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Decatur County Journal
February ll, l892

CALVIN JOHNSON was born in Tennessee June 8, l802; moved to Sullivan
County, Indiana with his parents when about l2 years of age, and was
married to MISS SARAH MAGILL, April 28, l830.  Six children were born to
them, three of whom are still living--MRS. STEPHEN CARRITHERS, ALFRED

He moved to his farm, seven miles northeast of Leon in l853.  His wife
died December 29, l863.  He was married to MRS. ELIZA SMITH, February
ll, l865, who survives him.  He assisted in organizing the Presbyterian
Church of Garden Grove in l857.  The organization was effected at the
residence of STEPHEN CARRITHERS, and for some time services were
regularly held at the house of the deceased.  He also assisted in
organizing the Presbyterian Church in Leon and was the principal mover
in the erection of the present Presbyterian Church in Leon in the summer
of l87l.

He moved to Leon in August, l870; remained here l4 years, when he
returned to his farm and stayed about three years; then he came back to
Leon.  Died February 5, l892, after 3 o'clock in the morning.  He was an
exemplary good Christian man, loved by all, and Old UNCLE CALVIN
JOHNSON, as he was called, will be missed in our community.  REV. M.
OLLERENSHAW preached his funeral.  May his ashes rest in peace!
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