Roy"
        KELLER, Don Richard     KELLER, Dorothy Louise (BUELL)     KELLER, Lionel Neal "Jack"
        KIERNAN, Rev. James     LEWIS, "C.G." Cordis Gerald     McGAHUEY, Donald Lee "Don"
        McINTOSH, Elizabeth (MILLSTEAD)     MERICAL, Gordon W. "Gordie"     MILLER, Billie Jane (HENDERSON)
        MILLER, Connie D. (COOPER)     MOLLISON, Mildred Lurene (NORRIS)     MOREN, Hazel Marie (BURCHETT)
        MUNYON, Chester Vane "Chet"     MUNYON, Hurley     MUNYON, Mendell D.
        NAYLOR, Sandra Valetta (YOUNGS)     NORMAN, Darlyne Blondel (SCHULDT)     OVERHOLTZER, James Christian "Jim"
        OVERHOLTZER, Janice Christine "Jan"     OVERHOLTZER, "Betty" (LONG)     PALMER, Jerald "Wayne"
        PIERSON, Curtis Dean     REDMAN, Oneta Lorene (STARK)     ROSS, Anna "Rowena" (DALE)
        SCHWALBE, Margaret "Irene" (BUELL)     SIMPSON, Jean Marie (HILL)     SNOOK, David Franklin
        SPEELMAN, Cameron "Kerney"     SPEELMAN, Mary Elizabeth (BOYD)     SPIDLE, Vincent Leland
        STARK, Curtis Douglas "Curt"     STARK, Goldie Pearl (SOUTH)     STARK, Marion Lavern "Zeke"
        STARK, Wilbert "Neil"     STEPHENSON, Frances Maureen "Fran" (McGRAW)     STEWART, Cindy Ann (ADAMS) GUETHERMAN
        STRANGE, Beth Ann (JENNINGS)     TARR, Hazel D. (JOHANNESEN)     THOMPSON, Dixie Lee (PAXTON)
        WALTERS, Leland O.     WHITE, Dorothy May (VASSEY)     WILLIAMS, Jessie Mae (BOWEN_
        WILLIAMS, Kenneth Gordon     WILLIAMS, Sharon M. (CAIN)     WYCOFF, Harold Eugene "Red"
        ZIMMERMAN, James Wilson




        ADAMS, Joyce Arlene (PERCELL)     ALLEN, Justus Sheffield "Jay"     BAKER, Opal May (BALL)
        BOGER, Brian Joe     BOORD, Helen Maurine (EASTIN)     BRINER, Jack Lee "Jackie"
        CARSON, Donald Ray "Don"     CLAUSEN, Lloyd Vincent     CRAIG, Betty Lou (STUART)
        ELLIOTT, Danny Dean     GOWIN, Zelma Louise (REIFSTECK)     GRAHAM, Naomi Irene (NORMAN) HOWELL
        GRAHAM, Randy Ray     GRIM, Harriet Rose "Hattie" (GABRIEL)     HAMMONS, A.M.
        HEMBRY, Donald Clyde "Don"     HILL, Lyle "Rex"     HILL, Roy LaVern
        HORN, Donald Bowman "Don"     JACKSON, Beverly Ann (CLARK)     JASS, Michael Herman
        JENNINGS, Patricia Ann (CHEERS)     JIMMERSON, Beulah M. (TROWBRIDGE)     JIMMERSON, Carol Ann (HEWLET)
        MARSHALL, Rebecca Jane (PAYTON)     McLAIN, Ralph Lewis     PERSALL, Catherine Marie "Katie" (EVERETT)
        PIATT, Iva Marie (SHARP) WELLS     PIEKEN, Margaret Marie (CULVER) WOOD     PIERCE, Robert "Dean"
        ROUDYBUSH, Opal Beatrice (DAVIS)     ROUSE, Dr. Carl Edward     SAXTON, Agnes Virginia (NIELSEN)
        SHARP, Charles Raymond     SMITH, Sheila Kay (CRIST)     SNETHEN, Opal "Maxine" (TODD)
        SPONSLER, Virginia (SNETHEN)     STARMER, Carl Dean     STONE, Nancy Sue
        SULLIVAN, Gerald Arthur "Bud"     THOMPSON, Howard Glee     WALSH, Virginia Pomeroy (MEAKER)
        WAUGH, Randy Ray     WEST, Colleen Joy (McDOWELL)     WHATLEY, Jon Edward
        WRIGHT, Gary Wayne




        AUXIER, Dr. Clarence C.R.     BRUSH, Glenn     DUDEK, Billy
        HAMPTON, Russell "Russ"     HARNEY, Russell Wayne "Russ"     HUNTER, Frank
        JONES, Darrick     JONES, Marguerite L. (WICKES)     KNOCHE, Bethel (DAVIS)
        LINNEY, Dr. Viriginia (WARY)     OLSEN, Christel (Brown)     REXROTH, Terri (WESSEL)
        RIDER, Dale G.     SILVER, Emma (TEMPLE)     SMITH, David Hyrum
        STAFFORD, Edwin Bruce Sr.     STAMM, Nicholas     STANLEY, Carrie Ellen
        STANLEY, Daniel S.     STANG, Elizabeth "Betsy" (McNUTT     STUBBARD, James M. & May A. (BROWN)
        STUBBART, John P.D. & Audrey Fay (MOFORD)     TABOR, Harold Adelman     TANNER, Johnathan
        TAYLOR, Clifton O.     TEETERS, Olive A.     THOMAS, Verneda Estella
        TORDOFF, Millicent "Iola"     TREAT, Edna     TRULLINGER, Glen E. Sr.
        VREDENBURG, Dwight Charles     WALDEN, Evan Henry     WALLACE, Jon Berkley
        WELCH, Betty L. (THOMAS)     WELDON, L. D.     WHITE, Ammoron "Otis"
        WIGHT, Cyril Egbert     WIGHT, Darlene (Van BIBER)     WIGHT, Lester Delin "Les"
        YOST, David Harold     YOUNG, Milton Ruben     YOUNGS, Carlisle R. "Clyde"
        ZINSER, Raymond E. "Ray"

        Palestine Cemetery
        Rose Hill "S" Surnames   Rose Hill "T-U-V" Surnames   Rose Hill "W-Y-Z" Surnames

        AKES, Charles M.     AKES, Earl Charles     AKES, George W.
        AKES, Gerald Duane     AKES, Granville "Henry"     AKES, Harvey Abraham
        AKES, Hester A. (SMITH)     AKES, Joseph S. "Joel"     AKES, Lavica Ann "Lavicy" (McKERN)
        AKES, Robert Horry "Bobbie" "Rob"     AKES, Stephen Rutherford     AKES, William Price
        BALLANTYNE, Harry Clay     BENNETT, Howard Hubert     BENNETT, Richard Gentry
        BENTON, Manervy A. (AKERS)     BRANNEN, Mabel May     BROWNE, Joy (HARDER)
        BROWNE, R. Edwin "Ed"     CHRISTENSEN, Peter     CONNER, Flora "Malissa" (JACKSON)
        DINGMAN, Jane M. (NEWKIRK)     DOBSON, James Bradshaw     DUNHAM, Maud Virginia
        GARDNER, Ida Barbara (AKES)     GARDNER, Winfield Scott     GARTON, Gloria Lucile (DOBSON) DACK
        HODGES, Eleanor Janet     HODGES, Lillie May (ROBINSON)     HODGES, William Henry
        KEPLER, Julia A. (STIMELING)     KOHAL, Ida Mae     KOHAL, May Gertrude
        MARTIN, Ethel Amanda (BRANNON)     NAYLOR, Connie Sue (VANDERFLUTE)     NEGLEY, Laura Ellen (AKES)
        NEGLEY, Paul Frederick     NEGLEY, William John "Will"     PALMER, Trella Eva (RIDGEWAY)
        PARKER, William Jackson     REX, Earl Arthur     REX McHARNESS, Emily Catherine "Emma" (AKES)
        REX, Mattie Mae (AKES)     REX, Oscar Grant     REX, Wilson Abraham
        SAMS, Samuel Warren     SCOTT, John Clark     SCOTT, Paul Ervin
        SCOTT, Rothmer Albert     SCOTT REW, Ruth Francelia (JOY)     SEELEY, James Everett
        SHAW, Leslie Earl "Les"     SHAKESPEARE, James "Arthur"     SHIPPY, Ervina (HUNTMAN) COVER
        SHIPPY, Eva May (HARP)     SHIPPY, Elder John     SHIPPY, Joseph Ralph
        SHIPPY, Lillian Pauline (GREEN)     SHIPPY, Mary Jane (BOND)     SHIPPY, May (BIERLEIN) ROSS
        SHIPPY, Saldeda David     SHIPPY, Silas Summer     SHIPPY, Sophronia Frances (SHIPPEE) LEAMING
        SIMPSON, Carrie May (JAMES)     SIMPSON, Eva Helen     SIMPSON, James
        SMITH, Albert Strange     SMITH, Leland Albert     SMITH, Lois Elaine (BIERLEIN)
        SMITH, Opal Mamie (BENNETT)     SMITH, Raymond Horner     SMITH, Wyvone Elaine
        SMITH, Virginia Arlene     SNETHEN, Charles O.     SNETHEN, Mary Ellen (TENNERY)
        SNETHEN, PFC Robert Carl     SPEAKS, Nancy Jean (HYNDEN)     SPILLMAN, Martha Jane (JONES)
        STAFFORD, Prudence (EASTHAM)     STANLEY, Elizabeth J. (STANLEY)     STEDMAN, Capt. Charles
        STEWART, Mettie (GARDNER)     STEVENSON, Duane Clair     STOLL, Blanche "Emma" (HEIDE)
        STOLL, Mary Frances "Polly" (JACKSON)     STOUT, Byram     STOUT, Nancy Catherine (McKERN) VANDERPOOL
        STRAND, Justin Bradley "Brad"     STRANGE, Eliza     STROUP, Myrtle Alice (TALLMAN)
        STUTEVILLE, Archie Gerald "Arch"     TAPSCOTT, 1st Lt. Jack G.     TAPSCOTT, Joe Francis Junior
        TAYLOR, Norma Jean     TEALE, Mary Etta "May" (SPURRIER)     TAPSCOTT, 1st Lt. Jack G.
        UTTERBACK, Jane (SCOTT)     VANDERFLUTE, Helene Rita (WILSON)     VANDERFLUTE, Margaret J.
        VANDERPOOL, Oscar Edward     VOGEL, Mary Lois     VREDENBURG, Dwight Charles
        VREDENBURG, Ruth Irene (TAYLOR)     WALDEN, Helen "Maxine" (ROBINSON) JOHNSON     WALLER, Thomas Webster
        WELLEMEYER, Catherine Elizabeth     WADLEY, Orlando Edward     WALDEN, Aliene Erma (BRACKENBURY)
        WALLING, Mildred Fern (THOMPSON)     WARD, Albert W.     WARDRIP, Doris Alberta (STRICKLAND)
        WAUGH, James Milton     WEABLE, Maurice Duane     WEBB, Thelma S.
        WHITE, Ardis M.     WHITE, Myrtle Belle (MILES)     WHITE, Victor Herbert
        WILCOXSON, Cleone     WILCOXSON, Stephen L.     WILLIAMS, Lyda Theodora (ELEFSON)
        WILSON, Marilyn Kay (GREEN)     WRIGHT, Dorothy Nadine     WYMER, Hannah L.
        YOUNGS, Edith (STRANGE)

        Graceland University:
        Graceland article, 1927     Board of Trustees, Presidents, Faculty





        ANDERSON, David Allen     ANDERSON, Henry A.     ANDERSON, "Audentia" (SMITH)
        ANTHONY, Catherine M.     ANTHONY, Joseph Herman     ATKINSON, Shirley (MORGAN)
        BARBER, Charles Marr     BARRETT, Col. George L.     BECKMAN, Phillip Haynes "Phil"
        BENSON, Dr. Roy Jenkin     BERGMAN, Johannes C.     BLAIR, Alma Roberts
        BOLINGBROKE, Gerald Lynn "Gerry"     BOOTH, Howard John     BOSWELL, Leonard Leroy
        BRACKNEY, Lillian Dale     BRIGGS, George Nathaniel Sr.     BROONER, Charles "Orman"
        BULGER, Dr. Raymonde Albertine     CAMP SMITH, Mildred (ROBINSON)     CARMICHAEL, Nathaniel "Ray"
        CARPENTER, Teresa Suzanne     CARTER, Dr. Richard A. "Dick"     CHEVILLE, Dr. Roy A.
        CHOSOKABE, Peter T.     CHRISTENSON, Dr. Christy Eric     CHURCH, Arthur Burdette
        CLARK, Melvin Kaulia     CLINEFELTER, Dr. David L.     CLOSSON, Eugene Enoch "Gene"
        CLOTHIER, Dr. Richard I. & Louita (GOODE)     CONKLIN, Doris Madelene     CRISWELL, Jeff
        DEAVER, Albert "Neal"     DEWSNUP, Ernest Ritson     DUDEK, William Edward "Bill"
        EBELING, Grace E. (STARNER)     EDWARDS, John A.     EDWARDS, Paul M.
        EMSLIE, Dr. Charles Milne "Chuck"     EVANS, Dr. MaryBeth (CARPENTER)     FAUNCE, Dr. Roscoe Orville
        FITZPATRICK, T.J. [Thomas Jefferson]     FITZPATRICK, Mary Frances (LINDER)     FLANDERS, Robert B.
        FORD, Dr. Leslie J. "Les"     FORSCUTT, Mark Hill     FREEMAN, Tom S.
        FRITZCHE, Dr. Bertha Maude     GARDNER, Dr. Arthur Leslie "Les"     GARRETT, Lucille M. (HIGDON)
        GARVER, John Franklin     GATES, Dr. M. Catherine Wilder     GILBERT, A. R. "Willie"
        GLEAZER, Edmund J. "Ed" Jr.     GOEHNER, David Lawrence     GOODE, Delmar Taylor
        GOULD, Charlotte Rose (DARNELL)     GOULD, William Steele "Bill"     GRAYBILL, Bruce M.
        GRICE, Harvey H.     GUNSOLLEY, Jeremiah Alden     HAMPTON, Gerald E. "Jerry"
        HANNA, Joe E.     HARKNESS, Richard A.     HARMON, Merle Reid Sr.
        HARTWIG, Nicholas Lawrence "Nick"     HAWLEY, James F. "Jim"     HENRY, Clayton G.
        HIGDON, Barbara J.     HIGDON, Earl Terril     HIGDON, William T. "Bill"
        HOPKINS, David William.     HOPKINS, Roy V.     HOUGH, Franklin Scott "Frank"
        HOUSTON, Lois Ellen (BRITTON)     HOUSTON, Oliver C. "Ollie"     HYDE, Mabel (CARLILE)
        IRBY, David M.     JACOBSON, Ned Leroy     JEANAE Mary Jean (MURDOCK)
        JENSEN, Dorman "Blair"     JESSIMAN, Adam     JOHNSON, Robert LaVern "Bob"
        JUHNKE, William Ernest "Bill" Jr.     KAESTNER, Iola Geneva (HICKS)     KELLEY, Bishop Edmund Levi
        KIM, Young Bae     KIRKPATRICK, Sherri Lee(MINTON)     KNUTSON, Gerald L.
        KOHLMAN, Aarona Merle (BOOKER)     LEWERS, Eva Zerline     MANN, Grant Thomas
        McDOWELL, Floyd Marion     McELWAIN, Warren     McKEVIT, Margaret Lillie
        McMURAY, William "Grant"     MENZIES, John Karl     MESLE, Dr. C. Robert "Bob"
        MORGAN, Nelle     MORGAN, Tess     MORRELL, Clara (ENGLE)
        MORTIMORE, Betty Ruth (WATTS)     MORTIMORE, Roy Henry     NEAL, Harold
        NOWLIN, Thomas Bryant "Tom"     NOYES, Frank     O'Daniel Phyllis (SANDIDGE)
        PARKES, Brenda Sue     PATTON, Thomas Charles "Tom"     PLATZ, Gustave Adolph
        POWELL, Thomas Lee "Tom"     RAMSEY, Bob N.     ROBERTS, Forest A.
        ROBERTS, Ruth E. (WALDEN)     RUNKLE, Jerry C.     RUSSELL, William Dean "Bill"
        SALISBURY, Herbert Spencer     SALYARDS, Christiana (STEDMAN)     SCHAAL, David D.
        SCHALL, Celia M.     SCHALL, L. R. "Rod"     SELLARS, John D.
        SLAYTON, William John "Jerry"     SMITH, Joseph III     SMITH, Ronald Kenneth "Ron"
        SMITH, Ruth Adele Lyman (COBB)     SMITH, Wallace Bunnell Anthony     SMITH, William "Wallace"
        STEELE, Dennis R.     STEWART, Rolland MacLaren     STUART, J. C. [John Cameron]
        STUBBARD, Ira Daniel Mark     YATES, Vida Elizabeth SMITH

        Lamoni: Rails to Trails

        ALLENDER, Bessie C.     BALLANTYNE, Madeline R. (ROGERS)     BOBBITT, Ralph Aubrey
        BOLDENWECK, Elizabeth Louise     BOLINGBROKE, Gerald Lynn "Gerry"     BROONER, Charles "Orman"
        BUGLER, Dr. Raymonde Albertine     BROONER, Charles "Orman"     CARMICHAEL, Ava
        CARMICHAEL, Nathaniel "Ray"     CLOTHIER, Dr. Robert Wirth "Bob"     CONDIT Harold Lloyd
        DeLONG, Rose Mary (ARKFELD)     FOLAND, Rodney Lee "Rod"     FORD, Leslie "Les"
        GARRETT, Roberta Delight (LEWIS)     GIBSON, Justin Wayne     GLEAZER, Charlene A. "Chuckie" (ALLEN)
        HARKNESS, Prof. Richard A.     HARKNESS, Susan (HUMESTON)     HARMON, Merle Reid
        HENRY, Clayton G.     HOPKINS, Katherine Temple (LONG)     HOPKINS, Roy V.
        JESSIMAN, Adam     KNUTSON, Audette (SMOOT)     LEE, Joyce (KAESTNER)
        KRUSE, Gerald Raymond     MARTIN, Walter Vernon     McDOWELL, Floyd Marion
        NEGAARD, Leland Woodrow     NEGAARD, Sadi (MOON)     MURDOCK, Louise Marie (MINOR)
        NICHOLS, Helen Marie (FRENCH)     PIEDIMONTE, William A.     PIEPERGERDES, Winnifred (HIGDON)
        RITCHIE, Malcolm Luther     RUNKLE, Wilma Irene (MICHAEL)     SHAW, Gaylord E.
        SMITH, Frederick Madison "Fred"     SMITH, William "Wallace"     STRAND, Genevieve "Jean" (JOHNSON)
        SULKHANISHVILI, Cheyeanna (BOONSTRA)     STUART, J.C. [John Cameron]     SWOFFER, Bruce W.
        THOMPSON, Janice "Jan" (HYDE)

        Graceland University:
        Administration Building     Graceland Bulletin, 1913-14     50th Anniversary, 1945     Gunsolley & Graybill Halls
        Graceland's Houses




        BRIGGS, George N.     INSLEE, Winston "Win"     KILLPACK, Marian (GARRETT)
        SMITH, Frederick Madison     MOON, Cleo M. (HANTHORNE)     SMITH, Israel Alexander

        County Farm

        Model A Ford, by Chas. Warren


        BRACKEN, Mary Arbelle (HASTY)     BRIGHT, Gene Earl     BUTCHER, Connie Lois
        CASTER, Marie (SAMS)     CLOUGH, Dorothy (DUKESHIER)     HARP, Elder John Henry
        JACKSON, Dorothy Ida (LEWIS)     JOHNSON, Cosie (JONES)     KARNS, Sharon Kay (WILSON)
        KINDBLADE, Ella (SACKETT)     KINDBLADE, George B.     LEWIS, Dennis Dwayne
        LOVETT, Mary "Maxine" (CALDWELL)     MYERS, Zoe "Maxine" (BAYSINGER)     NELSON, Cathy BERGMAN
        SANDAGE, Allan Rex     SANDAGE, Veva Ferne (CURTIS)     SAVELY, Carl N.
        SAVELY, Irene (ROMERO)     SHEAFER, Nancy Helen (VALENTINE)     SHIPPY, Duane David "Dee"
        SHORT, Herman Arthur "Fuzz"     SMITH, Katherine Lousie "Kay" (FORSYTHE)     SWIFT, Eva Fern (SHIPPY)
        WALDEN, Gertrude L. (WHITE)     WALLACE, Jon     WENGRYN, Patricia "Pat" (HALL)

        Graceland University:
        Graceland's Gadgets     Graceland Opens, 1941     Ackerley Outdoor Trace & Field
        Barrett Disc Golf Course     Baughman Athletic Center     Briggs Hall
        Cheville Chapel     Coaches Hanton, Harrop & Dudek     The Coliseum
        Fitzgerald Fitness Center     Gunsolley & Graybill Halls     Hoop House
        Huntsman Field     Tess Morgan Hall     McDowell Commons
        Patroness Hall     Research & Technology Hall     Shaw Center
        Small & Thomas Apts.     F. M. Smith Library     E.H. Walden Physical Plant
        Marietta Walker Hall     Trustees, Presidents, Faculty


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        1915 Births     1940 Births     1965 Births     REDMAN, Carrie, 100th birthday
        HAAS' 50th Anniversary     1940 Marriage Licenses     BIERLEIN'S 3rd Anniversary     LUTZ-MILLER Wedding
        THORPE-MIDGORDEN Wedding     1965 Marriage Licenses     RIPPEY 50th Anniversary     BUCKINGHAM-JONES Engagement






      Prof. Jeremiah Alden Gunsolley

      Grand River Methodist Church   Grand River Union Church

      U.S.O. Drive, 1942   August Inductees, 1942   Corp. Frase HAVARD, 1942
      Keith E. HALL, 1942   Grand River Local, 1942   Corp. Raymond JONES, 1942
      SHORT, Pvt. George R., 1942   ZIMMERMAN, Corp. Woodrow, 1942   SSgt. Russell J. VERDUGO, 2005
      Airman Jordan A. HOYT, 2007

        The Lamoni Chronicle: Sep. 11, 1941   Dec. 20, 1941

        AKERS, Shirley Eilene (MARVIN)     BLEVINS, Verlyn Kelley     BOLES, Vera Ellen (WEST)
        BURCHETT, Robert Adrian "Bob"     BUTCHER, Connie Lois     CHASE, Gretchen Ann (STONEBURNER)
        COOPER, Eunice Ray (TENNYSON)     CRAIG, Basil Clair     CREES, Jon Lee
        DALE, Carolyn "Jeanie" (ANDREW)     DEAN, Alvin H.     DRISKILL, Lyle Cecil
        DYKES, Dale Eugene     FOLAND, Richard Cloyd     GIBSON, Ethel Berniece (MARSHALL)
        GORDON, Merlye Lee     HAGEN, Gretchen L. (ARGABRIGHT)     HARDY, William Lyle "Bill"
        HATFIELD, Robert Alva "Bob"     INGRAM, Juanita Jean (KIRBY)     JACKSON, Junior Melvin
        JACKSON Verda Louise (MALLATT)     LaFEE, Judith Karen "Judy" (BURKETT)     MARTIN, Patricia Ann "Pat" (HILL)
        MORSE, Ruth (DITZLER)     OMER, Roberta Mae (BRENIZER)     OVERHOLTZER, John Jacob
        PYLE, Shirley Jean (EASTON)     RICHMAN, William Junior "Bill"     RUMLEY, Linda Joleen (COLE)
        RUMLEY, Tony Monroe     SCOTT, Ruth Ann (HAVENS)     SCUDDER, Kenneth Alan "Kenny"
        SLEMP, Alyce Virginia     SMITH, Bertha "Mildred" (NELSON)     SPIDLE, Cindy Lynn
        STUART, Lyman Dale     WADDELL, Myrtle Jean "Myrt" (CLAMPITT)     WATSON, Carolyn Deleene (WOODS)
        WILSON, Frances Maxine "Fran" (SELBY)

      1957 Grand River School    1957 Grand River Yearbook   1959 Grand River Yearbook   1960 Grand River Yearbook
      Grand River Alumni Banquets:   1960    1966    1968    1969    1970    1977


      Dekalb    Grand River Local, Centennial Edition   Grand River Centennial, 1981 Edition
      History of Grand River    Grand River Quasquicentennial, 2006   Westerville 




      BLADES, Duane Allen   CASH, Lydia M. (STARKEY)   COLLINS, Garry Gene
      KIRKPATRICK, Wilma Ilene (HOSACK)   LAUTTENBACH, Carla Rae (PERKS)   MILLER, Melvin D.




        PAGE, James     ROBINSON, Ebenezer

        Rose Hill Cemetery   "M" Surnames   "N-O-P-Q" Surnames   "R" Surnames

        MAIN, Donna "Louise" (BURCHETT)     MARKS, Gerald Leroy "Jerry"     MARVIN, Gerald Dee "Gary"
        McDONALD, Frances Lovinia (WILLEY)     McFARLAND, Douglas Farrell "Doug"     McKIM, Mabel Vola
        McMORRIS, John Lewis Sr.     McVICKER, Bessie Louella (MIDDLETON)     MICKELSON, Carol Ann (REEVES)
        MICKELSON, Esther May (WERNITCH)     MICKELSON, Richard Gene     MIDDLETON, Helen Jeannette (MIDGORDEN)
        MIDGORDEN, Alice "Lorena" (GUNSOLLEY)     MIDGORDEN, Bertha Isabelle     MIDGORDEN, Marvin Marion
        MINTHORN, Maynard L.     MITCHELL, Clara Mae (WOODS)     MITCHELL, Rev. George Edwin
        MITCHELL, Rosetta E. (WESTFALL)     MONROE, Donald Frazier "Don"     MONROE, Isaac Allred
        MONROE, Richard Stanley "Dick"     MONROE, Velva Jane (STANLEY)     MOON, Cleo Margaret (HANTHORNE)
        MORRIS, Russell     MORTIMORE, Betty Ruth (WATTS)     MORTIMORE, Susan (MAXWELL)
        MULLINS, Thomas O'Dea "Tom"     MYERS, Lewis Richard "Dick"     NASH, Warren Eldon
        NEAL, Grace (PINKERTON)     NEEDHAM, Emma E. (JONES)     NEWBERRY, Fred
        NEWCOM, Arden Henderon     NEWCOM, Loyal Beatrice (WINANS)     NICHOLSON, Kathryn (HABERLEIN)
        NOFTSGER, Oliver Raymond     NOFTSGER, Roberta Jean (EVANS)     NORRIS, Larry Dean
        NORTHRUP, Helen (BENTLEY) STURDYVIN     NOWLIN, Thomas Bryant "Tom"     OILER, Harold Jay
        OMSTEAD, Margaret Louise (ASHBURN)     OUTHOUSE, Earnest Richard "Dick"     PAGE, John
        PERKINS, Clarke Eldon     PERKINS, Marvin Lee "Butch" Jr.     PERKINS, Marvin Lee Sr.
        PHILLIPS, Palmer C.     RANDOL, Betty Anne (THOMAS)     RANDOL, LaVare Mae (THOMAS)
        RANDOLL Willard Carl     RATCLIFFE, Marlyn June (DRISKILL)     REED, Donald Royce "Don"
        REEVES, Franklin A.     RESSEGUIE, Lucy (LYONS)     REW, Orra "Orrie"
        REYNOLDS, Howard Arthur     RICHARDS, Elizabeth (OLDS)     RICHARDSON, Jane
        RICHARDSON, Stephen     RINEHART, Wanda Lea (HEMBRY)     ROBINSON, Martha Ann (RUSH)
        ROBINSON, William C. "Bill"     RUSSELL, Paul "Milroy"     STRAND, Randall Edward "Randy"
        WEISSENBURGER, Margaret A.


       Dr. James Brainerd HORNER, M.D. ~ 1887 Biography   1915 Biography 
        HARRINGTON, Helen Gladys (MARTIN)   HAYER, Lorenzo   JENKINS, Percy Melford
        KOPP, Charles Amos   MARKS, Julia (DURFEE)   McALISTER, Claude Isaac

        Rose Hill Cemetery   "A" Surnames   "B" Surnames   "C" Surnames   "D" Surnames   "E" Surnames
        "F" Surnames   "G" Surnames   "H-I" Surnames   "J" Surnames   "K" Surnames   "L" Surnames

        News Items, Oct. of 1894    News & Social Columns, Oct., 1919    Lamoni Meal Site Volunteers, 1976

        ALLEN, Alberta L. (HARPE)     ALLEN, David Oren "Dave"     ALLEN, Flora (BOOTMAN)
        AMUNDSON, Mildred Wilma (STRUBLE)     ANDERSON, George Edmund     ANDERSON, Hiram Samuel
        ANDERSON, Lena Mae (RICHARDSON)     ANDERSON, Robert Harold "Bob"     BAKER, Margaret Jane (BRIGGS)
        BALLENTYNE, Beulah M. (LINGARD)     BALLENTYNE, Neva Juanita (SNETHEN)     BALLENTYNE, Paul
        BALLENTYNE, William Clayton "Bill"     BARNES, Mildred Louise (BLEVINS)     BARRETT, Dr. James T.
        BARRETT, Marjorie M. (TAYLOR)     BARTH, Basil Charles     BECK, Kathryn Maxine (WERGES)
        BECK, Theodore Abel     BECKMAN, Jayne F. (HUFFNAGLE)     BECKMAN, Karl Wm. Arthur
        BELL, Elias Mark     BELL, Josephine Adaline (CONNOR)     BLACK, Keith Harold
        BELL, Thomas Jefferson     BENSON, Dr. David James     BENTLEY, George Henry
        BIDDLE, Gretchen Audentia (KELLEY)     BIDDLE, Leroy William "Bud"     BLACK, James Louis
        BLACK, Jennie (STURM)     BLAIR, Wallace Haymond     BLANCHARD, Mary Alice (CRACRAFT)
        BLEVINS, Ralph "Wayne"     BOSWELL, Cleo Lee     BOSWELL, Lois (McDANIEL)
        BOWEN, Elmer M.     BOWEN, Franklin L. "Frank"     BOWEN, Grace (HIGHTSHOE) WALDRIP
        BOWEN, Ira Calvin     BOWMAN, John S.     BOYER, Joseph Clinton Jr. "Joe"
        BRABY, Bettie Ann (REYNARD)     BRACKENBURY, Charles Alvin     BRACKENBURY, Robert Leo
        BRACKENBURY, Verna Grace (HAYER)     BRENIZER, Gerald O. "Ollie"     BRENIZER, Phyllis C. (COULSON)
        BRIDGES-REESE, Richard L. "Dick"     BROWN, Dr. Annajean E.     BROWN, Clifton A.
        BURGHER, Pearl "Harold"     BURGHER, Mary Maude (McCARTY)     CHAPEN, Roy
        CHESWORTH, Alice K. (LANE)     CLINE, John B.     COCHRAN, Mable Eliza (CHURCH)
        CONDIT, Kathryn "Katy"     COOK, George Dean     COVER, Stella Martha (MERRICK
        CRACRAFT, Nathaniel Silas Jr.     CRACRAFT, Stana I. (O'DOUGHERTY)     CRAFT, Forest Harold
        CRANE, Daniel Franklin     CREES, Archie "Glenn"     DANIELSON, "Hattie" (RUSH)
        DAVIES, June Lorene (LEWIS)     DAVIES, Robert Richard "Bob"     DAVIS, Bonner Everett Sr.
        DAVIS, Stephen Alexander     DAWSON, Gerald Rex Sr.     DAWSON, Nola Irene (BLATT)
        DeBARTH, Joe Newell     DeLONG, Leonard Estell     DENIO, Erwin A.
        DOOLITTLE, Clifford Dorman     DOOLITTLE, Ethel Arrena (STILL)     DRISKILL, Cecil Charles
        DRISKILL, Lura Oleta (KAESTNER)     DUNBAR, Vera Leota (PARSON)     EDGERTON, Edward Dean "Ed"
        EDGERTON, Lloyd Dean     EDGERTON, Marjorie Louise (CASEY)     EDWARDS, Francis "Henry"
        ELEFSON, Elbert Lee     ELLIOTT, Irene Helen (DAVENPORT)     ELLIOTT, Lee "Roy"
        ELSWICK, Arleta "Grace" (SUMPTION)     FARMER, James "Grant"     FARNHAM, Robert Walter "Bob"
        FESSLER, Mary P. (CLINE) DAVIS     FLOWERS, Dennis LeRoy     FLOWERS, Pearle Ellen (SMITH)
        FLOWERS, Raymond Henry     FLOWERS, Viola "Vi" (ROLLINS)     FOLAND, Calvin Clark
        FORD, Edna Alice (BASSETT)     FOREMAN, John     FODICK, Luella Charlotte (McCLURG)
        FOWLER, Esther M. (HOLCOMB)     FRAZEE, Alta Rae (BLACK)     FRAZEE, Leon Ludlow
        FRENCH, E. LaVon     FULLICK, Mary Ann (KEOWN)     GARDNER, Vera Viona (CHANCE)
        GORDEN, Opal Bernice (COLYER)     GOULD, Charlotte (DARNELL)     GRENAWALT,Charles Ulyses
        GRIFFITH, Paul Eugene     GROUT, Ethel M. (ANDERSON)     HALE, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (BANKS)
        HALL, Benjamin F.     HALL, Esther Elizabeth (DAVIS)     HALL, Josephine M. (PILLING)
        HALL, Martha Ann (WALTON)     HALL, Rev. Max Irvin     HALL, Wilbur Ernest "Willie"
        HALL WILEY, Rose Marie (LAWHORN)     HAMILTON, John Bunkard "Bunk"     HAMMER, Herbert Ren
        HARP, Eliza Jane (DOWNS)     HARP, John Greenberry     HARP, Mary Ellen (LAMPKINS)
        HARP, William Marion Sr.     HART, Letha Delia (LITTLE)     HARTWELL, Lucinda A. (MERRITT)
        HAWLEY, David Eber     HAWLEY, Harold Norman     HAYER, Lorenzo
        HEDGE, Mary Jane (BLACK)     HEIDE, Clarence George     HEIDMAN, William Edward
        HENRY, Carrie Allen (MAIN) GUNTER     HERBERT, Lawrence Alton "Larry"     HETHERINGTON, Mara "Lea" (SCOTT)
        HETHERINGTON Willard A. Scott     HIGHTSHOE, Robert Allen     HOPKINS, John Franklin
        HORNER, Deam Eugene     HORNER, Ernest Eugene     HORNER, Dr. James Brainerd
        HUGHES, Hollie Everett     HUGHES, Walter E.     HUNTSMAN, Javis
        HUTCHCROFT, Lucy E. (MARSHALL)     HUTCHCROFT, Robert "Bob"     HYNDEN, Robert Bailey "Bob"
        JACKSON, Halcyon (WILLEY)     JACKSON, Jesse Owen     JAMISON, Robert Ashton
        JAMISON, Thomas Benton     JEANES, Robert E. "Bob"     JENSEN, Dennis LeRoy "Denny"
        JOHNSON, Mervyn Leonard     JOHNSON, Opal L. (GUTHRIE)     JOHNSON, Rose Marie (DiSTEFANO)
        JOHNSTON, Floyd Cleo     JOHNSTON, Margaret Ann (SMITH)     JOHNSTON, Robert
        JUDSON, Ralph A.     KAESTNER, Helen Gertrude (MARTIN)     KEEN, Carol Wayve (ALLEN) MANN
        KEEN, Russell Martin     KELLEY, Bishop Edmund L.     KEOWN, Dr. Charles
        KEOWN, David     KLEIN, Ferne (LEONARD)     KLINE, John P.
        KLINE, Margaret "Maggie" (KNAPP)     KNAPP, Anna Lois (WILSON)     KNAPP, Hattie Clarice (OTTO)
        KREBS, Earl James "Sonny"     LAMBSON, Minerva Jane (OTTO)     LANDIS, Robert Michael
        LANDIS, Sarah Phoebe (KEERAN)     LANDIS, Sam     LANE, Joseph Warren
        LASSWELL, Betty Ann     LASSWELL, Carrie A.     LASSWELL, Crystal Mina (HASKINS)
        LASSWELL, Waye Oneta (WILCOXSON)     LEEPER, Harley     LEEPER, Marjorie (FOSTER)
        LEEPER, Marvin Lee     LEETUN, Isabelle (MELLING)     LEVERSON, Clara Bertina (NELSON)
        LEVERSON, Lois "Rae" (ANDERSON)     LIPPOLD, Theodore Louis "Ted"     LITTLE, William Warren
        LYSINGER, Rolin "Rollie"     LYSINGER, Rolin "Rollie"     MADER, Lucile
        MADISON, Philo Thomas     MANN, Max Elwin     MARKLEY, Kenny Michael "Ken"
        MARTIN, Eliza Jane (ATKINSON)     MARTIN, George     MARTIN, James Henry
        MARTIN, John     MARTIN, Sarah Alice     MARTIN, Sarah Ann (ATKINSON)
        MARTIN, Walter "Vernon"     MATTESON, Merlin Dean     McALISTER, Claude Isaac
        McANINCH, Sherman     McCABE, Augusta "Gustie" (CURRIE)     McCANN, Charles A.
        McCANN, Jessie (HUTCHCROFT)     McCLELLAN, Ollie "Hope" (MATTOX)     McCOLLUM, Agnes Ena (MILES)
        PAYTON, G. W.     SHIPPY, Moroni     VANDEL, Joseph Davis "Joe"
        VANDERPOOL, Verle     WILLIAMS, W. A. "Willie"

        FORD Reunion, 1940

        1919 - 1920 County Teachers

        GRAVATT-STEVENS, 1894     Births, Oct. 1919     Marriages, Oct. 1919



        BIXBY, Robert D.     CARTER, Steven V.      LOCKWOOD, Edmond Alfred "Ed"
        MADARASZ, Ladislaus      MITCHELL, Gertrude (MAXWELL)

        Andover Church      Bethel Baptist Church      Charm Sunday School
        Christian Church, location unknown     Decatur Christian Church     Decatur Methodist Church 
        Elk Chapel      Fairview Methodist Church     Hebron Methodist Church
        Leon Brethren Church      Leon Christian Church      LeRoy Methodist Church
        Methodist Church, location unknown     New Salem Baptist      Trinity Christian Church 
        unknown, Decatur City     Van Wert Methodist Church      Woodland Adventist Church

        SNOOK'S 50th, 1919     TRAUPEL-SNYDER, 1919     WELDON-FOLAND     Tom WILLIAMS' 50th, 1914

        Photographs courtesy of Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon IA
        SPENCE, Pvt. Wm. B., WWI

        News Items, Nov., 1889     Dedication of Courthouse Cornerstone, 1907      Hy-Vee, 1940
        Hy-Vee, 1948     Leon's New Depot, 1909      Personals, Nov. 12, 1914
        Grand River Fire, 1915     Grimes-Grogan Clothing Store, 1919

        BAKER, Margaret H.     BOLES, Goldie (ADAMS)     CARLTON, Avadia (SMITH)
        FOLAND, Helen     FRAZIER, Rhoda (ANDERSON) STANFORD     GUNTER, Nancy A. (HOWARD)
        HARVEY, Judge John W.     HOFFINES, Jonas     JACKSON, Infant Son
        LOCKWOOD, Raymond Leonard     LOREY, Elizabeth Ellen     MADARASZ, Ladislaus
        MOORE, Clayborn     PATTERSON, John      PATTERSON, Pamelia (DUKE) 
        SWITZER, Jacob

        Photographs courtesy of Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon IA
        People of Decatur County

        Brush College      Buzzard Roost School      Charm School No. 8 
        Crown School No. 3     Davis City School      Decatur School 
        Denham School      East Eden School      Eden Center School 
        Elm/Morgan Twp.     Fairview School      Foland School 
        Foland School Pupils     Foland School Teachers     Franklin No. 4 
        Gospel Ridge School      Hard Scrabble School      High Briar School 
        High Point School      Lamoni Schools      Lamoni School Burns, 1914
        Lamoni Schools Sold, 1914     Leon Honor Roll, 1914     Lone Star School 
        Morgan Center School      Normal School      N. White Oak School
        Pioneer/Morgan Twp.     Pioneer/Welcome School      Pleasant Hill No. 2
        Pleasanton School      Pleasant Ridge School      Rauch School 
        Reynolds School      Scratch Eye School      S. Woodland No. 5
        S. White Oak School     Spunky Ridge School      Stringtown School 
        SunnySide School     Tick Ridge School      Union School No. 3
        unknown schools      Van Wert School      Van Wert Graduates 
        Van Wert 1937 Yearbook      Weldon School      Wells School
        West Eden School      West School No. 4      Westerville School 
        White Oak School     Woodland No. 9      Woodmansee No. 2 

        Decatur City      DeKalb      Garden Grove      Grand River 
        Lamoni      Leon      Hanoco Crt., Leon     LeRoy 
        Pleasanton      Spring Valley     Terre Haute      Tuskeego 
        Van Wert      Wade's Cafe, Weldon     Weldon      Westerville 



        AKERS, Ada (CREES)     BALL, Edith (BEERS)     BOYD, Elsie (FOLAND)
        BRAY, Mina (MADARASZ)     DAILY, Mable     EDWARDS, Lucinda (BURCHETT)
        FRY, Cora A. (LITTLE)     GILREATH, Hoyle H.     GILREATH, William "Lloyd"
        LOVELAND, J.S.     MILLER, Eileen (JACKSON)     MILLSAP, Ezra L.
        MULLEN, Elvera V. (JOHNSON)     O'GRADY, Jennie (CONWELL)     O'NEIL, "Kate" (DETRICK)
        PALMER, Hettie (EURITT)     PIERCY, Newton Cloud "Nute"     RAMSEY, Alvice
        RAMSEY, Rosamond Ruth     SCHWALBE, Irene (BUELL)     THIELMANN, Etola (GRIMM)
          WEST, Florence (McKEE)  

        Garden Grove Main Street, 1900-04     Richland Twp. Pioneers

        Beavers School     Brick School      Burr Oak Ridge School
        Center School #5      Comstock School      Ireland School 
        Leon School Page      Leon Alumni      Leon Class of 1926, 50th Reunion
        Lillard School     Pleasant View School     Riddle School
        White Hall School 



        July, 1938

        Licenses, July, 1938     HUTCHER-PAYTON Wedding, 1938     REYNOLDS-GRAHAM Wedding, 1938
        SMITH-BAKER Wedding, 1938

        Leon Band Concert, 1938     Iowa Territory Centennial, 1938     Leon Journal-Reporter, July 14, 1938
        Municipal Band Concert, Leon, 1938

        ARNOLD, Alice May (BOLES)     BROOKS Twins, Larry & Jerry     KIRKPATRICK, Ethel May (BOLES)
        MANCHESTER, Letha (PERKS)     MARTIN, Delia (DECKER) BARLEAN     MASON, Bessie Irene (STARK)
        MASSEY, Ivan L.     McBROOM, Dale Emerson     McBROOM, Donna Jean (JAMES)
        McBROOM, Vera Neal (HOCKENSMITH)     McCARTY, John Merle "Mike"     McCLURE, Clifford "Romaine"
        McDOUGAL, Bertha (JENNINGS)     McINTIRE, Rev. Daniel M.     McINTOSH, Pvt. Francis "Marion"
        McKEE, Clyde Raymond     McLAUGHLIN, Charles Harlan     McMORRIS, Eliza Jane (BUNCH)
        McMURPHY, Betty Roberta (BEAMAN)     McMURPHY, Bobbie Dale "Bob"     MEARS, Robert John "Bob"
        MEHLHAUS, Harriett A. (BEAVERS)     MENDENHALL, Ivan Frank     MICHAEL, Maude Belle
        MILER, Ava (HARRIS)     MILLER, Grace M. (STEPHENS)     MILLS, Lyman P.
        MITCHELL, Leland Wesley     MITCHELL, Mary L. (ADAMS)     MITCHELL, Myrl (THOMPSON)
        MITTEN, Pearl Beatrice     MOON, Walter Allen     MOORE, Florence (CASTLE)
        MOORE, Helen Marie (BOEGER)     MORGAN, Charles Thomas     MORRISON, Amelia S.
        MOSTROM, Joyce Elaine (FAIRCHILD)     MOTT, Charles E.     MYERS, Ruth (OVERHOLTZER) HOPKINS
        NAYLOR, Winona (ALLEY)     NEWELL, Rrev. Charles H.     NEWMAN, Richard Earl
        NISH, Hazel (HOWELL)     NOFTSGER, Manard "Albert"     NORRIS, Joyce Anna (EASTON)
        NORTHWAY, Kenneth Raymond     NORTHWAY, Orba Arleta (BLACK)     NORTON, Olive Maybell (GRAY)
        NUTTING, Alice (LESTER)     OFFICER, Wallace Burwell     O'GRADY, Donald George
        OSBORN, Emma     OSBORN, Nelle Mae (JACKSON)     OVERHOLTZER, Juanita (SPRAY)
        PALMER, James Raymond     PALMER, Rosalie LuElla (COX)     QUAYLE, Donna Marie (CORSENS)
        QUAYLE, Edna Pauline (MORRIS)     QUAYLE, Leo     QUAYLE, Theodore Clede "Ted"
        QUIETT, Maria Elizabeth (GILBRATH)     RAUCH, Merrill Eugene "Tom"     RAMSEY, Flossie Letha (PALMER)
        RAY, Justinian     REDMAN, Benjamin Franklin "Ben"     REDMAN, Donna Jean (WARREN)
        REDMAN, Maurice Chester     REDMAN, Raymond Allen     REDMAN, Sarah Jessie (WILSON)
        REESE, Bessie Leona (LANE)     RENOE, Kathryn Lucille (ALLEY) COFFEY     RENOE, Roy Morton
        REX, Rob Ray     REX, William "Price"     REYNOLDS, Luella (HOLLOWAY)
        REYNOLDS, Robert Oliver     REYNOLDS, Roscoe Conklin     RHODES, Cecil Roy
        RICHARDSON, Basil Duane     ROBB, William H.     ROBERTS, Jay Dee
        ROBERTS, Walter Harold     ROBERTS, William M. "Bill"     ROBINS, Edith (POTTER)
        ROSE, Helen Irene (BIGLEY)     ROSS, Lottie (BEEMER)     RUMLEY, Clarice Ruth (SNYDER)
        RUMLEY, James Leroy     RUSH, Edna (BIGGS)     RUSH, James Frederick
        RYAN, Ira B.     SAGE, Zella Ethelyn (STUTEVILLE)     SANDERS, Virge
        SANKEY, Warren "Jack"     SAYRE, Marion Lincoln     SCHAETTER, T. E.
        SCHMITT, Fred William     SCHOONER, Dorthee Marie (HOWARD)     SCHOONOVER, Harlan Butler
        SCHULDT, W/1C Gale Morris     SCHULDT, Lane Lynn     SCOTT, Andrew F.
        SCOTT, Precia (SPELLERBERG)     SELL, Joseph     SELLS, John
        SEYMOUR, William Russell "Bill"     SHEPHERD, Holland Augustus     SLAYTON, Gloria Lavelle (CRIMMINS)
        SMITH, Harold Ralph "Ras"     SNETHEN, Clarence Leroy     SNYDER, Betty Lou (HOUSEMAN)
        SPARKS, Jerry A.     SPENCER, Mary Lee (ROE)     STEPHENS, Everett
        STUCK, Robert Charles "Bob"     SUCHY, Gregory Jon "Greg"     THOMPSON, George Marvin, Sr.
        TRUDELL, Donna Jean (BOWEN)     UPDIKE, Earl Stanley     Van ROSSUM, Evelyn J. (WHITE)
        VREDENBURG, Dwight Charles     WAGONER, Elsie Virginia (ALBACH)     WAKEFIELD, Rev. David Lee
        WALSH, Regis Francis "Rex"     WARREN, Bonnie Deloris (RUMLEY)     WARRICK, Isaac Newton
        WATSON, Margaret Jane (REDMAN)     WEABLE, Ethlyn Claire (HAMILTON)     WEST, C. Earl
        WEST, Katherine Darlene "Kathy"     WEST, Merle Richard     WION, Gerald Garland "Jerry"
        WOOD, Winston     WORK, Alonzo     WRIGHT, Michelle R. (KEIRAN)
        YATES, Lois Mae (JONES)     YOUNG, Joseph Warren "Joe"     ZORNES, Elza Elsworth

        BUCKINGHAM-NEGLEY Reunion, 1938     Grand River Reunion, 1938     McKEE Reunion, July 14, 1938




    COX, William Fowler Calvin     RAMSEY, Dr. Alexander    RICHARDSON, Royal    SMITH, Frederick Madison

        Orphan Train Riders

        Leon Cemetery:     "C" Surnames     "D" Surnames

        Franklin Church of The Brethren       M.E. Conference  
         Mt. Zion Church, Richland Twp.        Garden Grove Presbyterian Church  

        History of County Newspapers    Grand River Reunion, 1938

        Garden Grove       Lamoni "Mormon Quest"     Tuskeego  

        JIMMERSON-CHIP, 1908     WADSWORTH-WARD, 1908     WOODMANSEE Anniversary, 1894
        YOUNG-GILLETT, 1908     DOOLEY Divorce, 1903

        RUMLEY & SEDAR, Officers' Training School, WWI   Decatur County's Freedom Rock

        BREMER, P.M. & Molly     Swin CLAY attempts suicide     TEALE Bros.'s Launch
        Ice Takes Davis City Dam     Garden Grove Fire, 1917     Garden Grove Store sold
        HOFFHINES, Jonas 100th Birthday     Leon Good Roads Prizes     Jennings KNAPP accident
        McLAIN attempted kidnapping     A. PERKINS kills rattler     SHOCKLEY Accident
        South Dakota 1908 Land Lottery

        ADAMS, Lowell Edmond     AKERS, Kathleen J. "Kathy" (HANCOCK)     ANDREW, Randall Ray
        BECK, Carroll Walter     BLACK, Sarah "Jannie" (YOUNG)     BOOR, Richard G.
        BRANNEN, Anna Isabelle     BRIERLY, Ora "Ileen" (LOWE)     BROWN, Tressie Mae (WEST)
        BURRELL, Asa     CAIN, James Robert     CAIN, Julia Ann (ALLDREDGE)
        CAIN, Watson     CARMEAN, Elizabeth (TENNANT)     CARRICO, Marvin Doyle
        CARRICO, Ora "Dean"     CARROLL, Charles W.     CARTER, SSGT. Lloyd L.
        CARTWRIGHT, Beryl L. (BETHARDS)     CARTWRIGHT, Chester Reed "Chet"     CASTER, Olive (BROWN)
        CHAMBERLIN, Thomas     CHAMBERS, Fred Wallace     CHAMBERS, Sheryl Lee
        CHRISTENSEN, Donald Eugene "Don"     COFFEY, Illa (DORSEY)     CONWELL, Elizabeth (ADAIR)
        COOLEY, Helen Louise (RICHARDS)     COONS, William T.     COOPER, Ruth Marie (SMITH)
        COX, Leonard "Gamal"     CREES, Hoyle Howard     DALE, Betty "Jo Ann" (GARDNER)
        DALE, John Roy     DAVENPORT, Betty "Jean" (WEBB)     DAVIS, Ed
        DAVIS, Dixie Lee     DAVIS, Roy W.     DECKER, Donald "Don"
        DEFENBAUGH, Larry Lee     DEFENBAUGH, Wilma Lucille (RHODES)     DEISHER, Sarah E. (RIDDLE)
        DETRICK, Amanda Jane (AKES)     DILSAVER, Esther M. (FIELD)     DOBSON, Nancy Lee (LATTA)
        DRAPER, Garland Gene     EDWARDS, Gerald Thomas     ELLIOTT, Nina Louise (BOSWELL)
        EMERSON, Rose Eleanor (RICKS)     FAUST, Claire     FLUMMER, Raymond Anderson
        FULTON, Clyde Orville     GAMMILL, Marilla (GRANTHAM)     GARBER, Frank W.
        GARDNER, Almena Elizabeth (COMBS)     GARRETT, Burgess W.     GARTON, Anita Ruth
        GATES, Rebecca J. (LEWIS)     GAUITER, Lewis S.     GILBERT, Lorene A. (McCONNELL
        GILBERT, Mildred L. (BRENIZER)     GILREATH, E. Harold     GILREATH, James E. "Jim"
        GILREATH, Jennie     GITTINGER, Pearle E.     GLAZEBROOK, Dallas
        GLAZEBROOK, Zora E.     GOLLY, Ellen "Faye" (WILLIAMS)     GOOD, Helen (CRAG)
        GOODMAN, Jessie (DOBSON)     GOODMAN, Samuel     GORSUCH, Troy Everet
        GRAVES, Earl "Junior"     GREEN, Orville Laverne     GREENE, Lowell H.
        GREENLAND, Louie Tullis     GRIFFIN, Clarence Veigh     GROGAN, Dennis William
        GRUICH, Bethany Danielle     HACKER, Ola May (PITMAN)     HACKER, Thelma (ROE)
        HACKERT, Daniel T.     HAGEN, Arizona "Zona" (TONEY)     HALFERTY, Dale
        HAMILTON, Ernest P.     HAMILTON, Maud (STOVER)     HAMILTON, Milo Raymond
        HAMLIN, Mary Aileen (SCOTT)     HAMMOND, Thomas Ottis     HANTHORN Warren E. "Pete"
        HARDEN, Twyla Avanell     HARP, Cynthia Alice (THARP)     HARP, Martha Allie (BRAMMER)
        HARP, William Marion Jr.     HARVEY, Maxine (DUFF) PARSONS     HASKETT, E.W. (Edward W.)
        HATFIELD, Harold "Gene"     HATFIELD, Thomas Wilbur     HAY, Inez Mae (CLARK)
        HAYMAN, Harry Leroy     HAYTON, Earl Jennings     HAUENSTEIN, Henry
        HECKATHORN, Gertrude (BRADSHAW)     HEMBRY, Ira "Clyde"     HENRICHS, E. "Verlee" (SMITH)
        HENSLEY, Elizabeth (OSBORN)     HIATT, Aaron J.     HIGDON, Richard Doyle
        HILL, Ola Bell (GRANDSTAFF)     HILTERBRAND, Carl Leo     HINDS, John
        HINDS, Lorel Kenneth     HINDS, Mildred Louise (WITT)     HINES, Arthur Leslie 
        HINES, Hazel     HINES, Ward A.     HITT, Letha Marie (KYNER)
        HOFFMAN, George Marion     HOFFMAN, Marjorie     HOFFMAN, Martha Christin
        HOLDAN, Martha (ROBERTS)     HORTON, John P.     HOUDESHELDT, Elizabeth (PIERCE)
        HOUDESHELDT, George W.     HUBBARD, Grace Dean (JONES)     HUBBARD, Grace Olive (ROBISON)
        HULL, Annie Mirbell (SHIRLEY)     HULL, Payton Oliver     HULLINGER, "Doug" Eugene
        HUNSAKER, Dee Leon     HUNSAKER, Sally Ann (MARTHINI) HILL     HYATT, Alvin
        HYATT, Dr. Charles Nelson     IMHOFF, Edith May (MACHLAN)     IMHOFF, Erma May (HORNEY)
        IVINS, William Glen     JACOBS, Rachelle (LAWSON)     JENKINS, Ella Coretha (ONEY)
        JENKINS, Harriet (LIONBERGER)     JOHNSON, Gerald Wendell     JOHNSON, Nancy Ellen (SMITH)
        JOHNSON, Opal Birdie (VANDERPOOL)     JOHNSON, Vera (LANTZ)     JOHNSON, William Howard
        JOHNSTON, Chester Kenneth     JOHNSTON, Evelyn Louise (WHITE)     JOHNSTON, Grace P. (McKEE)
        JONES, Ethelene Annora (MORAN)     JORDISON, Betty     KELLER, Colesta (CARR)
        KEMP, Pauline E.     KENDALL, W. D. [William Duane] "Slim"     KERNS, Charles
        KINDRED, Gale Dean     KINDRED, Sophia (LEWIS)     KIRKPATRICK, Clifford "Neil"
        KLEMME, Vera Maxine (MART)     KNAPP, Anna Lois (WILSON)     KUCERA, Maxine A. (BOOR)
        KUSTER, Jacqueline Louise (BROWN)     LANE, Clem F.     LANGLOSS, Donald Lavey
        LATTA, Rev. Lloyd Alexander     LAUGHLIN, John Henry     LAWHORN, Reuben J.
        LEE, James Larton     LEE, Woodrow Wilson "Woody"     LEEPER, John W.
        LEMLEY, Malinda (HEADLEY)     LEONARD, Dr. Thurman Kleath     LILLARD, John Wesley
        LINDSEY, Eliza (TOMLINSON)     LINDSEY, Gary Dale     LINDSEY, Margaret D.
        LINDSEY, W.L. "Bill"     LIPPOLD, Donna Lee (BUNNELL)     LIPPOLD, Lucile M. (O'CONNER)
        LOE, Delila (WELDON)     LOVETT, Emory Orison     LUCE, John Leroy
        McINTOSH, John A.     PARRISH, Robert Leal     PURCELL, Ed
        RECK, Abraham C.    SANKEY, Ezekiel J.     SCOTT, Howard Lyle
        SEITZ, Neva Bernice (PETTY)    SMITH, Austin Dwaine     SMITH, Dorothy Mae (ALLPRESS)
        SMITH, Israel Alexander    STEARNS, C.S. "Squire"     STOOKEY, Marion Floyd
        TAGGART, Pauline (PITTAM)    TAIT, Westley Reed     TEALE, Thomas
        UMPHRESS, Harry A.    VARGA, Francis     VARGA, Vesta
        WAGNER, Ruth    WATERS, Charlie Clarence     WILKIE, Donald J.
        WINGET, James H.     WOODS, Samuel L.     WOODMANSEE, Joseph
        YOUNG, George T.    YOUNG, Lillian Lavina (HOOKER)

        Diamond School      Charm School     Comstock School 
        Grand River Alumni      Diamond School      Leon Normal Institute, 1883
        Decatur County Normal School 




        ALCOCK, Merle (TILLOTSON)     ANDERSON, Joel M.     BONE, Frank Smith Family
        BURCHETT, Francis Family     BURCHETT, Orval & Alice     BURCHETT, Wayne O. & Gayle (CARNS)
        CARR, Dr. J. Ross & Icea     CLAWSON Family     CONWELL, Luke Family
        DOZE, Joseph E.     FOLAND, Cloyd Vandel Family     FOLAND, Eugene Leonard Family
        GARRETT, Burgess W.     GARRETT, Burgess Wilson     GILL, Fred Wesley Family
        GURNSEY, C. E.     The HAVARD Family     HEASTON, John
        HOFFMAN, Himena     JENNINGS, Lewis Wallace     JONES, James Franklin Family
        KELLOGG, Racine D.     LONG, J. K.     LOUTHAN, Henry Hervey
        McCAY, Garland & Vera     McKIBBEN, John O.     MULLEN, Clinton & Elvera
        OSBORN, Walter Isaac     STEARNS, C. S. "Squire"     TODD, Dr. William Addison
        VANDEVER, J. H.     VARGA, Francis

        HUTCHINSON Grandchildren, 1917

        Garden Grove Cemetery:     Surnames J - K - L     Surnames M - N - O     Surnames P - Q - R
                                                      Surnames S - T        Surnames U-V-Y-Z

        Adventist Church, Leon     Brethren Church, Leon  
        1st Presbyterian Church of Leon, demolished       Grand River Methodist Church  
        Loving Chapel       Van Wert Methodist Church  
        Woodland Methodist Church  

        1917 Taxpayers Index:     Eden Twp. Taxpayers     Fayette Twp. Taxpayers     Franklin Twp. Taxpayers

  • CRIME:
        BINNING, Burleigh, acquitted, 1911     CASE, Walter, 1917     New Cases, Jan. 18, 1917
        Court Docket, Jan., 1917     Grand River Bank robbed, 1912     Hog Theft, 1917
         MOORE, Timothy, attempted murder     PAGE, Mabel GAULTER & VAUGHN, Blanche     ZORNES Murder Trial

        PARIS FAMILY, 1915     WELLS Family Reunion, 1914

        History of "Leon Journal-Reporter"

        Cherrington's, Leon     Rexall's Fountain, Leon     Westerville 

        Pioneer Weddings     1888 Marriage Licenses     1890 Marriage Licenses
        Jan. 1892 Marriages     1910 Marriage Licenses     1911 Marriage Licenses
        1912 Marriage Licenses     1913 Marriage Licenses     1914 Marriage Licenses
        1915 Marriage Licenses     Jan. 1917 Marriages     BAKER~SAMS
        RYAN~RIDGEWAY, 1917     SOWERS~ROGERS, 1917     SUTHERLIN~HANNER, 1914
        DeWOLF 50th Anniversary     JENKS 50th Anniversary     Golden Wedding Couples, 1915
        1914 Divorces     1915 Divorces     MEAD Divorce, 1890

        Letters from Ray S. PARKER, 1914

        Jan. 18, 1892 news     Jan. 25, 1892 news     Social News, Jan. 25, 1917
        AKES Lamb Sales, 1917     ALLDREDGE, J. H.     BENNETT, Rosa, 1917
        BURCHETT, A.A. Birthday, 1917     CHASTAIN & CLYMER Runaway, 1913     Decatur Motor Co., 1917
        Garden Grove Bank Law Suit     Garden Grove Produce Station     Grand River Fire, 1917
        Knights Templar Officers, 1917     Leon Fire     Leon Gospel Team, 1917
        Leon Ice Business, 1917     MABLE Brothers, 1917     McKEE Fire, 1917
        Attempted Murder of Mrs. MOORE     The New Theatre, Leon     Owl Club, Leon
        R.A.M. Officers, 1917     RECORD-MACKLEM Cattle Sale     W. H. SHIELDS' Accident
        Soldier's Sword     VAUGHN House Fire, 1917     WYCOFF Swine Sale, 1917

        BAILEY, Rebecca E. (SHIPMAN)     BICKNELL, Carl W.     BLACK, Carolege Louise (STONE)
        BRAMMER, Hoyle Wayne     BRONSON, Sarah F. (PRETTYMAN)     BURCHETT, Elmer
        BURCHETT, Gayle Elaine (CARNS)     BURCHETT, Kathleen "Kate" (McGRAW)     BURCHETT, Wayne Oscar
        BURCHETT, Winifred Doris (GERMAN)     CLAWSON, Adren     CLAWSON, Alice R. (RERICK)
        COZAD, Elizbeth (GAMMILL)     DURRELL, Sharon Lynn     FLETCHER, Lloyd Billy
        FENTON, Sidney Allen "Sid"     GIBSON, Lou "Lulu" (BALLARD)     GLAZEBROOK, William Perry
        HALSTEAD, Jane A. (GILPIN) DILLON     HAMILTON, Archie K.     HALE, Myrtle M.
        HENDERSON, Moses     HUKILL, Victor Albertice     JOHNSON, Benjamin R.
        JOHNSON, Capt. Charles P.     JORDON, Eliza Jane (WASSON)     JORDAN, J.P. [John Pereil]
        JORDAN, Orris M.     JUDD, Ralph     KELLOGG, Maj. Racine Daniel Sr.
        KONKLIN, Ora Ethel     KNAPP, Olive Angey (HOLLAND)     KNAPP, Sylvia F. (MUDGETT)
        KNAPP, Vance Carl     KNOWLES, Clarence Abrum     LANDES, Henry Jacques
        LANDES, Dr. Lucius Johnson     LANDRUM, Lenna "Bonnie"     LATTA, Majorie Ruth (WAGNER)
        LEONARD, Alma Mae (TATMAN)     LILLARD, Flora Anise (JOHNSON)     LILLARD, Henry Louis "Lou" Jr.
        LITTLE, Phoebe Jane (BASFORD)     LOVETT, Howard Orison     MANCHESTER, Pearl (POLLARD)
        MARCUSSON, Hans Martin     MARCUSSON, Iola Ellen (GILBERT)     MARQUIS, Vena (O'NEALL) ARNOLD
        McCABE, Cathy Lynn (BURCHETT)     McCLURE, Ethel Mae (KING)     McCULLOUGH, Wilma Arlene (AUXIER)
        McCUTCHAN, Margaret H. (BEAMAN)     McCUTCHEON, Daisy (STANLEY)     McFARLAND, Berton B.
        McFARLAND, "Kate" (STIMMEL)     McKIBEN, Zana Ruth (CURRY)     McNAY, Garrett Hilary "Doc"
        METZ, Ethal "Arlene"     METZ, Rebecca Ellen "Ella" (SMITH)     METZ, Walter Karns
        MOORE, Elmer     MORGAN, Eddie Bill "Ed"     MORRIS, Glenn Dale
        MUDGETT, Rebecca (HAYMAKER)     ONYETT, Barbara Marie "Barb" (PERKINS)     OSGOOD, Dr. H. E.
        PALMER, Robert Lucas "Bob"     PARDOE, Joyce Marie     PARSONS, Audrey "Irene" (BOOR)
        PARSONS, Dorothy (HILL)     PARSONS, John Curtis     PARSONS, Lyman Fleming
        PARSONS, William "Wayne"     PATTERSON, Levi     PATTON, Nile Edward
        PECK, Joseph     PERKS, Merle Benjamin     PERKS, Pearl Alva
        PERRY, Joseph Arnold     PETERSEN, Maybell (WRIGHT)     PHIPPS, James Allen
        PHIPPS, Ralph     PICKERING, Lois O. (RICHARD)     PICKERING, Ralph Marvin
        PIERCE, Donald E.     PITMAN, James "Harl"     PLESTED, Rev. William
        POE-SMITH, Nancy     POOL, Sophia M. (LANTZ) DUKES     PORTER, Marion Marguerite (FOWLER)
        POST, Mary E. (RYDER)     PRIEST, Fern Irene (ALLARD)     PRIEST, William Harold "Bill"
        RICE, Marvin Ray     RICHARDS, Jane S. (GREGG)     RICHARDS, Levi Anson
        RICHARDS, Levi Prescott     RICHARDS, Marion Anson     RICHARDS, W. Gerald "Rich"
        RIDDLE, Alonia Mark     ROBINSON, Earl Moody     ROE, Effie Bell (OWENS)
        RUFFCORN, William     RUMLEY, James Leroy     RYAN, Barbara Louise "Barbie"
        RUDIBAUGH, George W.     SEARS, Ellen (GETTINGER)     SMITH, Arthur Willis
        SMITH, George Washington     STANLEY, Eliza J. (CARPENTER)     STEWART, Rachel
        STILS, Rhoda J. (NIXON)     STROM, Sarah Lou (McKIBBEN)     SWIGART, Kenneth Gene
        TONEY, Eva Sue      TYGART, Lulu B. (HUFF)     WELLS, George W.
        WEST, Joshua Avery     WILLIAMS, Addie Viola (CLAWSON)     WINGET, James H.
        WOODARD, Willis C. "Bill"

        Manual Training for Teachers, 1917     Jefferson (a.k.a. Funktown) School      Ringgold-Decatur Study Center
        Leon HS Class of 1914     Leon Teachers 1914-15



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